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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Nice opening with Triple H. He walked the nice line of accepting defeat while remaining his usual cocky heel self and putting Batista over. Given the time frame in which this is developing, it makes sense for Triple H to take some time off, and is off to Batista to face some new challenges.

Been noticing that some people doing throwback BTBs are bringing in Nick Nemeth. Not sure how I really feel about that. I mean, to do so in a general BTB makes total sense, because as we see now Ziggler is one if not the best wrestler in the world, but by 2005, I don’t know not only if he was that good, but even if he was the most stand out in developmental or in the coming Spirit Squad. But then again, to debut him and push him can only be a good idea. The match was nice on emphasizing the arrogant features from the Perfect team.

Nice little segment with Victoria and Bischoff, it makes the divas division seem important when the GM acknowledges their champion in that way.

Absolutely loved the Edge and Y2J segment. Kinda different approach with Jericho, usually loudmouth, not talking. Edge as a heel was always a master manipulator, and so his change of plans routine was pure gold.

You know, some people claim they don’t like face Batista. Personally, I always enjoyed him. It wasn’t until 2008 that he jumped the shark for me during his feud with Jericho, but prior to that, I enjoyed him, especially in his initial run in 2005. You nailed that serious, yet confident persona he had. Like that the door for another match between him and HHH was left open.

Regal wrestled a very intelligent match against Show. The giant was due for a win but I enjoyed this contest, and William comes off looking good from it because it lasted long enough.

Same thing with Kennedy than with Batista. Huge fan of the guy before he got injured on 2007 and then for some reason he got turned babyface and ruined. Spot on and even if the roster is loaded with heels, he seems he will be able to shine. That, or with are on the eve of a face turn from one of the heels.

Big long promo with Ric Flair and Christian, but all that does is make their feud even more high profile, which makes total sense seeing how their match at Summerslam will be a Career match for Naitch. Surprised the match is already made as there is a lot of time between PPVs to build the match, but that also applies if the match is already on the marquee.

Big match out there between those eight men. The Hassan promo didn’t exactly pop out but it was good for what it was. The faces get the win for the needed advancement in their rivalries. In the post match interview, I believe we are starting to see the first signs of dissention between the WGTT.

Nice segment with HBK and Bischoff, although I was a little turned off how the main event segment was supposed to be between those two and suddenly Bischoff just shrugged it all and said he had had enough of HBK and just moved on to Batista. Kinda undermined the whole thing. Of course it is all to link the HBK and Bischoff deal with the Kane vs Batista feud, but I feel it was kinda rushed and at the very least could have been spaced into another week.

Now, I disagree with the reviewer above me as even though I felt the segment was rushed, I didn’t felt that way about the actual announcement of the match this “early”, because I think that the feud, if any, wont be centered around Kane or Batista, but more on HBK and what he will do, a la JBL vs Cena RR 09.


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