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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

Very much looking forward to this one I must say, what with the PPV right around the corner now. Anyways, onto it..

A hell of a match to start things off, you should be very pleased with the way you wrote this, first class from top to bottom. The story throughout the match was excellent with Show dismantling Punk with the underdog showing his resolve only to finally be finished off. There were several passages I really liked too, I won’t highlgiht them all but one in particular was ‘It gets worse when Wright throws Punk near some ropes and stands on top of his abdomen, Punk’s “Straight Edge” tattoo being swallowed by the enormous feet of “The Great”. Just the words used in there were great and I could really imagine it. Nice to see Van Dam and Lashley come to his aid afterwards, though not to sure why Lashley did as he’s not all that involved and Punk refusing to be helped out was a nice touch for his character. Great opening.

Before I get on to what’s next, one little criticism I have is where the commentary fits it. We’re only now being welcomed to the show by Styles, despite the fact we just had a match up in which I’m sure he and JBL wouldn‘t have sat silent throughout. That’s one thing I don’t like, maybe just have them welcome us to the show at the beginning instead.

Another really good match up here and I liked the way it wasn’t all about Danielson and Helms which I kind of expected it to be. Both Aero Star and Noble looked impressive during this one, particularly Star when Danielson tagged him in, some nice stuff in there. Typical Helms move to round things off, that’s one I’m exicted by for World Ablaze.

Miz’s ass kissing here was brilliant. As for the interview itself, I was 50/50 on it to be honest. Thought it started off really good with Nameth and his running away from reality and Canada line. But then when it went to Hagar and his little patriotic speech, I wasn’t too keen. I know they’re American Made and it’s kinda their thing but particularly the end from Hagar’s passage coulda been changed as it was set up for ‘we’ll send the Sons of the Dungeon all the way back to Canada’ rather than ‘we’ll send the Sons of the Dungeon back to the Dungeon.’ With the bit of America vs. Canada theme Nameth hinted to earlier, I think that would’ve been better used. I am looking forward to these two teams settling that score though.

Decent little stuff with Storm and Punk here, I predicted last week I think? Or maybe just thought it, that Storm will get the win here tonight thanks to Punk and I’m still gonna go with that, think it’s the best option right now.

Interesting stuff here with HBK and Foley. Could definitely see a more sinister edge to the Showstopper but at the same time, he understands. I’m torn on what he’s gonna do at World Ablaze but you’ve certainly got me hooked, so many options, I can’t wait.

Haha JBL is fantastic. Throughout this entire interview, you had him absolutely on the money, just brilliant. As for Lashley and his reasons for all this, I thought you did a great job here, especially for someone who’s usually so shitty on the mic. The way you had the crowd slowly turn to support Lashley was surprising but great at the same time. I didn’t expect it at all, especially after the ‘We don’t buy it’ chant which made me laugh. Everything was really well done here, from the way he acknowledged he’s not got the best fan base, to his mentioning of the ‘other’ company and his praise for Punk. I don’t know what way you’re gonna go with this, it could well be a bunch of B.S from the ‘Real Deal’ and that he’s playing the fans along, with Christian being right from the get go, or we simply have a crazed Captain Charisma on our hands with the respectable Mr.Lashley. I know which one I’d rather but both have major possibilities. Top stuff.

Miz again here haha. Enjoyed the little speech from these two who are growing on me week by week. The match at World Ablaze could be a show stealer.

Bang! Called it! Definitely the right move here to have Punk give his friend the assist and further things along with Hassan. Perfectly set up.

Very interesting stuff from Jericho here. I thought this was really well done and added a lot of intrigue into just what Jericho’s plans are here and on what Michaels is gonna do come Sunday. This little paragraph was fantastic I must say, ‘When you submitted to me, Shawn, you did just that. You declared yourself subservient to me in every feasible way. You submitted to my ‘one step ahead’ ideology. I can probably concoct a plan that with of flick my wrist, the dominoes would fall, and have your career gone in a blink and there wouldn’t be anything you could do about it. Don’t ever forget that’.

Good run down of the card there, shaping up to be a cracker.

Standard speech from Van Dam here, done its job nicely, although a little strange timing with the match about to take place. Very good story throughout this match again here, especially with the addition of Michaels into things. The way he came down and took that chair, simply to sit on I can just imagine being very compelling. The finish was great too as it just makes Jericho look like the brains again, not for the first time since you began this. The end line as well just builds all the more suspense ahead of Sunday. Good job.

Really enjoyable show here mate. Your in ring action very rarely disappoints and here was no exception as all the matches showcased all the talents in exactly the right way. You’ve got me really hyped now ahead of World Ablaze, which is the exact aim of a go-home show so mission accomplished there. I think the main event, and Lashley-Christian will have my most attention come the PPV but everything else is looking mightily impressive too. Well done with this and good luck for the big one, no doubt you’ll pull it off.
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