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Re: Ratings DON'T matter

Originally Posted by swagger_ROCKS View Post
I think the last part is what he was getting at, that doesn't necessarily mean it has to apply to you thou. If Swagger was champ, and ratings where going down and there was a CMpunk fan who would get on his case about how the title should be taken off him because he just isn't attracting viewers would be their comments most likely. But if the title is on your fave star even though they aren't bringing in viewers then just because it's your fave star it doesn't matter?

I have noticed a lot of people say that the way Swagger won the world title has ruined it for them. And the fact that he jobbed prior to winning it and then all of a sudden wins the title out of nowhere, and is beating people like Orton and Jericho. Then I read DB fans saying that they don't care about how he won the title or how he was booked before he won the title as long as he has it, I am happy. Some people don't seem to understand what they are saying when they say it. They are pretty much saying if my fave star is at the top nothing else matters, but if it's someone I truly dislike, then it's all there fault the product is shit.
I just think people use the ratings as an excuse and it's a very poor one. As for the DB situation, I loved that he won the title but I'm still not a fan of how it happened. But it does suggest that it's leading to a heel turn which then might make us look back and think differently. Swagger's reign was unfortunately booked horribly from even before he won MITB. I get what you're getting at though but I still hardly think that in this day and age the top guy is responsible for the rating.

There have been people I dislike that have won the belt and occasionally it can actually end up being a good reign. I think people don't set their differences aside and look past their dislike for someone.

Sorry if that makes no sense, it's 4 AM.

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