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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

The main problem for me right now is that the show is going by the same format, the same cliches, & the same storylines that the Attitude Era used. Its fucking boring!

- So Punk cuts this revolutionary promo over the Summer, takes the WWE in an exciting new direction, and all it amounted to was yet another Austin/McMahon rip off? The Evil Boss schtick has been DONE TO FUCKING DEATH! Its not exciting anymore. Its not cutting edge like it was 14-15 years ago. Its just so disappointing that this amazing spark they captured over the Summer amounted to nothing more than the same old shit we've seen dozens of times already.

- Why is WWE (and TNA for that matter) under the impression that the process of match making makes for compelling television? Why do we have to dedicate the first 15-20 minutes of a show just to set up the main events for later in the night? Why are matches being made by the boss backstage while the show is in progress? Are you trying to make it look spontaneous because quite honestly, everything feels so forced & repetitive that it doesn't feel spontaneous at all. This element was developed, again, during the Attitude Era, specially as a way to combat WCW by keeping their show unpredictable. Well number one WCW is dead, and you don't need to do that anymore. Also when you try to be unpredictable all the time by using the same tricks over and over again, you aren't shocking anybody. I mean how many people amke fun of Teddy Long for making tag match main events on Smackdown all the time? In the Attitude Era it happened all the time because A) It fit the storyline of Vince trying to screw Austin which was a revolutionary idea, and B) To catch people's attention in case they were switching between them & WCW. Niether of those things are true now and its time stop dedicating so much time to useless fluff matches that have little to no value.

And there are other problems with the writing & presentation as well. There are so many lapses in logic. Like OK, why is Ziggler celebrating winning over Punk via Count Out? Either he doesn't know the rules of the sport he performs in, which makes the character look stupid, or he's happy he won by Count Out and is OK with not winning the title,, which again, makes him look stupid. And then there are the "comedy" segments which are mostly painful to sit through and the bad acting that fills the show from top to bottom a lot of performers. Also you have Michael Cole being obnoxious as all hell on commentary for two straight hours and that makes me want to watch on Mute alot of the time.

Annoying characters, bad writing, formulaic presentation, etc etc. Its the smae problems over and over again. The WWE needs a major jump start creatively.


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