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Re: With ratings gradually decline longterm, do you see RAW going back to Attitude?

There's no good reason for people in their late teens or early 20s to be clamoring for the past. If anything, we should be the first ones with the best ideas. WF should be a forum where fans brainstorm to talk about what should be different going into the future. Discussions on the board should be inherently progressive (even if said progressive ideas suck), but for some reason, it's just not.

The Attitude era, as nice as it was, is over. That era was grown out of Paul Heyman's creative revolution in ECW - where modern counter-cultures and sub-cultures of the early to mid 90s found it's home. It was the only company at the time in an industry that historically found it hard to move out of the presentation and aesthetics that worked in previous decades/eras, and Paul, at the time was, you guessed it, in his 20s. WWF ran with the concept and made it commercial. Now the question is, what's next? That's the only question that matters, and when you answer that question, don't answer like a wrestling fan. Answer like an artist. Answer like a visionary. Answer like a marketer, and whatever answer springs out of that will be a lot more valuable than bringing back the Attitude Era.

The AE was gaudy, tawdry and classless. As popular as it was, it was dumb. Now it's time for wrestling to get smarter.

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