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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by SarcasmoBlaster View Post
All that entertainment stuff exists to sell matches. That's it. That's the sole reason it's there. To make you want to watch match X or PPV Y. WWE is absolutely awful at this. But just because they're awful at it doesn't mean you completely throw out TV matches. There's no reason to believe that today's audience won't care about TV matches that are built up properly. People don't care because the outcome of matches doesn't matter in today's product. There's no real logic to anything. Nobody's properly pushed or booked, so why watch matches? I'm baffled that, when faced with this, your answer is not that WWE should get better at booking, but that they should throw out TV matches altogether.
It's more so I *know* WWE can't "fix it", so I'm suggesting an alternative, which might actually get people to care about more than 2 of their 13 Pay-Per-Views a year, too. When was the last time most of the people on this very wrestling forum, a forum dedicated to wrestling fans, actually paid for and watched a WWE PPV? Because if the PPV threads are any indication, it's a lot of people willing to watch if it's free and that's about it.

The key word is "sell." Trying to sell matches. Free TV matches don't need to be sold, because there's nothing to sell. Thus, WWE doesn't seem to care about them Hence why you get stuff like the slapped together 6-man tag on Monday. But had we not seen any of those guys wrestle on TV for awhile, and it was built-up over time with them all hating each other, or whatever, suddenly there's some interest, maybe some drama. That soap opera stuff definitely matters. It's why Austin Vs. McMahon and the nWo worked. It's why "This is your life" got such high ratings. It's not about the TV matches.
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