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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Originally Posted by psx71 View Post
1) Get some decent commentators. Keep Cole if you love him that much Vince, but for the love of god, EVERY FAN wants to hear Jim Ross on their television sets every Monday nights. The guy is a legend, he knows how to put talent over, he knows how to properly hype a show or a PPV, so why not have him on? Add to the fact that Cole and Lawler have ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE chemistry together, and babble on about things not related to wrestling or whats going on in the match. I'm sure I'm not the only one who changes the channel when Cole and Lawler start arguing about stupid things. Move Cole to SmackDown, honestly, he's decent with Booker and Josh, but terrible with King. Even a three way booth at RAW is fine, just add Ross to it.

2) Get out of your own bubble Vince. Stop forcing terms like "WWE Universe", "WWE Championship", "Patented Punt", "The Viper". The terms are fine, and I get Wrestlers have their own little gimmicks and nick names that the WWE wants us to get behind, but everytime I watch WWE Programming, it just feels like Cole is reading out a custom made dictionary created by Vince for the sole purpose of forcing and annoying the viewers. It's a little thing, but I'm sure I'm not the only one bothered by it.

3) Book the Diva's better and get Diva's who can actually wrestle, and have the looks. They're honestly not that hard to find, ala Trish, Lita etc. To my knowledge, Kharma wasn't losing viewers when she came out, so you know WWE, it helps if you actually build up some diva's and help us give a shit about them. Keep Kelly on my TV screen if you really want, but please don't have her wrestling. Have her managing or something OTHER then wrestling. Just because Kelly made the Maxim magazine cover, don't spend the next 50 weeks pushing her down our throats.

4) Please have Cena ease of on some of his campy jokes. And have him show weakness like every other wrestler would. It's because of Cena dependency that WWE is failing right now. Now all the viewers don't really give a shit about ANY other wrestler other then him mainly because WWE has put over Cena at the expense of the entire roster. If anything, book him like Orton. The guy's still over, and yet when he has to, he loses clean like to Mark Henry. He shows weakness, and puts over talent like Rhodes and Barrett. Not saying Cena doesn't put over talent, he does in a more indirect way, but the way Orton does is definitely more effective. I've noticed lately Cody Rhodes is becoming a bigger of a threat in the eyes of the audience, with the crowd noticing him more and such, as opposed to lets say, 4 months ago. Cena being the superman has ruined the credibility of the rising star in Wade Barrett, not just Barrett but alot of other people as well. It's because of the audience being Cena dependent that the Cena get's fired angle didn't play out as it should have last year. It's because of Cena being the superman that no one will ever take anyone seriously until the guy retires. And even that's a stretch because if Cena doesn't put over the "next big thing" before he retires, or even gets a career ending injury, the WWE WILL lose tonnes of money. Get the Superhero quality out of Cena, and stop forcing him down our throats, and then the product will be guaranteed better.

5) Get a decent tag division, and everything else will work itself out. When guys like Miz, Bryan, Show, Kane are out of a main-event feud, or just got out of a high profile one, team them up until it's their turn again to engage in a feud. I've noticed the WWE was noticeably better back whenever they DID have a good tag division rather then when they didn't. The reasoning being is that it keeps some of the main-event superstars busy without them losing any steam until they're ready to go into a high profile feud again.

Follow these 5 steps, and WWE will be right back on track.
lol I love these posts. Why didn't they think of that?!

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