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Re: **The Official Raw Ratings Thread** (Discuss Ratings In Here)

Honestly, at this point, which this is a huge statement that many will disagree with, but I think the TV shows would be better if they just did away with the wrestling entirely.

Hear me out!

Think about it, what are the weakest parts of the show? Other than bad comedy which does come to mind, I think of commercial breaks mid-match, bad commentary, Divas matches and over-exposure. If there aren't any matches on TV it will do a few different things: It'll help hide the weaknesses of the people that aren't stellar in the ring, especially the women like Kelly Kelly. Michael Cole won't have to do play-by-play. You can have more segments dedicated to getting an angle over. The Pay-Per-View matches would mean more and thus (I would think) more people would pay to watch them. Or, coming in a couple of months, need WWE Network to view them.

What exactly are free TV matches doing for us right now? Killing all the potential fresh matches before a PPV happens? Making us grow tired of our favorites wrestlers relying on the same tried and true spots? Sitting through bad commercial breaks mid-match to get back to bad commentating leading into a fuck finish because they won't change titles on TV?

Maybe I'm crazy but I would rather watch C.M. Punk have his own Piper's Pit style segment than watch him wrestle The Miz, Alberto Del Rio, Jack Swagger or Dolph Ziggler again. I would rather see Kelly Kelly in more segments like she had with The Big Show backstage than her wrestling and doing stinkfaces. I would rather see Michael Cole as a backstage interviewer again, trying to troll wrestlers to their face instead of trolling the entire listening audience for the entire duration of each and every program.

You could still have a main event. The paying audience will want something, for sure. But you can give them dark matches while showing stuff to the TV audience and then giving an actual, legit match at the end of the night that had real consequences and impact on the damn angles that they're trying to portray, instead of a last-minute six man slapped together for no goddamn reason. Old school NWA on TBS Ric Flair title matches like Clash of the Champions.
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