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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 1/7/05- Anaheim, California

Smackdown comes to you tonight from Anaheim and a huge main event has been signed as the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle will go one on one with the Legend Killer, Randy Orton! And it was at the end of last week’s show where Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long announced a blockbuster main event for The Great American Bash involving those two men as we now know that Angle, Orton, JBL and WWE Champion, John Cena will do battle in a Fatal-4-Way match for the WWE Championship in Buffalo, come July 24th. Tonight, Orton and Angle get the chance to land the first blow in a match that has a whole lot more to it than the fact they’re competing against one another at the next Pay Per View.

Last week, the main event was scheduled to be John Cena versus Randy Orton with the stipulation being that if Orton won, he would receive a title shot at The Great American Bash. Later on in the night however, Orton was assaulted backstage and taken out cold, left unable to compete. Although nobody was seen to carry out the attack, the two prime suspects were Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield, both of whom were denied WWE title shots by Teddy Long. However, Long promised that they were next in line and thus with Orton out of the equation, Angle and Layfield stepped in, making it a triple threat match with the stipulation being that if either Angle or JBL got the win, they would get a title shot at The Great American Bash. The end to the match though was a shocker as Randy Orton re-emerged from behind the curtain and came down with his intentions clear, take out both Kurt Angle and JBL. The situation spiralled out of control before Teddy Long restored order and signed the huge match for the Bash. Tonight, Orton gets a chance at payback on a front runner on the list of potential attackers. What will Orton do when he gets his hands on the Olympic Gold Medalist? Is Orton even one hundred percent? Can Angle take out one of his title rivals just weeks away from that huge match up? It is sure to a must see!

Also last week we saw Carlito take on Rhyno in a No Disqualifications match. The Man Beast along with Booker T have been embroiled in a heated rivalry with Carlito since Judgment Day, both wanting to get their hands on the Apple Spitter. Rhyno got his chance last week, only for Booker T to inadvertently cost Rhyno the match up. Carlito, not for the first time when these two have been involved managed to walk away victorious as his plan to turn Booker and Rhyno on each other worked to perfection when Rhyno stunned everybody by smashing Booker T with a steel chair after the match. Nobody is quite sure just why Rhyno has snapped and tonight we hope to find out some answers. However, what we do know is that Booker T will get a chance at getting his hands on Carlito tonight as he teams up with Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam to take on Carlito and the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM. Will Booker get revenge on Lito? Will things escalate between MNM and their challengers Van Dam and Mysterio? And will we see an appearance from the Man Beast? It is certainly gonna be a big one this Friday night.

We saw more developments last week in the relationship between Chavo Guerrero and The Hurricane as Chavo continued to try and sink his claws in on Friday night’s resident Superhero. For weeks now, Chavo has tried to turn the fortunes of Hurricane around, helping him win matches, being at his side, telling him that he doesn’t believe in The Hurricane but that he believes in the man under the mask, Gregory Helms. Hurricane came up short in capturing the Cruiserweight title from Paul London a couple of weeks ago as Hurricane demanded Chavo stay away. Paul London has stood by The Hurricane throughout, telling him that he doesn’t need someone like Chavo by his side. Is London simply making sure his title stays safe? Will Chavo continue his quest in ’helping’ Hurricane? And what will the Superhero himself be feeling after the past few weeks? We hope to find out more tonight.

Teddy Long has had his critics to say the least in recent weeks. A number of Smackdown superstars have called for apologies, some even for the firing of Teddy Long after the General Manager lost control a couple of weeks ago, allowing for Bobby Lashley and Matt Hardy to be viciously assaulted as well as a WWE title match be jeopardised. Last week the chaos continued with Randy Orton’s ambush backstage. Will we hear from Teddy Long on all of this tonight or will the General Manager stay strong and stay silent? Or will we hear anymore from the Smackdown stars on their feelings towards their boss?

Also confirmed for tonight, Chris Masters will go one on one with Juventud Guerrera. Masters has been beaten and he’s been embarrassed by The Mexicools ever since they debuted on Smackdown with both Super Crazy and Psicosis defeating the Masterpiece. Tonight, Masters gets his final shot at getting payback, will he take it or will Juvi make it three for three for the Mexicools?

All this and a whole lot more to look forward to, only on Smackdown!!

Confirmed for Friday Night Smackdown:

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton

Rey Mysterio, Rob Van Dam and Booker T vs. MNM and Carlito

Chris Masters vs. Juventud Guerrera

Big thanks to 619 for your Raw feedback, some really good, interesting comments for me to look into, appreciate it. Any more reviews for Raw would be great, but expect Smackdown to be up Sunday at the latest i would say.
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