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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

I haven’t given any feedback for a month or two I believe, which I do apologise about, but I’ll get straight back with it. I haven’t exactly read every show word by word, but I have skimmed through a lot of it. Once again, I apologise. Anyway...

Starting the show off with Punk and Show. Going in to the match, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, whether it be utter domination from Show, or an underdog, valiant effort from Punk and it seems to be the former. The targeting of Punk’s ribs and midesction was a nice tough and really shows the sadisticness and cerebralness of Wright. It was a well structured match altogether, for a giant/underdog match, although despite Punk being a very gutsy competitor, he isn’t stupid and IMO, little things like him going after Jericho instead of staying focused is quite uncharacteristic. However, I’m just nitpicking.

Great action from the cruiserweights here, and I’m glad that you’res taking great pride in their division. He;ms/Danielson was at the forefront of the match obviously because of their match at World Ablaze being for the title, but developing undercard feuds between the Cruiserweights, in my opinion, is an even greater way to bring prestige in to the division, instead of just having everybody feud over the title.

The American Made promo left a sour taste in my mouth, to be honest. It seemed very forced and extremely gimmicky. I don’t know if that’s what you’re trying to portray, however. The whole proud American thing is generally a great gimmick but I think, unless you’re looking for a bit of comedic relief, it has to either be used very subtly or over the top and they seem to be stuck in the middle. It got the job done, promoting the turmoil match and still creating tension with the Sons.

Will be interesting to see what, if any, impact Punk will play in Storm’s match tonight? I like the relationship you have between the two.

HBK really is the X Factor when it comes to RVD/Jericho at the PPV. He obviously hates Jericho but you can sense some form or jealousy of Van Dam for being the one thats challenging Jericho. Will be interesting.

Okay - Personally, I’m a little indifferent when it comes down to the Lashley/Christian feud. Booking wise, it’s great, but that way it’s been delivered has made me think twice. I can’t quite put it in to words better than I think it was Melvis after your last show put it. IMO, something HUGE needs to happen to either solidify Christian as the heel or for Lashley to win over the fans (which I;m sure it’ll be hard), The Hammerstein crowd will always be a smarky one, but that doesn’t mean Lashley can’t win them over. I understand that you like to include the little details like the Hammerstein crowd shitting on him, but it kind of confuses the reader, if that makes sense.

”So Christian, I know you’re watching. From inside your jail cell, I know you’re watching. Christian, I don’t hate you. I hate what you’ve become. You’ve become this…babbling, confusing, conspiracy theorist. And you don’t know what’s real anymore. You don’t know what’s real here in the real world or what’s going on in your head. Torrie Wilson? Christian, she’s scared for you. Mick Foley? He’s worried about you. The whole locker room? They do care about you. But I don’t. I can’t. Not anymore. And I’m not going to apologize for that."

However, as what I just higlighted above suggests, in terms of content, Lashley was on fire here. God knows what the delivery would be like, knowing Lashley’s speaking ability But either way, he was gold all the way through this interview. And once again, JBL is one of the best and most consistently well written characters in the thread.

Love the pairing of Burchill and Albright, I’m a huge fan of them both. This little segment got the job done well, good stuff.

Unsurprising to see Storm win here because obviously the Dynasty championship needed to be defended at World Ablaze. However, I personally wouldn’t have had Punk come out. Yes, it shows the guts, heart, courage of Punk as well as the friendship between him and Storm, but I would have preferred if he sold the injuries and didn’t show up for the rest of the night. However, what it did do was allow Storm to become #1 contender whilst not making Hassan look bad.

Jericho was on fire in this little segment with Michaels. Judging by this, it seems that Michaels is certainly more on the side of Team Van Dam than Jericho; not because he likes Van Dam more, but because he hates him less. Jericho was great where as Michaels seemed pretty generic, but like a lot of things tonight, it got the job done.

Good shilling of the PPV by Foley/Styles.

”So Jericho, it doesn’t matter what you’ll do to get someone out of the way and how many steps ahead you are. I’ll top it. Shawn, it doesn’t matter how bad you want in. I’m in it."


Top main event - good psychology and all-round good action, IMO. I personally find it takes so much more skill to characterise someone in the ring than it does on the mic and you’ve done both flawlessly with Jericho, and I must applaud you for that. Just the little bits and bobs he does to get some form of advantage are very cleverley done and they haven’t gone unoticed - not by me anyway. The ending was great and no man lsot credibility, or momentum heading in to their respective matches at World Ablaze. Top notch.

All in all, 619, it was a good show. If I had to say one thing; It got the job done. It did its job of trying to sell the PPV as much as possible, furthering any feuds as much as possible until the point it feels like it’s being shvoed down our throats, and it caused mass intrigue in every match and feud that has been featured and will feature at the PPV. Whether it be the World Title match, to Noble/Star to Lashley/Christian or even the Turmoil match, every match on the card interests me and you’ve done a good job shilling it to me. I’ve got some complaints, but I think most of them are either nitpicky or personal preference, and I’m sure you’ve read them anyway so there’s no need to repeat it. Good job, and hopefully I should be able to get around to giving feedback on World Ablaze.

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