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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

ROH Best in the World 2011

*Ciampa/Cabana - I remember when this match was announced, I couldn't understand why these two were put together. Didn't make sense to me. I can never hate a Cabana match, but this was just there and I still don't know why it happened. **

*Bennett/Lethal - I was thinking Lethal would have to carry Bennett way more than he did. Bennett is by no means great, but he showed more in this match than I expected. Lethal back in ROH is a good thing. **1/2

*Homicide/Rhino - Good match, but nothing great. I don't watch ROH for street fights. Again, good, but not great. **3/4

*Elgin/Corino - It feels disrespectful to say who cares but really, who cares? This match was only there to get over the post match angle with Kevin Steen. Which was fucking awesome for the record. Match was **1/4, but the post match angle gets ****

*Daniels/Generico - I will fully admit that I can not be neutral for an El Generico match. Loved the opening chain sequence. Was really glad to see Generico get some singles gold in ROH. These two worked really well together. ****

*Tag Elimination Match - When I watched this on iPPV, I gave it ****1/2 stars. Watching it again last night, I realized I was WAY too generous. I over valued the last half of the match. Yeah they had to pace themselves in the first half, but they were too slow. I'll go **** upon rewatch.

*Edwards/Richards - This got my vote for best match of 2011 when I submitted my Observer awards ballot. The crowd was burnt out for sure and they hurt the match a touch. And I thought they could have gone to the finish a few moves earlier. Kicking out of everything irked me just a touch. Those two reasons prevent me from going 5 stars. ****3/4
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