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Re: TV Mafia (HYPE)

Night 1

There was an eerie silence across the town as they lay in wait for what was about to happen. A shadowy figure was lurking in the darkness, his target identified. Just as he was about to swoop in on Shepard, another person swooped in and whisked Shep off into the night. The would-be killer cursing his luck.

On the otherside of town, Kiz could sense that shit was about to go down. He lined up his target, and took his head clean off. TLM was dead, he was
Spoiler for TLM’s Role:

Congratulations, you're Kramer, Innocent Aligned.

Your trademarks include include his upright hairstyle and vintage wardrobe, the combination of which led to his categorization as a "hipster doofus"; his taste in fruit; his love of occasional smoking, Cuban cigars in particular; his bursts through Jerry's apartment door; frequent pratfalls and his penchant for nonsensical, percussive outbursts of noise to indicate skepticism, agreement, annoyance, and a variety of other inexplicable responses

Role: You're the bomb. If you are killed by anybody, then the killer dies. If you are lynched, then the last voter dies.

You win when all threats to town have been eliminated.

Oh fuck cried out both Kiz and the figure hiding behind him. Kiz was
Spoiler for Kiz's Role:

Congratulations, you are Lana Kane, ISIS Aligned.

Role: Lana is a star agent at ISIS as well as Sterling's former girlfriend. Lana ended a long term relationship with Sterling, due mostly to him cheating on her. However it is shown that both Sterling and Lana have lingering feelings for each other and still care for each other, although they often bicker. You’ve both got each other’s back so you’re an Indy faction.

You have a few parts to your role, firstly you’re a JOAT. You have 2 bodyguards, 2 role blocks and 1 silence. You can use only 1 per night. You’re also the benefactor. If at any point the town no lynches, you get to choose a player to kill. Only catch is you have to send their name in before day ends. You get 3 shots with this, make them count.

You’re in partnership with Sterling Archer (-), you both win when you’re the last faction standing. Good luck.

MetalX was
Spoiler for MetalX’s Role:

Congratulations you'e Butters Stotch, Innocent Aligned.

You are more cheerful, naive, optimistic, and passive than other kids in class, but you also become increasingly anxious when faced with punishment and grounding from your parents.

Role: You are the hider. Each night you may choose a player to hide behind. However if you hide behind a mafia member, you will be killed regardless.

You win when all threats to town have been eliminated.

Just as the town though the bloodshed had stopped, a little kid was jumping around the outskirts of town when his BB gun accidentally went off. Unfortunately there was someone standing right in front of the little pellet which happened to strike him right in the eye and somehow killed him.Lawls was

Spoiler for Lawls’ Role:

Congratulations you're House, Innocent Aligned.

You are a an unconventional and misanthropic medical genius who heads a team of diagnosticians.

Role: Doctor. As a Doctor, you target a player at Night to protect that player from a single kill made during that Night.

You win when all threats to town have been eliminated.

Day 2 begins. With 23 alive, 12 for majority
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