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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor View Post
Just a few questions from me, not only for me to personally pick up some tips and whatever, but to also create some discussion.

I think that most of my BTBs have failed because of failing to plan properly. Meaning either I don't plan long enough, or my plans aren't as thorough and/or as detailed as they should be so when it comes to actually writing the shows and building the feuds, I become a little bit lost. So I presume that most of you have a word document or whatever with plans for a PPVs and feuds and whatever - what do you include on this document?

Chances are this has been asked before but I either can't remember or I wasn't a member, so I'll go right ahead and ask. Another reason I feel my BTBs fail is because when I've finished my plans, I look back and think that my feuds and storylines absolutely suck for the simple reason that they're boring, 'seen it all before' type shit. So how do you lot come up with original, creative shit? Or do you just generally have to be an original, creative person and you can't learn that?
First, I use my phone. If I get an idea I'll write it in there, so I don't have to be sitting at my computer to force myself to have an idea.

And the storylines don't have to be revolutionary. I see so many 'TNA invasion' threads and usually won't like them. To me, you should have one really creative rivalry, but the rest just need to be entertaining. It's about the events that happen, not the creativity or the storyline. The Rock Vs Austin was just a "I'm better" storyline, but they had so many events like the finisher exchanges, ring attacks, interviews, promos, the thing with JR. It's about how you deliver the storyline, not the storyline itself.

Not Removing List
[ ] Tazz hits someone with the Tazzmission
[X] 3D actually hit a 3D through a table - 13/03/11 Victory Road [w/ Dreamer]
[X] AJ Styles turns face - 03/02/11 iMPACT
[ ] Knockout tag titles are gone
[X] OBD and Awesome Kong return - 19/02/11 iMPACT & 01/05/11 Extreme Rules
[X] Alberto Del Rio becomes champ - 14/08/11 SummerSlam
[ ] Evan Bourne wins US/Inter title
[X] Stone Cold gives someone a stunner - 07/03/11 RAW [JBL]

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