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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

I apologize for not leaving you some feedback for Vengeane and such, but was trying to catch up to everyone else, and by the time that happened, you move on quickly. But, here's some overdue Christmas/New Year's feedback

Never been a really big fan of the PPV recap videos to start the show. That’s just personal preference, as I like the cold open and the show explaining what’s going on. Granted, I know the package does a great job of describing what went down the night before (I went through the did read Vengeance, btw) and a solid job of catching folks up, just my personal nitpicking on the subject. Nice vid though, did its job. Moving on…

I’ve never been able to write Triple H very well, but this sounded very much like a Hunter promo – a soft build to giving a guy credit where it is due only to cut him down. This was excellently written, I will say, really captured the entire feel that the character of Triple H after losing to a guy who was his subordinate for so long. The entire allegories of ‘fear’ were very nicely done, but especially the descriptions of his reactions to having to say things he didn’t feel like. Enjoyed this segment very much, but I will say from a booking standpoint, I think this probably should’ve gone on the 10 o’clock hour. I don’t think opening the show with Trips is a bad choice, I was just probably more than expecting Michaels/Bischoff to open given the new gravity of that situation. And the fact the opening promo really should set the tone for the rest of the show, and this one just had Trips saying he’d be up and leaving. That’s my only gripe about this, but very nice job here.

Platform to Perfection, eh? Sounds like a team name I’d make. A quick note before beginning – this is a new tag team, two brand new characters. And yes, you’ve been building them for a good while now, but a description of them sure would’ve helped. All you said was ‘Doane and Nameth came down the ramp’, but what did they look like? How were they walking? Did they interact with the audience? Things like that go a long way in solidifying new characters. Yeah, we’ve all seen Doane and Nameth/Ziggler before, but again, this is completely re-introducing them (or actually, this is 2005, so their first intro really) and you need to give us a new vision of these guys. Onto the actual match, these two could’ve shown a bit more tag team elements, although having Viscera to work with isn’t the best. The spot where Venis was whipped into his own corner kinda violates tag team psychology as a whole, too. An impressive debut, but these guys need a bit more clarification before becoming players. I’m still not completely sure who they are outside of ‘pair of cocky dudes’. But we’ll get there with time, I suppose.

Ah! I have to disagree with iMac and say putting the title on Victoria was the right move. Love that chick. And plus, she has a good bit of mean-streak momentum right now.

The Edge promo here seemed to jump all over the place a little before sticking with the point, which I suppose adds perhaps a bit of delusional depth to a perhaps developing psycho Edge character. Manipulating his way to pick Jericho’s opponent seems very Edge-ish. The match itself was second nature to what actually went on afterward, which was just great. There’s psychotic, breakdown Edge that we all know and love. I sort of thought Edge could’ve used Khali a bit better. I mean, I’m sure Edge wants to end Jericho by his own hand, but using Khali here would’ve helped perhaps. That said, the accentuation of planning and all that at the end was very, very nice. Really wanna see where Edge goes from here.

Batista was pretty standard here, but he had a noticeable edge to him here, declaring that he was the very reason Trips left. I’m not entirely sure Batista/Trips is over. Hell, I’d be insulted if it was.

Good way to get Show some momentum back after being taken down last night, Regal not looking too bad here, and nice to see that this program will continue, but I was kinda hoping that Jindrak would move on past this. This isn’t a feud I don’t think Show needs to win, nor does Jindrak need to lose. The point is to put Jindrak over, yes? Don’t think it’ll do Show any good to lose to Jindrak twice.

I think you should’ve used the same Kennedy promo you used at Vengeance tonight. Realistically speaking, anyway, not everybody saw the PPV and it would reduce the work a bit to reuse it. Next week, you could’ve used the promo for this week. But enough of the nitpicking; nice package here to keep introducing Kennedy. I’m hoping this doesn’t crowd the roster, however, the more people get brought in.

Towards the beginning of the promo, it seemed like the same theme was going on with Flair about last night being disappointing and causing anger, but it slowly hit a crescendo to ascending the gravity to what it became. Really, really heavy stuff here. Partially didn’t get why “The Dirtiest Player in the Game” would complain about a little outside interference, but nonetheless, still a dauntingly great promo that can only help Christian in the long run. Truly phenomenal here.

Lots of promos here. Oh, hey Maria. Hassan sounded a bit like a generic heel and not the bitter man he is known for, and thus a little weak making excuses for the reason why his Entity lost, but got the point across that an attacks will continue on several fronts.

A really solid big tag match, props on keeping it in order. A great deal of bookers would let this situation get out of hand very quickly, myself included. No real gripes about this, except that it started to drag a little in the middle-beginnings. I also feel Dutt and Daivari may need to use more heelish moves to establish the fact that they are…well…heels. They were a bit flashy for heels.

Haas seemed like the subservient girlfriend here to Benjamin, if I could use a phrase. I don’t particularly like the idea of tag team members being of different ranks, because when they’re together, they’re equal. At least in the ring. I’m not sure what to make of this segment to tell you the truth, but I guess I’ll see in the near future.

I think you jumped the gun here a bit with Batista and Kane facing each other at SummerSlam, I really did. You have nearly two months between Vengeance and SummerSlam, and this could’ve been built a bit more before being announced, but nonetheless, I love puppetmaster characters and that’s what it looks like Bischoff has become. This did more for Bischoff’s character than anything, which I’m not sure how to feel about, other than it is a fantastic development. Bischoff’s gripe against Batista nonwithstanding, I really wanna pay attention to Michaels and what you do with him here. Sure, this is probably one big build for an obstacle for Batista to overcome, but how Michaels will be played with is what I’ll be paying attention to. You can create a lot of emotion, tension, and drama with a captive character, especially one we all have ties to in a guy like Michaels.

Overall, the theme of the night seemed to be ‘anger’ and ‘disappointment’ in the aftermath of Vengeance, which in a poetic sense of things, is brilliant. There were a good deal of pieces to pick up and put back together and try to make things out of. As aforementioned, I believe you jumped the gun a bit on the main event picture, even though it is a good bit monumental. The show had a good deal of promos, not that I’m complaining. Sometimes, you do what you have to do (or just what you feel like doing, either way). A very welcome fallout show, although I will say the in ring action was not the best you’ve done. That said, I see you as a real ‘student of the game’ as it were in this section, and you’ve continued to improve through the year. A very solid job here. Kirby hopes you, as well, have a nice New Year.


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