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Re: Workout/Staying in Shape Thread

Originally Posted by Kentonbomb View Post
Hey guys, I want to start getting in shape for the new year coming around. I'm not exactly fat, I'd just like to tone up and get rid of my gut. Any tips on getting slimmer? Like how much fat should be eating per day? I feel that I can cut out sodas and junk food. Can I eat red meat like sausages, bacon etc? What about fried eggs, potatoes and such? Cheers!
Need stats, age/gender/height/weight/bodyfat estimate, of course your diet/training and most importantly bodytype. But there's some general basics to answer your questions.

1) Regarding food:

1a) No chocolate, sweets and most that bs. If you want sugar, eat fruits.

1b) Red meat usually has a lot of fat, more often than not a 2:1 fat/protein ratio (no carbs but it depends on the food), if you work out your body is going to use the protein for building muscle and use the fat as an energy source. If not, you're not going to build muscle, the fat is still going to be an energy source (as it always is) but chances are some of the fat will be stored in your body.

1c) No potatoes, nachos, or at least not more often than once a week. No cola either. I don't see a problem with fried eggs at all though, they are basic nutrition for most bodybuilders/fitness models. 50:50 fat/protein ratio with high biological value.

1d) Whole grain bread/rye bread > white bread due to the lower glycaemic index = raises your sugar level less and is beeing slower processed by your body which means most of it will be burned while also nurturing your body for a longer period of time.


How much fat should you eat? Well people generally say 1:1,2-1,5 kg weight to fat ratio for the typical diet, but it also depends. If you really wanna cut, you'd be better off eating fat than carbs as carbs are the first source your body takes energy from when burning calories and after that the body starts burning fat, but you would also have to eat more fat than the previously mentioned 1,2-1,5g per kg as you'd diminish the kcal taken by carbs. Basically chances are more likely that you'll slim down from eating fat and dieting than eating carbs and dieting, unless you don't work out enough and/or eat like a roidjunkie powerlifter, aka in excess.

But like I said, you can't expect good tips personally for you if you don't mention any of your stats.
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