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Re: The Official BTB Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by All_Madden View Post
Would it make sense to post out a show today? I have Night of Champions PPV coming up, all I need to do is post Week 4 of Smackdown. Should I wait it out? Post Smackdown and wait for NOC? Or post both?
You come up with your own posting pace. There's really no right or wrong answer to when you post, but it's generally not a good idea to post shows at the rapid pace you have. And I've never known of any rule that says you can't post a bunch of shows at once, it's just not really looked fondly upon and looks annoying if anything. But to directly answer your question, perhaps you should wait a few days between posting shows. Your zeal is admirable, but people need time to read your shows and digest your material/ideas before even knowing what's going on at your PPV.

Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor View Post
I think that most of my BTBs have failed because of failing to plan properly. Meaning either I don't plan long enough, or my plans aren't as thorough and/or as detailed as they should be so when it comes to actually writing the shows and building the feuds, I become a little bit lost. So I presume that most of you have a word document or whatever with plans for a PPVs and feuds and whatever - what do you include on this document?
Personally, the less detail I have, the better for me. Yeah, I have a seperate word document where I have my future PPV plans and perhaps a few rules, notes, and things to remember, but there's not much there other than cards. Underneath some of the matches, there's notes on what needs to be included in the feud at some point, but I don't tell myself when. I don't like that much detail in planning. Personally, I feel the more detail I put into something, the more robotic, emotionless it feels for me and the less fun I have. So a clear goal in mind, but creating a loose-leaf, flexible plan to get there is what works for me. That said, certain creative habits don't work for everyone. So take than with a grain of salt.

Originally Posted by FluxCapacitor View Post
Chances are this has been asked before but I either can't remember or I wasn't a member, so I'll go right ahead and ask. Another reason I feel my BTBs fail is because when I've finished my plans, I look back and think that my feuds and storylines absolutely suck for the simple reason that they're boring, 'seen it all before' type shit. So how do you lot come up with original, creative shit? Or do you just generally have to be an original, creative person and you can't learn that?
There's no such thing as absolute originality. It's impossible to create something completely 'new'. Everything takes infulences and ideas from somewhere, something else, whether it be life, books, movies, whathaveyou. I'm not sure how to thoroughly explain it, so I'll steal someone else's words, (I don't recall who said it) but the basic idea of being creative is to 'give people the same, only different'. Especially when it comes to wrestling, when things get rehashed all the time. That said, watching/reading other creative material (not JUST wrestling related things) helps a great deal in not only material, but inspiration too. And faith in your ideas can go a long ways, too. It's nice to acknowledge that your ideas aren't the best, but beating up your own imagination won't do you much good, I don't think (I can't say much...I tend to be doing it a good deal myself lately ). As for having to be an 'original, creative' person, I'm of the general thought that no, creativity can't be so much taught or learned, but it can definately be expanded on, regardless of how much or little creativity you have/consider yourself to have. Everyone has something to offer.

Hope you got something out of all that babble


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