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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Just a note in that I don’t think I’ve kept up with your Smackdown enough, but I’m trying. Read a few and think I’m in good position to give some feedback. Especially after the stupid good feedback you gave me.

619s Feedback for Melvis' Friday Night Smackdown

The kickoff was very intriguing, if for no other reason than I enjoy non-traditional openings, especially when they divulge right into action. This mob-esque interrogation scene really raises questions here, but I’m pretty sure this won’t be the only time tonight that we see The Corre ‘on the hunt’. Killer closing line, by the way. Expecting more clarity on this through the night…like to answer what the hell he’s even looking for. I’m sure that’s just my lack of knowledge at the moment. On we go.

First of all, props on nailing Ricardo’s intro in pretty solid Spanish. Or at least I think so. I typed that whole block into Google translate and it seemed pretty legit. You also captured his style of delivery pretty good as well, whether that was intentional or not, with all those words running together. A small detail that makes me appreciate the work you put into it. In regards to Del Rio’s dialogue, with his random gratuitous Spanish phrases thrown in, I would’ve expected him to say mi mariachi instead of ‘my band’. His accept seems pretty spot on here, somewhat intrigued at the intro (to me) of this ‘Alberto Administration’. In hindsight, I think it’s sort of ironic Del Rio’s calling Edge dull (not that I don’t enjoy the Del Rio character he’s just…bland nowadays). Pretty spot on for his whole character here, though I don’t know how well putting his shot up for grabs in a cage will tie into his character, but we’ll see, won’t we?.

Impressive match here, but the result was never really in doubt, especially since I remember you posting news about not continuing Sin Cara’s undefeated streak. That aside, I’ll get to the story it told to me despite the obvious ending, and that’s that Del Rio displayed a great deal of confidence and has even more confidence going into his match against Edge. Your descriptions were very well done; I can just picture the look of ‘horror’ that’d be plastered on Del Rio’s almost cartoonish face if he saw a Sin Cara spider about to escape. This match also does something for Cara in regards to how he may fare in the future as far as gimmick matches go. I don’t know if anyone else has taken note, the lucha style isn’t exactly favorable in high-spot specialty matches, a la a ladder match, that you would actually think they were good at. Or at least I think so. So good to see Cara and his style featured in a pretty decent stipulationed match, although a Sin Cara/Del Rio feud somewhere down the line wouldn’t hurt. Also, loved the small, poking descriptions of Brodus Clay, keeping him separate almost from every other member of the Administration. It really goes a long way for his character to be shown like that.

I miss moments like these in modern wrestling. That being when multiple faces inflict justifiable additional pain, especially post match, to a pretty annoying heel, the commentators play if off and understand. But today, we have Michael Cole harping on their every action and constantly degrading them and not really adding anything. That said, I feel some depth could’ve been added with one of the commentators showing a bit of edge in regards to the situation, but nonetheless, a solidly described match here, with the actual result being one of smart booking – Rhodes doesn’t look too weak, nor does Show. Mysterio does look a tad off being the assaulter/aggressor here, but I understand it because it would’ve been just strange for him not to do anything to him given their history.

I thoroughly enjoyed this segment and the way it was done, and the ending really has me guessing where Barrett’s character will be going from here on out. The continued questioning is nice, and it was interesting to even see Kofi take a somewhat aggressive stance against the guy who turned out the lights last week. Finally getting to hear from the other half of The Corre is completely necessary, and this is the part where I’m looking forward to. I see you’re probably continuing the plotline the WWE just dropped in never referencing why the Nexus buried Undertaker, so of course, how that all plays out will be interesting to see, but the notable thing here is Barrett. He’s already beginning to get paranoid as hell and convicting members of his own stable, which I can only imagine will continue to mount to a point of genuine fear-driven insanity of the Deadman. And an angry, scared, and paranoid bare-knuckle Engllishman isn’t a good thing for anyone (except we the readers, but only at a distance….) It’s either that theory or I just have a fetish for characters having breakdowns and divulging into insanity some way. Carry on.

The Mysterio interview introduced the very interesting concepts of why each one wears a mask, which I thought was very well presented. The promo ended somewhat weakly, I felt, seeing as how the two segments Mysterio said beforehand seemed like perfectly acceptable concluding points, the but promo kept going and ended on a line weaker than what the previous two were. Still, playing up Mysterio’s ‘overcome the odds’ story is always a good place to start so long as you make it something different. But I’m almost certain the Six-Pack Challenge won’t be the end for these two.

Chimmel saying ‘and his opponent’ to the first man in the ring is probably more a typo than anything, but onto the actual match. It seemed to have a pretty standard ‘Five Moves of Doom’ finish for Kingston, but seeing as how you’ve mentioned you’re not the biggest McIntyre fan, I don’t think that’s that big a deal. The SOS from the Future Shock is a nice flowing sequence that’s easy to picture, I’m just personally not the biggest fan of McIntyre jobbing. But alas, it is what it is.

Keeping the hunt going, with what I’m assuming is the final probe of the night. Any more than this may be overkill. Loved that you had him go right for Kane after he realized that it may be all part of that scheme for him; excellent train of thinking, seeing as how as a reader, that’s one of the first places my mind went as well. It’s always nice to read a viewer’s mind. This keeps an interesting spin on things, but like the Mysterio segment, this one ended a tad weakly. I understand perhaps Show could’ve gotten another line in, but any promo that ends in a line that says ‘buddies’ after a pretty intense interrogation between two very volatile characters is gonna come across as ending weakly. It keeps me very intrigued, because there’s so many directions to go here with Barrett and this storyline as a whole. Just don’t make it Slater.

Swaggers address was interesting in the fact that he brought up facts from two years ago. On RAW, Punk and Orton are doing the same thing I suppose, but nonetheless, an interesting part of the segment that I’d like to see a bit more of. I appreciate it when character development keeps going in wrestling instead of stopping at the end of each feud. Wasn’t ever a question that Swagger was gonna destroy the English kid, still looking as dominant as he should be going into an I Quit contest. Oh, hey Christian. Simple stuff from the Captain, though not the biggest fan of his ankle being 100% just a week later, but hey, it did its job with building the hype effectively.

This is where I think a booker/writer’s talents really show, and that’s what they can do with the previously directionless characters in attendance. McIntyre and Baretta are prime examples and there seems to be something between them that I’m sure will be a tad more in depth later on. What’d you say some of my segments were….bon? Yeah. That was it. Bon.

Keeping on Barrett, aye? I totally forgot he was IC Champ until it was mentioned, but that’s my fault and not yours. This continuing humiliation conga line for Barrett I feel is only gonna make him further divulge into a paranoid and angry sort of character somewhere down the line. All it takes is one bad day to make sane people go mad….this is obviously Barrett’s

Quick note on Booker’s commentary – as much as I enjoy it because it’s in character and quite humorous, his dialogue is somewhat difficult to make though, but again, not really your fault. You’re just capturing the essence that is the near incoherent Bookerman.

Very capturing and very well done main event, incredibly displaying the talents of both men here, Gabriel looking like a million freakin’ bucks (we’re in England…so…pounds). Everything was well paced, near PPV quality in terms of how you controlled the movesets to slowly ascend, especially when its so hard to with a guy like 2011 Edge, whose moveset has become incredibly limited. Edge pulling out the win was never really in doubt, like the opening, but didn’t stop me from enjoying the actual match one bit. The respectful gesture by Edge just points to me that not only is Gabriel’s turn coming and expected, but it will probably be very conflicted, which might be interesting to see. The ending was absolutely emphatic and definitely an eye opener to keep on the situation. The Administration growing is always nice, especially when it’s someone who has some sort of history with Edge in Chavo. Will be seeing if this becomes more personal, but bravo on the absolutely ridiculous beatdown.

Overall, I found this show a little more entertaining than RAW, though apologies for not leaving very many notes on RAW. The Barrett-centered program was definitely something different, which I commend you for. Thought it was a tad bit overkill with the fourth segment, but hoping more comes out of it in the pass. Some very solid build for everything on the PPV, although there didn’t seem to be much hype for the tables match other than a few indirect comments. I thoroughly enjoyed everything on the show, the only real complaints I had are probably up there in the comments aside from just some personal nitpicking. You do have something very fun and creative on your hands and I look forward to keep keeping up with it. The peasant named Kirby still very much approves.


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