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Re: The Main Event and Juvy's Rise of Glory


The SmackDown Intro is played followed by the explosive pyrotechnics. The fans are on their feet cheering as Cole and Tazz welcome everyone to the show.

Cole: "Welcome everyone to SmackDown! Tonight is one of the biggest nights in history."

Tazz: "That's right Cole because tonight we have a WrestleMania rematch between the tag team champions...Eddie Guerrero...Rey Mysterio...one on one...one more time!"

Cole: "Also...the Cruiserweight Title will be on the line in a Triple Threat Match...the champion, Paul London defending the title against both Billy Kidman and Chavo Guerrero! There's a lot of history between those three athletes."

Tazz: "But don't forget Cole about our main event."

Cole: "Exactly. In a rematch from two weeks ago...a number one contender's match...The Undertaker...taking on...Triple H!"

Tazz: "That'll definitely be a rocket buster!"

My Time Is Now echoes over the PA System as the fans get really loud for their hero! Cena makes his way to the ring with a microphone in hand. However, he doesn't have the WWE Championship around his waist! He slides into the ring.

Cena: "Yo...yo...yo...yo...yooooooo!!!!! Salem, Oregon...how's my chain gang doin' tonight?"

The crowd erupts into a frenzy.

Cena: "That's good! Well tonight...to kick off the show...I have a few HUGE announcements...first off...the champ...is...HERE!"

The crowd starts a "Cena!" chant.

Cena: "But as you can tell...I don't have the gold belt around my waist. Well...that brings me to my second big announcement tonight. Everyone remember my United States belt? Well say hello...to the NEW WWE Championship belt!"

The championship is lowered from the rafters. It's a belt full of gold with diamond studs everywhere. The WWE Logo in the center spins and has John Cena's name on the nameplate. Cena takes it off the buckle.

Cena: "Now this is how you represent!!!!"

The crowd is cheering and taking pictures of the new title.

Cena: "And now...for my third announcement..."

Time To Play The Game!!!! Triple H makes his way to the ring, ready for action. The Game steals a microphone from Tony Chimel and gets in Cena's face.

HHH: "Listen...punk! You can talk to your...homies...on your own time! Tonight...isn't about you! Tonight isn't about the chain gang! Tonight isn't about the new WWE Championship! Tonight...is about...Triple H!"

The crowd boos emphatically.

Cena: "Oh right...I completely forgot. It must have slipped my mind. Tonight...is about Triple H! Yup, that's right. Tonight is about Triple H...getting his rear end handed to him by the deadman!"

The fans cheer as Triple H is furious.

HHH: "You see...that's where you're wrong. You remember two weeks ago? I defeated The Undertaker! What makes this time so different huh?"

Cena: "I was actually getting to that...you see...my third and...final huge announcement regarding tonight. Theodore Long has appointed me...a spot in the main event match!"

HHH questions what Cena just said.

HHH: "That doesn't make sense! How can you be in the match? You can't be the number 1 contender and champion!"

Cena: "Why not? You seem to think so week in and week out."

The fans start cheering.

Cena: "Now listen numb skull! My spot in this match...isn't as a...wrestler. Theodore Long has appointed me as...the special...referee!"

The fans are off their seats cheering as Triple H is frustrated.

HHH: "That's not fair! You're gonna make sure I lose!"

Cena: "Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! Are you accusing me of cheating? I'm gonna be there to make sure you don't use any weapons...I'm gonna call it right down the middle! Because when you were over on Raw getting beaten by Shelton Benjamin, Goldberg, and Chris Benoit...me and The Undertaker...hated each other's guts! And I'd love to personally settle the score with him at Judgment Day! Now listen up...I'm gonna be wearin' the stripes whether you like it or not...and I'm gonna watch both of ya give it all you got! But here's your warning...you hit me...I'll hit ya back! I ain't cuttin' none of you boys some slack! The champ is here...and I'm king of the World!"

The fans start cheering as Cena tries to finish off his rap.

Cena: "And tonight...Taker's gonna treat you like a lil' school girl!"

The fans are laughing as HHH is ready to strike the champion.

Cena: "Do it! Do it! You hit me...and I will tear your head off! And then I will make sure you never get a shot at the WWE Title ever again!!!"

Triple H thinks about it then drops his hand. Both competitors stare each other down until a gong is heard. Both competitors look around the ring as a purple haze fills the arena. The lights go out and the Undertaker's music begins to play. The deadman appears out of the haze and turns on the lights by raising his hands. The deadman removes his coat and hat then steps into the ring. Triple H immediately goes after him but is stopped by a big boot. Cena watches on as The Game gets pummeled in the corner by Taker. Triple H starts fighting back with right hands but to no avail. The Undertaker chokeslams HHH with authority and signals that the end is near! Undertaker looks around and see Cena laughing. Cena gets very serious and worried all of a sudden. John Cena nails The Undertaker out of desperation with the WWE Championship! The Undertaker is out cold as Cena celebrates. All of a sudden, the deadman sits up! He gets to his feet and quickly strikes at Cena then tombstones him! The fans begin booing the deadman until he picks up Triple H and delivers a tombstone to him as well! The Undertaker celebrates his "victory".

Cole: "The Undertaker...dominating both John Cena and Triple H! Will they suffer the same fate later tonight in the main event?"

The Undertaker grabs a microphone from off the mat.

Undertaker: "John Cena...Triple H! You both...have awakened a dragon...that I once thought was slain many years ago. But now...I have risen from the ashes and you will all rest...in...peace! For tonight...before I become the number one contender...there will be...a sacrifice!"

Tazz: "Well...you heard him. The Undertaker plans on having a sacrifice tonight. I wonder who it's going to be?"

Cameras cut backstage where we see Carlito enter his locker room. He removes his shoes and hears a loud banging noise from the locker behind him. Carlito seems a little confused then continues to remove his shirt. Carlito now wraps a towel around his waist and he hears the noise again. Carlito removes his pants and boxers from underneath the towel. Carlito faces away from the camera and looks at himself with the towel opened.

Carlito: "Now that...that's cool!"

The banging noise is heard and The Hurricane pops out of the lockers and is shocked. Carlito lets out a girlish scream and tries covering up quickly with the towel.

Hurricane: "Holy small bologna! My Hurri-vision is blinded forever! You, Carlito...checking yourself out? WAZUPWITDAT?!!!!"

The crowd is laughing loudly.

Carlito: "What's up with that? I'll tell you what's up with that! You wish that you were half the man that Carlito is!"

Hurricane: "Half? Half?! From what I have seen...rabbits have more manly...parts...than you do!"

Hurricane uses his fingers to show what he's talking about. Carlito gets angry.

Carlito: "You wanna talk about being a man? What kinda guy hides in another guy's changeroom? That...that's not cool!"

Hurricane: "Actually...I came here to issue a challenge...a challenge to you Carlito! Now, from what I've seen, you don't but I'll ask anyway...do you have...the...kahunas...to accept my challenge?"

Carlito is furious now.

Carlito: "I'll tell ya what...you wanna sneak into my room to watch me change? That's not cool! But you and me...in the ring...that's definitely cool!"

The crowd is excited from the announcement.

Hurricane: "Then it's settled...next week...Carlito versus the Hurricane!"

Carlito: "Fine! That way...after becoming United States Champion...I can prove who the bigger man is between us!"

Hurricane: "Fine. But as for who the bigger man is...that's like comparing Tiny Tim to Paul Bunyan! And my Hurripowers tell me...I'm not Tiny Tim!"

Hurricane flies off screen as Carlito turns around and stares at himself again.

Carlito: "Don't worry...you are much bigger than a rabbit!"

Someone begins tapping on Carlito's shoulder. It's the Hurricane! Carlito turns around.

Hurricane: "POW!!!"

Carlito is scared and backs up into the lockers. Apples fall off the top shelf of the locker onto Carlito's head. Carlito eventually falls after the last apple bounces off his head.

Hurricane: "Haha! How do you like them apples?"

The superhero picks up one of the apples and bites into it.

Hurricane: "Now that...that's cool!"

Hurricane spits the apple out on Carlito and walks out of the locker room.


Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Paul London(c) Vs. Chavo Guerrero Vs. Billy Kidman


Chavo Guerrero just got taken out with the BK Bomb as Paul London is still on the outside from the devastating dropkick that sent him flying off the top and to the outside. Kidman climbs up to the top rope and looks to the fans. He gets a cheer and goes for the Shooting Star Press. Kidman goes for the cover…



London breaks it up by flipping over the top rope onto them! Kidman and London exchange rights and lefts. London fires back and takes his opponent over the top with a dropsault! London climbs up to the top rope and delivers the 450 Splash onto Chavo Guerrero now! He goes for the cover…




Winner: Paul London

The Cruiserweight Champion celebrates his successful title defense. Just then, Akio sneaks into the ring and attacks Paul London from behind with a karate kick to the back of the head. London slowly gets to his feet and Akio blows a great ball of fire into the Cruiserweight Champion’s eyes. Akio celebrates with the title. General Manager, Theodore Long appears on the titantron from his office.

Long: “Paul London…I regretfully inform you that Akio was drawn as the number one contender for next week. I’ll get the ‘meds out there in a flash. I expect a call when you’re 100% to know if you can compete next week. So when you can see…holla holla!”

The cameras cut to commercials as paramedics attend Paul London who’s screaming in pain and holding his eyes.

Backstage, we see Charlie Haas talking with Hardcore Holly and Funaki among numerous other SmackDown superstars. He finishes lacing up his boots then stands on a bench.

Haas: "Excuse me...guys. Can I have your attention please! ...Thank you. Now...remember Team Angle? Remember the World's Greatest Tag Team? Yeah...that's right...I was a part of it! But ever since Kurt ditched us and Shelton got traded to Raw...nothing has happened with me! And as far as I'm concerned...I'm sick...and I'm tired...of being ignored! I'm a World Class athlete! I deserve to be a champion! That's why instead of fooling around...I'm going to find a way to stand out among everyone else! Just like I am now on this bench! I'm going to reach new heights! I'm going to be something! I'm going to be somebody! Shelton's popularity on Raw won't even compare nearly to half of the popularity...and success like I'm going to do on SmackDown! So pay attention! Starting next week...you're going to be seeing a new Charlie Haas! Does anyone want to challenge me?"

Through the crowd, out steps Rene Dupree.

Rene: "Sure...I shall challenge you. I am the French Phenom! You can run your mouth about being something...but when you get in the ring...I'm going to treat you like a dumb American pig! Viva La France!"

Charlie Haas and Rene Dupree stare each other down as cameras go to a commercial break.


Eddie Guerrero Vs. Rey Mysterio


Eddie Guerrero delivers the third suplex in his Three Amigos combination move. He looks to the crowd for some respect but just gets booed emphatically. He climbs quickly to the top rope and busy more time by taunting the crowd. This allows enough time for Rey to race against the ropes and cause his opponent to land in a precarious position. Mysterio now delivers a double jump hurracarana from the top rope onto Guerrero! Both competitors are down now as the official begins the 10 count.







Rey gets a hand over Eddie’s chest!…



Eddie gets the left shoulder up! Rey Mysterio picks up Eddie only to be elbowed in the mid-section. Eddie races to the ropes now only to be tripped into the middle ropes. Rey calls out to the fans to get a standing ovation as he delivers the 619! Rey stands out on the apron now as Eddie is out in the center of the ring. Rey goes for it and misses dropping the dime! Eddie Guerrero hooks the arms of Mysterio and pins him in a backslide position…



Rey kicks out! Mysterio gets up first and rolls Eddie up in a small package!



Eddie kicks out this time! Eddie dodges a right hand and rolls his opponent up with a hook of the tights…




Winner: Eddie Guerrero


When we come back from the commercial break, Booker T, Eugene, Luther Reigns, and Maven are all standing in the ring. The General Manager's theme music hits and Theodore Long struts his way to the ring with a microphone in hand. He steps between the ropes and looks at everyone.

Long: "Playas...I called you out here for a purpose. As of now...you do not know that purpose. But I'm gonna tell ya now so listen up crackas! Next week...it's going to be Luther Reigns...and Maven...teaming up to take on Booker T and Eugene!"

The crowd cheers after hearing this announcement.

Long: "But that's not all...you see...because at Judgment Day...we're going to crown ourselves a number one contender! That's right...and we're gonna do so in a number 1 contender's 10 man battle royale! And four of those ten men...will be you!"

The crowd erupts as all four competitors stare each other down. Kurt Angle's music hits and the Olympic Hero makes his way out to the ramp with a mic.

Angle: "Woah! Woah! Woah! A number one contender's battle royale? Without me? Listen Mr. Long...if you do not put me in this match immediately...I'm gonna put myself in it! Because everyone knows...that Kurt Angle is the next WWE Champion! It's true! I mean...look at you have in there? Just a bunch of no-talent Kurt Angle wannabes! We have Booker T who hasn't had a Heavyweight Title since WCW went bankrupt way back when! You have Eugene...who can't even tie his own shoes never mind a Title belt! A rookie...who thinks he's perfect! And you have Luther Reigns who...much like Eugene...can't tie his own shoes!"

The crowd laughs as Luther Reigns is angry.

Long: "Alright, Kurt. You're the fifth entrant into this battle royale at Judgment Day! And since you think that you're on a role so much...I think that..."

The lights go out and the infamous gong echoes throughout the arena. The titantron switches over to The Undertaker's titantron and the ramp fills up with smoke as the lights turn blue. All the wrestlers and the General Manager try to hide. The lights go back on, showing it was just a false alarm.

Cole: "What an announcement by Theodore Long!"

Tazz: "I still wonder who the sacrifice will be?"

Cole: "We'll find out soon. But folks, we'll be back after this commercial break!"


United States Championship Match:
Orlando Jordan (c) Vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool

Before the match gets underway...

Orlando: "Hang on! Hang on! Hold it Carlito! Before this match starts...I have a huge announcement to make! The new leader of the cabinet is..........................................
.................................................................................................... .........
.................................................................................................... .........
showing up next week on SmackDown!"

The crowd is excited after hearing this announcement but get even louder when Carlito steals the Chief of Staff's microphone.

Carlito: "You...with a new boss? That's not cool! You with two brothers...that share the same clothes and copy each other? That's not cool! You growing your hair out like Carlito? That's not cool! But...Carlito...as United States Champion? That's definitely cool!"

The fans cheer for Carlito surprisingly as the bell rings for the match to get underway.



The referee is down and out as Carlito attempts the modified swinging neckbreaker (which he likes to call the Coolest Move In History) but the Bashams get on the apron and distract him. Carlito moves over to the apron and knocks both the Basham Brothers off the apron and onto the arena floor. Carlito then goes over to Orlando Jordan and hits the Coolest Move In History. Just as Carlito goes for the cover...


The lights dim out and the gong is heard! The lights go on and Carlito stands up. He looks around the ring and finds The Undertaker right in his face! Carlito Cool desperately tries to back off but The Undertaker grabs him by the throat and gives him a thunderous chokeslam! The deadman's not done yet as he Tombstone Piledrives Carlito into the mat. The Undertaker makes his way to the outside and finds a steel chair from out underneath the ring. He climbs up the steps and picks up what remains of Carlito. He places the chair across Carlito's throat and delivers the Guillotine Chairshot to Carlito! The lights go out and when they go back on, Taker has disappeared. Orlando Jordan slowly gets up and covers Carlito as the referee is just getting to his feet...

Winner: STILL United States Champion Orlando Jordan!!!

Cole: "What a vicious chairshot by The Undertaker!"

Tazz: "I think that the deadman just lost a lot of respect from the boys in the back and the fans from his actions tonight."

Cole: "We'll have an update on Carlito as soon as possible, hopefully he won't lose any time in the ring for this."

Tazz: "Well hoping is one thing...happening is another."

Cole: "Nonetheless, we will continue with the event tonight and coming up next..."

Tazz: "It's go time! Triple H versus The Undertaker to determine the number one contender! And don't forget...the WWE Champion, John Cena is the special referee!"

Cole: "Triple H...Undertaker...next!"


#1 Contender's Match:
HHH Vs. The Undertaker



The Undertaker starts firing back with right hands and sends The Game reeling. The deadman runs to the ropes and tries for a flying forearm however, HHH ducks and Cena gets taken down! The Undertaker doesn't seem to care as he begins exchanging clubbing blows with Triple H. Cena shrugs off the blow and seems a little angry. The Undertaker gains the advantage with punches and irish whips Triple H to the ropes. The Game dodges a closeline and almost bumps into Cena but stops himself. Cena begins arguing with the Cerebral Assassin who shoves him into the ropes. Cena is really angry now and he bolts to the outside of the ring. HHH turns around and receives a chokeslam from his opponent! Cena now looks around the ring and finds a steel chair then brings it into the squared circle! The Game is slowly getting up after the maneuver as Undertaker gets ready for the tombstone. John Cena winds up and swings at HHH. The Game ducks and Cena nails the deadman square in the head with the weapon. Triple H climbs onto Taker and goes for the cover...


The WWE Champion refuses to count because it's his fault that Taker's down. Triple H gets up and begins arguing with John Cena. It quickly descends into a shoving match then into a fist fight! Both men go at it head to head and Cena gains the advantage. He whips The Game to the ropes and hits him with a flying shoulder tackle! The Undertaker sits up as John Cena prepares for the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena bounces off the ropes and gets caught by The Undertaker. HHH gets up as well and is caught also. The Undertaker delivers a chokeslam to both men at the same time! The Undertaker taunts the crowd and gets booed which is a different response from earlier. The Undertaker picks up The Game and delivers the tombstone to him and pins him. John Cena gets to his feet and refuses to count. The champion goes to the outside and grabs his WWE Title then gets back in the ring. Meanwhile, Carlito Caribbean Cool comes out from the crowd and begins hammering away at The Undertaker despite his injuries from earlier tonight. The deadman gets up to his feet, without the blows affecting him and launches Carlito out of the ring. Taker turns around without noticing Cena and gets clocked with the WWE Title! John Cena gets the crowd riled up as HHH awakens and steals Cena's chain which is on the corner turnbuckle. The Cerebral Assassin wraps it around his fist and nails the champion with it when he turns around, knocking him unconscious! The Game delivers the Pedigree to The Undertaker on the WWE Championship then covers him...


Triple H uses John Cena's hand to make the count...

Winner: Triple H

HHH bolts out of the ring to celebrate before either man wakes up angry at him. The Game takes the title with him as The Undertaker sits up. He rolls his eyes into the back of his head and seem to be permanently fixed that way because of his rage! The Undertaker sets off a lightning bolt just in front of Triple H then they set off everywhere, on the turnbuckle posts, on the ramp, near the titantron, and right by the commentator's booth! Hunter runs away scared to death of what he has done. The Undertaker notices John Cena getting up and delivers a tombstone to him! The Undertaker, not finished, picks up John Cena again and delivers another tombstone! Now, The Undertaker places the steel chair neatly and tombstones John Cena onto that now! The Undertaker does it twice more on the steel chair, making it five tombstones in total!!!

Tazz: "Talk about concussion city!"

Cole: "Concussion? Cena could have a broken neck!"

The Undertaker grabs Cena by the throat, ready to tombstone him but Carlito gets back in the ring and starts hammering away at the face of The Undertaker.

Tazz: "He's got more guts than brains right now Cole!"

Carlito desperately tries taking The Undertaker off his feet but gets caught with a chokeslam! The Undertaker picks up Carlito and tombstones him on the WWE Championship! The Undertaker celebrates with his victims lying in an unconscious state.

Cole: "It looks as if The Undertaker has turned into pure hating evil now! He's a deadman on destruction! Who's gonna be the savior of SmackDown from this demon? Goodnight everyone!"

The show comes to an end.

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