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Jamjam's Review

Another show already? Man, you're just firing out shows like nothing and I LOVE it!

Anyway, HBK starts off the New Year by announcing he has banned Nexus from ringside because of the main event he has decided on. I don't particularly agree with it because I want to see Barrett vs. HHH alone, but I guess having Kurt in there and having Barrett retain will just establish Barrett even more.

So everything is in recap huh? I don't mind it. It's how I wrote my shows in the past.

The Miz/Hardy segment was pretty good for what it was. Miz constantly reminds us that he'll win the Royal Rumble because it'll be in his hometown. I personally don't think he'll win it though. I think Kofi Kingston will win it or Sheamus. I like that you've chosen Hardy to put over Miz here. Hmm, I really wonder who Miz will cash in on, maybe on Smackdown? I really want Miz to be on Smackdown instead and be a top guy there, but Smackdown seems pretty loaded as is.

You've got another segment where the wrestlers are opponents tonight and I think you should keep that to a minimum but I see that you needed to do that to reveal that Dibiase was going to be the ref. Or you could've let Dibiase come out last after Bryan and Gabriel and shock the both of them. Having Dibiase cost Bryan the match is interesting here. Do they still want the US Title or do they feud on their own and Gabriel moves on to another opponent?

Morrison/Sheamus: Obvious that Sheamus would win here but I think Morrison will still be in the Rumble. Hope you have something planned for Morrison because he's a pretty good wrestler and if you just give him a chance like Christian and Hardy, I think he can do some awesome things.

Hmm, something stirring for the Divas heading to Wrestlemania?

Edge will for sure be in the Rumble I believe. That was a pretty good match with him and RVD. Edge has always been a favorite of mind but I just think that he is misplaced on Raw. I always see Edge as a Smackdown guy. And I don't think you can blame me because that's where he has been most of the time and has really carried that brand on his shoulders so yeah, wish he was on Smackdown but you've got both Raw and Smackdown equal in star power I believe.

WHOA, big announcement by Butty not allowing Orton to compete at RR. Wonder what you do with this as Cena and Orton HAVE to be at RR in some way. Oh Butty, drawing some heat by seemingly praising Cole

Nexus disobeys HBK's orders too, do we see some sort of punishment coming next week? And I like that Angle didn't win because Barrett vs. HHH is big enough and I really wanted to see this in real life. You've booked the Nexus angle perfectly and I don't know if it could have been done any better.

Overall, awesome show GCB. You're working like a horse firing out all these shows in a span of what, 2 weeks? Haha. Also, maybe check out your shows before posting, I know it's really exciting once you produce something but some grammatical errors in the show and you have Alex Riley vs. Randy Orton where it should have been Bryan vs. Gabriel as the heading. Other than that, another stellar episode of Raw. But I'm still looking forward to Smackdown more. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend!

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