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Re: Women suck...

Holy pent up frustration Bat-man....looks to me like a couple gents in this thread need some action!

Now I can sympathize with both sides here. And I can also tear them both to shreds.

Women...eh...they're alright. I like'em. (And why not?) Not all of them are regarded so highly with me....but then again, the same can be said with a large portion of the male demographic livin on this twirlin rock in the sky. So take that how ya wanna.

Believe me...you wanna talk about gettin ****ed over by a woman/women...I'd toss your sob stories in the light rinse cycle in comparison to the heartaches I've endured. But seriously...thinking like that...what's it get ya?

It get's my gender ranked with swine, and the female one tossed in the "who-arrr" catagory. And where that may work for some of you...it don't cut the kinda gouda I prefer.

I won't deny that men can be pigs. It's pretty much genetic. Cuz deep down inside...if it don't deal in hooters...chances are, the mind's probably gonna wander. But for some strange reason...that don't strike me (nor should it strike any of the ladies who read that) as shocking. But I also woudn't be shocked to hear that women have a genetic flaw to call their own aswell. In fact...I can pin point the precise location of said blemish. It resides square at the bottom of the trachea. And it's called the whine-chromisone. (And don't any of you go pissin on my theory here!)

Women like to nit-pick. (As do us men....but on a slightly smaller scale.) Here's where the people like YouSuck come into play. Listeners. You allow them to think you're not "the man"...(Not DA MAN! But the one who wears the pants!), and by doing so...any shot you more than likely had....gone. (POOF!)

I'm not saying you gotta be an outright prick just to get some tail...but the second you show signs of being a push-over, your chances at pushin anything else...well, you get the idea. (So save that yes ma'am bull for your Aunt come Thanksgiving. You might think it's opening up doors, but it's not)

The best advice I could give you with this though would be never change yourself. For a plethora of reasons. For starters...what good's a facade when it's just gonna fade later down the line? The honeymoon'll be over ol' Ralphy Boy...and it's gonna take more than a pat on the ass to satisfy your woman then. Meaningful conversations and openness. Them's the key to just about every relationship. And they're best when they're straight from the heart.

Trying to be what she "wants"? Trust me...what she wants, she can get. But when what they want is you...you're sittin on cloud 9. And the only way to get there is by shoppin around the genuine article.

So spare us the whole "never again" diatribe...just cuz you struck out don't mean the plan's a snafu. Just means you chased the wrong trout up the stream and got bit for your troubles. Their loss right?


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