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Re: WWE: A Strong Response

Friday Night Smackdown ‘Live’
Friday 7th November 2008
Live from Rexall Place
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

*Opening Video*
“If You Rock Like Me”

*Video Recap*
Last Week

“This Fire Burns”
is playing and the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk is standing in the ring wearing one of his trademark T-shirts & trunks with his title draped over his shoulder. Behind him stand his Survivor Series team (Edge, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez), all of whom are looking incredibly serious tonight, much like their captain who has a microphone in his possession as he looks in to the stands with his music coming to a halt, bringing out more boos from the capacity crowd.

CM Punk:
Seven days ago in this very ring the one an’ only John Cena stood here in front of his beloved fans t’ let us all know just who’d be on team Cena at Survivor Series, so t’night I thought I’d come out here an’ unveil my team, the men who nine nights from now will one by one eliminate and defeat team Cena. I have a team I know I can rely on, a team I know feel as strongly as I do, who all have one thing in common. . . well actually two. Unlike Cena’s team they actually have something t’ fight for, but mainly they all hate Cena an’ want him off of this show. See I could give you a one man show that’d go on all night on that subject alone but I thought I’d leave it to them to explain why it is they individually hate your beloved John Cena.

More boos ring out as Punk turns around and holds out the microphone for his rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez. The Mexican steps forward dressed in a very nice suit to take possession of the microphone with Punk telling him to say whatever he likes with Edge, Jericho & Benjamin watching behind them.

Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez:
To make a name for yourself in Mexico you have t’ be a good wrestler and I’m sorry t’ say that John Cena is not a good wrestler or even close to being what you call a good wrestler. That is why I despise Cena, that and how you Americans for some reason treat him like he is some kind of superstar, but at Survivor Series you’ll see him for the loser that he is and he’ll no longer bring shame to the w-w-e and American wrestling.

Shelton Benjamin: There are plen’y of guys back there who are way more deserving than Cena, better than ‘im. F’ years I’ve had people in the locker room, at that announce desk, in the crowd an’ sat at home askin’ why Shelton Benjamin never reached out an’ grabbed that brass ring like he could an’ probably should ‘ave. I’ve had questions asked of me as t’ why with all the talent I’ve got I’ve not made that next step up the ladder. You wanna know why that is? It’s cause of John Cena, plain an’ simple.

Chris Jericho: There are many many reasons why I despise John Cena, some of which have already been mentioned, however as we speak there is one overriding reason, that being that at No Mercy he cost me the World Heavyweight Championship. What really angers me aside from the fact that he cost me my opportunity in a manner which he is unfamiliar with by actually earning the opportunity I was given is that he did so without any reason other than to make sure ev’ryone was talking about John Cena, and he succeeded. He had no right getting involved but he did, costing me the world title in the process. We will do ev’rything in our power to ensure that John Cena ends the year by becoming the World Heavyweight Champion, and when we are successful in our own plan this title shot that has been dangled like a carrot in his face will become available for somebody else, somebody deserving. Both myself and Edge have already spoken to our team captain who has assured us he will then have no problem whatsoever in allowing us to challenge him at Night of Champions like the fine competitor that he is.

Edge: First off I just wanna add t’ what Chris just said about the title shot he’s been promised. We’ve agreed with Punk that we’ll get a shot when we’re victorious at Survivor Series. I just want Tazz t’ be aware of that, but as far as this title shot is concerned that’s just been given t’ Cena on a plate f’ no other reason but f’ coming over here from Raw, that’s why right now I can’t wait t’ put a stop t’ this crap. Trust me I’ve hated Cena’s guts f’ a long time. It’s hardly a secret but I’ve grown t’ deal with it unlike these guys with all the blatant favouritism he gets, but t’ see him just leave Raw come t’ Smackdown an’ be given this shot f’ no reason whatsoever, it straight up stinks. I hate Cena an’ all that he stands for, make no mistake about that, but it doesn’t matter who he is, f’ anyone t’ be given a title shot just f’ switchin’ shows is a joke. Hell, even Christian deserves it more than he does, but y’know what? It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter ‘cause there’s no way in hell Cena’s gonna be needin’ that shot ‘cause he won’t be goin’ t’ Night of Champions period.

?: Alright I’ve heard enough.

Cheers break out as the Smackdown General Manager, Tazz walks out to the stage with a microphone of his own, not looking all that pleased, and neither are Team Punk in the ring as they all turn their attention to their boss.

Y’know, puttin’ all the sour grapes t’ one side I’m glad you all mean business ‘cause that’s all what this has ever been about, business. Just cause you guys might not see it, bringing Cena over here an’ givin’ him that incentive is good f’ business. Believe it or not, getting John Cena over here is great f’ this show. Our ratings are up an’ look at this huge main event we’ve got f’ Survivor Series. You guys are pumped an’ we’re gonna see an awesome match when you guys get it on with Team Cena, but right now I’m only concerned about the matches we’re gonna see t’night. . . Edge I just heard y’talkin’ bout Bobby Lashley an’ Charlie Haas, well you’re gonna find out how borin’ they are first hand, just like Punk an’ Alberto did when they lost t’ them last week when you team up with Chris Jericho t’ represent both Canada an’ team Punk later on t’night.

*Big Pop*

Tazz: Well that’s you two taken care of, now that brings me t’ you Punk. Last week you an’ your rookie there lost t’ Lashley an’ Haas but I’m gonna give y’both the chance t’ make up f’ it when y’take on the team of Christian an’ the King of the Ring Matt Sydal.

*Big Cheer*

Punk & Del Rio-Ramirez both look more than comfortable with that as they look up at Tazz.

Oh I’m not done champ ‘cause there’s one of your guys left, that bein’ The Gold Standard Shelton Benjamin. Now I don’t know if you saw it but last week right here on Smackdown like you might’ve heard, he beat John Cena. There were of course some dubious circumstances they f’got t’ mention which is why right here in our main event we’re gonna have a rematch of last week’s main event between Shelton Benjamin, an’ John CE-NA.

*Massive Pop*

Tazz: Well good luck t’night guys. By the end of the night y’might just find out that team Cena might ‘ave a lot more fight in ‘em than y’think.

“13” plays with the fans cheering as Tazz looks down at team Punk who are all still looking very focused in the ring talking amongst themselves apart from Punk who looks back up at Tazz quite smugly, not showing any concern or anger towards the General Manager whatsoever.


Christian & Matt Sydal w/Mickie James
vs. CM Punk & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

Punk taunted Christian as he stood up and said it was time for him to go to sleep. He dragged him up once again as Del Rio-Ramirez also stood up by the apron. The World Champion lifted him Christian up on to his shoulders, but the Canadian fought it, wriggling away on his shoulders and slid to safety down his back to push Punk right in the direction of his rookie. Punk put the brakes on and just avoided the collision with the Mexican, both breathing a sigh of relief. The ref though wanted Del Rio-Ramirez out of there and went over to try and do so. The rookie didn’t want to go easy and a chorus of boos broke out.

Punk turned round and ran at Christian who kicked him in the gut and set him up for the Killswitch, just as Edge slid in the ring after charging down the ramp. Christian couldn’t believe it and let go of Punk, but Edge charged at him and took him down with a thunderous spear. The ref was dealing with Del Rio-Ramirez and didn’t see it. Sydal did though and he turned the boos in to cheers as he stormed the ring and ran right at Edge, but Punk cut him off, nailing with him a roundhouse kick as Ede then made his escape route.

The boos rang out again as Punk dropped to cover Christian while his rookie left the ring, allowing the ref to make the count. Christian couldn’t kick out and Punk picked up the controversial win for him & Del Rio-Ramirez. The Rated-R Superstar backed away smirking as the smug World Champion stood up and nodded at him before getting his arm raised with his rookie to a ton of heat. They turned round and smiled back at Edge as “This Fire Burns” continued to play with Mickie checking on Sydal as both he & Christian started to come round, and Christian was fuming, glaring right in his remorseless brother’s direction with Punk & Del Rio-Ramirez smirking back too.


Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas
vs. Edge & Chris Jericho

Haas ducked a wild right and caught Jericho after they picked their way back up with a bridging german suplex. Again Jericho kicked out, and as they got back up to their feet Haas went for an Olympic Slam. Jericho though jumped back to land on his feet, and as Haas turned round he swept his feet and tried to apply the Walls of Jericho. Haas though blocked it and pushed at him with his feet, forcing Jericho back in to the ropes, and as he came back, Haas leaned up and pulled him in to an inside cradle.

The fans were cheering but were left disappointed as Jericho again kicked out. As they both then rushed back up, Haas ran back in to the ropes but Jericho jumped up and nailed him as he came back with a devastating enzuigiri. Jericho scurried across on his knees to make the cover but this time it was Haas that kicked out to piss him off again. He blew his top at the referee and was adamant it should’ve been three but the ref stood his ground as the frustrated Jericho got in his face.

A cheer broke out in the crowd and we saw Christian charging down the ramp with a face like thunder. He pulled the unsuspecting Edge down off the apron and nailed him with a right hand before firing him in to the security wall to a big pop. The Rated-R Superstar tried to climb over it and escape to safety but Captain Charisma went in pursuit through the crowd as they continued to cheer. The confused Jericho turned round and saw his partner gone as Haas crawled to his corner and tagged Lashley.

Jericho walked to the apron and watched Edge & Christian fighting their way through the crowd, unaware that Lashley had entered the ring and was getting ready to strike with the fans cheering him on. As Jericho then turned round and walked away from the ropes. Lashley exploded out of the corner and tore him in half with a spear and it was enough to earn the win for him & Haas, another huge victory for them as their roll on Friday nights continues.


John Cena vs. Shelton Benjamin

As Shelton looked to repeat his victory of last week, the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk and his rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez came out to watch their Survivor Series team mate from the announce table, not going down well with Cena.

Even Cena was somewhat surprised by his opponent’s resiliency, looking confused at what he had to do to put him away, and as Shelton pulled himself up by the ropes, Cena went right after him. He lifted him up on to his shoulders but Shelton held on to the top rope with one hand and swung his elbow back in to the side of Cena’s head, fighting his way down to his feet and then nailing a dragon whip to send Cena down. They were both back up in a flash and Benjamin fired Cena in to the corner before running in for a stinger splash. He back tracked out of the corner as Cena then staggered out in to his path and a samoan drop.

Punk was impressed but Shelton seemingly wasn’t. He didn’t go for the cover and immediately returned to his feet, retreating to the corner with his eyes locked on the squirming Cena. Benjamin was focused, so intense as he watched Cena’s every move, and as he clawed his way back up, Shelton looked to pounce, running right at him for the Paydirt. Cena though reacted in a split second and ducked his head to lift Shelton up on to his shoulders to a big pop. He didn’t waste a second and sent him crashing in to the canvas with the F-U. The fans barely had chance to cheer as Cena then turned Benjamin over on to his back and applied the STFU to an even bigger pop.

They were cheering like crazy as Shelton desperately tried to hold on with Cena cranking up the pressure, but The Gold Standard tried to fight it again, holding up his right hand and trying to reach out. It was hopeless though and this time he couldn’t escape with Cena forcing him to tap out after a brave effort. By the time Cena stood up to get his arm raised with “My Time is Now” playing, Del Rio-Ramirez sneaked his way in to the ring behind him and took him down with a shoulder barge. The fans booed and the music cut as the Mexican put the boots to Cena with Punk calmly removing his headset at the announce table to join his rookie in the ring.

The boos continued as Punk entered the ring and dropped his title belt before instructing Del Rio-Ramirez to back off. The World Champion coolly walked over to his rival and helped him up from his knees and lifted him up on to his shoulders, then hit him with the GTS to a ton of heat and a few cheers mixed in. Punk stood up with a big smirk on his face, his rookie also smiling at the sight of Cena down & out as Benjamin sat up. Punk then went to help up Shelton as cheers broke out and Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas charged down the ramp.

Punk, Del Rio-Ramirez & Shelton turned at the right time to see them coming and made their quick exit with The Straight-Edge Superstar grabbing his title before slipping out of the ring. The angry duo of Lashley & Haas slid in the ring to see them off, glaring at them as they back tracked up the ramp staring right back at them as Cena started to come round. “This Fire Burns” hit and the smug Punk raised his title up in the air with the Team Cena members and the man himself furiously staring right at him as the show came to a close.

*Cut to Ringside*


Michael Cole:
Good evening ev’ryone an’ welcome to Friday Night Smackdown where we’re just two nights away from the Survivor Series. We’re live t’night from Edmonton Alberta Canada an’ what a show we have in store. . . Just forty-eight hours away from Survivor Series, right here t’night, Shawn Michaels will go one on one with The Miz, and in addition t’ that, Christian who will be part of Team Cena on Sunday will meet a member of Team Punk, Chris Jericho in a lumberjack match with all members of both Teams Cena & Punk surrounding the ring. It’s going to be an action packed show t’night, that’s f’ sure.

Matt Striker: Absolutely, however that’s not all we’re going to see. The two men at the centre of this Sunday’s main event will meet in that ring in front of us later on in a face-off. I can’t begin to imagine what’s going t’ happen when both John Cena an’ C-M Punk go face to face.

Michael Cole: You’re not alone there Matt. C-M Punk’s never been shy of shouting his mouth off, especially since John Cena came to Smackdown from Raw. Personally there’s something else I can’t wait t’ see t’night when J-Red goes up against his now former mentor, Chavo Guerrero. Given their hist’ry in Red’s relatively short time here, these two have had issues. . . serious issues in fact, an’ t’night they’re going t’ get the chance to work things out the old fashioned way. . . in the squared circle.

Matt Striker: Not for the first time either. What’s key here Michael is that Red has always come out on top, and that grates Chavo, so much so he cost his former rookie the chance to become the new Cruiserweight Champion two weeks ago. We’re in for quite the contest later on I assure you of that.

Michael Cole: Well speaking of the Cruiserweight Championship, Red was last week promised a rematch very soon against Johnny Jeter who we’re about t’ see take on who is now his former rookie, Yoshi Tatsu.

*Video Recap*
Last Week!

Non-Title Match
Winner Joins Team Smackdown for the Survivor Series
Santino Marella
vs. Johnny Jeter w/Yoshi Tatsu

M.V.P. & Killings came out to watch as Santino & Jeter battled it out in what was a very aggressive contest with the last place on Team Smackdown at stake.

As Santino made it up, Jeter ran in and connected with a clothesline, but as he then tried to whip his opponent in to the opposite corner, Santino reversed it and sent Jeter crashing right in to the referee, sending both men down. Santino was stunned and didn’t know what to do, looking down in guilt at the referee as the groggy Jeter made it up to his knees. The Italian went back to work and looked to pull Jeter up, only for the Cruiserweight Champion to low blow him to a ton of heat with the ref still down & out, barely coming round.

Jeter sat up to a chorus of boos and then looked round, still angry and then yelled at Yoshi on the outside, pointing towards the timekeeper’s table, shouting at him to get the belt. The rookie didn’t look happy at all but did as he was asked, grabbing the cruiserweight title. He looked at it and thought twice, looking in to the crowd who were shouting at him not to give it to his mentor. Jeter was getting even more agitated and stood up before again yelling at Yoshi to give it him. Reluctantly he walked over to the apron and slid it under the bottom rope as Santino sat up behind him, still suffering from the low blow.

Jeter shook his head angrily at his rookie as he walked over to pick up the belt, and as he then turned round he set his sights on the unwitting Italian who got to his knees with the crowd trying to warn him. The ref had his back to the action as he came round, lifting his head up off the mat with the lights slowly coming back on for him. Yoshi didn’t look comfortable at all, shaking his head too and he slipped in to the ring. It was met with cheers as he walked up behind his mentor and grabbed the belt to a big pop. Jeter was stunned and shouted at him to let go. They fought over it with the rookie winning the battle, resulting in a right hand from Jeter that put his rookie on the mat.

He kneeled down and gave him an earful of abuse before picking his title back up, but as he turned round and walked over to Santino, the Italian reached up and rolled him up in to an inside cradle. Jeter dropped the title and the ref shimmied round to count the fall, counting to three to a huge pop. Jeter then sat up in shock, as did Santino as he was announced the winner. Santino was smiling as it sunk in while both Yoshi and the ref shook off the cobwebs as Jeter glared angrily in to the crowd, stunned. He then stood up in a huff and walked over to the apron as Yoshi made it to his feet, and the Cruiserweight Champion called for a microphone, getting one from Justin Roberts as Santino’s music was then cut.

Johnny Jeter: Hey, don’t y’go anywhere you ungrateful son of a bitch.

Santino & Yoshi both turn around curiously as the pissed Jeter glares right at them holding the microphone and his cruiserweight title in the other.

Johnny Jeter:
Have you got any idea what you’ve just done, how stupid you just made me look? That’s what I get f’ all the help you’ve got from me? Well if y’think I’m gonna help you out anymore y’can f’get it. I’m done with you. Go find y’self another mentor, but let me tell y’somethin’, you ain’t ever gonna make it ‘cause you’re nothin’, now get outta my way.

Jeter drops the microphone and barges past them to leave the ring as a ton of boos break out. The camera goes back to the ring where Raw’s Sheamus slides in the ring having jumped the security wall, totally oblivious to Santino & Yoshi Tatsu, M.V.P. & Killings panic and charge down the ramp as Team Raw’s captain charges at the curious Santino who turns round in to a ferocious Brogue Kick. The Intercontinental Champion sees them coming and flees the ring and jumps back in to the crowd with the angry M.V.P. & Killings reaching ringside as Yoshi looks on in shock from the ring and then checks on Santino while M.V.P. & Killings stare angrily at the highly amused Irishman laughing back at them.


Still pissed off from before the break, Johnny Jeter is pacing through the back, turning a corner and walking right in to the path of the General Manager, Tazz, and he too doesn’t look happy at all.

Great, just the man I was after.

Johnny Jeter: Yeah and?

Tazz: Man you’ve got some attitude kid but y’know what? I think y’probably did the right thing, not f’ you but f’ Yoshi. I ain’t exactly happy ‘bout how it came about. . .

Johnny Jeter: . . . Who cares? What’s done’s done, just like we are now.

Jeter tries to walk past his boss but Tazz outs his had out and stops him in his tracks, not going down well with the Cruiserweight Champion.

Johnny Jeter:
What the hell are you doin’?

Tazz: What am I doin’?

Tazz lets go and they stare right at each other.

I’ll tell y’what I’m doin’. I’m gonna make a match f’ next week, an’ y’wanna know who you’re gonna be facin’?. . . Yoshi Tatsu.

Jeter laughs, clearly not at all bothered by Tazz’s decision. A livid J-Red storms in to the shot, getting the attention of Tazz as well as Jeter who turns around with Red glaring right at the champion who was lucky to hold on to his title against him last week.

Look I don’t want any trouble.

Johnny Jeter: Don’t worry, you’re not gonna get any from me boss. (Turns to Red) How y’doin’ man? Where’s Chavo? Tell ‘im thanks f’ last week when y’see ‘im will ya?

Red bites his lip, eyes locked on the smug Jeter with Tazz turning to the Cruiserweight Champion.

I’m not here t’ talk about you but don’t think I’ve f’get about last week.

Red turns his attention to Tazz.

Is it true, y’told Chavo t’ stay home t’night.

Tazz: As a matter o’fact it is, an’ lookin’ at it’s probably a good thing I did, but don’t worry, I ain’t gonna let ‘im get away with what he did last week. You’re gonna get another shot at the title.

Tazz turns to Jeter with Jeter’s smile going.

Johnny Jeter:
What? I don’t think so. He had his chance.

Tazz: Yeah he had his chance an’ you’re damn lucky you’ve still got it, (turns back to Red) which is why next week dog you’ve got a match wi’ Chavo, and y’don’t have t’ worry ‘bout him bein’ your mentor anymore. I’ve seen enough from you t’ offer you a full time contract here on Smackdown.

Jeter doesn’t look happy as Red steps forward and looks right at him.

When I’m done wi’ Chavo, I’m comin’ after you, an’ next time you’re not gonna be so lucky champ.

Red gives Jeter the eyes, and the Cruiserweight Champion isn’t so cocky now, looking a bit concerned as Red & Tazz walk off down the hall.

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Opening Match*
Non-Title Match
Yoshi Tatsu vs. Johnny Jeter

The cocky Cruiserweight Champion entered the ring looking very relaxed, too relaxed in fact, and his former rookie sure meant business and was out to make an impression against his former mentor. Tatsu surprised everyone, especially Jeter who came back fighting angrily. When Tatsu went looking for a cyclone DDT, Jeter threw him off the ropes and down to the mat, then followed it up with a super kick. To his surprise Yoshi got his shoulder up at two.

The Japanese rookie wasn’t done though, and when Jeter went for a springboard moonsault, he lifted his knees up in to the Cruiserweight Champion’s gut. As both men made their way back up, Tatsu ducked a wild right and came close with a two count after a bridging german suplex. Jeter fought out of it and survived a shoot kick to the face, getting his foot on the rope to leave Yoshi devastated.

As the rookie then tried to seal the deal, the Cruiserweight Champion levelled him with the Genesis Kick after Yoshi had come off the ropes for a springboard. The mean looking Jeter wasted no time in going for the cover, giving the fans in front of him a stern look as the ref counted to three, and after getting his title passed to him and his hand raised, he pulled his arm back and went over to the apron to get his hands on a microphone, bringing his music to a quick halt.

Winner: Johnny Jeter by pinfall.

Johnny Jeter: You enjoy that ‘cause I sure did?


Johnny Jeter: I’m sure there’s a couple o’guys back there just like you losers who ain’t happy either, well I’m sorry t’ disappoint y’boss but there wasn’t a hope in hell I was gonna lose t’ this joker t’night. An’ as f’ you Red, I know you’re watchin’ too, but any ideas you’ve got o’takin’ this title from me, y’can f’get it. It doesn’t matter what you do against Chavo t’night, this title’s stayin’ where it is an’ y’better believe it bitch.

“Time to Shine” plays again and Jeter drops the microphone, still looking very smug as he walks over to the ropes and leaves the ring. Yoshi sits up, groggy as Jeter heads up the ramp smirking at the fans who are throwing some insults his way, not that he cares the slightest bit.

*Cut Backstage*

Josh Matthews is standing by at the interview set.

Josh Matthews:
Ladies an’ gentleman please welcome my guests at this time, the w-w-e tag team champions, Harry Smith an’ Paul Burchill, The U-K Pack.

The camera zooms out and standing there are Paul Burchill & Harry Smith. The Tag Team Champions are joined by Smith’s rookie, TJ Wilson and Wilson’s girlfriend & Smith’s cousin, Natalya Neidhart. The champs are dressed casually and have their titles draped over their shoulders, not in the best of the moods by any means.

Josh Matthews:
Guys I don’t know if you’re aware but the word is The Empire aren’t very happy t’ say the least with what happened last week and are looking for some kind of retribution here t’night.

Harry Smith: Yeah we’ve heard that but we’re not worried Josh. We know how t’ deal with people like that. They’re nothing but cowards. They’re all talk. What they said about us a few weeks ago, calling us bad role models an’ talking about how we conduct ourselves after ev’rything they’ve done, well they’re the biggest hypocrites I’ve had the misfortune to come across my entire life. They can talk all they want about how they’re on this mission or whatever it is they want t’ call it, but the fact is they’re doing ev’rything they claim t’ despise about Americans. If they’re looking f’ revenge, retribution or whatever they want t’ call it t’night, that’s fine by us. We’re more than ready for them. We’re not going t’ shy away from them like they want people t’ think. See we know that there are plenty of fans back in the U-K an’ America that don’t share their ridiculous opinions, an’ just like they pointed out a few weeks ago, I’m half Canadian, an’ while we’ve been here the last few days, I know we’ve got fans here too who are happy with us being champions.

Burchill leans across and asks for the microphone, and Smith happily hands it over to him.

Paul Burchill:
Sorry Harry but there’s something I’d like to get off my chest too. . . What those hypocrites might not have realised Josh is that they’ve made us stronger. I think ev’rybody knows we’ve had our differences recently, but now we’re both focused on the same thing, and that’s shutting their mouths. Like Harry said, if they want revenge t’night we’ve got a match out there later on if they want t’ find us. We won’t be going anywhere, and if you see them, you can tell them that.

Burchill & Smith stare in to the camera for a couple of seconds and then coolly turn around and walk out of the shot.

*Commercial Break*

We’re taken to the parking lot where Team Raw (Sheamus, John Morrison, Carlito, Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig) stand shaking their heads, not happy.

What a surprise. We should o’known dis would happen. It goes t’ show just how scared dey are of us but dey can’t hide from us Sunday at Survivor Series, an’ after dis stunt t’night, dey’ve just made t’ings a whole lot worse for demselves.

?: HEY.

The Smackdown General Manager, Tazz walks out in to the shot and towards Team Raw.

Sorry ‘bout all this guys. There’s been some kind o’mix up. Y’ can go on in. My apologies.

Sheamus: Well fella, I’m glad you’ve got de guts t’ come out an’ face us.

Tazz: Like I said dog, just a mix up. In fact we’ve been expectin’ ya, an’ I’ve made a special match for ya t’ mark the match at Survivor Series between you guys an’ my guys. We’re gonna have ourselves a special Raw versus Smackdown ten man battle royal, an’ kind o’like Survivor Series, it’ll be the last man, or men an’ last team standing that wins.

Sheamus: Y’know dat’s a good idea fella, but just like Sunday, we’re gonna beat ya an’ embarrass ya.

Tazz: Well I guess we’ll just see about that won’t we fella?

Sheamus: Dare’s no guess work about it. It’s obvious. If y’don’t see it yet, y’soon will. Come on fellas. Let’s go do dis.

Tazz steps aside and ushers them in to the arena, and they’re all smiles now are Team Raw with Tazz looking very confident indeed.

*Cut to the Arena*

“You’re not enough for me. . .”

A chorus of boos breaks out as the number one contender for the Diva’s Championship, Michelle McCool strolls out to the stage in her ring gear looking very smug with her rookies, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes standing either side of her. They make their way down the ramp shrugging off the boos & jeers from the crowd as they enter the ring with McCool walking over to the opposite side to demand a microphone, getting one and the music grinds to a halt. She joins her rookies back in the centre of the ring with the fans still booing the number one contender.

Michelle McCool:
Y’know it’s hard t’ believe that when I said last week I’m soon gonna be the new Diva’s Champion, not ev’ryone believed me. Now I know you Canadians aren’t exactly the most intelligent people in the world. . .


Michelle McCool: . . . it’s the truth, we all know it. . . Anyway as I was saying, there are some people back there who don’t believe I can beat Beth Phoenix, but y’couldn’t be more wrong. I know I can beat her, mark my words. Y’all can underestimate me all y’want, but as impossible as it may sound, y’all are gonna look even more stupid when I beat her an’ become the new Diva’s Champion.

*More Boos*

Michelle McCool: An’ just t’ prove y’all wrong, I’m out here t’night to challenge any diva in the locker room to a match right now, preferably one of those who doesn’t think I can beat Beth.

McCool turns round, as do her rookies, all looking up at the stage incredibly confident, cocky even.


The Diva’s Champion, Beth Phoenix walks out to the stage to a pretty big pop along with her Nikki Roxx, her rookie. McCool and her rookies look up at her, stunned to see The Glamazon & Roxx making their way down to the ring, joining them. Roxx smirks at the confused McCool as Beth walks past her, also smirking as she collects a microphone of her own.

Michelle McCool:
What the hell are you doing out here?

Beth Phoenix: Well unless I’m mistaken, you just challenged any diva to a match t’night or have I got that wrong?

Michelle McCool: Well err. . . that’s not what I meant.

Beth Phoenix: It sounded pretty clear to us didn’t it Nikki? I mean I am a diva after all. I have the diva’s title you’ve talked about so much here too t’ prove it. I don’t see your problem. . . well, unless your scared that is?

Michelle McCool: Scared? No, you’ve got that wrong.

Beth Phoenix: Really? I don’t know. I can’t think of any other explanation. What do you think Canada? Is she scared?

*Huge Cheer*

Beth Phoenix: I think they agree with me Michelle.

Michelle McCool: Well I’m not. It’s just. . .

Beth Phoenix: It’s just what? What is it Michelle?

Michelle McCool: What I meant was any diva to get ready for my match with you for the diva’s title.

Beth Phoenix: Oh okay, I get it, but why didn’t you just say that in the first place?

Michelle McCool: Does it matter?

Beth Phoenix: Yeah I think it kinda does.

Michelle McCool: Well f’ a start, it wouldn’t be fair t’ spoil our title match would it for all the fans? I mean, they wouldn’t care as much if we have a match before the important one when the title’s at stake.

Beth Phoenix: Really? Since when have you cared about the fans? You were only insulting them a few minutes ago. I think you’re clutching at straws an’ you know it.

Michelle McCool: You can think whatever you want Beth, I don’t care. All I care about is when me an’ you do get it on, I will beat you, but that ain’t gonna be t’night y’hear?

McCool walks past Beth & Roxx, still holding the microphone, followed by Fox & Mendes.

Beth Phoenix:
Wait, where are you going?

Still clearly frustrated, McCool turns round and looks right at the amused mentor & rookie combination.

Michelle McCool:
I’m getting out of here, what does it look like? I’ve had enough of this dump.

*Major Heat*

Michelle McCool: I’ll face you in my own time Beth. It’s not up t’ you, but mark my words, it’ll be sometime soon. An’ when I do, I will beat you an’ you won’t be laughin’ then.

“Glamazon” plays again and McCool steps through the ropes glaring angrily at Beth, still smiling, joking with Roxx as the angry McCool, Fox & Mendes head back up the ramp, absolutely furious.

*Video Promo*

Walking with purpose, Team Smackdown, Ron Killings, Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Santino Marella, led by their captain M.V.P. make their way through the halls of the arena, headed for the ring and the Battle of the Brands Battle Royal against Team Raw.

*Commercial Break*

*Match #2*
Battle of the Brands Battle Royal
Team Smackdown (M.V.P., Ron Killings, Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Santino Marella)
vs. Team Raw (Sheamus, John Morrison, Carlito, Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig)

The two teams went at it furiously from the moment the bell went, and it was Team Raw that got off to a flyer when an almighty Brogue Kick sent Santino over the top and down to the floor. London was next to bite the bullet when having connected with a dropsault on Sheamus, Cody snuck up behind him and tossed him over the ropes. Smackdown came back at their counterparts though with Morrison paying the price for going for a springboard enzuigiri.

Killings caught him with a dropkick to send him down to the floor and Hennig was next to bite the bullet when he ran at M.V.P. trying to clothesline him over the top only for Smackdown’s captain to lift him over his shoulder and over the ropes all the way down to the floor. Unfortunately for Team Smackdown, they were the ones who lost a member next when Kendrick was about to hit the Sliced Bread on Sheamus, but the Intercontinental Champion countered by throwing him down to the floor.

It was down to M.V.P. & Killings and they fought like mad, turning the tables on Team Raw by eliminating Cody after a jumping corkscrew elbow smash from Killings with M.V.P. then tossing him over the ropes and out of the match. Next to go was Carlito after Sheamus accidentally caught him with a clothesline. M.V.P. then took Sheamus down from behind with a bulldog as Killings clotheslined Carlito over the top as he picked himself back up. Raw’s hopes were left with their captain and the Intercontinental Champion took it right to M.V.P. & Killings.

He sent Killings packing when The Truth was standing back up on the apron, accidentally nailing him with a Brogue Kick after M.V.P. ducked it. As Killings hit the floor, M.V.P. lifted him up off his feet and over the ropes, winning the match for Team Smackdown. Sheamus couldn’t believe it as he sat up on the outside. The rest of Team Smackdown aside from Killings on the floor joined their team captain in the ring with The Celtic Warrior staring up at them in disbelief, much to the satisfaction of M.V.P. who took great pleasure in winding him up.

Winners: Team Smackdown.

*Cut Backstage*

We’re taken to the locker room of the World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk where he stands with his team, Edge, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez. Punk’s in jeans and a T-shirt and his world title is displayed on the bench behind him as he addresses his team with only Jericho in his ring gear. All of them are looking very serious and listen to Punk.

CM Punk:
Look guys, you know I’ve got this whole face-off thing with Cena t’night, an’ don’t worry, I know you won’t want me t’ hold back an’ I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’m gonna tell it exactly how it is even if some people don’t like it, not that I could care less. This is my chance t’ make a stand an’ I’m trustin’ you guys t’ take care of the lumberjack match without me. You don’t need me out there. I know you’ll get the job done just like we will Sunday, then we won’t have t’ worry about John Cena anymore.

Edge: Damn right.

Chris Jericho: I’d just like t’ say that as much as I’d like to put Cena in his place, I like all of us trust you to take care of that side of things, and like you said we’ll comfortably take care of Christian and whoever else wants to get involved.

Edge: He’s right Punk. You let Cena have it an’ we’ll sure as hell let Christian an’ the rest of Team Cena have it, then finish the job at Survivor Series. Man that’s gonna be sweet.

CM Punk: It sure it is but we can’t go counting our chickens yet. Sure we can get the job done, but with Cena you can’t get carried away before it’s in the bag. I know we can do it and I believe in each one of you t’ make sure that we do. That’s why I’m gonna stay back here f’ the lumberjack match t’ let ev’ryone else see that I trust you guys like I’m trusting you Sunday.

Edge: No problem.

Chris Jericho: Absolutely. You just concentrate on letting the world know exactly what we all think of Cena.

CM Punk: You really don’t have to worry about that. No one’ll be left without any doubt just how much we hate John Cena. I promise you that.

Punk smirks and the camera zooms in on him.

*Video Promo*

We’re shown a split screen of J-Red & Chavo Guerrero, both looking incredibly focused as they head through the back with the former rookie & mentor match coming up next.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Recap*
2 Weeks Ago!

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
J-Red w/Chavo Guerrero
vs. Johnny Jeter (c) w/Yoshi Tatsu

Chavo was looking on anxiously as his rookie took it right to the Cruiserweight Champion with the Biloxi crowd right behind the challenger. Red was on fire, coming close to winning the title on a couple of occasions, but just as he looked all set to finish the job with the Red Alert, Jeter sidestepped it and drilled him out of nowhere with a tornado DDT. The groggy champion couldn’t take advantage straight away, giving Red just about enough time to get his shoulder up at the count of two. Jeter couldn’t believe it as he lifted his head up off the mat and looked over at the ref full of anguish & disappointment.

Chavo wasn’t happy either, clearly not supporting his rookie with the same said for Yoshi Tatsu, smiling at seeing his mentor not so full of himself for a change. Jeter though quickly shrugged off the disappointment and looked to put his challenger to bed, standing up and going for a springboard moonsault. Red though lifted his knees up in to his opponent’s chest, getting a pop from the crowd. As both men then picked themselves up, Red ducked a right hand, ran the ropes and came running back to send Jeter down courtesy of a 360 spinning heel kick.

The crowd & Jeter enjoyed that. Chavo didn’t and could only look on as Red then pulled Jeter up and fired him hard in to the corner. He ran in at him in a flash, but Jeter lifted his boot up in to the challenger’s face, sending him staggering away from the corner. Jeter then pulled himself up to the second rope before leaping off for a diving crossbody, but Red caught him and rolled through for a cover of his own. Jeter kicked out and once again they picked themselves up with the Cruiserweight Champion firing his opponent in the ropes, but Red came back with an incredible counter, a tilt-a-whirl headscissors in to a DDT, a satellite DDT.

The crowd were loving it and the challenger chose not to go for a cover and went to the apron, seemingly getting ready for the Red Alert. Tatsu was all smiles again while Chavo was seething, watching on as Red watched the struggling, dazed Jeter try to get up on to his knees. He struggled up to his feet, trying to find his balance as Red then hit the springboard on the top rope only for Chavo to jump up and push him down to a ton of heat from the crowd as the ref called for the bell, giving Red the win by DQ.

The crowd were livid as Chavo entered the ring with a face like thunder and dragged Red up to his feet to drill him with a brainbuster. Jeter couldn’t believe it and just stared in shock at Guerrero who glared back remorselessly at him. Chavo then left the ring and didn’t look back as Jeter was then passed the title by the referee to a ton of heat. The champion took a look down at the squirming challenger with a smirk on his face with Tatsu so not happy, and the camera then cut to Chavo walking to the back before going back to a shot of a Jeter holding his title aloft, much to the disgust of the Biloxi crowd.


A smug Chavo Guerrero is walking through the back and towards Josh Matthews who just by chance has a microphone ready & waiting.

Josh Matthews:
Chavo, could I get a word with you?

Chavo Guerrero: You wanna a word Josh? I’ll give you more than one. How’s this? Did you just see what happened t’ my rookie just then? Maybe if he listened t’ me he’d be the Cruiserweight Champion right now.

Josh Matthews: Wait, you’re the reason he’s not. Why did you do that?

Chavo Guerrero: Alright Josh. You wanna know why I just did what I did? It’s real simple. He’s done nothing but get lucky an’ disrespect me since he came here. I wasn’t going t’ let him get any luckier. I’m not gonna sit back an’ watch someone like him come off the streets, walk in here disrespect me, my family an’ what we stand for an’ become the Cruiserweight Champion. Do you know how many great names have held that title? He doesn’t deserve t’ join that list. He needs t’ learn some respect, an’ after t’night he will.

All of a sudden Chavo’s knocked down to his knees and there we see a furious J-Red stomp all over his mentor.


A group of officials hit the scene and pull Red off but he tries to fight free but he can’t as Chavo squirms about on the floor trying to get up to his knees, fuming as he stares at his pissed off rookie glaring at him with nothing but contempt.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #3*
J-Red vs. Chavo Guerrero

Both men were fired up for this one, especially Red and he was gunning for his former mentor, and just before the match started, Michael Cole announced that Tazz had made Red’s Cruiserweight Championship rematch with Johnny Jeter for next week. Red started the match the brighter but Chavo was bang up for this one too, looking to get one over on his former rookie. After seizing control of the match in the closing minutes, it looked like he had the match won after a brainbuster, only for Red to get his foot on the rope before the ref could count to three.

Chavo wasn’t happy and dragged him up off the mat for the Three Amigo’s, connecting with all three of them, but as he hit the top rope for the Frog Splash, Red rolled to safety at the last second to the relief of the pumped up Canadian crowd. As both men made their way up to their feet, it looked like Red was about to take control, but after hitting Chavo with a series of stiff kicks, he ran back in to the ropes only for Chavo to come back fighting with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Red bravely got his shoulder up again, leaving Chavo fuming, who after a brief strop pulled him back up for another brainbuster. Red though slid to safety and rolled Chavo up, but Chavo kicked out at two. Both men made it back up as quickly as they could, and it was Chavo who was up first. He fired Red in to the ropes, but he came back with a baseball slide, and as he raced back up, he nailed Chavo with an enzuigiri. Chavo’s lights were out but the battle scarred Red didn’t go for the cover and crawled across to the apron, getting his breath back and shaking off the cobwebs.

Chavo started to come round as Red then slid under the ropes on to the apron, eyes locked intently on his bitter nemesis as he struggled up on to his knees. As Chavo managed to claw his way up and then turned round, Red hit a springboard and connected with the Red Alert, a diving swinging reverse STO to a big roar from the Edmonton fans. They cheered even louder as Red hooked the legs and picked up the win, a big win heading in to his title match with Jeter next week.

However before he could celebrate he was jumped by Jeter, who clubbed him down to the mat before whipping him in to the ropes and nailing him with the Genesis Kick to a ton of heat. Jeter sat up and just stared over angrily at the challenger to his title. He then stood back up and picked up his title, then lifted it up above his head, standing right by Red as his music then to even more heat. Jeter turned his head towards the fans with a smug look of satisfaction on his face before leaving the ring with the fans jeering him back up the ramp as the groggy Red came round, not too sure what just happened.

Winner: J-Red by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

A very excited looking Mickie James is walking through the back with Layla.

Mickie James:
I’m so excited. I mean this is the moment we’ve been waiting for since we were little girls right.

Layla: All we’re going t’ do is try on some dresses.

Mickie stops, looking utterly shocked.

Mickie James:

Layla: No, I can’t wait.

Mickie grabs Layla and hugs her, quickly pulling away.

Mickie James:
Thank god, I thought you were being serious. Now how many dresses have we got t’ try on?

Layla: Three, four maybe. They’re waiting for us at the hotel.

The ever glamorous, or not ODB appears in the shot swigging from her flask.

My god, dresses suck. Grow a pair.

Layla & Mickie turn round, not at all pleased to see ODB standing there.

You’ve got t’ be kidding me. Not her again.

Mickie James: Y’know Lay, Matt told me she kissed Cena last week.

Layla: No? Poor guy.

ODB: Er, what’s that supposed t’ mean?

Layla: It means I feel sorry for him. I mean who’d want that?

ODB gets right in her face, looking very menacing, clearly intimidating Layla.

We can’t all be little girly girls like you.

Mickie James: HEY.

Mickie grabs ODB’s arm and pulls her away from Layla, not going down well with ODB at all.

This ain’t your fight. Touch me again you little bitch an' I’ll knock all that make-up off y’face.

Mickie James: You’re picking a fight with my friend, so yeah it kind of is.

ODB: Well since you want it that way. . .

ODB grabs Mickie and sends her crashing in to the wall, catching Layla well & truly by surprise. ODB turns round and grabs her, pushing her up against the opposite wall with Mickie down on the floor.

Get off me.

ODB: Oh I wouldn’t get angry if I were you. Just look at y’friend if y’don’t believe me.

ODB lets go and smirks sadistically as Layla breathes a sigh of relief. ODB then takes a swig from her flask and walks off laughing as Layla now kneels down to check on Mickie who sits up angrily, staring in ODB’s direction.

*Video Promo*

Ready for action, the fired-up WWE Tag Team Champions, The UK Pack along with TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart are shown making their way through the back for their match coming up next.

*Commercial Break*

*Match #4*
Non-Title Match
The UK Pack w/TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart
vs. The Pitbulls

Smith & Burchill certainly looked like they’d put their problems behind them and they were mighty impressive against stubborn opposition in The Pitbulls. Noble & Kash didn’t make life easy for them whatsoever, but the champions’ showed exactly why they’ve held the titles for the best part of 12 months. Just as things were looking difficult for them when Noble caught Smith square in the face with a swiped boot followed up with a swinging neckbreaker, Smith quickly found himself in the Camel Clutch, but he powered & fought his way out of it.

He made it up to his feet to the shock of Noble who quickly found himself rammed back in to the turnbuckle pads. Noble wasn’t done either and ran out at Smith as both recovered, but Smith caught him with a spinning powerslam. Noble kicked out at two but soon found himself in deep trouble with the blood rushing to his head courtesy of a delayed vertical suplex. Smith sent him crashing in to the canvas and didn’t wait around in trying to finish the job, picking him right back up and setting him up for the running powerslam. Kash though tried to help his partner out and save the match for him & Noble.

Smith let go of Noble as Kash came running at him, right in to a clothesline and then another to send him over the top rope. Noble looked to take advantage of the distraction as Smith turned round by charging right at him. Smith reacted in a flash and ducked underneath the outstretched arm before scooping him up off his feet and on to his shoulder. The fans were cheering as the steely Brit then ran across the ring and planted him with the deadly powerslam to get the win for him & Burchill. They couldn’t enjoy it though as The Empire stormed the ring before the bell rang, attacking Wilson on the outside and sending him crashing in to the steps before hitting the ring to attack the champions.

Wade Barrett, Drew McIntyre & William Regal double teamed them as Katie Lee also attacked Natalya Neidhart on the outside. The Empire quickly wore them down, and after McIntyre drilled Barrett with the Future-Shock DDT, they focused on Smith with Barrett hitting the Wasteland on him. They weren’t done there however as Regal applied the Regal Stretch on him and Barrett ordered Katie to get them a chair, which she did and slid it in to the ring. Barrett took ownership of it and stood menacingly over Smith, and then lifted it up high above his head before striking it against Smith’s left ankle to a ton of heat.

Barrett wasn’t done there and hit him three more times before Burchill came round and scurried across on his knees to check on his partner. The trio laughed amongst themselves before leaving the ring with Katie, and EMT’s quickly made their way past them on the ramp, attending to Smith who was screaming in pain trying to hold his ankle with Burchill livid. He stood up and glared right at them, strongly warning The Empire who watched on from the ramp without any remorse whatsoever. Burchill then went back to his partner as EMT’s continued to attend to him.

Winners: The UK Pack by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

We’re taken to the locker room again where Team Cena are gathered as Christian puts on his elbow pads while John Cena prepares to address his team, Matt Sydal, Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas. All of them are looking right at Cena as Captain Charisma continues getting ready, and you can hear a pin drop in there.

John Cena:
Hey look, we all know what to expect t’night. Punk’s gonna run his mouth but I don’t want you guys t’ worry about that. Let me worry ‘bout what Punk’s gotta say ‘cause it won’t have a thing t’ do with any of you. What we all need t’ be ready for is whatever they’ve got planned f’ the lumberjack match. Y’ know they’re sneaky as hell an’ we’ve gotta be ready f’ that. One thing I do wanna say t’ you guys though is that they’ve said some things about you not havin’ anything t’ fight for, but I know that’s not how you feel an’ we need t’ f’get about Survivor Series right now ‘cause the fight starts t’night. They’re gonna make things as difficult as possible an’ we’re gonna need eyes in the back of our heads at all times.

Cena turns to Christian who’s clearly fired up for his match with Jericho.

John Cena:
C’, you can beat Jericho t’night, y’know that. Good luck.

Christian: Trust me, I don’t need luck. All I need is t’ get in that ring, f’get all the talkin’, get my hands on Jericho an’ beat the hell out of ‘im.

John Cena: The time f’ talk’s almost over man I promise. Sunday night, we do what we do best. Y’ll ready?

Sydal nods his head and so does Haas.

Bobby Lashley:
You can count on it.

John Cena: Great, then let’s go do this.

Cena goes to the door and holds it open as one by one they leave the room, Christian last as he stops & looks at Cena for a second before walking out, followed by Cena as the door closes behind him.

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*
During the Break

Footage of Harry Smith being put in to an ambulance is shown with Paul Burchill, TJ Wilson & Natalya Neidhart joining him, all of whom were looking very concerned, and as the ambulance drove off and out of the arena, the camera spun round to a shot of The Empire watching on and laughing before walking away.

*Cut to the Arena*

*Match #5*
Lumberjack Match
Christian w/John Cena, Matt Sydal & Bobby Lashley, Charlie Haas
vs. Chris Jericho w/Edge, Shelton Benjamin & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez

We again saw a very competitive match and the crowd were really fired up for this one, more than any other the whole night. Christian was ultra-pumped from the get go and took it to Jericho, putting him on the back foot in the early going. The rest of his team came to his aid and brought him back in to the match, playing their part by using their presence to Jericho’s advantage. The match kicked in to gear with Jericho desperate to make sure Christian didn’t get one over on him, and he stole the advantage when he countered a diving crossbody by jumping up and nailing his fellow Canadian in the chest with a dropkick.

He quickly pulled Captain Charisma away from the ropes and ran in to the ropes, springboarding for a Lionsault. He hit it but was left frustrated when Christian kicked out at two. He was in the mood and eager to finish the job there & then, going right to his grounded opponent’s legs to lock in the Walls of Jericho. Christian hung on in and was determined to fight his way out of it, and he bravely fought through the pain to drag himself to the ropes, much to the delight of Team Cena. They were encouraging him and getting the crowd to do the same as he used the ropes to help make it back up to his feet with Jericho watching his every move with sheer contempt.

He didn’t take his eyes off of him, and as Christian turned round and barely stepped away, Jericho ran at him, jumping up for the Codebreaker. Christian though grabbed the ropes and pulled back, seeing Jericho fall to the deck to a big pop. Christian reacted in a flash to go for a jackknife cover, but Jericho kicked out fairly comfortably at the count of two. Both men made it back up as quickly as they could and Jericho missed with an enzuigiri, and as he pulled himself up again, Christian grabbed him by the head and planted him with an inverted DDT.

The fans were cheering as the hopeful Christian reached across to hook the leg for the cover, but Jericho this time was the one to frustrate his opponent by getting his shoulder up to break the count. Christian was gutted as he leaned back up on his knees. Jericho was coming round, rolling on to his side, and Christian slowly stood back up and stepped back, stalking him for the Killswitch. The crowd were loving it, but Team Punk certainly weren’t on the outside. Del Rio-Ramirez panicked big time and jumped up on the apron, getting the attention of Christian and his team-mates around the ring.

The ref went over and told him to get down, not that the Mexican did as he was told. It was left to Cena & Sydal to drag him down, provoking a shoving contest resulting in Del Rio-Ramirez being knocked to the floor by Cena. Benjamin went to his aid, but with the ref concerned about any further trouble, like Christian he had his back to the ring. Edge snuck in there as Jericho was getting to his knees, and as Christian then turned round and walked away from the ropes, The Rated-R Superstar took him down with a spear to a chorus of boos.

He slipped out of the ring in a hurry as Jericho scurried over quickly to make the cover, shouting across at the referee to make the cover. The ref did just that and only as the ref counted to three did Team Cena see what was going on. They hit the ring as Jericho got out as quickly as he could with the rest of Team Punk joining him & Edge on the ramp, gloating up at Cena and his team in the ring, who weren’t happy at all. Christian sat up furiously and glared over at them, all smirking back at them to a ton of heat with “Break The Walls Down” playing before the camera shot to CM Punk watching in the back with a big smile on his face.

Winner: Chris Jericho by pinfall.

*Cut Backstage*

Josh Matthews is standing by at the interview set.

Josh Matthews:
Please welcome my guest at this time, along with his Survivor Series team, from Raw, The Miz.

The camera zooms out and we see The Miz in his ring gear along with his team, Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Heath Slater, and all of them are looking very serious tonight.

Josh Matthews:
Miz, we’re just two nights away from your elimination match against Shawn’s Michaels team, but t’night you’ll be going one on one with The Heartbreak Kid. How confident are you of both victory here t’night and Sunday at Survivor Series?

The Miz: How confident am I? Really Josh? Really? Why shouldn’t I be confident? It’s why I accepted this challenge t’ be here t’night. Like I’ve said all along, Michaels’ career is all but dead. You’re looking at the future. Look at us Josh. Take it all in. We’re the next generation of superstars, headliners an’ show stoppers. T’night when I get in that ring Michaels will see that f’ himself. Just like you an’ all those fans out there, he either doesn’t see it or doesn’t wanna see it. Well he’s about t’ find out. He’s gonna find out just how awesome I am when I beat him t’night just like my team beat his on Raw, then at Survivor Series we’ll prove to the world just how awesome we all are.

Miz stares intently in to the camera for a couple of seconds before turning away and heading out of the shot, followed by his team mates.

*Video Promo*

We’re taken to the locker room area and Shawn Michaels, dressed for action walks out of his locker room followed by his Survivor Series team, Bryan Danielson, Kofi Kingston & Elijah Burke, all of them with their game faces on with Michaels taking on The Miz coming up next!

*Commercial Break*

*Video Promo*

>This Sunday!<

Michael Cole:
Well the wait is almost over folks. We’re less than forty-eight hours away from the twenty-second annual Survivor Series, live exclusively on pay-per-view this Sunday from the Air Canada Center in Toronto Canada.. . .

Michael Cole: . . . On the Raw side of things, the young ambitious Ted DiBiase has an opportunity to make a name for himself when he goes up against one of the all time greats in the shape of The Undertaker.

Matt Striker: I have a feeling that it may well soon be an opportunity he wished he hadn’t asked for, and after what he did on Raw, he could be in for a rude awakening. What may work in his favour however is his trump card, Ezekiel Jackson. Wherever Ted goes, he’s there, as is Maryse, and having seen what he’s done to the dead-man in recent weeks, add t’ that what we know Ted is capable of, we might well have a surprise on our hands.

Michael Cole: Three teams will battle it out in the final of the World Tag Team Championship tournament where finally new champions will be crowned.

Matt Striker: All three of these teams are extremely talented, both as individuals and as a unit. It’s impossible t’ pick a winner but it’s safe t’ say that whoever leaves as the new World Tag Team Champions will have been part of what I’m sure will be an incredible contest.

Michael Cole: Well there’s no title at stake here Matt. This is about far more than championship gold. This is about the careers of both The Big Show an’ J-B-L when they collide inside the sadistic structure we call Hell in a Cell where the loser will leave the w-w-e forever.

Matt Striker: Oh Michael, I just spoke of how incredible a contest the tag team title match will be, and this will be too in a completely diff’rent manner. This is going to be absolutely brutal. Both The Big Show an’ J-B-L will have to battle for their lives to survive this encounter. I can’t begin to imagine just how brutal this is going t’ be. All I know is I can’t wait t’ find out.

Michael Cole: I’m sure there are a lot of people who can’t wait for these three men, the former Evolution team-mates to battle it out for Batista’s w-w-e Championship.

Matt Striker: You can count me as one of them Michael. These three guys have so much hist’ry and personal issues, but what they all have in common is that they crave the w-w-e Championship. Triple H an’ Randy Orton are almost obsessed by it. They will do anything to get their hands on it, but unlike Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton no longer has his wild card to help him. He’ll have to go this alone and you have to wonder if it is his destiny to regain the title he’s done ev’rything t’ get back since he lost it at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: One thing that we all love about Survivor Series is the traditional elimination matches, none more so than we get t’ see the Raw an’ Smackdown superstars go head t’ head, an’ once again we’ll see the two brands lock horns Sunday night.

Matt Striker: And after t’night Michael, our guys will be full of confidence. We’ve got a team that can come out on top, however so does Raw. It’ll be an intriguing battle come Sunday in Toronto, that’s f’ sure.

Michael Cole: We’ll also see the superstars of Raw an’ Smackdown collide, but it won’t be another battle of the brands when Shawn Michaels along with his team take on The Miz’s awesome team.

Matt Striker: The Miz sure has talked a good fight. He’ll have the chance in a few moments t’ do more than that, but I can’t help but wonder if he’s put too much pressure on himself and the rest of his young team. They may well be the future of the company, however this is also their first year in the company. The Heartbreak Kid as well as his team have so much experience in their locker, which in a situation like this may well be crucial. Only time well tell if that will prove to be the case.

Michael Cole: It all comes down t’ this Matt. Team Cena versus Team Punk, and we all know what’s at stake here with a shot at C-M Punk’s World Heavyweight title waiting in the wings for Cena at Night of Champions if he leads his team t’ vict’ry.

Matt Striker: I honestly can’t recall a time when I’ve seen so much resentment to any one individual as there is here t’ John Cena. We’ve already seen t’night how motivated an’ dangerous Punk’s team are. I have to agree that I don’t see Team Cena having the same determination as their opponents, but one thing I’ve learned over the last few years is never ever write off John Cena. This is going t’ be one almighty battle to the finish.

Michael Cole: It’ll be one of many. It sure is going t’ be one incredible night that you simply can’t afford t’ miss. Remember it’s live only on pay-per-view. Go t’ w-w-e dot com or contact your cable provider for more details t’ make sure you catch what will be an unmissable night of action.

*Cut to the Arena*

*The Main Event*
Shawn Michaels w/Kofi Kingston, Bryan Danielson & Elijah Burke
vs. The Miz w/Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger & Heath Slater

For once in a while, The Miz wasn’t acting all cocky as he hit the ring, looking more like a man with a point to prove. It wasn’t that easy though and Michaels wasn’t about to give him an easy fight. The Heartbreak Kid with most of the crowd behind him despite some “You Screwed Bret” chants gave The Miz a wrestling lesson, but like on Raw Monday night, Team Miz helped each other out. When Michaels went up top, all set to land the deadly elbow drop on their team captain, they came to his rescue. Slater jumped up on the apron and grabbed Michaels boot, but Shawn quickly pushed him away.

He gave the rest of Team Miz a warning to stay out of his business, allowing The Miz some recovery time and to dive against the ropes. Michaels fell in to a seated position and Miz then put the boots to him, pulling him down in to the tree of woe. Miz’s underhand tactics kept him in the contest, and it looked like he would actually get the win when he connected with a leg drop bulldog off the second rope. Michaels though kicked out at two, and Mr. Hollywood sensed victory was his. He got up and urged his opponent to get back up, looking to hit the Skull Crushing Finale.

He pulled Michaels in to position but HBK slipped behind and took him down with a russian legsweep. As they then picked themselves back up, Miz reversed an irish whip, but as Michaels came back off the ropes he ducked a clothesline and ran through before coming back to hit a flying forearm to a big pop. It got even louder when he flipped up, met with some boos. He headed to the ropes and went all the way to the rope, turning back on his action, looking back as Miz stood up and walked towards him, right in to an Asai moonsault.

The Miz wasn’t done and kicked out, and as Michaels got up he brought his opponent up with him, firing him in to the opposite corner. He ran in at him straight away but right in to a raised boot from The Miz, sending Michaels staggering away from the corner. As he then turned round, Miz ran at him but right in to the Crossface, met by an insane mixed reaction from the Edmonton crowd. Mix was in agony, screaming out in pain as Michaels wretched away at his face, but to his credit The Miz fought & fought, surviving the deadly submission hold, fighting his way to the ropes.

He was all but done, looking like all his energy was gone, and Michaels knew he was on the edge. He backed up to the corner and started to tune up the band, cheered on by his team as The Miz unwittingly clawed his way back up, struggling to do so. He made it up and his team looked worried, and as he turned round, his rookie panicked. Slater slid in the ring, catching Michaels’ attention, and The Heartbreak Kid switched targets and nailed him with the Sweet Chin Music that sent him under the bottom rope and down to the floor.

The crowd went nuts, but as he turned back and went after The Miz, Mr. Hollywood ducked it and hit Shawn with a low blow to a ton of heat, getting himself disqualified. The boos kept on going as The Miz rolled out of the ring, joining his team on the outside as Team HBK got in the ring to check on their captain. Team Miz skulked away, helping Slater up as they exchanged intense looks with the angry foursome in the ring, looking ready for their clash at Survivor Series in two nights.

Winner: Shawn Michaels by DQ.

*Video Promo*

The very relaxed and casually dressed World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk is shown making his way through the back with the world title draped over his shoulder.

*Commercial Break*


Smackdown’s GM, Tazz is in the ring, standing in the centre with a microphone in hand and his music cuts.

In just two nights at Survivor Series, we’ve got a huge elimination match for ya between two incredible teams, one led by John Cena, an’ the other will by the World Heavyweight Champion C-M Punk, an’ if John Cena’s team wins, he’ll meet C-M Punk at Night of Champions for the world title.

*Big Pop*

Tazz: It’s fair t’ say that our World Champion’s had a few problems the last few weeks, so right now I’m gonna invite them down t’ the ring an’ we’re gonna have them face-off, get ev’rything off their chests.


Tazz: So at this time, please welcome the World Heavyweight Champion, C-M Punk.

*Major Heat*

“This Fire Burns”

The World Heavyweight Champion, CM Punk walks out to the stage to a largely negative reception grinning big time and looking very relaxed. He coolly heads down the ramp smirking at the fans as Tazz looks on from the ring, not all that happy it would seem, and as Punk steps inside the ring he picks a microphone up off the apron, he gives Tazz a very disapproving look.

Now it gives me great pleasure to intr’duce the man whose team will meet C-M Punk’s at Survivor Series. Give it up for JOHN CENA.

*Big Pop (Some Heat)*

“My Time is Now”

The crowd erupts as John Cena hits the stage, more subdued than normal, very business like as he looks down directly at Punk. The World Champion looks right back at him, not impressed by him at all, not showing any respect whatsoever as Cena salutes the crowd and sets off down the ramp, taking his time, focusing solely on Punk as he gets to the steps. Tazz welcomes him in and shakes his hand, then hands him a microphone with Punk smirking and shaking his head as the music cuts, bringing out the deafening noise from the crowd, mostly cheers but with a lot of boos mixed in too. Tazz steps back as Cena again focuses on Punk.

Alright. Who wants us t’ get us started?

CM Punk: Y’know John I’ve been racking my brain all night thinking what I wanted t’ say t’ you t’night, and with this just being a two hour show and since we’re right at the end of it I’m gonna have t’ go t’ the short version of this which is difficult in itself, but I’m gonna start by talkin’ about me. It’s not because I’m arrogant but because it’s relevant. See from the moment I joined this company I’ve stayed the same person, the same CM Punk from then ‘til now. It might not’ve been popular the whole time but the fact is I’ve not changed one bit from the very first time I stepped inside a w-w-e ring.


CM Punk: I’ve always spoken my mind as you know regardless of what these people, the guys in the back or the all important people who sign my pay cheque think. In the little over two years I’ve been here I’ve worked my ass off all the way to the e-c-w championship and now the world championship. I’ve worked my ass of to get where I am now and no one’s taking this from me, and that. . . that especially means you John.


Punk stares intently at Cena, letting him know exactly how he feels.

CM Punk:
Now I know that the powers that be are pinning all their hopes on you doing just that. I mean that’s why they brought you over here in the first place, but mark my words John, I don’t care who I upset right now because it’s about time someone made a stand against you an’ the blatant favouritism you’ve gotten that right now feels like f’ever. It’s time that someone else gets all the opportunities you’ve been handed time an’ time again, like the one you got when you decided t’ leave Raw that affects me an’ my world title. The fact is John I could walk back through that curtain an’ within ten seconds I’d find a handful of people more deserving of a title opportunity than you that haven’t had one their entire career here. Hell just look at your team for Survivor Series. Each one of them is more deserving than you are, yet you’re the only one who’s fighting for a shot at my world title at Night of Champions.


CM Punk: It makes me sick t’ my stomach that someone who’s as talentless as you is forced down these fans’ throats week in week out an’ it’s hardly an understatement t’ say that I’m not the only one. Take a look at my team but more importantly most of these people here t’night an’ all over the world feel the exact same way we do. See as much as you’re forced down their throats, everywhere you go, the kids might love you but you hear what the real fans think of you. You don’t need me to remind me you of that because I’m sure it haunts you.


Punk mouths to Cena, telling him to listen to the crowd.

CM Punk:
If it doesn’t, it really should because when they’re telling you you suck, they’re telling you the truth. Not everyone buys the manufactured kid’s super hero crap, least of all the guys in the back you’ve walked over for the last few years all the way in to back t’ back t’ back t’ back WrestleMania main events. It’s a wonder you can even you look at yourself in the mirror, but y’know what really ticks me off John? That we have t’ hear all this crap about what a great guy you are an’ how hard you work. Well the truth is you might work hard but that doesn’t make you a good wrestler. . . sorry, sports entertainer. What was I thinking?. . . Anyway, getting back on track, you’ve had tens of thousands of people telling you you can’t wrestle an’ no matter what crap they’re told to believe, like me they see through it.

Punk looks right over at Cena with Cena staring right back, somehow keeping his cool and Tazz looking slightly uncomfortable.

CM Punk:
You remember WrestleMania twen’y two in my hometown right? I was there which of course you know, an’ I heard the reaction you got that night. I saw your face an’ like any real wrestling fan, I laughed. It’s what you deserved an’ you still do over two years on.

The World Champion’s looking very smug as he smiles across at Cena, still remaining tight lipped and surprisingly composed.

CM Punk:
Y’know John I heard a couple of guys earlier on talking about you and they were talking about how you reminded them of the Ultimate Warrior, but I’ve got t’ say I think that’s unfair. See Warrior might not’ve been much of a wrestler, something you do have in common, but he earned every opportunity he got. Wherever he went he had the whole crowd on their feet cheering their asses off when his music hit. The same sure can’t be said about you though. When he went in to what was arguably the biggest match in the history of this business against Hulk Hogan, the man who made this business what it is, he beat him at the Skydome in Toronto, and the fans ate it up.


CM Punk: And unlike you he didn’t have to come back as a Vanilla Ice wannabe just to get a reaction because no one gave a rat’s ass about the real him.

Cena looks like he wants to say something and lifts the microphone to his mouth but pulls it back, much to the amusement of Punk.

CM Punk:
Yeah, that hurt does it John? Maybe that’s because it’s true. That’s why John I didn’t want you here in the first place because I knew they’d be doing everything they can t’ make sure you become the star of this show and more importantly the World Heavyweight Champion. Well I have a newsflash for you, for Tazz an’ the powers that be that I’m not going t’ let that happen.


CM Punk: I might come across cocky an’ at times I might be but I’m not stupid. I know there’s a chance you might win at Survivor Series an’ get the shot handed to you on a plate at Night of Champions. As much as you suck as a wrestler, you’re a fighter an’ I actually respect that. I know it’s not going t’ be easy but you have t’ realise that you’ll be up against five guys who share the same sentiments I do. Like me an’ the real fans, they know you’re a fraud an’ they’re going t’ do everything in their power to make sure you don’t walk all over the real talent a moment longer.

John Cena: You done?

CM Punk: Oh I’m not done until you are. You might be a fighter. You might be tough but this is one fight not even you can win John regardless of the support you’ve got from management. We’ve had as much as we can take of John Cena. We’re fighting for everyone back there t’ make sure the opportunities you get are given to those who deserve them. The title shots, the WrestleMania main events, the film roles, the t-v gigs, even all the charity gigs you get t’ make you look like this nice caring guy. It’s funny John ‘cause if I could make one wish which you’d know all about I’d go back in time to the day whoever it was who was sent to scout you an’ thought, man he sure can’t work f’ shit but screw it he’s got the look, we need t’ sign this guy.

Tazz: I think you better watch y’mouth Punk.

CM Punk: Alright, that might be a slight exaggeration but it’s not far off the mark an’ it really ticks me off ‘cause I had t’ work my ass off t’ get in the position I’m in now, an’ I don’t care if this gets me in hot water boss but it has t’ be said. I’m not going t’ let a fraud like him, you or anyone take it away from me. I’ve worked too hard t’ let that happen. . .

John Cena: . . . Alright Punk, you’re done now. You can call me a lot o’things but one thing I’m sure as hell not is a fraud. Yeah I might not be the best wrestler in the world, which I’ve never claimed t’ be by the way, but just like you I’ve worked my ass of t’ get where I am too. . .

CM Punk: . . . No John, there’s a diff’rence. I worked my ass off t’ get an opportunity to even be here. I’ve wrestled all over the globe in front of less than ten people, so don’t even try an’ justify what you’ve done. From day one you’ve been given them on a plate, one after another after another. Don’t even try an’ embarrass y’self ‘cause why else would you even be here in the position you are going in t’ Survivor Series with a world title shot that’s just been thrown at you ‘cause you’re John Cena?

John Cena: Y’know y’think you’ve got all this figured out don’t y’Punk? Fact of the matter is I’ve bust my ass t’ get these opportunities an’ I sure as hell ain’t no fraud, an’ if y’so much as call me that one more time I ain’t gonna wait ‘til Survivor Series t’ knock your teeth down y’throat.


CM Punk: Oh that’s got me worried.

John Cena: Trust me Punk, you don’t wanna push me. Bigger names than you have tried an’ failed. WrestleMania twen’y two, Chicago, yeah like you I remember that night, but y’know what I remember most about that night? It wasn’t the fans, what they were sayin’, it was making Triple H tap out an’ retaining the w-w-e championship on the biggest stage of them all.


John Cena: Fast forward a year an’ I did the same thing against Shawn Michaels, Mister WrestleMania himself. My first WrestleMania, I beat The Big Show, year after that I ended J-B-L, the wrestling god’s famous year long run as w-w-e Champion t’ win my first w-w-e title, an’ I didn’t do it by cashin’ in the money in the bank contract like some opportunistic son of a bitch with a smart mouth.


CM Punk: It’s what it’s there for bro’. Besides it’s the only title shot all year that’s not handed out t’ you. You’ve been mister money in the bank f’ over two years.

Punk & Cena both take deep long looks at each other with Tazz not sure what to make of it.

CM Punk:
Seriously John, I know all that stuff you just rattled off an’ it doesn’t change a thing. That’s what this is all about. . . change. There’s so many people that are so sick of having you get all the breaks. Y’can try talk your way out of it all you want but John you’re not stupid. You’ve heard what the fans think of you, what we as wrestlers, sorry superstars think of you. As much as you an’ the powers that be wanna ignore it, you can’t. They’re not going t’ stop telling you suck or you can’t wrestle an’ things much worse than that, which unfortunately I can’t repeat as much as I want to ‘cause this is a family show. That doesn’t stop me from telling you that despite ev’rything I’ve accomplished this year like becoming the World Champion, overcoming four of the best this show has to offer an’ then beating Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam, that’ll all pale in comparison when I beat you at Survivor Series.


CM Punk: Beating you along with ev’rything else that goes with it will be the most satisfying moment of not just my career but my entire life bar none, an’ trust me John, I’ll do whatever the hell it takes t’ do just that. I know that might not be popular with some of you here t’night or with Tazz or the McMahon family but I don’t care. It’s time f’ a change an’ this Sunday, it’ll be the end of the biggest fraud ever t’ step foot inside a squared circle.

John Cena: I’ve already told y’Punk. Y’can all me a lot o’things but call me a fraud one more time an’. . .

CM Punk: . . . You’re right John, I apologise. I’ll take it back on one condition. . . you kiss my skinny white ass.


John Cena: You’re a classy guy Punk. A classy guy with a smart mouth that might just come back t’ bite you in the ass Sunday night. As for me kissin’ your ass Punk, that ain’t gonna happen, but I do have a better idea. . .

Cena drops the microphone in a flash and nails Punk with a right hand, knocking him down to the mat. Tazz looks concerned as Punk picks himself back up, and Cena’s right on him, lifting him up on to his shoulders for the F-U. The fans are going nuts as Punk tries to wriggle free, and as Cena spins round, Punk’s boot catches Tazz in the face and sends him down to the mat. Cena looks down, showing some concern for the GM when a boo breaks out. Punk’s rookie, Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez charges down the ramp and slides in to the ring. Cena turns round and sees him, then drops Punk on the mat.

The Mexican runs at Cena, going for a clothesline, but Cena ducks it and lifts him in to place for the F-U and sends Del Rio-Ramirez crashing in to the canvas to a huge roar. He stands up with the fans cheering, but as he turns round, he’s taken down by a spear from Edge out of nowhere. It’s met by a ton of boos as well as some cheers as Punk sits up with another smirk on his face. Edge glares down remorselessly at Cena as Chris Jericho & Shelton Benjamin calmly walk down the ramp to the ring. Punk stands up and Del Rio-Ramirez comes round as their team-mates join them & Edge in the ring. Punk shouts over at Edge and instructs him to pick Cena up off the mat.

Jericho & Benjamin go to give him a helping hand as a big pop breaks out. The camera cuts to a shot of Team Cena, Christian, Matt Sydal, Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas racing down the ramp to come to their captain’s aid. Team Punk panic and all flea the ring as their Survivor Series opponents all slide in and run to the ropes to make sure they see off Punk & Co. Tazz too stands up, a bit frosty as Cena’s helped up by Sydal & Haas with Christian & Lashley staring intently at Team Punk as they back up the ramp glaring right back at them with Punk raising his title up in to the air with “This Fire Burns” playing. Punk mouths at them it’s his title and Cena’s not getting anywhere near it. Cena steadies himself on his feet and gazes up at his opponents looking ready for war as the show comes to a close.


>Quick Results<

Johnny Jeter
df. Yoshi Tatsu
Team Smackdown
df. Team Raw (Battle Royal)
df. Chavo Guerrero
The UK Pack
df. The Pitbulls
Chris Jericho
df. Christian
Shawn Michaels
df. The Miz

>Superstars Tapings<
Michelle McCool, Alicia Fox & Rosa Mendes
df. Mickie James, Layla & Maria
William Regal
df. Super Crazy

>Confirmed for Next Week<

Cruiserweight Championship
J-Red vs. Johnny Jeter

>Confirmed for Survivor Series<

Sunday 9th November 2008 (This Sunday)
Venue: Air Canada Center
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

WWE Championship
Batista (c) vs. Randy Orton vs. Triple H

World Tag Team Championship – Tournament Final
Matt Hardy & Gregory Helms vs. Rey Mysterio & Mystico vs. Christopher Daniels & Kaval

Hell in a Cell Loser Leaves Town Match
The Big Show vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

Traditional Elimination Match
If Team Cena wins, Cena will challenge CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions

Team Cena (John Cena, Christian, Matt Sydal, Bobby Lashley & Charlie Haas)
vs. Team Punk (CM Punk, Edge, Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin & Alberto Del Rio-Ramirez)

Traditional Elimination Match
Team Michaels (Shawn Michaels, Kofi Kingston, Elijah Burke & Bryan Danielson)
vs. Team Miz (The Miz, Jack Swagger, Dolph Ziggler & Heath Slater)

Traditional Elimination Match
Battle of the Brands

Team Raw (Sheamus (cpt), Carlito, John Morrison, Cody Rhodes & Joe Hennig)
vs. Team Smackdown (M.V.P. (cpt), Ron Killings, Paul London, Brian Kendrick & Santino Marella)


The Undertaker vs. Ted DiBiase

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