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Re: Have grammar, punctuation, and spelling been cut from schools since I went?

There is a difference between the two you know, for example I cannot say that you are an asshole literally, or you'd be just a stinky dark brown circle in someone's crack, however technically speaking you are indeed an asshole.
Alright you "angel", please spit out your bubblegum and put down your hair brush for a second and listen to me. I asked you a question, when your flawed logic called for it, then you call me an asshole. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you call everyone who questions your crappy logic an asshole? Is this the latest chapter in your book of "how to annoy the hell out of everyone on the forums"? I'm sure your first chapter will talk about the crappy annoying font that is hard on my eyes, followed by the fact you call yourself an angel.
OMG AN ANGEL! That's so original! Gee I have never heard ANYONE ever EVER call themselves an angel before! Do angels call people assholes for no reason all the time? Do you really live in heaven? Are you seriously winged and stuff or is it just a fake name to give everyone the impression your head is full of air instead of a brain?

See, I said nothing bad about you. Your insult was unwarranted and simply just vulgar and stupid. How can you ever expect to function in society like a normal human being when you go and insult someone who asks you a question?
"Excuse me WWF angel i need that report by 5pm" says your boss.

That's another thing that rates high on the dumbass metre, "kthxbi". Is this some witty saying that is supposed to make you look cool? Like dissmissing and awesome or what? I hope you realise in reality it just makes you look like a gum smacking airhead bimbo because it's got to be the stupidest thing i've ever seen written since I was born. It should be an INSTANT ban if anyone even says it but I guess my opinion differs from that of the admins. "welcome to the real world homie" is another great thing you have said. I'm not even going into it.

You know, I could type "TRUE" after every paragraph i write too, but you know what people don't need to be told what is true and what isn't. I mean seriously what is running through your head? "OH WELL ID BETTER PUT TRUE AFTER THIS PARAGRAPH OR PPL MIGHT THINK IM LYING ROFL". People can form their own opinions, we don't need to be told what is true and what is not. Nobody is going to read what you say thinking "Well this is a load of utter crap, oh wait, she said TRUE so SCREW MY OWN JUDGEMENT! IT MUST BE TRUE!". Seriously, stop it.

So please, don't ever randomly insult me again, it really just hurts your image more than mine. Are you even a girl? You make me think of a 40 year old obese man who is under house arrest, pretending to be an airheaded "angel", because I doubt anyone could be as stupid and lame as you appear to be.
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