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Re: WWE 2011: In New Talent We Trust

Smackdown Feedback

I always like an unconventional way of starting up a show, so this Barrett/Corre hunt was certainly enjoyable and interesting. Iím sure thatíll continue throughout.

Kicking off the actual show with Del Rioís a good option following what went down the week prior or what I remember of it anyway, the fiesta? You capture Del Rio really well and I liked what he had to say here about feeling sympathy towards Edge. Comparing his actions to being on death row was a great analogy. And I must add, I like the whole Alberto Administration, would certainly suit someone like him. Great stuff with regards to Edge now being what he hates and that his time is done around here. If only ADRís was like this on the mic in real life. Steel Cage match? Now? Fine by me and a great opponent in doing so might I add. I liked the way you wrote this, mentioning how this was seemingly just a preview ahead of Extreme Rules and what the commentators were doing etc. The action itself was enjoyable but obviously Del Rio gets the win in what was a strong start to the show.

Liked this with Rhodes and Show as this coulda gone wrong with Rhodes being made to look weak but that was certainly not the case as you made him look pretty strong here as well as keeping up with his character and the whole face thing with leaving the ring. Mysterio coming out was no major shocker and him getting the upper hand wasnít a bad thing, Iím just hoping Cody eventually puts this thing to bed. Good stuff on the whole though.

Enjoying this stuff with Barrett and his boys. The fact heís on everybodyís case from superstars to backstage crew is a nice touch and I thought you did well with Kofiís response to all of it as well as the bit of tension between himself, Gabriel and Slater. Shows that itís really getting to him now.

Considering Mysterio is a pain in the backside to write and never the most entertaining, I thought you did really well with this segment. The whole reasoning why they both wear the masks was great and Iíve no doubts that this feudís gonna heat up at and beyond Extreme Rules.

Kofi and Drew going at it seems like a distant memory in real life, so glad to see it here and again it was a nice match up between two men who Iím sure will both shine come the Six-Pack at Extreme Rules.

Found myself having a good laugh at this segment with Barrett and the big men. Glad to see Wade didnít back down but was never gonna end the way he wanted with those two guys. The hunt continues!

Loved this Swagger promo from top to bottom. The opening about staying in America and how itís superior to England, heís superior to Christian was great, as was the mentioning of their past and how it wonít help him in this kinda match. Really simple but effective words. Convincing win afterwards also, as should be. The fact he made the poor guy say ĎI quití was a great touch I must say and at that point I expected Christian, made sense. Nice little line from Christian to cap off a good segment here.

Nice little exchange from Drew and Trent here. Letting the young guys have more TV time is great and their little feud amongst this Six Pack has gone along smoothly.

Six man tag next week should be a fun one. Wasnít too keen on Teddy saying I donít know, just thought you should know, although it was funny, inadvertently or not lol. Fining Wadeís a good move too, just further fires the Englishman up. Nice little touch to finish things off with the whole lights thing in the car and whatnot, had a mysterious vibe about it, as has the whole of Barrettís night. Good job with it.

Wow, certainly didnít expect Gabriel to look this good or strong against the World Champion. I think heís got a bright future but this was a strong show of faith from you and a heck of a match might I add. Kudos to you for going this route. Absolutely BRUTAL attack afterwards from the Alberto Administration and I love the fact that youíve added Chavo into the mix here. Completely unexpected but it just adds to ADRís arsenal now. Be very intrigued to know the reasoning from Chavo but it was a fantastic ending here, making ADR look very strong heading into next week and Extreme Rules.

On the whole I thought this was an excellent show Melvis. Really enjoy the way you write Del Rio and also Swagger on the mic, I sometimes wonder why the WWE themselves canít book like this, so simple, you do it so well. The Barrett hunt was maybe a little long and came to little conclusion, but I did enjoy it, the way he took no prisoners and questioned any and everybody. I would hope to get a tad more next week on this before going all out after Extreme Rules with a Taker return. Certainly has all the makings of a big feud. All of the main feuds right now though have me hooked and I prefer the Smackdown side of things to Raw at the minute in all honesty. Great job, keep at it.
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