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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Oblivion Feedback

First off have to say that this whole concept is fantastic. Can’t think of many other bookers who’d come up with something like this so fair play on taking it on.

Starting things off on a show like this with a match is definitely the right call and what better match than this one huh? Some very nice action throughout the opening fall and giving it to the Hooliganz certainly gets the crowd firmly going and firmly behind the high flying duo. Can imagine that Tower of London being pretty impressive too might I add. Second fall was always gonna swing the Mercenaries way but it was a mighty effective way of doing it. That ring bell shot I can picture being ruthless from Albright and following that the Royal Mutilation which equals no chance. Things were poised nicely heading into this third fall and I liked how you opened it with the Mercenaries being methodical in their approach, picking apart Kendrick. Merecenaries continued to look mighty strong throughout this but the pace slowly began to change and the Hooliganz began to build, it was really well worked and well timed but then BAM the Mercenaries shift it again and turn this thing on its head. BIG win for these two men and they kicked off the show with a bang, both teams come out looking strong, top stuff.

Interesting stuff here with Foley and Lashley. Foley trying to warn Lashley suggests to me that Christian is lurking, certainly hoping that’s the case anyway. Pleased to see that Lashley’s no nonsense attitude was still in gear though as he doesn’t give a damn what’s ‘best’ for him.

Well the HBK interview was certainly…different? Really had me surprised that Michaels just literally didn’t give away anything. Certainly has me intrigued as to what the real reason is.

Samoan Fight Club looked pretty damn impressive here and I’m glad you’re building them up slowly but surely. The ‘We Destroy’ chant at the end was a nice little touch also. I’m hoping there’s big things planned for these two although the tag ranks are stacked.

Segment of the night thus far here. Brilliantly, brilliantly written and had me just waiting for Christian to appear, then Dr.Doom arrives, you think it’s him, SWERVE. Loved it and the attack from Christian was fantastic too. The whole rousing of the security was well done and just the whole thing delivered here. Liked the fact that you continued to play up the whole ‘Saving’ the company deal again too. Really looking forward to where that goes.

Decent stuff with Punk and Storm here but thought the segment picked up well when Hassan entered things. I actually fancy Storm to pull it off next time round with an assist from Punk but that’s gonna be a big ask for Punk to get one over on Wright. The end line from Hassan was excellent might I add, hope you stick to that with him as a catchphrase, fits nicely.

The interaction from Styles and JBL was great here.

Rematch time! Expected a cracker between these two and it delivered. Really strong action throughout from both teams with all four men coming out of it looking good, though the right team got the win and I’m expecting and hoping for the rubber match.

I actually quite liked this Danielson piece. Short and sweet but to the point. Consumed by the American Dragon sounds great to me. Looking forward to when he and Helms lock horns.

Funny stuff with LowJack here and the costumes but I’m glad Ki ditched it in the end. As for the match, well I didn’t expect it to be over with so soon but that’s a big win for LowJack there but doesn’t do all that much for the Doane/Masters duo sadly. Ok, maybe I jumped the gun. Nice showing from Doane and Masters here, although maybe would’ve preffered a slightly longer match and had them look stronger in that. Though this does gain them some heat and credibility back.

Nice rundown of the World Ablaze card, looking very very good.

Main event time and what a way to round off this whole thing. There’s not a whole lot to say on this except it was yet another fantastic match, really well written, well paced, well timed with everything and some great fast paced action throughout. Michaels sticking his nose in at the end was nicely done and we had to see the Mercenaries are some point, so good job with both interferences. The fact Michaels didn’t seem bothered by his actions pleased me as I wanna see him having that sort of edge going into World Ablaze. The only stipulation I was expecting was ECW Rules, so no surprise there but it fits with Van Dam and it fits with this situation. Great ending here and adds another notch to the huge main event come World Ablaze.

On the whole, you said you weren’t too happy with this but I found it very entertaining. Certainly more action wise than promo wise but that was the whole theme of this show. The Mercenaries had a great night and really came out of this looking full on, legit. Stars of the show for me. All of the matches delivered in a big way except for the Low Jack one but the aftermath saved that slightly. The S.O.D/American Made feud progressed really well as did the momentum for Samoan Fight Club. The Lashley/Christian situation was brilliantly done in my eyes and Christian is just on fire as a character right now. You got me really interested in the way HBK’s gonna go about things now too, that interview earlier mixed in with the chair shot here has me curious just what his next step is. Great concept here and a heck of a show, well done. P.S- Happy belated birthday.
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