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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Vengeance Feedback

First off, some real nice detail on the opening video. That's something you've certainly improved on as this thread has progressed, so it's nice to see you develop that as a skill. Obviously Bischoff/Michaels and Triple H/Batista gets plenty of focus, but I'm delighted to see Christian/Flair feature so prominently. Really gives off the feeling that tonight's gonna be a big night for Captain Charisma.

Kicking off with Edge/Jericho (as I predicted ) makes a ton of sense these two would be more than capable of kicking off the show with a bang. The match action seemed fine, plenty of traditional Edge/Jericho spots, although the ending was a tad underwhelming. I'm gonna assume that is isn't over between the two of them given the surprise nature of the finish, although I think the only way you can go forward now is to have Edge defend his briefcase. But yeah, this, for what it was, was fine. A very solid way to kick things off.

Interesting little moment between Bischoff and Hassan. I'd really like to see you follow through with a Batista/Hassan feud for the title, something I believe was rumoured to happen in real life until Hassan was taken off TV. Still don't think Benjamin wins under handicap rules, that would be too much, but I could defo see Hassan moving on to a feud with Batista soon. So yeah, good stuff here, the seed has definitely been planted for that one.

Well this was always gonna go one of two ways, as there was no chance of The Basham's winning. I thought you'd go all in and have Dutt and Daivari win to really give the Arabs a sense of control over Raw, but I'm OK with The Dudley's retaining. Interested that Dutt seemed to have plenty of the big spots, perhaps he's someone you can develop further in this thread as a singles star? Just be careful, I noticed you spelt his name wrong in capital letters one time. Anyway, another solid match, with Dutt proving to be the highlight. Perhaps we'll see another match between The Dudley's and Dutt and Daivari down the line?

Totally spot on here with Christian. The recap of the way Christian got the match and then his desires to beat Flair when he's at his best, just really good stuff. I'm more convinced than ever that Christian's gonna get a big win tonight and then move on to bigger and better things in this thread. Maybe he emerges as a contender to face Batista at Summerslam?

Not gonna lie, I'm really surprised that Victoria got the win here. Gotta admit though, the action in this, as far as Divas matches go, was pretty creative. Obviously the match stipulation helped with that, but you did well to work in some really nice spots. While I understand the finish involving the damage to the ankle being pretty shocking, I'd have liked to see a lot more work on the leg during the match to set that spot up. If you were gonna do the fall to set it up, I'd have rather seen that much earlier in the match. Would have also made the Trish comeback that bit more dramatic. But yeah, outside the surprise result, a good match as far as Divas go. One concern I have though is that given the attack on the ankle with the chair, Trish is gonna have to take a decent length of time on the injured list, so I dunno where you go from here. Looking at the roster, there isn't really any other credible face for Victoria to go against, so I'll be looking to see how you take the division forward from here.

Decent enough interview from Batista, although it of course pales in comparison with Christian earlier. Certainly I liked the emphasis on proving that he isn't a fluke, and I still fully expect Batista to win tonight, but there wasn't anything really exciting about this like Christian earlier. But yeah, served it's purpose of hyping the main event.

The interaction between Haas and Benjamin was much more interesting though. You seemed to have Haas toe the line between supportive and agitated, which is a nice dynamic for him to have right now. The fact that The Dudleys won earlier and that I'm sure Benjamin won't be winning tonight suggests that Haas is gonna have to wait a while, but for now I'm liking the certain sense of annoyance he has towards his partner. A feud between the two could be pretty awesome, but slow burn that turn if that's the way you're gonna go.

Wow. Jindrak by submission? Jesus, you're really going all in on him aren't you? I felt he would win, and it makes more sense to build the already strong Jindrak character further by giving him the win, but I never saw it happening like that. I'd like to point out the contrast between this match and the Women’s Match earlier. The way you had Jindrak work on the arm more far longer made the finish here much more believable. So in one match you got it right, but in another it was too rushed. That's something to work on. But yeah, big shock here. Great that Jindrak won, so looking forward to where he goes from here as he and Regal is certainly a partnership that has really took off in this thread.

Three pretty quick segments here, and tbh, I dunno what you were trying to achieve to with the Flair/Michaels one. I get the pep talk idea of things, but it seemed very out of nowhere and unnecessary, especially since Michaels seemed to have more doubt at the end than the beginning. I still think he'll lose tonight and spend a summer of misery under Bischoff's command, but yeah... didn't really get this. Did however appreciate the fact that you confirmed the Trish injury and the fact that Edge/Jericho is set to continue, especially as Edge regained a little bit of the heat he lost earlier in the evening.

Wow, another surprise submission. I really dunno where this leaves Shelton tbh. A battling performance coupled with a so near so far defeat would have served him well, but the submission really kills off a lot of momentum for him. I get that it's Hassan's best move, but I'd have liked to have seen a better way for Hassan to win that protected Shelton. Unless you're moving in another way after this. I'll need to reserve judgment on this one and see how you progress with Hassan before making up my mind, but right now I'm not all that happy with the ending here. Also, I'd have liked to have seen more from Khali. The majority of the major spots in the match seemed to centre around Benjamin and Hassan, making Khali's involvement rather redundant. So yeah, a few issues with this match tbh.

Short but sweet from Regal, but absolutely loved that "He feels... satisfied" line. That was nice. Big things in store for Jindrak.

KENNEDY~! Good to see him introduced to the thread. That Raw midcard is becoming pretty stacked with credible heels. Certainly an exciting addition to the roster, will be interesting to see what kind of character you give him, although I suspect it'll be pretty similar to his real life persona.

Kane! Called it! Btw, the commentary exchanges between Coachman and Ross really stood out here too. As for the match, the action really picked up here and was much better. Both men kicking out of finishers leant itself well to the occasion, but the fact you gave the match time as 13.09 wasn't good with me. This match deserved longer, especially since the kick out of the sweet chin music happened relatively early in the contest. But yeah, Kane winning is the natural choice, and you've really set yourself up well for future storylines with Michaels. Credit to you for going down this route, I'm sure it'll be plenty fun to write the upcoming exchanges between Michaels and Bischoff.

at Michaels carrying Bischoff's bags! I'm loving it already. Seriously, that's a great way to get this next chapter of the feud under way, such a dickhead thing for Bischoff to do, but so brilliant to read. Really well done with that.

May have been predictable, but it's absolutely the right decision to have Christian win this one. Some fantastic resilience shown by CC to survive the figure four, although my one gripe would be the way you had Tomko interfere. Christian should have been tapping while the referee was distracted, prompting Flair to release the hold to wonder why the match wasn't over. Apart from that, another really good match, and again another spot on booking decision. Perhaps a bit surprised that this one wasn't clean like the Jindrak win, as the low blow suggests a rematch at some point, but tonight is Christian's night. Well done with this.

Strong words from The Game, a real contrast to the rather bland effort from Batista earlier. Certainly experience will be in his favour, so smart in playing that up, but while Trips may have won the verbal battle tonight, no chance he's winning the war.

As for the match, it was pretty good as far as main events go. In contrast to the Kane/Michaels match, you judged the timing of the kick out of the finishers much better this time, especially the kick out of the pedigree. That was a pretty dramatic counter, a very believable near fall. In the end though, the champ was always gonna win this one, and this should really be the final chapter between these two. You've now got plenty of candidates to face Batista, with Hassan being chief in that category for me, but I'm very much interested in where you go with Trips now. Perhaps a face turn and a feud with one of the up and coming young heels? Who knows? But this was certainly a very fitting end to their feud, with the right man emerging victorious.

Overall, a pretty enjoyable show. Certainly couldn't fault any of the booking decisions (well, maybe Victoria winning) and there was certainly plenty of storyline development. One general point would be that a few of the matches lacked a real sense of excitement with them. Matches like Jindrak/Show, Michaels/Kane, Christian/Flair has plenty, while other not so much. Try be a bit more creative, especially when the outcome of the matches are relatively predictable. But yeah, overall, it was good. Set you up really nicely for Summerslam. Looking very much forward to that one too. Keep it going man, keep on improving. And maybe take a look back at the beginning of the thread to see just how far you've come. Definite signs of improvement.
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