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Re: Official TNA DVD Help/Discussion/Review Thread

I loved the tag titles match on that show. Stock & Wilde vs Kong & Hamada delivered like it should. I was into the idea of the Knockouts from the start. I'm all for women's wrestling being taken seriously on a mainstream level. Wasn't sold on a lot of the talent they used when it began though. ODB, Angel Williams, Shelly Martinez, Talia Madison, Traci Brooks are all lame talents for the most part. ODB can be decent compared to the rest at least. So I knew the potential was gonna take some time to be reached. Kong vs Gail series is obviously the high point of the division. Most of the rest have been mediocre matches that don't really have much of an impact. Yeah, the women get a decent chunk of time on TV and at PPVs, but that really doesn't matter if it isn't interesting.

Look at the talent they've had at one time. Kong, Alissa Flash, Hamada, Daffney, Wilde, Stock, Roxxi, Tara, & even Rayne to some extent. Building it around them with the others still being there then you could have made the division into something at that point. Instead we got the occasional good matches from the talented ones, but not enough to phase out the bad segments/gimmicks that they continually pumped out more often then not. Don't get me started on trash they used like Rhakka Kahn & Sojo Bolt. Waste of spaces they were.

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