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Christmas Mafia 2011 Gameplay Thread


Night 0

It was nearly Christmas again, and this year things seemed to be going along quite well. Santa was pleased: soon they'd be all set to go deliver presents,and everything was turning out better than expected. Best of all, there didn't seem to be any trouble going around this year. Chucking warmly to himself, the big jolly man turned to tend to his reindeer...

...when an explosion from his workshop nearly knocked him to the ground. Turning swiftly, Santa saw two dead elves crash in the snow in front of him. They were:

Congratulations, you are an Elf, Christmas Aligned!
Congratulations, you are also an Elf, Christmas Aligned!
It didn't take long to realize the cause was not a malfunctioning machine: it was a sabotage. Picking up his rifle and shouldering his sack of toys, Santa called a meeting for all the Christmas-loving folk nearby. Things have gone wrong yet again, and unless they got to the bottom of this soon, Christmas itself could be destroyed forever...

- Don't quote PM's directly.
- If you're dead, plz don't talk about your role or who you think is scum outside of the thread. Otherwise you'll be modkilled... somehow...
- Day/Night phases will have an out-worse maximum of 24 hours, probably shorter if it looks like everyone has gotten a chance to send their roles in. Feel free to send in your role ahead of time if you know what you want to do
- roles were all randomized

Players: 9 alive

1. WordsWordsWords
2. Shepard
3. Hiplop
5. CamillePunk
6. Wes_FR
8. MillionDollarProns
10. SL
11. BkB Hulk
12. Alcoholic
13. Josh(Lieyf)
14. Faraday Shepard
15. UDK
16. Rush IMPULSE
17. Rawlin KingKenny
18. Kiz
19. TheLadderMatch
20. sXe Maverick
21. Lawls
22. Leeroy
23. McQueen SL
24. Hailsabin scrilla
25. Emarosa
26. RetepAdam.
27. KingKenny
28. Beer UDK DH
29. CM Dealer
30. scrilla
31. iMac
32. DH
33. Postage

Scum wins with CM Dealer, Dr JUPES, TheLadderMatch, Emarosa, and IMPULSE (Rush) surviving.

Past Phases:

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It is now Day 1. With 33 alive, it's 18 for a lynch.

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