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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Vengeance

26th June 2005; Thomas&Mack Center; Las Vegas; Nevada

Narrator:Vengeance. An act of or desire for taking revenge.

Slow paced music sets in as we hear commentary throughout all these images.

We see Batista holding the World title high..

We then see Triple H smashing Batista’s head in with a sledgehammer.

We then see Edge smash Chris Jericho over the skull with a chair.

The picture then changes to see Jericho looking intense, yet somewhat dejected.

The shot then turns to Muhammad Hassan capturing the Intercontinental title at Backlash.

Before we see Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas looking on downheartedly.

We then get a shot of Christian delivering an Unprettier to Ric Flair at Backlash.

A shot of Flair throwing his suit jacket to the floor, getting fired up is then shown.

We finally end with a shot of Eric Bischoff laughing maniacally before..

A shot of Shawn Michaels is shown looking furiously on at the Raw General Manager.

Narrator: Tonight, Vengeance will be served.

The music then picks up pace.

Narrator: Championship opportunities up for grabs.

Shawn Michaels: I’m headin’ into Vengeance with a clear goal in mind. And that goal is the World Heavyweight title.

Narrator: But authority stands in the way.
Eric Bischoff: That goal will never and I mean NEVER be accomplished as long as you’re up against me.

Narrator: As not only will title shots be up for grabs, but freedom is on the line.

Eric Bischoff: You lose Shawn and you become my assistant here on Raw, you become MY property.

We then see clips of Michaels connecting with Sweet Chin Music on Bischoff.

Shawn Michaels: When all is said and done, I’m gonna be kickin’ your teeth down your throat one.. more.. time.

We see a shot of Bischoff and Michaels split screen before we fade away from that.

Narrator: A Backlash occurred to a blockbuster announcement.

Ric Flair: I came here tonight to do something I need to do and no matter what you say, I’m gonna do it.

BAM! We see Christian attacking Ric Flair at Backlash.

Christian: Ric you aren’t done until I say you’re done. The passing of the torch has only just begun.

We see Christian and Edge deliver the con-chair-to to Flair, leaving him completely unconscious.

Christian: There is a new sheriff in town, there is a new role model to look up to, to admire and that man is Captain Charisma, that man is ME.

We see that chair shot one more time in slow motion.

Ric Flair: That was the moment I realised the fire was lit again inside o’ me. That was the moment when I realised that at Vengeance I’m NOT going to be walking in, doing my job and then walking out. NOT A CHANCE. At Vengeance the Nature Boy, WOOOO, is gonna walk in, KICK CHRISTIAN’S ASS ALL OVER LAS VEGAS!!

Christian: At Vengeance as much as you don’t wanna believe it, I’m takin’ the torch from the Nature Boy, cos THAT’S HOW I ROLL.

We see Christian deliver an unfretted before we see Flair locking in a Figure 4 on somebody.

Ric Flair: Christian thank you for bringing me back to the place I wanna be in and thank you for giving me the opportunity to RIP YOUR HEAD OFF SUNDAY AT VENGEANCE, WOOOOOOOOO!

We see a shot of the two looking intense before we fade away again.

We head into a shot of Batista capturing the World title at Wrestlemania.

Batista: Triple H seems to think that what happened at Wrestlemania was a fluke.

We then see Triple H smash Batista’s skull in with a sledgehammer on Raw a couple of weeks back.

Triple H: Batista may have beaten me at Wrestlemania, but that match, that night, it was just one battle and this whole deal between me and Batista, this is a hell of a lot more than just one battle. This is an all out WAR!

Shots of the brawl between the two this past Monday on Raw are shown before we cut away from that.

Narrator: Two men, engulfed in a bitter rivalry. Tonight, Vengeance is served and the ‘war ’ is over.

Batista: You don’t know what an animal is capable of when it enters a war zone.

We see clips of Batista dismantling opponents, looking intense.

Triple H: Dave can run, but he can’t hide and when the time comes, July 26th, Vengeance when that war zone opens..

We then begin to see clips of both men looking dominant against various superstars.

Batista: Triple H needs to start realising that every second that passes by is another second closer to me tearing his head off at Vengeance.

Triple H: And Batista takes that first step inside and he sees the enemy standing across the ring..

Batista: One of the greatest things I learned from Triple H is that there is always a way.

Triple H: When that moment comes, the questions are gonna come runnin’ right back into Batista’s head and the answer is gonna be exactly the same as it was back in Evolution Dave. I always, ALWAYS find a way.

We then see Ric Flair, Randy Orton, Batista, the Evolution days with those three helping Triple H retain the World title.

Batista: Well this time, he’s got NOTHING, he’s got NOBODY to save him from what I do to him come Vengeance.

Triple H: This Sunday Dave I am going to do whatever it takes to get that title back where it belongs.

Batista: This championship means EVERYTHING to me.

Triple H: It means everything to you but Dave, it means EVERYTHING TO ME!

We then see the two nose to nose

Triple H: When we leave Las Vegas Sunday night, you’re gonna realise that your luck? It’s just..run..out

The final shot is of the two face to face before..

Narrator: And now, a Monday Night Raw production, WWE Vengeance!!

Pyro hits and we see a camera shot of the arena with the Las Vegas faithful on their feet

Jim Ross: We are live from the sold out Thomas&Mack Center, Las Vegas, Nevada as we welcome you to Vengeance! A night where rivalries will be settled and wars will indeed be ended! I’m Jim Ross, joined as ever by my broadcast colleague Jonathan Coachman and Coach, what a night we have in store tonight.

The Coach: J.R I can’t contain how excited I am!! We got the Tag titles on the line, the Women’s title on the line, the Intercontinental title on the line and the World Heavyweight title on the line as Batista and Triple H go toe to toe in a Wrestlemania rematch. It don’t get any bigger than that one!

Jim Ross: Indeed it promises to be a wild night for the Las Vegas faithful. Who’s luck is in, in the city of sin here tonight?!

The Coach: Well I know it ain’t mine, sittin’ here next to you old timer!!

Jim Ross: Original Coach.

‘Break the Walls Down’

The music of Y2J, Chris Jericho hits to a very nice pop and down walks the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla, all set for action.

Jim Ross: And we are kicking things off with a real slobber knocker folks. Chris Jericho has been determined to get his hands on Edge for weeks upon weeks after Mr. Money in the Bank has cost Jericho both the Intercontinental championship and the World Heavyweight championship. Tonight, fittingly, Jericho gets his chance at Vengeance.

The Coach: Tonight is a HUGE night in the career of Chris Jericho J.R. Jericho has been humbled by the Rated R Superstar in recent weeks, Edge believes that Jericho doesn’t respect him, that he is taking up a spot which he has earned, which he deserves and I agree with him. Jericho’s not done a damn thing around here as of late, it’s time he stepped up and proved exactly what he has to offer around here.

Jericho pats his wrist, stretching his arms, looking on ominously before..

‘You think you Know Me’


The music of Mr. Money in the Bank hits and out comes Edge to a loud chorus of boos as he carries the MITB briefcase in his arms.

Jim Ross: Edge has, he’s uh, he’s really just turned into a cold, calculated individual since winning that briefcase at Wrestlemania Coach. We’ve seen a different side to this man, he has been intent on making Chris Jericho suffer. Time and again Edge has cost Y2J, with Edge stating that Chris Jericho’s time is in the past and that it is he who holds the future on Monday Night Raw and the WWE. In my eyes Coach, Edge simply feels threatened by Chris Jericho.

The Coach: You gotta be kidding me? Edge? Threatened by Chris Jericho? That is just laughable, even comin’ from you. This man is one of, if not the best superstar in this business today and he is one moment away from becoming the NEXT World Champion. That briefcase is his ticket to the top and he’s gonna use Chris Jericho as a stepping stone here tonight.

Edge vs. Chris Jericho

The two men lock up immediately, no messing around here as Edge gets the early upper hand, managing to force Jericho back towards the corner. The referee eventually breaks both men up and tries to separate them but Edge delivers a cheap shot to Jericho catching him off guard as Edge now begins to take full control here. The Rated R Superstar continues laying into Jericho with some strong right hands before starting to stomp away at Jericho who falls down in the corner with Edge’s strong offense continuing here. The Money in the Bank holder draws Jericho to his feet before whipping his opponent across the ring into the opposite turnbuckle as Edge charges right after him and connects with a big clothesline, winding the former Undisputed champion.

Edge now with a kick to the gut of Jericho, lifts his rival up, looking for a suplex but Jericho delivers an elbow to the temple, followed by another as he knocks Edge off balance and Jericho flies into Edge with a big clothesline of his own! Jericho takes a moment to gain some composure and get a feel of the match as Edge stirs on the mat. Jericho brings Edge to his feet, Irish whip, Edge smashes into the turnbuckle, Jericho sprints at him but Edge dodges it as Jericho runs chest first into the turnbuckle before falling backwards and Edge rolls Jericho up!!



Jericho survives as Edge almost catches Y2J off guard. Both men get back to their feet and Edge throws a right hand but Jericho dodges it this time and spins Edge around, kick to the gut, tosses Edge into the ropes, Edge bounces back and is hit with a big shoulder block from Jericho. Edge is right back up but Jericho runs the ropes and uses them to full effect CATCHING EDGE WITH A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK!! Huge move from Jericho, into the cover..



Kick out from Mr. MITB as Jericho looks to take full control here. The former Undisputed champion brings Edge back up once more before delivering a kick to the mid section, followed by another before Jericho looks to get Edge up, Edge doesn’t budge though and instead delivers a thumb to the eye of Jericho who now has no clue where he is as he holds his face in pain and this allows Edge an opening which he takes as he grabs Jericho and tosses him shoulder first through the ropes and into the ring post!! Jericho yells out in pain as his shoulder smashes against the post and he just sits there, not able to move with Edge heading back after him. The Rated R Superstar drags Jericho back into the ring and immediately locks the fallen superstar into a sleeper hold, clearly looking to wear down his rival.

Edge firmly locks the hold, not allowing Jericho and inch as Y2J claws out, desperately looking for a way out of things here. The fans begin to rally round Jericho as a ‘Y2J’ chant starts up and Jericho finds some life, managing to draw his way up to his knees as Edge yells out, clearly putting everything into the hold but Jericho is fighting with all his will here and gets to his feet again before an elbow to the head, followed by another and Jericho manages to escape the hold before kicking Edge in the knee and again before delivering a right hand as Jericho looks to get back into this. Jericho keeps up the onslaught with several right hands, forcing Edge back but EDGE SLAPS JERICHO OUT OF NOWHERE!! The crowd oooohs as Edge doesn’t seem to even realise what he just did and Jericho takes a second to take it in also, holding his face before turning and looking at Edge who looks in a state of shock. Edge then hightails it out of the ring but Jericho is hot on his tail!!

Edge wants nothing to do with a now fired up Jericho here! Jericho sprints after Edge but the Money in the Bank holder runs right back into the ring, Jericho still in hot pursuit and Jericho is met with a kick to the back of the neck as Edge’s smarts serve him well here as he regains a hold on things. Edge stomps away at the back of Jericho’s neck before bringing him up and planting Jericho with a reverse neck breaker!! Jericho seems to be in a world of trouble here and Edge goes in for the cover, has the Rated R Superstar done enough here?



Shoulder up at the very death from Jericho as Edge pulls his hair out, frustrated he couldn’t put Jericho away there. Edge though doesn’t let off and stomps away at the chest of Jericho before getting in Y2J’s face and shouting at him that ‘You are NOTHING CHRIS’. Edge then brings Jericho up once again before whipping him into the ropes, runs at Jericho but Jericho delivers with a boot to the face! Edge is forced back as the match takes another turn here. Edge spins back around and Jericho grabs the back of Edge’s neck, goes for a code breaker-esque move but Edge uses all his strength and tosses Jericho away mid air with Jericho taking a hard landing on the back of his neck. Jericho clutches his neck as Edge holds his nose, checking he’s not bloodied after Jericho’s boot to the face before the master of the TLC match wanders over to the fallen Jericho, hoisting him straight back up. Edge forces Jericho into the corner where he unloads with fast right hands as the referee begins a five count at which Edge stops at 4, realising he’s pushing it now. Edge holds his hands up to apologise to the referee before delivering one more HUGE right to Jericho! Edge now with an Irish whip as Jericho is flung to the opposite corner, Jericho rebounds hard as Edge charges his way and EDGE ATTEMPTS A HUGE SPEAR!! Edge goes for a spear but JERICHO SEES IT COMING, kick to the mid section from Jericho somehow, still off balance as Jericho goes for an inside cradle!!



Shoulder up somehow from Edge as Jericho nearly steals it. Both men get back up gingerly and it’s Jericho who comes up swinging, knocking Edge back before Jericho whips Edge into the ropes, Jericho charges but Edge back body drops him!! Jericho though lands on his feet on the apron, spins Edge around and smashes Edge face first into the ropes!! Edge collapses to the mat as Jericho heads to the top rope! Jericho positions himself with Edge slowly stirring up to his feet, not knowing where he is it seems. Jericho waits, poised, Edge turns around, met with a MASSIVE MISSILE DROPKICK!! Jericho scurries over into the cover!



Edge kicks out. The crowd groans as they thought Jericho had this thing won but Edge hangs on as Jericho looks at the referee in disbelief. Y2J though decides that he’s gonna try and finish this off once and for all and goes for the legs of Edge, WALLS OF JERICHO TIME!! Edge tries to use all his leg strength and fight off the hold but Jericho grabs both legs now, can he get Edge over? Edge is still fighting desperately but Jericho is inches away from rolling Edge over but Edge manages to kick Jericho away!! The Rated R Superstar survives that scare as he kicks Jericho away towards the turnbuckle. Jericho comes back after Edge but he’s met with a kick to the gut, followed by EDGECUTION!! Edge connects, goes for the cover..




NO!! JERICHO JUST KICKS OUT!! The crowd roar as Jericho hangs on and it’s Edge’s turn to be in disbelief. Edge pounds his fists on the mat three times, begging the ref to make the three count. Edge now takes himself over to the corner and begins to run his hands through his hair before willing Jericho to his feet, looking all set for the spear here. Edge cries out at Jericho to get up, Jericho is to his feet, TURNS AROUND, SPEAR!! NO!! JERICHO DODGES IT, EDGE SMASHES OFF THE TURNBUCKLE! Edge falls right back into Jericho, ROLL UP!!




Jericho got him!! Out of nowhere

Winner: Chris Jericho(12:01)[/CENTER]

Jim Ross: He got him!! Jericho got him!! So much for Y2J being stuck in the past Coach!! A HUGE win for Chris Jericho here tonight!

The Coach: THAT WAS A FAST COUNT J.R!! Edge didn’t have the time to even think about kicking out! That referee needs to be FIRED right this second!

Jim Ross: Oh c’mon Coach. Edge didn’t know what hit him. Chris Jericho proving to everybody here tonight that he‘s certainly still got it and proving to Edge that it is indeed about the present around here and Chris Jericho is very much in the present folks.

We see Jericho holding his head, walking back up the ramp grinning at a shocked Edge who is tearing his hair out inside the ring, clearly distraught.

Cut Backstage.

We then enter the office of Raw GM Eric Bischoff who looks in a buoyant mood here tonight as he is speaking with the Intercontinental champion and another of the Entity members, The Great Khali.

Eric Bischoff: I know that tonight is gonna be a great night for all of us. Next up your boys Daivari and Sonjay Dutt are gonna walk out as the NEW World Tag Team champions, you are gonna walk out STILL the Intercontinental champion and I, Eric Bischoff am going to walk out having full control of Shawn Michaels career.

Strong heat for the GM.

Muhammad Hassan: You couldn’t be more right Eric. I can’t wait to see Shawn Michaels suffer out there tonight and to suffer for the rest of his career ha ha.

Heat for the I.C. Champ now.

Muhammad Hassan: But you know what else I can’t wait to see? I cannot wait to see Shelton Benjamin suffer AGAIN at the hands of myself and The Great Khali here tonight. What happens tonight is going to be a real statement of intent on behalf of myself and the rest of our Entity. We are going to hold all but one of the championships here on Raw. And very soon Eric, very, very soon we are going to take full control of this entire show.

Heat again for the Arabian Entity leader.

Eric Bischoff: That is the kinda fighting talk that I like to see around here. And I gotta be honest, at this moment in time you’re right at the top of the list as far as title opportunities come around here.

Muhammad Hassan: Eric, think about this. Muhammad Hassan, Intercontinental AND World Heavyweight champion. There would be nobody greater to represent Raw, to represent this company than I. Maybe then, finally, I would be accepted in this country for what I really am and that is a true Arab-American HERO.

Major heat for that statement as Bischoff and Hassan smile.

Eric Bischoff: I like that, I like that a lot. Good luck out there tonight man, I know that you’re gonna finish Shelton Benjamin off once and for all.

Bischoff and Hassan shake hands.

Muhammad Hassan: Absolutely. And likewise Eric, I’m expecting the end of Shawn Michaels career as we know it here tonight. But, before I go, I mean, you know you can trust me with information of great importance right?

Bischoff nods saying ‘Right’.

Muhammad Hassan: Well I just wanted to know, who is Shawn Michaels opponent here tonight?

Bischoff begins to laugh slightly.

Eric Bischoff: Muhammad, I appreciate the good luck gesture but you, like Shawn Michaels, like the ENTIRE world will just have to wait and see what I’ve got lined up for Shawn Michaels here tonight.

Bischoff laughs again as the two let go their handshake and Hassan and Khali leave.

August 21st 2005; MCI Center; Washington; DC

We then head back ringside..

‘Whips and Chains’

The music of the Basham Brothers hits and out come Doug and Danny to small heat, set for tag team action

Jim Ross: Perhaps the most overlooked of the three teams involved here tonight folks but they are not to be taken lightly. Doug and Danny Basham are two of the toughest competitors on Raw and they’ve got a heck of a chance here tonight to walk outta Vengeance with the World Tag team titles around their waists.

The Coach: Absolutely J.R. For weeks I’ve been telling’ those idiots at home who don’t believe in these guys that they’re gonna be proved wrong at Vengeance. Believe me, they are gonna prove to EVERYBODY here tonight that they are a big time threat in the tag team ranks.

'Arab America’

It’s the music of the Arabian Entity next, greeted with strong heat as down walk Daivari and Sonjay Dutt

Jim Ross: A lot of people’s favourites here tonight in Las Vegas. Sonjay Dutt and Daivari may be the smallest of the three teams but Coach, they know how to get the job done inside the squared circle. They are calculating, smart individuals and have shown over the past few weeks that they, much like the Basham Brothers are a real threat to the Dudleyz here tonight.

The Coach: These two are my pick J.R. As much as I’m a huge fan of the Basham’s, I firmly believe that Sonjay Dutt and Daivari are too quick, they’re too sharp, they’re too smart for those morons, the Dudleyz and for Doug and Danny Basham. Aw shoot, I don’t care J.R. Be it the Basham’s, be it the Entity, we ARE gonna see NEW World Tag Team champions!! Can ya feel it barbeque boy?!

Jim Ross: Uh, no. Can’t say I do Coach. You can NEVER underestimate the Dudley Boyz.

‘We’re Comin’ Down’

Speaking of which. Out come the Dudleyz to a nice pop as the World Tag team champions head down, set to defend their titles.

Jim Ross: The most experienced of the three teams out there tonight. One of the most dominant tag teams in all of professional wrestling. You’d be a fool to count out the Dudleyz like Coach is doin’ here tonight. Bubba Ray and D-Von have won the gold on numerous occasions and for all the smarts you talk about these other teams having, the Dudleyz have that in abundance as well as the sheer physical advantage here tonight.

The Coach: Call me a fool then J.R. Say that to my face damn it! The Dudley Boyz CANNOT leave Las Vegas still the World Tag team champions. They can’t do it.

World Tag Team Titles: Triple Threat Match:

The Dudley Boyz© vs. The Basham Brothers vs. Sonjay Dutt and Daivari

Bubba Ray decides to start things off for the champions whilst it’s Danny Basham and Daivari who start out for the challengers as the other competitors take their place on the apron. Danny and Daivari immediately decide to join forces and take down Bubba, both clubbing away with right hands at their much bigger opponent, forcing Bubba aback. Bubba falls towards the ropes, Danny and Daivari take an arm each, Irish whip to Bubba who comes bouncing back and takes down both men with a double clothesline!!

Bubba brings Daivari up and begins to take him out with some strong right and left hands as Bubba gets his usual boxer like jabs out before taking a massive swing and almost knocking Daivari out!! Bubba looks to head into a cover but he’s met with a kick to the head from Danny Basham, Danny tosses Bubba away and goes for the cover on Daivari himself!!


Kick out at one from the Arabian Entity member. Danny Basham hoists Daivari up to his feet and delivers a forearm to the face before delivering an Irish whip but Daivari reverses it and whips Danny thunderously into the turnbuckle. Daivari charges at him and delivers a flying kick to the face!! The sound is horrible as you fear Danny Basham may’ve lost some teeth there!! Daivari rolls over to the fallen Basham and goes for a cover but Bubba is back up and drags Daivari off of him. Bubba tosses Daivari away, clearly wanting a piece of Danny here following him costing him an early pinfall attempt.

Bubba brings Danny up and into the turnbuckle before hammering him with some more rights and lefts before a head butt. Bubba positions himself now on the second rope, grabbing the back of Danny’s neck before beginning a countdown of right hands, to which the fans happily join in cheering for. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7, BAM!! Bubba is taken down from behind by Sonjay Dutt!! Dutt was tagged in by Daivari just seconds prior and the Entity member kicks Bubba in the back of the leg, causing him to fall off the second rope and down to the mat as Dutt takes it to the champion with some stiff kicks before taking down Bubba with a massive dropkick!! Cover by Dutt..



Shoulder up from the champion as Dutt comes the closest thus far to capturing gold for his team. Dutt looks to bring Bubba up but he’s now taken down from behind by Danny Basham who is back in this thing now. Danny whacks Dutt from behind sending him down before locking the little man into a sleeper hold as Bubba begins to stir. D-Von stomps his foot on the mat, trying to egg the crowd on and get behind them here. Danny applies a firm hold on Dutt, locking it in to full effect but Bubba is now back up and Danny sees him coming, lets Dutt go and charges at the big man but he’s met with a big back body drop from Bubba who races over to his corner and tags in D-Von for the first time tonight. D-Von charges in and takes down Danny with a clothesline, followed by another as he looks to build up a head of steam here. Irish whip from D-Von but Danny holds on to the ropes, D-Von heads after him and takes him over the top with a big clothesline!! Danny goes flying as Doug Basham looks on clearly worried as only D-Von and Dutt remain in the ring.

D-Von heads over to his much smaller opponent and brings him to his feet but he’s met with a big right hand from Dutt who then nails D-Von with two kicks to the knees before whipping the big man across the ropes, D-Von rebounds and manages to pick Dutt up but Dutt counters it into a thunderous TILT-A-WHIRL TORNADO DDT!! The crowd gives a solid pop despite Dutt being a heel as he crawls towards D-VON into the cover..




NO!! Doug Basham breaks it up from the outside as he realises his team were almost out of it right there. Doug though is then taken down by Daivari who re-enters the ring and those two trade blows as the referee tries to keep order here but he doesn’t stand a chance as Bubba Ray now enters the fold!! Bubba tosses Daivari out of the ring and to the outside before delivering a right hand to Doug who responds with a right of his own. Bubba knocks Doug back into the ropes before charging at him but Doug scoops Bubba up and over the top as he joins Daivari and Danny on the outside! Doug shouts abuse through the ropes at the two men as he then yells encouragement at Danny to get back in and help but Doug is then sent tumbling through the ropes by Dutt who delivers a big kick to the other Basham’s head!! Four men now on the outside as Dutt senses an opportunity here, Dutt heads up to the top rope as some of the men on the outside begin to stir, the crowd rise to their feet in anticipation as DUUT SOARS THROUGH THE SKY AND TAKES DOWN BUBBA, DOUG AND DANNY WITH A MASSIVE CROSSBODY!!

Dutt takes himself out in the process as D-Von begins to stir inside the ring but realises there’s nobody in sight. Daivari is also beginning to stir on the outside after avoiding the cross body from his partner. D-Von now up to his feet takes a look at the carnage on the outside. One half of the champions heads out to the outside himself and brings up one of the legal men, Danny Basham before tossing him inside the ring, realising he needs somebody in there to win this match for his team. D-Von then picks up the high flier Dutt and tosses him back inside the ring before looking to follow suit but D-Von’s grabbed from behind by Daivari who then delivers a kick to the mid section before whipping D-Von face first into the ringpost!! D-Von’s head smashes off the post as Daivari is drowned in heat from the crowd before he heads back inside the ring now as Dutt and Danny begin to get to their feet.

Daivari grabs his partner up and the two begin to double team Danny. The referee though drags Daivari away and back to his corner as Daivari pleads with him to let him stay inside and do his job but the distraction is simply that, a distraction which allows for Dutt to choke Danny, pushing all the weight of his foot right down on the throat of the Basham Brother. Dutt though is soon sent tumbling from behind by Doug Basham who enters the ring and takes down the Entity member!! The Basham’s are receiving face pops here as the referee now tries to claw Doug Basham back to his corner as both Dutt and Danny are now down. Bubba Ray meanwhile is back to his knees, as is D-Von and the two look to make their way back to their feet. Bubba is first as the chaos seems to have ended, BUT NO IT HASN’T! D-Von is next to his feet and he heads right for Daivari! D-Von grabs Daivari’s leg and pulls him off the turnbuckle before whipping him shoulder first into the steel steps as D-Von roars to the crowd!!

The crowd pop big as D-Von now heads inside the ring with a fire in his eyes as Bubba joins him. Bubba now smashes Doug Basham off of the apron as the Dudleyz appear fired up now here!! Doug drops down to the outside and falls face first onto the barrier as the Dudleyz are cleaning house now! Bubba steps inside the ring as the referee pleads with him to go back to the apron but Bubba is having none of it as he lifts Dutt up to his feet, lifts him up high in the sky and tosses Dutt out of the ring now with a military press!! The Dudleyz now smell blood as it’s just them and Danny Basham inside the ring as they roar to the crowd who rise to their feet, awaiting the inevitable. Bubba brings Danny up and whips him across the ring, Danny is in no man’s land here as he rebounds, Bubba lifts him up high, D-Von slams him down!! 3D!!! 3D TO DANNY BASHAM!! COVER..




Dudleyz retain!!

Winners and STILL World Tag Team champions: The Dudley Boyz(9:02)

Jim Ross: I told ya Coach!! Don’t ever write off the Dudley Boyz! A HUGE win here tonight for Bubba Ray and D-Von, proving to everybody that they are still the team to beat on Monday Night Raw and in the entire WWE.

The Coach: I’m speechless.

It goes silent for a moment.

Jim Ross: C’mon Coach. What happened to your boys takin’ home the gold here tonight? Why are those championships in the hands of the Dudleyz and not the Bashams, not the Entity? Can I call ya a fool now huh?

The Coach: No really, J.R I.. am.. speechless. I..I just can’t believe they did it. I was CONVINCED we were gonna have new champions here tonight. I don’t think I can take much more of these guys on top of the tag division.

Jim Ross: Well tough luck Coach! The Dudley Boyz walkin’ out of Las Vegas STILL World Tag team champions! What a night this is shaping up to be folks!

We see Bubba and D-Von backing up the ramp, holding their titles up high as the fans cheer that their favourites retained here tonight.

We then cut backstage and join Todd Grisham who is ready and waiting to talk to us

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time is the man who tonight will take on the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Please welcome, Captain Charisma, Christian.

Big heat as CC comes into shot.

Todd Grisham: Christian tonight you finally get the opportunity to prove to the world what you’ve been saying for a long time now. You get the chance to prove that you are indeed now the man to beat here in the WWE and that you are going to take the torch, so to speak from Ric Flair. How do you feel so close to such a big opportunity?

Christian: I feel absolutely on top of the world right now and I got a whole host of reasons as to why. First off, I’ve been in Las Vegas not even twenty four hours and already Captain Charisma’s luck has been in. This will probably come as no surprise to anybody listening but I’ve been staying in the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas’ BIGGEST hotel and casino.

Nice pop for the mention of that.

Christian: And ALREADY I’ve won a bucket and I mean a BUCKET loada money but that’s not where my luck runs out Todd, oh no. Tomko’s smilin’, he knows.

Christian smiles as we see Tomko raise a grin.

Christian: See I’ve won me some money but that’s not all. I was in that casino for a matter of moments before I had women literally all over me. Safe to say, my luck down in that casino, carried on right up into my hotel room.

Christian smirks before continuing.

Christian: And so here we are tonight. My luck’s been in all weekend and tonight that doesn’t change, not for one second. Tonight, Ric Flair’s gonna be the one in need of a whole lot of luck.

Heat again.

Christian: Flair gave a pretty fine speech this past Monday on Raw but nothing that he says, nothing that he does is going to stop me from leaving here tonight having not only beaten Ric Flair, but wiped the FLOOR with Ric Flair.

Heat now as CC is intense.

Christian: I’ve been waiting for this match ever since the moment Flair appeared on the Peep Show at Backlash. I fought hard to get this match up and yeah I had to goad Flair into it but I got what I wanted. Flair said it himself, he wasn’t taking it seriously, he wasn’t taking me seriously. But now? NOW Ric Flair is taking note, NOW he’s standing up and NOW he is realising that I am NOT to be underestimated.

Christian takes a deep breath.

Christian: Which is exactly what I have wanted all along. I didn’t want to come here tonight and face old man Flair, beat him and THEN he starts to make excuses. If that woulda happened, we all know we’d have had Flair startin’ to go through the motions, ‘Oh he beat me at Vengeance, but I wasn’t taking him seriously’. ‘Oh give me another shot at him and I’ll do it right this time.’

Christian does a whiny voice, mocking Flair almost.

Christian: No that’s not the way I wanted this to work after tonight. And thankfully I’m getting my wish because Flair said himself Monday night that I had finally got his attention, that he was going to be taking me dead seriously, that he wanted to kick my ass here tonight.

Pop for that.

Christian: Well after tonight, the only thing Ric Flair is gonna be able to say is that he was beaten by the better man. Ric Flair will be at his absolute best he can be here tonight, I know that and I want that. But the reality is that I too will be at my very best tonight and when it comes down to it, my best is better than Ric Flair’s best.

Heat again for Christian.

Christian: So once tonight is over with and I can take the torch and I can carry it proudly as the new face of this era. Once that’s confirmed, I will move on from guys like Flair who are stuck in the past and I will head towards the present, I will head towards the future, I will head towards the World..Heavyweight..title.

Pop for the mention of that but heat also.

Christian: Tonight's a symbolic night in my career but make no mistake about it, tonight is a symbolic night in the history of this business, so I advise you to go get a pen out and mark it down in your diaries people. June 26th, 2005, the night where the WWE landscape changed forever. The night where I step to the front of the line and become the face of this company and it is going to be the night where Ric Flair finally, finally fades into a distant memory.

Heat for Captain Charisma again as he walks away and we head back ringside.

Jim Ross: Some strong words right there folks from Captain Charisma. Christian does indeed have a huge opportunity here tonight to make his mark in a BIG way but I think he may be underestimating the Nature Boy.

‘I ain’t a Lady to Mess with’

The music of Victoria then hits to small heat as the crazy diva walks out, intent look on her face set for her big showdown

The Coach: Flair doesn’t stand a chance tonight J.R. Mark my words, Christian is walkin’ outta here tonight with the greatest victory of his career. And let me tell ya something’ else J.R. Trish Stratus doesn’t stand a chance here tonight either! No Disqualifications match here tonight, this will suit Victoria perfectly.

Jim Ross: It is going to be a huge ask for Trish Stratus to remain Women’s champion. There’s no doubting that Victoria poses a huge threat to Trish here tonight but in recent weeks it’s been the Canadian who’s had Victoria runnin’ scared.

The Coach: Oh bull J.R. Victoria ain’t afraid of anybody, let alone Trish Stratus. Get that bias outta your system cowboy, it might help ya understand when Victoria proves my point tonight.

Jim Ross: My bias?

'Time to Rock and Roll’

A nice pop greets the music of the Women’s champion Trish Stratus who poses to the fans as she makes her way down to the ring, before firmly fixing her sights on her rival inside the ring

Jim Ross: Well Trish has had a rough time in dealing with Victoria no doubt about it but the past few weeks, you can’t deny Coach, Trish has had Victoria’s number. Victoria’s shied away from her usual brutality, taking a considerable step back from dealing with Trish face to face.

The Coach: No she hasn’t. Victoria’s simply been getting her rest ahead of tonight. This is ALL that matters for her, not Raw this past week or two weeks ago. It is about TONIGHT and we will see exactly who the dominant diva is here on Monday Night Raw, make no mistake about it.

WWE Women’s Championship: No Disqualification Match:

Trish Stratus© vs. Victoria

Trish and Victoria don’t even wait for the bell as both women go right after each other and it’s clear from the get go that this is gonna be one the referee can’t get control of. The two take turns on top of each other(not that manner) as they grab each other by the hair in a typical cat fight environment before Trish bitschslaps Victoria with authority as Trish even looks surprised by herself with the crowd giving a resounding ‘Ooooooh’. Victoria holds her face, seemingly in shock too before she responds with a right hand that knocks Trosh off of her and down to the mat as the crazed number one contender now takes control.

Victoria stomps the hell out of Trish who is helpless on the mat before Victoria grabs her by the hair and yells ‘You’re no threat to me Trish’ before slamming her face first into the mat as the Las Vegas faithful pour heat on her. Victoria brings the champion to her feet before delivering a forearm to the face, knocking Trish back, Irish whip from Victoria into the turnbuckle as Victoria charges at the Candian beauty and is met with a kick to the face! Victoria is sent tumbling as Trish now charges at Victoria and takes her down with a clothesline. Victoria bounces right back up but is taken down again by a clothesline, and AGAIN as Trish builds some momentum here.

Trish hoists Victoria upright and delivers a big forearm of her own before a kick to the midsection. Trish looks for a suplex but Victoria delivers an elbow to the head, knocking Trish off balance as Trish spins round, she’s met by a HUGE SPEAR FROM VICTORIA!! Victoria goes for the cover!!



Shoulder up from Trish as Victoria goes mightily close to winning the title there with an unexpected, uncharacteristic spear there. Victoria runs her hands through her hair, clearly upset that didn’t finish off Trish and she takes herself to the outside where she grabs a STEEL CHAIR! The No Disqualification stiuplation now coming into play as Victoria heads back inside the ring, after her rival. Trish is slowly rising to her feet as Victoria stalks her prey here. Trish gets up, using the ropes to help her, she turns around unknowingly right into a chair shot! NO! Trish sees it coming and delivers a kick to the mid section as Victoria drops the chair and Trish unloads with right hands before another kick to the mid section, hoists Victoria up, BIG TIME SUPLEX FROM THE CHAMPION!! Cover by Trish..



Kick out by the number one contender as Trish looks fired up in a big way here. The champion sees the steel chair lying on the ground and looks intensely at it before looking around the crowd and pointing at it. The crowd give a loud roar as they urge Trish to lash out with it. Coach meanwhile is demanding the referee get the chair out of the ring and restrain Trish here to which J.R simply tells him to shut up. Trish grabs the chair and hammers away across the spine of Victoria!! The chair repeatedly bashes off of the psycho diva’s back as we hear the thud reverberate around the arena before Trish poses to the fans, delighted with her work there. She then brings Victoria to her feet before whipping her across the ropes, Victoria rebounds, Trish goes for a back body drop but Victoria lands on her feet, spins Trish around, DDT!! BIG DDT FROM VICTORIA!! BUT she’s slow in making the cover, the effects of the steel chair shots still clear to see. Eventually she claws her way to Trish, arm across the chest into the cover..



Kick out by the fighting champion, met with a nice pop as this contest rolls on. Victoria is again frustrated as she takes a breather in the corner, allowing Trish to make her way back to her feet also. Victoria meets Trish with a big forearm, followed by another and another as she looks to continue wearing down Trish here, irish whip from Victoria, Trish though holds onto the ropes, Victoria charges at her and clotheslines Trish to the outside, taking herself down in the process as both women hit the floor hard! The two crawl and squirm around ringside as they look to make their way back up and it’s Trish who does so first, followed closely by Victoria who is spun round by Trish. The champion goes for a big kick to the face of Victoria but she catches Trish’s foot, spins her foot away from her but Trish does a 360 degree turn and catches Victoria right in the temple!

Trish quickly looks to get Victoria up again and back in the ring to finish this one off. She gets Victoria upright and manages to toss her back inside as she follows suit. Trish though heads up to the top rope as the fans really rally behind her here. Victoria slowly, somewhat dazed gets to her feet as Trish flies through the sky!! MISSILE DROPKICK CONNECTS!! COVER BY TRISH!!



Kick out by Victoria somehow as Trish now for the first time looks frustrated, clearly feeling she had the win there. Trish now signals that it’s time to end this thing as she looks all set for some Stratusfaction here. Trish signals for it and gets Victoria upright again, grabs her neck, runs towards the top rope, heads up high BUT IS SENT CRASHING BY VICTORIA!! TRISH FALLS DOWN TO THE OUTSIDE AS VICTORIA PUSHES HER OFF OF THE TOP!! We hear a nasty thud before we see a shot of Trish in real pain here. We then get a replay of what went down and we see a nasty fall from Trish on which she lands horribly on her left ankle. We can clearly hear the Women’s champion crying out for help as she struggles to move here. Victoria though senses an opportunity and heads to the outside and brings a hobbling Trish to her feet and tosses her inside of the ring once more.

Victoria is like a shark who’s smelt blood here as she smirks evily while Trish, brave and tough as they come tries to get on her feet and she hops along before nailing a right hand on Victoria!! The crowd eat it up as a ‘Trish’ chant starts up but it’s shortlived as Victoria delivers a kick to the ankle of Trish!! Trish squeals in agony as Victoria takes advantage again here. Kick to the gut from Victoria, WIDOW’S PEAK!! THAT’S ALL SHE WROTE!! Victoria though, doesn’t go for the cover?? A lot of puzzled faces are shown in the crowd as J.R. and Coach wonder what’s going on here. We then see though the sickening shot of Victoria heading towards the steel chair! Victoria grabs the chair and laughs maniacally before placing the chair around the left ankle of long term rival Trish. J.R cries for help on commentary as the referee even pleads with Victoria not to do this. Victoria though shows no remorse as she heads up top, looks around the crowd before laughing as she CONNECTS WITH A LEG DROP ON THE INJURED ANKLE!! Trish is in absolute agony here as Victoria connects and this time goes for the cover..





Winner and NEW Women’s champion: Victoria(8:32)

The Coach: I told ya J.R!! Victoria too strong, too vicious, too good in this environment!!

Jim Ross: Good god, that was absolutely brutal. Victoria walkin’ outta Las Vegas as the new Women’s champion but more worryingly, Trish Stratus looks in a real bad way here folks. Trish it would appear has broken her ankle or even leg here tonight and that is damn hard to watch. Victoria didn’t need to do that, damn it.

The Coach: She had EVERY right. Hey don‘t get me wrong, I hope Trish recovers J.R. But, let’s not concentrate on the negatives, let’s talk about the positives and the positive is that we’re gonna be seein’ Victoria holdin’ that Women’s championship for a LONG time to come.

Jim Ross: Coach for once. For once, you may well be right. Let’s hope that Trish gets the paramedics out here real quick cos this is.. this is just hard to watch right now.

We see a stretcher come out as Trish rolls around, clutching her left ankle as we see Victoria holding the Women’s championship, showing no remorse for what she’s done here tonight. The paramedics talk to Trish before slowly placing her leg in a protective mould and placing her on the stretcher as we see a few worried faces across the crowd and finally Trish is escorted out of the ring and to the back, looking visibly upset at what’s happened here tonight.

We head off backstage and rejoin Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman please welcome the WORLD Heavyweight champion, Batista.

The Animal enters the shot to a massive ovation, dressed to compete ahead of his big match up here tonight.

Todd Grisham: Batista, tonight you take on your long time rival in a Wrestlemania rematch, Triple H. With the Game describing this as a ‘war’ between the two of you, how are you feeling ahead of such a high stakes, high pressure encounter?

Batista: I’m feeling confident Todd. Really confident. You said that tonight is high stakes, that it’s high pressure and that may well be the case but I don’t feel any of that. Tonight’s a big night but NOTHING comes bigger than the main event of Wrestlemania.

Pop there.

Batista: You wanna talk about high stakes, about high pressure, it don’t get any higher than Wrestlemania. And on that night, in that situation I came out with the World Heavyweight title.

Nice pop again for the Animal.

Batista: I think everybody knows just how much this championship means to me, I think everyone knows how much this means to Triple H. Which is why I think tonight you’re gonna witness something’ special out there. You got two guys goin’ to war for the one thing they both crave the most in this industry. Triple H lives for this championship but Todd, I don’t think he realises, I do too.

Batista takes a look at the championship belt momentarily.

Batista: Over the past few weeks I’ve talked about how many times Triple H has stolen this title and that having to sit back and watch it ate me up inside. It hurt seein’ that. But that’s what Triple H does, he’s one of the very best there’s been at finding a way, finding a route to victory.

Batista suddenly turns intense.

Batista: Tonight, I’m not gonna allow that to happen. Tonight there is NO WAY I’m letting Triple H walk out of this arena with MY World title. I’m goin’ to that ring tonight and I’m gonna give Triple H Wrestlemania ALL OVER AGAIN!

Nice pop for the intensity of the champion.

Batista: I am going to beat Triple H within an inch of his life here tonight Todd and when all’s said and done I know that I’m gonna get it firmly into his head and firmly into the head of those people out there who still don’t believe in me, that I am no fluke champion. I belong on the top of the food chain here on Monday Night Raw. So forget all the talk of tonight being high pressure, forget high stakes, the only thing people are gonna remember here tonight is me beatin’ the HELL out of Triple H and walkin’ outta Las Vegas still World Heavyweight Champion.

Batista leaves to a nice reaction as Todd Grisham wishes him luck.

We then head over to the locker room of Shelton Benjamin, getting prepared for his Intercontinental title opportunity tonight. Benjamin is taping his wrists before he jumps up and we see Charlie Haas appear. Both men get a nice pop from the crowd

Charlie Haas: How’s it goin’ man, you ready for this tonight?

Shelton Benjamin: You know as well as I do just how tough this is gonna be tonight man. BUT I ain’t goin’ down without a fight, lemme promise you that.

Nice pop as Benjamin plays up his underdog status here tonight.

Charlie Haas: That’s the kinda fighting talk I was hopin’ for Shelton. And you know you got my FULL support here tonight. I may not be allowed ringside with ya but I’ll be back here watchin’ and I’ll be back here waitin’ for ya to bring that Intercontinental title home.

Shelton Benjamin: Thanks man I appreciate it. And hey as soon as that Intercontinental title is back around my waist, you know we’re headin’ after those Tag team titles right?

Benjamin smiles for the first time as Haas laughs slightly.

Charlie Haas: I wouldn’t have it any other way man. Don’t go thinking too far forward though, that Intercontinental title is all that’s on my mind and it should be yours as well.

Shelton Benjamin: All that’s on your mind?

Charlie Haas: Uh yeah, you know we err, we aren’t gonna be able to move on and focus on the Tag gold until you get that title off Hassan are we?

Shelton Benjamin: Right, right.

An awkward moment there.

Shelton Benjamin: Look anyways, I appreciate your support man. Let’s hope we leave Vegas tonight with that first step outta the way.

Benjamin and Haas shake hands and they leave the dressing room to a decent reaction and we head back ringside.

Jim Ross: Well it is certainly gonna be a tough ask for Shelton Benjamin to leave here tonight with the Intercontinental title he lost at Backlash. Benjamin will take on Muhammad Hassan AND The Great Khali later on tonight with Charlie Haas being banned from ringside but what I do know is if anybody can overcome those odds, it’s Shelton Benjamin.

‘Born Naughty’

The music of William Regal hits and out comes the Englishman, suited and booted alongside ‘The Protégé’, Mark Jindrak.

The Coach: I’m a big Shelton fan J.R but he ain’t leavin’ here with the Intercontinetal title in his posession. Not a snowball’s chance in hell. THIS man on the other hand J.R is gonna leave here tonight having accomplished exactly what he set out to do. Mark Jindrak is as dangerous as I’ve ever seen and with William Regal by his side we’re gonna see ourselves a giant slayed here tonight.

Jim Ross: Indeed Mark Jindrak has been on a real roll ever since aligning himself with the wily William Regal. Regal seems to have guided the young superstar onto the path of superstardom with Jindrak really looking like a major player in taking out Big Show a while back on Raw. Tonight though is gonna be a HUGE test of the ability of Mark Jindrak.

'Welllll it’s the Big Show’

‘Crank it Up’

The World’s Largest Athlete is greeted with a nice pop as the Big Show heads down the ramp looking intently on at the duo of Jindrak and Regal

Jim Ross: Big Show has had to up his aggression in recent weeks to deal with the power and strength of Mark Jindrak. Show absolutely dismantled William Regal backstage a few weeks back, following Regal’s ploy in getting Jindrak to take out the giant. You can see by the look on Show’s face, just how bad he wants to teach Jindrak a lesson here tonight.

The Coach: Easier said than done. Big Show usually gets what he wants but the way Mark Jindrak’s been performin’ lately, J.R I don’t think Big Show’s gonna get what he wants here tonight.

Big Show vs. Mark Jindrak w/William Regal

Jindrak circles the ring as Big Show looks on angrily at the young superstar, ready to take out all his buil up aggression and rage on ‘The Protege’. Eventually Jindrak makes a move though, heading after Show but the big man wastes little time making his move either and delivers a kick to the gut of his opponent. Show then clubs the back of Jindrak with a huge shot, getting a few ooohs from the crowd as William Regal grimaces on the outside. Show continues clubbing Jindrak’s back, sending the young man down to the mat but he has little time to recover as Show is right back on him, bringing him up to his feet once more.

Show grabs the arm of Jindrak whipping him across the ring into the ropes before allowing Jindrak to charge at him but the big man knocks him down with a shoulder block as Show yells ‘Come on’ to the hot prospect. Jindrak’s right back to his feet but has no answer for the World’s Largest Athlete who drops Jindrak once again with a mammoth head butt. Jindrak though continues to respond, getting back to his feet and heading right back at Show and this time he strikes as he’s too quick, throwing an unexpected left hand, taking Show aback. Jindrak then piles in some offense, left hand after left hand, sending Show into the ropes. Jindrak then whips Show across the ring, using all his power, Show rebounds and Jindrak connects with a thunderous big boot!! Into the cover…



Shoulder up by the big man but Jindrak again goes for the cover, clearly not content..


Kick out by Show again as Jindrak glares at the referee. The ‘Protégé’ then gets to his feet and backs off momentarily before beginning to stomp away at the fallen giant, right and left feet hammering away at the back of Show’s neck before Jindrak does the exact same to the left arm of his opponent. Jindrak then runs the ropes and delivers a big running elbow right to the point of the neck he’s been targeting before beginning to stomp away once again at the left arm of Show who winces in pain. Jindrak then grabs the same arm and pulls it back before slamming Show‘s arm down repeatedly to the mat. A few ooohs from the crowd as Show rolls around, holding his arm, clearly in some discomfort from that.

Jindrak lets off the pressure and heads off to his mentor William Regal who offers him some words of encouragement it would seem before Jindrak poses to the crowd which of course draws him some decent heat. Big Show is now to his knees as Jindrak heads over towards him. Jindrak looks to bring Show up but is met with a right hand to the gut, followed by another and another as Show fights his way back into things here. Show continues his assault before knocking Jindrak down with a HUGE clothesline, greeted with a big pop from the fans. Show then brings Jindrak to his feet before lifting him up high, using all his power here, Show holds Jindrak high above his head before tossing Jindrak over the ropes right onto William Regal!! A strong cheer greets this as Regal and Jindrak go tumbling with Show wasting little time in heading after them.

Show stalks Jindrak who begins to crawl and squirm round ringside with Regal still laid out. Some fans pat Show on the back, encouraging him to dish out more punishment to Jindrak and Show gets right down to it, bringing Jindrak to his feet, pausing briefly before using all his force and whipping the young superstar chest first into the barricade!! Jindrak thuds right off of it, yelling in pain as Show lets out a wry smile. The referee is beginning to count both men out however, now up to 4. Show doesn’t seem too bothered though and looks to go right back at his opponent, only for William Regal to intervene! Regal taps Show on the back, the big man turns around and an angered look comes across his face. Regal pleads with Show not to hurt him but Show doesn’t look the least bit interested in Regal’s plea and throws a right hand but Jindrak from behind grabs Show’s fist, spins Show around and whips Show shoulder first into the ringpost!! Huge impact as Show’s left arm and shoulder bounce off the ringpost and Show goes tumbling much to Regal’s delight.

The already worked on left arm of Show now really appears to be in a lot of trouble as the referee’s count reaches 8 and Jindrak brings Show up to his feet and with some effort rolls the big man into the ring, following right behind. Jindrak immediately into a cover….



Shoulder up but it’s that left shoulder that does it and Show immediately grimaces. Jindrak then in a surprising move heads to the top rope with William Regal encouraging his protégé once more. Jindrak sits patiently, waiting, stalking Show who is to his knees. Show eventually gets to his feet and Jindrak sees his opportunity, Jindrak goes flying but Big Show catches him in mid air!! Show then delivers a massive sidewalk slam, dropping Jindrak with authority. Cover from Show..



Shoulder up from Jindrak much to Regal’s relief as he watches on anxiously. Show again goes back to the injured arm, clearly still struggling before hoisting himself up and heading towards the ropes to take a breather it would seem before Show raises his right arm in the air, signalling that the end is near, it’s choke slam time!! The crowd rises in anticipation as Show waits and waits with Jindrak getting to his knees, slowly but surely to his feet. Jindrak turns around to be met with the huge grip of Big Show round his throat!! Show looks to lift him up but Jindrak counters, smashing an elbow into the left arm of Show who instantly releases his right hand to hold his left. Jindrak then delivers a strong kick to the knee of Show as he drops to bend down, another kick to the knee and this time Show does drop to his knees completely. Jindrak now smells blood and grabs the left arm of Show before dragging him down and applying that vicious armbar hold!!

Show is writhing in pain as Jindrak locks the hold in strong on the 500 pound giant. Show seemingly has nowhere to go as William Regal looks on in sheer delight at what he’s seeing. Jindrak’s facial expressions paint a picture as he puts in all his effort to keep it locked in on Show. Big Show wriggles around the ring, clawing out for the ropes but they’re nowhere in sight as Jindrak now yells, clearly hell bent on making Show tap…. Show’s arm begins to drop as he yells out and eventually he decides enough is enough and gives in, Big Show taps out!!! The pressure all too much in the end for the giant.

Winner: Mark Jindrak(7:12)

Jim Ross: A HUGELY impressive display and victory here tonight from Mark Jindrak. Big Show has been taken apart here tonight from this young man dubbed ‘the Protégé’ and by god William Regal must be lickin’ his lips right about now cos this kid is one heck of a protégé to have under your wing.

The Coach: What did I tell ya? Jindrak is the whole package J.R. Size, speed, strength. Big Show looked like a freakin’ rookie out there tonight! We may be lookin’ at the next big thing here in the WWE and his name is Mark Jindrak. Wow.

We cut away to the locker room of Shawn Michaels who looks very focused ahead of his huge match here tonight, where the whole balance of his career could change. Michaels is then interrupted by none other than the Nature Boy, Ric Flair. Flair’s greeted with ‘Wooos’ from the crowd, dressed ready for his match with Christian here tonight.

Ric Flair: There he is, WOOOO, the Showstoppaaaaaa. How ya feelin’ man?

Michaels lets out a wry smile.

Shawn Michaels: I’m doin’ good Ric, doin’ good. More importantly, how are you hangin'? You all set for tonight? Gotta still be feelin’ it from what Christian and those guys did to ya a couple weeks back right?

Ric Flair: I still feel it, every..single..day. But Shawn tonight when I walk through that curtain, head down to that ring and step just one foot inside of it, all that pain will be gone. All that HURT goes out the window as soon as I step through the ropes, as soon as I lay eyes on Christian all that is gonna be on my mind is teachin’ that punk a lesson.


Shawn Michaels: Good to hear it Ric. I know you’re gonna go out there and you’re gonna show Christian exactly why you’re still the very best in this business, exactly why you are the Nature Boyyy, wooo, ha ha.

Michaels poor woooo attempt draws probably sympathetic cheers.

Ric Flair: Absolutely, I can’t wait Shawn, cannot WAIT. But look here man, that ain’t why I came by, that’s not why I’m here right now. I came here because I need to know what I’m gonna see tonight out there from ya.

Michaels looks puzzled.

Ric Flair: I need to know if I’m gonna see the Shawn Michaels we’ve been seein’ a lot lately, the one who can’t buy a win, who’s letting’ Eric Bischoff get under his skin, letting Eric Bischoff of ALL PEOPLE get the better of him. Or if I’m gonna see the REAL Shawn Michaels, who STEALS THE SHOW, who kicks his opponent’s HEADS OFF THEIR SHOULDERS!! The Shawn Michaels who doesn’t give a damn who he faces, because HE KNOWS, he knows he’s gonna go out to that ring and he’s gonna get the job done.

Flair calms himself down.

Ric Flair: Which one’s it gonna be Shawn? I know which one I wanna see but Shawn I’ll let you think about that. Good luck out there man, show me, show the WORLD the Shawn Michaels that we all wanna see.

Michaels hangs his head before nodding to himself, looking at the closing door as Flair walks out.

Jim Ross: Well a strong pep talk if you will from the Nature Boy there for Shawn Michaels. Huge matches for both those men here tonight. Michaels faces an opponent of Eric Bischoff’s choosing whilst Ric Flair will face Christian.

The Coach: Michaels needs a whole lot more than a pep talk, he needs a miracle. Eric Bischoff always has something’ up his sleeve and tonight will be NO different. I don’t care who Bischoff has lined up for HBK, he ain’t gonna be able to get the job done.

Jim Ross: Well onto a more sour note now and we’ve just received word comin’ through that Trish Stratus has suffered a serious ankle injury following that brutal No Disqualifications match up earlier tonight with Victoria. We don’t know just how severe the injury is yet but we know Trish is on her way to a local Medical facility and it would appear that Trish Stratus will be out of action following the events here tonight. We certainly wish Trish a speedy recovery.

The Coach: Certainly do J.R. That was a heck of a match up earlier on and Trish I’m sure knew the danger she was in, going into a match like that with someone as crazy as Victoria is. I don’t think we’ll be seein’ many more No Disqualification matches involving’ our Women’s champion anytime soon.

Jim Ross: Folks we’d like to take you now to some footage we just received from earlier on tonight involving Mr.Money in the Bank, Edge. Edge was defeated by Chris Jericho here tonight and was none too happy about the way it went down. Let’s take a look.

Todd Grisham: Edge, Edge!! We all witnessed what happened here tonight as you were defeated by Chr..

Edge: I WAS NOT DEFEATED BY CHRIS JERICHO!! Get your facts straight Todd. Chris Jericho STOLE that out there tonight. He didn’t beat me at anything, he caught me off guard. For one split second I was off guard and Jericho, h.. he..he got lucky.

Edge puts his hands through his hair.

Edge: B..b.but don’t even begin to think for ONE SECOND that I’m through with Jericho. No, no, NO!! I started all this because I want Jericho to realise that nobody cares about him anymore, that he is completely irrelevant around here. And believe me, I’m not gonna be finished with Jericho until I do exactly that.

Edge then goes to leave again before Grisham questions him again.

Todd Grisham: Before you go, where does that leave your plans with the Money in the Bank briefcase? Are you considering cashing in anytime soon?

Edge: This(pointing at the briefcase), this is my ticket to the top Todd and this ticket doesn’t expire until Wrestlemania. That’s still a long, LONG time away. I’m not even gonna consider cashing this in until I get what I want from that washed up,HAS BEEN that is Chris Jericho.

Edge goes to leave once more but this time he pulls himself back.

Edge: Tomorrow night on Raw, I promise you, I promise everybody listening to this and I promise everybody that tunes in tomorrow night. I PROMISE that I will put Chris Jericho firmly, VERY FIRMLY in his place.

We return ringside as..

‘Ain’t No Stopping me Now’

The music of Shelton Benjamin hits and out comes the number one contender to the Intercontinental title, set for his big opportunity

Jim Ross: Strong words right there from Edge and ya gotta wonder just what Mr.Money in the Bank has in store tomorrow night for Y2J.

The Coach: I don’t know J.R but I gotta feelin’ it’s gonna be something’ REAL special. Jericho’s gonna get what’s his tomorrow night.

Jim Ross: Well back to the action here tonight now and Shelton Benjamin has a big, if daunting opportunity here tonight. Benjamin lost the Intercontinental championship at Backlash to Muhammad Hassan after Hassan introduced his two new chronies to Monday Night Raw, Sonjay Dutt and The Great Khali, joining forces with he and Daivari to give Hassan the Intercontinental title and to form a group now known as the ‘Arabian Entity’.

The Coach: And they are oh so dominant. Shelton Benjamin has struggled one on one against Muhammad Hassan. Tonight he’s got Hassan AND Khali. If he walks outta here with the Intercontinental title, I will eat that cowboy hat of yours.

Jim Ross: Now that’d make for good television.

The Coach: Too bad it ain’t happenin’ barbeque boy.

'Arab America’

The familiar tune hits and out steps the leader of the Entity and his seven foot 3 giant. Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali step out, eyes firmly set on Shelton Benjamin as they’re drowned in heat

Jim Ross: Well it hasn’t quite been the night that the Entity expected it to be thus far with Sonjay Dutt and Daivari failing to capture the World Tag Team titles. Hassan will certainly be looking to make sure they escape with at least one bit of gold here tonight.

The Coach: I still can’t believe Dutt and Daivari didn’t walk awy tag team champions. But I have got no doubts whatsoever that Muhammad Hassan leaves Las Vegas still Intercontinental champion. The Great Khali standin’ by his side in the middle of that ring. Charlie Haas banned from ringside. Benjamin’s gonna need to have said his prayers J.R.

WWE Intercontinental Championship: 2 on 1 Handicap Match
(Charlie Haas banned from ringside; Shelton Benjamin can pin EITHER man to win the championship)

Muhammad Hassan© and The Great Khali vs. Shelton Benjamin

Khali starts things off with Shelton as Muhammad Hassan waits on the outside, clearly hoping that his fellow Entity member does his job for him here tonight. The crowd start a ‘Let’s go Shelton’ chant from the off in the hope that it can inspire the underdog here tonight. Benjamin paces around Khali to begin with, hoping that Khali may make the first move but he doesn’t seem to fall for the trap as Khali refuses to budge. Benjamin eventually decides enough is enough and strikes out, launching himself at Khali before unloading with right hands but they’re to no effect as Khali barely even moves.

Benjamin steps a yard off, clearly having a rethink about just what strategy he’ll use here against the seven foot three Khali. Benjamin again paces around the ring before looking to strike the big man again, perhaps catch him off guard but it comes to nothing once more as this time Khali simply shoves Benjamin away from him as Benjamin drops to the mat but charges right back at Khali only to be met with a thunderous big boot to the skull, sending Shelton spiralling. The crowd immediately boos as Hassan tells them to shut up whilst smiling at what his bodyguard you could call him is doing here tonight.

Khali heads over to the fallen Benjamin and simply walks over him as J.R references what size boot Khali is, something J.R. seems to love doing. The impact alone may’ve been enough to crush a rib for Benjamin as he writhes in pain while Khali roars to the crowd drawing in big heat. The giant then tags in Hassan for the first time and the champion is straight away on Benjamin like a rash, dropping down to the mat and delivering right hand after right hand before locking Shelton into a sleeper hold as the Entity continue to wear down Benjamin here in the early minutes.

Hassan applies a firm hold on the challenger as Benjamin claws out looking for a route to manoeuvre out of this but he’s snap, bang in the middle of the ring as the crowd try to rally Benjamin here and the referee checks to see if Shelton’s still awake here. Benjamin shows small signs of life as the referee begins to lift Shelton’s arm up, it goes down a first time, down a second time, down a third time, NO!!! Benjamin manages to find some fight from somewhere much to the Las Vegas crowd’s delight as Benjamin begins to draw himself up to his feet. Elbow to the gut of Hassan, followed by another as Hassan releases the hold now and Shelton looks to build some momentum.

Shelton now with some hard right hands to Hassan, Irish whip now as Hassan crashes into the turnbuckle where he’s met by a big stinger splash by Benjamin!! The excitement builds as Hassan falls forward and Benjamin grabs him from behind, belly to back suplex from Shelton who is now rolling here!! Into the cover!!



Shoulder up from the champion but Shelton doesn’t seem deterred as.. BAM!! Benjamin is taken out from behind by a clubbing blow from The Great Khali as the referee tries to send the big man back to his corner. Khali backtracks but he now knows that he has turned the tables once more in this contest. Benjamin and Hassan now down but Hassan is slowly crawling, now up to his knees as he reaches out for the ropes to help him back upright. Hassan draws himself up and takes a moment to regroup as Benjamin begins to stir on the mat. Hassan senses that Shelton’s on the up and heads over, beginning to stomp away at the back of Shelton’s neck. Over and over again Hassan stomps away with Shelton clawing out for help as the crowd begin to start a ‘Let’s go Shelton’ chant, trying to help their favourite back into the match. Hassan brings the Gold Standard now back up to his feet and delivers a right hand before tossing Benjamin into the ropes, Benjamin though holds on, stopping himself from rebounding, Hassan charges at him, clothesline, NO! BENJAMIN PULLS THE ROPE DOWN AND HASSAN GOES FLYING!!

The crowd goes wild as Hassan lands hard on the outside and immediately clutches his shoulder, clearly in some discomfort as Benjamin takes a small breather before heading right after the champion but we then see the ever intimidating Khali leave the apron and make his way around the ring. Benjamin doesn’t know it’s coming though and goes to work on Hassan, bringing him to his feet before a kick to the gut and a DDT on the outside!! Hassan’s head sickeningly crashes off the floor as Benjamin yells ‘COME ON’ showing the intensity he needs to take the gold here tonight. Benjamin though then turns around and sees Khali striding towards him as the fans rise in anticipation once more. Benjamin retreats, or does he? Benjamin backs away around the ring but then RUNS BACK AND JUMPS OFF THE STEEL STEPS BEFORE FLYING AT KHALI AND KNOCKING THE BIG MAN DOWN WITH A HUGE CLOTHESLINE!! The Thomas & Mack centre comes alive as Benjamin knocks the giant down and perhaps shifts the balance in this match now.

Benjamin against the count picks Hassan to his feet and tosses the champion inside the ring, following him not too far behind. Benjamin looks around to the crowd who are still firmly behind the number one contender as Benjamin heads up to the top rope!! Benjamin’s gonna fly once more here, Hassan rolls around and Benjamin with an elbow drop from the top rope!! Cover from Shelton!!



SHOULDER UP!! Shoulder up just in the knick of time from Hassan as Benjamin can’t quite believe it. He takes a minute to compose himself again as Hassan tries to get himself up, clearly feeling the effects of that elbow drop. Hassan gets to his knees as Shelton heads back at him but he’s met with an elbow to the gut from Hassan, followed by another as Hassan gets to his feet and delivers a kick to the mid section. Hassan then locks Benjamin in a headlock before running the ropes with his opponent, Benjamin though breaks free and Hassan pushes him away, Benjamin rebounds off the opposite side but is met with a HUGE tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Hassan!! The crowd even give a small pop for the well executed move as Hassan takes a second before heading for the cover!!



Kick out from Benjamin much to the crowd’s delight once more. Hassan bangs his fist off the mat, frustrated at failing to put away his rival before he turns and sees Khali is still down, though he is now stirring. The champion calls for Khali to ‘get up and get in here’ as Khali grasps out, looking for the steps to help him up. Hassan continues calling him and Khali now has a hand on the steps, as he makes it to one knee. Inside the ring though, Benjamin is back up and uses the ropes to hold him. Hassan’s back is still turned, Benjamin senses an opportunity, spins Hassan round, T-BONE!! T-BONE SUPLEX FROM BENJAMIN!! HASSAN CAUGHT OFF GUARD!! Benjamin scurries over to make the cover..




HE DID IT!! NO!!! KHALI!! THE GREAT KHALI BACK INSIDE THE RING RIGHT ON CUE TO TOSS BENJAMIN ASIDE. Benjamin crashes headfirst onto the mat as Khali tosses him away and Hassan hangs on by the skin of his teeth. The referee demands that Khali head back to the apron and eventually the giant does so with Hassan and Benjamin both down. The crowd start to cheer on Benjamin as both men attempt to make it to their feet. Hassan looks to be first and turns around but he’s met by Benjamin!! The two trade rights, not for the first time this evening and it’s Benjamin who gets on top, forcing Hassan backwards as Benjamin then with an Irish whip, Hassan rebounds, Benjamin knocks him down with a flying shoulder block!! Hassan is straight back up and he’s hit with a kick to the gut, T-Bone again! NO! Hassan blocks it with an elbow to the back of the head before thumb to the eye!! Cheap tactics from Hassan here as Benjamin is blinded and spins around, not knowing where he is, ROLL UP BY THE CHAMPION!!






SHOULDER UP FROM HASSAN!! The two men both come within an inch of victory as Benjamin jumps up to his feet, goes for a clothesline, Hassan ducks it and falls to the mat?? Benjamin turns around, RIGHT INTO A HUGE BIG BOOT FROM KHALI!! The 7’3 behemoth takes Benjamin out of the equation before returning to the apron as Hassan crawls over to his bitter rival and locks in the camel clutch!! CAMEL CLUTCH FIRMLY APPLIED HERE AS BENJAMIN HAS NO WAY OUT!!

The crowd is desperately urging Benjamin not to tap as he grasps for anything, for hope but his hand slowly drops. Hassan yells out, clearly applying strong pressure here and BENJAMIN TAPS!! A valiant effort from one half of the World’s Greatest Tag Team but just not enough here tonight as Hassan wins it by submission.

Winners: Muhammad Hassan and The Great Khali(10:15); Therefore STILL Intercontinetal champion: Muhammad Hassan

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin coming within an INCH of achieving the impossible here tonight but Muhammad Hassan, The Great Khali proving just too strong here tonight but if I were those two men, I wouldn’t be proud of what’s happened here tonight. Shelton Benjamin can walk outta here proud.

The Coach: And Hassan and Khali can’t? Don’t give me that J.R. Hassan walked in Interconinental champion and he’s walkin’ out STILL with that championship in his grasp. That would be a proud achievement in my book J.R.

Jim Ross: Oh bull Coach, it’s two against one for christ sake and they STILL COULDN’T get the job done fair and square here tonight.

The Coach: Who gives a damn about fair J.R?! Is it fair I have to sit here next to you every Monday night? No it isn’t. Case closed.

J.R just sighs as we then head off backstage and rejoin Todd Grisham who is ready to talk to us for the millionth time tonight.

Todd Grisham: Joining me at this time, please welcome ‘The Protégé’ Mark Jindrak and William Regal.

The duo appear in shot to heat after what occurred earlier on tonight.

Todd Grisham: Mark, tonight you scored a huge victory in defeating the Big Show. How do you feel following that and where do you go from here now?

William Regal: Todd, I think we all know by now that it is I who does the talking around here. Young Mark simply does what it is that he does best and that is DESTROY everything in his path. Tonight Big Show stepped in his path and you and everybody watching saw exactly what he’s capable of.

Jindrak smirks as does Regal.

William Regal: How does Mark feel? He feels…satisfied. Nothing more, nothing less. Mark toppled the giant tonight, no easy feat in a lot of people’s eyes. But in his eyes? In my eyes? That’s what we expect. Big Show is NOTHING compared to this man and he will not be happy, he will not REST until he’s made the biggest impact he can possibly make around here, whatever it is that may prove to be.

Regal looks at Jindrak momentarily before continuing.

William Regal: And as far as where does he, where do we go from here now? We go higher, we go further and we look to make that very impact I mentioned. If that means taking on Big Show once again and finishing what we started here tonight, so be it. If that means moving onto a different challenge, so be it. If that means Mark here enters the title picture, so be it. But ALL we care about right now is making an impact, it doesn’t matter who, it doesn’t matter when, it doesn’t matter where. All that matters is that people continue to see a whole lot more of the sheer dominance that stands before you, the ’Protégé’ Mark Jindrak.

Regal and Jindrak head off as we go to a video package…

We see a dark room with just a spotlight shining on a man sitting down on a chair in the middle of the room. The man is wearing a shirt and trousers, looking fairly smart. He’s quite tanned, blonde hair and looking quite smug.

?: Monday Night Raw. It’s the home to oh so many supposedly entertaining, supposedly great superstars.

This man scratches his chin.

?: But do any of ‘em really have what I have? See I got an aura, I got a presence, I got a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to be looked upon as great.

The figure laughs slightly.

?: You might think, wow this guy’s a bit full o’ himself and let me tell ya, you couldn’t be more right. I can talk the talk, oh yeah, make no mistake about it but folks believe me, I can sure as hell walk the walk too.

The man stands up and begins to pace around the room.

?: I’m tired of watching my television week after week and having to watch guys who are nowhere near my level of ability. Be it inside the ring, beatin’ the livin’ crap outta people or be it outside the ring, makin' people listen to what I gotta say.

The man then reveals a microphone.

?: This right here. This has a certain power about it that some people don’t seem to realise in the WWE. When you take one of these in your hand, you open your mouth and begin to talk, you better grab people’s attention or they ain’t gonna give a damn about you. Oh no no no.

The man looks the microphone up and down.

?: When I pick one of these up, when I open my mouth and begin to talk, people listen. I grab people’s attention, I make people stand up and TAKE NOTICE. And when I’m inside the ring? It’s the same damn story, I entertain, people are on the very edge of their seats to watch ME.

He tosses the microphone around before continuing.

?:I’m comin’ to Raw really soon and believe me, I ain’t comin’ to take a back seat, to bide my time letting WASTES OF SPACE STEAL MY SPOTLIGHT. I’m comin’ to make a name for myself, I’m comin’ to get EVERYBODY’S attention and I’m comin’ to give the WWE a whole new lease o’ freakin’ life.

The man pauses before taking a deep breath.

?: Monday Night Raw ain‘t gonna be so predictable anymore. And the man to give you that sense of excitement again, that sense of urgency, that sense of unpredictability is yours truly…MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNEDYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.

This Kennedy stops and pauses, looking high up at the sky, microphone still up by his mouth.


Kennedy then drops the mic as we fade off.

We then return back ringside to hear…

‘Sexy Boy’

The music of HBK hits to a massive pop as the Showstopper steps out strutting his stuff, ready for a career defining night here in Las Vegas

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentleman you might wanna buckle up for this one. Shawn Michaels is puttin’ his career virtually on the line tonight. Shawn Michaels does not know who he’ll be facin’ here tonight, all the Showstopper knows is that he needs to be walkin’ out victorious otherwise he becomes the property of Eric Bischoff. Yes I said the property of our General Manager. A horrifying prospect in store here tonight.

The Coach: Horrifying? Are you kiddin’ me? It is an incredible prospect J.R. Can you imagine how great it would be to see Shawn Michaels have to stand in line and take orders for once in his freakin’ life from Eric Bischoff no less? That ain’t nothing’ but BEAUTIFUL J.R.

Jim Ross: I would wish that upon no man Coach. Not even you. Eric Bischoff is a piece of garbage and Shawn Michaels knows it. If Michaels can come out victorious he will get what Eric Bischoff has denied him over recent weeks and that is a World title opportunity. It really is win or bust for the Heartbreak Kid tonight.

Michaels paces around the ring momentarily before…

‘I’m Back’

The Raw GM’s music hits to instant heat as out steps Eric Bischoff, grinning from ear to ear as he heads down the ramp

Jim Ross: You can tell by the smile on the face of Eric Bischoff just how confident he is here tonight that Shawn Michaels career is gonna be in the palm of his hands come the end of Vengeance tonight. I have absolutely NO idea who Bischoff has got lined up here tonight but I do know that it ain’t gonna be easy for Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: Eric Bischoff as much as you don’t like him J.R is one of the most intelligent guys I’ve ever met. This man ALWAYS has something up his sleeve and you’ve gotta believe the same here tonight. The boss is gonna pull it off big time J.R, I can feel it!

Bischoff has a mic in hand and waits at the bottom of the ramp, still grinning whilst looking Michaels up and down.

Eric Bischoff: Moment of truth huh Shawn?

Bischoff laughs as Michaels has a stern look on his face.

Eric Bischoff: I guess you’re wondering just who it is you’re gonna be facing here tonight? I guess you are ALL wondering who it is Shawn Michaels will be facing tonight right?

Bischoff spreads his arms and looks around the arena with the anticipation building.

Eric Bischoff: Well the wait is OVER Shawn and just like the wait, your career Shawn, it’s over too.

Bischoff smiles broadly as the crowd drowns him in heat.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight you lose your career to ME. You will lose it all Shawn and the man who is gonna do it? Well he’s not here for me, he’s not here to do my dirty work. He’s here because he wants to make a STATEMENT, he wants to make an IMPACT, he wants to SEE YOU SUFFER, JUST AS MUCH AS I DO SHAWN!!

Heat once more for the GM.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and gentleman, without any further adue, please let me welcome the man who is going to not only beat Shawn Michaels, but the man who is going to DESTORY Shawn Michaels here tonight in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bischoff is still siling as the crowd waits patiently. Bischoff is still at the bottom of the ramp, twisting his head to look up the ramp before we finally hear…………….


Jim Ross: JESUS!!

After J.R‘s moment of fear..

‘Slow Chemical’

A large mixed reaction fills the Thomas&Mack Center as the music of the Big Red Machine hits and we see KANE heading down the ramp, with an evil look on his face as the camera pans to see a determined looking, slightly worried looking Shawn Michaels before we see Eric Bischoff laughing his head off as Kane walks straight past him towards the ring

The Coach: YES!! Eric Bischoff has PULLED IT OUT THE BAG J.R!! Shawn Michaels can kiss his career goodbye!! Kane is here!! Kane is back and he’s gonna FINISH OFF the Heartbreak Kid!!

Jim Ross: THE BIG RED MACHINE HAS RETURNED!! And he’s bringing hell, fire and brimstone with him, good gawd!! Eric Bischoff has INDEED pulled it outta the bag here tonight. We haven’t seen Kane since Backlash and you can only wonder how Eric Bischoff has convinced Kane to return here tonight and you can only wonder why Kane has come back.

The Coach: What do ya mean how? He’s Eric Bischoff J.R, he can pull off anything!! But I haven’t got a damn clue why Kane wanted to come back and quite frankly J.R I don’t care as long as he ENDS Shawn Michaels tonight! I wanna go get me some popcorn cowboy, this one’s gonna get real ugly!!

Shawn Michaels vs. Kane
(If Shawn Michaels wins he gets a World title shot; If Shawn Michaels loses, he becomes the property of Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff)

Kane immediately heads after HBK who in his usual nature doesn’t back down and the two men lock up as Eric Bischoff looks on ringside, still beaming at the fact he’s got Kane here tonight. The Big Red Machine overpowers Shawn in the lock up and forces Michaels back before the grip is broken and Kane nails Michaels with a big uppercut, sending Michaels back again as he tries to back away even furthermore from the oncoming monster. Kane stalks Michaels who is on his toes and Michaels steps forward and nails the big man with a series of fast right hands, trying to catch him off guard and it works as Kane is forced back. Michaels now with an Irish whip, Kane comes off the ropes, goes for a clothesline, Michaels ducks it and runs the ropes, flies at Kane but is met with a huge uppercut sending the Showstopper down!!

Kane holds his lip, clearly a bit shaken after Michaels little onslaught but the Big Red Machine soon turns right back after Michaels, bringing him to his feet and ferociously whipping Michaels into the turnbuckle before charging right at him and knocking all the wind out of him with a massive clothesline!! Michaels falls forward right back into Kane’s path as the seven footer drops Michaels with a hard scoop slam. Kane’s onslaught continues as he bounces off the ropes and drops Michaels with a huge leg drop!! Cover from Kane..



Shoulder up from the Showstopper as Eric Bischoff, still on looking, grits his teeth in annoyance that Michaels stays in this contest. Kane gets right back up bringing Michaels with him and delivers a knee right into the gut of Michaels, followed by another before the Big Red Machine takes Michaels over to the turnbuckle and smashes his head, face first into the turnbuckle as Michaels drops to the mat once again with Kane building some momentum here. The Seven footer decides to really look and finish this off quickly here as he heads to the top rope! Kane slowly as you’d expect, climbs up high as HBK steadily gets to his feet, Michaels turns around, FLYING CLOTHESLINE FROM THE TOP!! MICHAELS DUCKS IT AND KANE GOES TUMBLING!!

A nice pop greets that as Michaels is now on the front foot. He takes a second to catch his breath before heading after the big man. Michaels brings him to his feet, Irish whip, Kane rebounds right into the point of Michaels’ left elbow, sending him down to the mat. Michaels goes for a surprise cover..


Shoulder up at one from Kane as Michaels grabs the back of the monster’s neck and brings him upright. Michaels hoists Kane up, looking for a suplex, CONNECTS!! Michaels scurries over, looking for another cover here, desperate to put away the big man..



Closer this time but still to no avail as Kane kicks out at two. J.R talks about why Michaels is trying to finish this at every chance he gets, knowing that his career is virtually on the line here tonight, he must win this match or else HBK’s future looks incredibly bleak here in the WWE. Michaels now heads up to the top rope with Kane looking in a world of trouble here. Michaels looks around the crowd who pop like crazy for the Showstopper but Michaels gets down again?? He gets down because Eric Bischoff is on the apron, trying to get the referee’s attention, which he does. Michaels heads over to Bischoff who immediately flees as soon as he sees his recent adversary heading his way. But Bischoff can’t get away that easy as Michaels heads to the outside after him!! The crowd start a ‘HBK’ chant as Michaels circles the ring with Bischoff running for his life but it comes to nothing as Michaels grabs Bischoff by the back of his jacket!! Bischoff pleads with Shawn not to do anything to him but Michaels clenches his fist, pulls it back, BAM!! MICHAELS IS KNOCKED DOWN BY KANE!!

The returning monster is now on the outside and has sent HBK flying as Bischoff straightens up his jacket, looking a very relieved man as Kane now looks to regain control in this match up. The big man brings Michaels to his feet before smashing him with a right hand, followed by another as Michaels is placed on the back foot. Kane now grabs the back of Michaels head before heading over towards the barricade. The fans close to the superstars shout abuse at Kane as he SMASHES Michaels head off the barricade as he bounces back, holding his nose in clear pain. Michaels then spins back around right into the path of the monster who drops him with a big boot!! Kane then lets out a sly grin before laughing slowly to himself as Coach proclaims just how brilliant this is to watch.

Kane brings the Showstopper back up to his feet before tossing him inside the ring and following right behind. Michaels has no chance at bringing himself back into this right now as Kane is on him instantly bringing him back up to his feet, the monster then laughed at Michaels before lifting him up from the side and waiting for a couple of moments, showing all his strength as the crowd booed him, Eric Bischoff applauding however and Kane then dropped Michaels with a hard looking sidewalk slam. Into the cover by Kane..



Michaels kicks out much to the crowd’s relief as Kane wipes his forehead and takes a second, thinking about what his next move will be. We then get a clear indication of exactly what that will be as Kane raises his arm in the air, signalling for a choke slam as Michaels begins to stir. Mr.Wrestlemania starts to make his way to his feet as the crowd try and will him not to turn around. Michaels is now upright and a little lost as he turns around and Kane locks his hand around the throat of Michaels!! Kane looks intensely at his opponent before lifting him up but Michaels fights with all he’s got!! Michaels delivers an elbow to the temple, followed by another and he manages to break free of Kane’s grip!! Kane is now down as Michaels delivers a right hand and another before he whips the big man across the ring, Michaels runs to the opposite side and flies at Kane, taking him down with a massive leaping shoulder block and MICHAELS NIPS UP!!

The Showstopper now building some momentum here as he heads to the corner and Michaels begins to tune up the band!! The crowd rise to their feet as they get ready for Michaels to end this. Kane isn’t too sure where he is as he starts to surface while Michaels continues to work the crowd up here. Kane to his knees now, starts to find his feet, he’s up, turns around, BAM!! SWEET CHIN MUSIC CONNECTS!! MICHAELS INTO THE COVER!!




MICHAELS DID IT!! NO!! THE REFEREE SEES KANE’S FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!! ERIC BISCHOFF PUT KANE’S FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!! Bischoff begins to let out a huge smirk as the crowd shits all over him. Michaels can’t believe it and has his head in his hands, asking the referee how before pointing at Bischoff but the referee is having none of it, saying he didn’t see as Michaels wonders just what he has to do here. Michaels and Bischoff then lock eyes as Bischoff sarcastically waves at Michaels who is looking infuriated and rightly so. Michaels continues to assess his options and decides to wait and allow Kane to get back up to his feet before making his next move.

Kane gets back up and is met with a knife edge chop from Michaels. The chop is met with a typical ‘Wooo’ from the crowd as Michaels continues with a series of chops right across the chest of Kane who is forced back towards the turnbuckle. Michaels now begins to stomp into the mid section of the big man, forcing him down before delivering a knee right to the head of his opponent. Michaels draws him up to his feet before whipping him to the opposite turnbuckle. Michaels charges right at him but he’s met with a BIG UPPERCUT SENDING HIM BACK! Michaels spins around, Kane charges at him but Michaels catches him and connects with an atomic drop! Kane looks in trouble here, Michaels charges at him but Kane with a back body drop, Michaels though catches Kane with a SUNSET FLIP!!



Shoulder up at the death from Kane!! Eric Bischoff again breathes a HUGE sigh of relief as Kane stays in this thing to keep Bischoff’s chances alive. Michaels now heads up to the top rope as he points in Eric Bischoff’s direction, mouthing something along the lines of ‘This for you’. Michaels positions himself up top as Kane looks out of it here, MICHAELS FLIES!! BUT KANE WAS PLAYING POSSUM!! KANE SEES HIM COMING, CATCHES HIM BY THE THROAT!! CHOKESLAM!! CHOKESLAM TO MICHAELS!! COVER..




NO!! MICHAELS SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY KICKS OUT TO A HUGE ROAR FROM THE CROWD. Kane looks in disbelief before the camera cuts to Bischoff who looks distraught saying ‘What?’ to himself over and over again, head in his hands as Kane fails to put away the Showstopper. Bischoff then pounds the mat, calling Kane over before telling the big man to finish the job off this time. Kane heads over menacingly to Michaels who’s still down, goes to bring him up to his feet but Michaels catches him with a roll up!!



Kick out by Kane this time!! The crowd sighs as they thought Michaels caught the monster off guard there. Both men begin to get to their feet as this contest seems to closing here. Michaels with a right hand, Kane responds but Michaels is too fast, delivering right after right before looking for a clothesline, Kane ducks it, spins round, Michaels takes him down at the legs and locks in a SHARPSHOOTER!! MICHAELS LOCKS THE SUBMISSION IN AND KANE HAS NOWHERE TO GO!! Michaels’s face paints a picture as he puts all his heart into this, knowing what’s at stake here. Kane is writhing in agony as his hand falls down, he’s oh so close to tapping here. He wriggles, reaches for the ropes, clawing out desperately but Michaels drags him further into the middle of the ring as it looks set to end in defeat on the monster’s return BUT WAIT!! ERIC BSICHOFF AGAIN ON THE APRON!! Bischoff diverts the referee’s attention yet again but Michaels doesn’t see it. Michaels keeps the hold locked in but out of the corner of his eye catches Bischoff. Michaels lets go of the hold and heads slowly towards Bischoff who is still on the apron. The referee tries to get Bischoff down but he’s having none of it as Michaels heads over and tells Bischoff to get down. Bischoff doesn’t budge and Michaels sighs before saying ‘I warned ya Eric’ and MICHAELS DROPS THE GM WITH A RIGHT HAND!! Bischoff is sent spiralling as Michaels cuts a smile looking down at the fallen GM. Michaels turns back around to head back to work on Kane but he’s GRIPPED ROUND THE THROAT!! KANE IS BACK UP AND KANE HAS MICHAELS SET!! CHOKESLAM!! SECOND CHOKESLAM TO HBK!! Cover..




It’s over!!

Winner: Kane(13:09)

Jim Ross: I..I’m in shock folks.

The Coach: THAT’S IT J.R!! SHAWN MICHAELS IS DONE!! Eric Bischoff has his wish and there ain’t a DAMN THING anybody can do about it.

Jim Ross: Look at the expression on Shawn Michaels face. The realisation that tonight could well be the end of his long, illustrious career. Have Eric Bischoff and Kane done the unthinkable here? Have they finished Shawn Michaels off for good?

The Coach: Shawn Michaels is now the property of our General Manager J.R. I can’t tell you how good this is gonna be. No more Showstopper, no more Heartbreak Kid, the only heart broken J.R is Shawn Michaels haha!

Michaels gets up and looks around the ring and the arena, looking crushed, almost in tears before he catches a glimpse of Eric Bischoff heading up to the top of the ramp, holding his jaw and ooking back absolutely elated, laughing at a crest fallen HBK here tonight as the arena applaud him and chant ‘HBK, HBK’ clearly wondering whether that may infact be the last time they see Shawn Michaels inside the ring.

We then head off into a look at Smackdown and their next PPV.

We then return and see a shot of Eric Bischoff heading towards a limo, looking absolutely delighted. Bischoff is about to step inside before Todd Grisham manages to catch up with him.

Todd Grisham: ERIC!! ERIC!! One second, we all just saw what happened in the Shawn Michaels-Kane match and we now know that Shawn Michaels is officially your property. How do you feel now safe in the knowledge that you hold the key to Shawn Michaels career?

Eric Bischoff: I am absolutely THRILLED with what just happened Todd. I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I’m feelin’ this very second but what I can tell you is that tonight is the night that Shawn Michaels career came to a fitting end.


Eric Bischoff: See Shawn Michaels doesn’t deserve to go out in a blaze of glory like so many seem to think. Shawn Michaels has and always will be a piece of dirt and people deserve to know that. A lot of folks don’t know who the real Shawn Michaels is but I do and there’s a lotta other guys in that locker room who do too.

Grisham looks taken aback.

Eric Bischoff: For years Shawn Michaels has been too focused on number one, everything has always been about him. Michaels has never cared about anybody but himself and these past few weeks, few months infact he’s decided that I learnt that. Shawn decided that he’d try and teach me a little lesson. He wanted Kurt Angle, he wanted the World title, I didn’t just cave in like so many others do to his demands. No.

Bischoff looks pissed.

Eric Bischoff: I put my foot down and I let him know who’s boss. What did Shawn do in response to that? He super kicked my head off on more than one occasion. That is NOT how you treat somebody around here, I deserve respect and a lot of guys in the back deserve respect but Shawn Michaels doesn’t give it to me and he doesn’t give it to them Todd.

Bischoff pauses before continuing.

Eric Bischoff: Now though? After what’s happened here tonight, after the outcome of that match, Shawn Michaels is gonna learn and he’s gonna learn the hard way. I control every aspect of the Heartbreak Kid now, everything he does is gonna be done on my watch and I mean everything. Anything I want, I now know that with Shawn on board and believe me, he is firmly on board cos there is NO WAY he can back outta this thing. Shawn tries to pull a fast one? Shawn tries to hurt me? He lay ONE finger on me and I will have him fired from this company, NEVER to be seen again.

Bischoff laughs slyly to strong boos.

Eric Bischoff: With Shawn on board I know that I can get whatever it is I desire and what I desire Todd is total control of this show. There are other guys back there who’ve much like Shawn, they’ve disrespected me, they’ve made an enemy of me in the past, be it last week, be it last year, they have crossed me. So just as I’ve done with Shawn Michaels, I’m gonna do the exact same thing to each and every one of them until the entire Monday Night Raw locker room gives me the respect that I DESERVE!

Bischoff steps inside the limo now to heat as ever with Grisham pulling away before the camera then swivels and we see SHAWN MICHAELS appear into shot!!

Jim Ross: Oh no, you gotta be kiddin’ me?!?

Michaels has two bags in hand and slowly wanders towards the limo, looking completely down and depressed with the situation he’s in. Bischoff then winds the window down..

Eric Bischoff: Come on Shawn, I got places to go, people to see buddy.

We see another dejected look on Michaels face before a horrified look on Grisham’s face.

Eric Bischoff: You think this is bad? Oh Shawn, believe me, you ain’t seen nothing’ yet ha ha.

Bischoff winds the window back up as Michaels gets inside the limo, joining the General Manager with the arena going eerily quiet, clearly in shock at what they’re seeing. The limo then sets off as we head back ringside and join J.R and Coach with J.R looking lost for words.

Jim Ross: In all my years of broadcasting I’ve never quite felt how I’m feelin’ tight now knowing that the career of someone as great as Shawn Michaels may have come to an end at the hands of a man like Eric Bischoff. Makes me absolutely sick to my stomach and I can only hope and pray that Shawn Michaels somehow finds a way outta all this.

The Coach: There ain’t a way out J.R. Eric Bischoff said it himself, if Michaels even thinks about getting outta this, then he’s DONE in the WWE, there’ll be no coming back and Shawn Michaels cannot stay away. He just can’t, it’s what he lives for J.R.

Jim Ross: Well you’re right on that one Coach but I just don’t know quite how much Shawn Michaels is gonna be able to take from our General Manager.

‘Just Close Your Eyes’

The mood changes instantly as Christian steps out to loud heat, accompanied by Tomko as he gets set for a defining night in his career here tonight

The Coach: Well you can forget ALL about Shawn Michaels now J.R. cos the time has come baby!! Captain Charisma is here and he’s about to take the trash out ha ha. This night is just gonna get better and better. Christian’s takin’ the torch tonight old timer, make no mistake about it.

Jim Ross: Well indeed it’s a huge opportunity for Christian here tonight. Christian has been hell bent on getting this match up with Ric Flair ever since Backlash and he finally gets his wish tonight but after what he’s done to Flair in recent weeks, Christian may well regret ever wanting to get involved with the Nature Boy. Ric Flair’s gonna bring it tonight.


‘Also Sprach Zarathrusta’

The arena reupts as the Nature Boy steps out, strutting his stuff down to the ring, milking the applause as Christian and Tomko look in intently.

Jim Ross: Sixteen times Ric Flair has reached the very top of the mountain. He is one of, if not the greatest performer there’s ever been and he’s comin’ here tonight to teach Christian exactly why he’s the man and to teach Christian exactly what it takes to be the man.

The Coach: Well he ain’t gonna pull it off. Flair USED to be the man, no doubt but Christian’s been sayin’ it for weeks, for MONTHS now, Flair is done around here, finished, no more Ric Flair. It’s time for him to step aside, hand the torch over to Captain Charisma and allow him to be the new man that brings upon us a new era.

Jim Ross: Believe me Coach, Ric Flair is far from finished around here and you can bet your ass he’s gonna show exactly why here tonight. This one is gonna be a slobber knocker.

Ric Flair vs. Christian w/Tomko
The crowd immediately start the inevitable ‘Wooos’ as Flair lets out a wry smile and the two men circle the ring with Christian having an intense look on his face as Flair then locks eyes with the young Canadian and his face turns to intensity also. Flair goes after Christian but he heads to the ropes immediately, not wanting anything to do with Flair just yet. Christian steps back inside slowly, clearly wary of Naitch in the early going. Flair allows Christian back inside before heading right back on him but again Christian puts one leg through the ropes and the referee forces Flair back. Flair begins to argue with the official before Christian right on cue steps back in and delivers a cheap shot to Flair, sending him back before Christian starts to unload with a series of right hands. Irish whip from CC before he takes down Flair with a shoulder block as Christian then ‘Wooos’ to the crowd which instantly draws him strong heat.

Christian takes a moment before bringing Flair up to his feet and Christian immediately begins to hammer away with some knees to the gut of Flair, looking to knock the wind out of him early on in this contest. Captain Charisma then strolled towards the turnbuckle, holding Flair by the back of the neck before smashing Flair face first off the turnbuckle as Flair falls to the mat and Christian establishes an early dominance. Surprisingly Christian goes for an early cover..


Shoulder up at one and a half as Christian smiles slyly, knowing that wasn’t really gonna get the job done. Christian then locks Flair into a headlock as the veteran tries to begin making it to his feet. Flair gets upright with Christian still locking him in but Flair manages to break free, only for Christian to shove Naitch forward, Flair bounds into the ropes and comes right back at Christian who swings but misses and Flair spins him round, WOOO, stinging knife edge chop to Christian! Flair continues with chop after chop as the crowd in Vegas eat it up with Christian being forced back towards the turnbuckle. Flair lets out one loud ‘Woooo’ before delivering a final chop to the red raw chest of Christian who looks in real pain here.

Flair now pulls Christian into him before taking him down with a big clothesline as Naitch now looks to take control of things. Flair lets out another ‘Wooo’ before bringing Christian up to his feet, Irish whip followed by a nice reverse elbow from Flair, sending Christian spiralling as we see a shot of Tomko on the outside looking slightly worried here. Flair allows Christian to get up to his feet before taking him down with a chop block, focusing on the left leg of his opponent as Flair continues to work away with another couple of chop blocks before Christian is finally taken down to his knees again before Flair picks Christian back up from behind and connects with a belly to back suplex!! Christian in real trouble here as Flair hurries over for a cover…



Near fall but Christian stays in this as Flair takes a quick breather, perching himself on the outside before he once again heads to his opponent but he’s met with a right hand to the mid section as CC makes his way back upright. Flair now winded is on the backfoot as Christian connects with another right hand before a kick to the mid section before whipping Flair into the ropes, Flair comes right back and Christian connects with a big back body drop as Flair crashes and burns. Christian doesn’t relent though and heads over to Flair before unleashing on the Nature Boy with a series of stomps to the chest and gut as Christian looks to punish his rival. The former Intercontinental champion now gets on top of Flair and begins hammering away with strong right hands as the referee pleads with him to stop. Christian gets to the count of 4 before finally letting up but he adds a kick right to the face for good measure as the crowd boos his actions.

Christian pats his chest before looking round the crowd for all his peeps with the odd person cheering but most continuing to boo. Christian then perches himself on the top rope, just sitting and waiting as Flair regroups and gets to his feet. Christian now stands on top as Flair turns around and is met with the sight of Christian coming down and taking him down with a flying clothesline!! Flair goes tumbling, as does Christian who is immediately back up and heads over to Flair and into the cover..




Flair just gets the shoulder up much to Christian’s annoyance as Tomko slams his fist on the mat, cutting a frustrated figure on the outside. Christian sits up and looks less than impressed that he couldn’t get the win there also before he gets up to his feet and kicks Flair in the face before repeating again as the referee tells Christian he’s on thin ice as CC takes out his frustration. Christian now brings Flair back up to his feet with the 16 time World champion looking in real trouble right now as Christian lays into Naitch with some right hands before a strong forearm right across the nose. Irish whip from Christian, Flair comes back off the ropes, Christian goes for a back body drop but Flair manages to stop himself, falls to his knees and punches Christian right across the face!! Big pop from the Vegas crowd as Flair looks to turn the tables here. Christian spins round, clutching his face as Flair grabs the tights from behind, into the cover!!




HE GOT HIM!! NO!! Christian just gets the shoulder up as the crowd cheers, thinking it’s over but the cheers soon die down as they realise Flair didn’t quite the job done there. Flair is right back at it though and brings Captain Charisma up before laying into him with a couple more of his infamous chops. Christian holds his chest, still feeling the effects from the earlier chops, let alone these ones as Flair pushes him back towards the turnbuckle. Flair now with an Irish whip, Christian counters it though and whips Flair to the opposite turnbuckle, Flair bounces back into the oncoming Christian who connects with a kick to the mid section, spins Flair round, UNPRETTIER TIME!! Christian looks for it but Flair counters!! Flair manages to get out of it and turn himself around, pushes Christian into the ropes, Christian bounces back, Flair rolls him up again!! Cover.. NO!! CHRISTIAN MANAGES TO DRAW HIMSELF UP AND OUT OF IT, BEFORE A SUNSET FLIP!! COVER ON FLAIR..



Flair just kicks out as this match takes yet another twist. It’s Christian’s turn this time to be frustrated as the crowd begins to cheer, thrilled that Flair managed to survive. Christian takes a second to think about his next move as Flair gets up to his feet also and he’s met with a right hand from CC who then knees Flair in the gut before tossing Flair through the ropes and onto the outside with Flair taking a heavy fall. Christian follows after him with the fans in the first few rows all on their feet, excited by the two superstars doing their thing right in front of them. Flair is crawling on his knees and looking to get to his feet but Christian doesn’t allow it, delivering a strong kick to the ribs of Flair who yells out in pain before collapsing to the mat again as Christian then stomps away at the chest of Flair to heat from the fans before yelling out ‘It’s MY time to shine’, drawing himself even more heat. Christian then picks up Flair who looks in some discomfort before looking to whip the Nature Boy into the ringpost but Flair counters it and sends Christian flying face first into the ringpost!! The fans go wild as Christian is sent tumbling, clutching his face with Flair stumbling across towards him, still holding his chest from those stomps.

Flair brings Christian up to his feet, tossing his rival back inside the ring at the count of 7 as Flair is wary of the countout here. Flair goes to follow him but we then see Tomko come into shot. Tomko walks towards Naitch who sees the big man out the corner of his eye. Naitch hesitates getting into the ring as the count reaches 8 and Tomko gets closer and closer before holding his arms out and he’s met with a right hand from Flair!! Tomko is sent crashing by Flair who lets out a ‘Wooo’ and heads into the ring back after Christian. Captain Charisma is up though and pounces on Flair, before hammering away with right hands, Christian brings Flair up, Irish whip, Flair comes bouncing back, kick to the mid section, DDT from Christian, HUGE DDT!! Cover..



3.. NO!!

Flair just about stays in this as Christian looks a broken man, looking lost here as he fails again to put away Flair. Christian holds his head in his hands before slowly making it to his feet, Flair begins to surface and Christian waits for the veteran to get back to his feet. Flair slowly rises and Christian is quick to strike, goes for the Unprettier, Flair though reverses it, spins Christian round, goes for a scoop slam but Christian slides down Flair’s back, spins Flair round, kick to the mid section, Irish whip, reversal from Flair as Christian goes flying, rebounds off the tunbuckle, Flair with a takedown. Flair goes for the legs of CC, FIGURE FOUR TIME!! FLAIR LOOKS TO GET IN THE FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK!! Christian fights it, using his leg strength to try and get him out of it but it’s no use as FLAIR LOCKS IT IN!!

The crowd goes wild as Flair locks it in and both men show their emotions as Flair yells out, clearly using all his effort to finish this here whilst Christian yells out in pain, his hand high in the sky, all about to tap. J.R. is going wild on commentary, ‘CHRISTIAN’S GONNA TAP!!’ Coach pleads with Christian not to as Flair goes hard for this to end. Christian’s about to go but then we see TOMKO! Christian’s problem solver is back up after Flair’s sucker punch and he gets on the apron. The referee sees him and tries to stop him entering the ring, we then see Flair let go of the hold and allow Christian free as he clutches his left leg. Flair gets up to his feet and looks intensely at Tomko before SPRINTING at Tomko and Flair launches for him but Tomko drops to the outside as the two exchange strong words and the referee looks to keep the two men apart. We see that Christian is up now, using the ropes for leverage as Flair and Tomko exchange more words before the big problem solver gets back up on the apron, distracts the referee once again as Flair turns around back to Christian, LOW BLOW!! Flair is caught by Christian with a sickening low blow, spins Flair round, UNPRETTIER CONNECTS!! Cover by Christian…





Winner: Christian(15:33)


Jim Ross: He needed Tomko to do it though Coach!! Christian got lucky here tonight damn it! What about the low blow for god sake?!

The Coach: Where’s that torch huh? Where is it? Cos we need to pass it to Christian right about now.

Jim Ross: Aw, c’mon Coach. Ric Flair proved here tonight that he is FAR from done around here. If it weren’t for Tomko and Christian’s shenanigans, Flair would be walkin’ outta Las Vegas havin’ taught Christian a lesson tonight. Christian’s not earned the right to take the torch from Ric Flair.

Christian and Tomko back up the ramp with Christian patting his chest before looking to his peeps and smiling at a watching Ric Flair who is on his knees inside the ring looking up at the duo, clearly angered by what’s gone down here tonight as we head off to the back and rejoin Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentleman, please welcome my guest at this time, he is the Game, Triple H.

Trips enters the shot, not looking in any mood for Grisham’s nonsense tonight.

Todd Grisham: Triple H, I have to ask you, after being defeated by Batista at Wrestlemania, what kinda strategy do you have in mind here tonight to make sure lightning doesn‘t strike twice?

Triple H: My strategy tonight is the same damn strategy I use each and every time I step inside that ring. Go out there and kick somebody’s ass. Tonight I’m gonna do exactly that to Dave Batista.

Heat already.

Triple H: I don’t need to do anything more or do anything differently to what I usually do. I’ve said it ever since Wrestlemania, Batista is nothing but a fluke champion. He is holding my World title and everybody knows that I’m not gonna stop at anything here tonight to get that back where it belongs.

Todd Grisham: But uh, Batista did beat you at Wrestlemania. You must have something different lined up to ensure there’s no repeat of that?

Trips looks furious with Grisham’s question.

Triple H: You really do like puttin’ your foot in your mouth don’t ya Grisham? I told ya alright, I got nothing different lined up here tonight except what I do night after night inside that ring and that is kick people’s asses and prove to everybody exactly why I am that damn good. Tonight Batista is gonna find out first hand exactly why people call me that.

Trips takes a sip of water before continuing.

Triple H: I’ve been telling’ everybody for weeks now, this issue with me and Batista isn’t gonna go down as that one night, that one battle at Wrestlemania. It is gonna go down as a whole lot more. It’s gonna go down as personal, as brutal, and as a ..flat ..out.. war.

Small pop.

Triple H: And just like I’ve been telling everybody about the war, I’ve been telling everybody that when there is a war in the WWE, when I enter a war zone, there is going to be only one winner. Two men will step foot inside that war zone, only one will come out on top. The other? Well the other goes home with their pride and their ego as well as their body, being bruised and beaten.

Trips looks intense here.

Triple H: The number of wars I’ve been in over the years I’ve lost count of, really I have. How many has Batista been in Todd huh?

Grisham doesn’t respond.

Triple H: Right, exactly right. He’s not been in a single damn one of ‘em. I on the other hand have been in wars with the very best of the best in this business. You name ‘em, I’ve faced ‘em but here’s where Batista really needs to learn. I may’ve been in a lotta wars over the years but facts are, I haven’t just been involved in them, I have come out on top in all of ‘em, I have won those wars over and over again because I ALWAYS find a way.

Heat for the Game.

Triple H: Tonight, Batista will learn the hard way, he’ll learn exactly why I am the Game, why I’m the Cerebral Assassin and why I am the ten.. time World champion . Batista may wanna talk about his defining night at Wrestlemania, about how much that World title means to him but when it comes down to it, I gotta question just how much does it really mean to Dave Batista? Tonight, I’m pretty damn sure we’ll find that answer out. And when I leave Las Vegas tonight with the World title back around my waist, I’m not gonna be afraid to say to you, to say to all these people and to say to Batista himself, I told ya so, because I will, like I always do, I will find a way and I will..win the war.

The Game walks off drinking his water with Grisham looking on cluelessly as we head back ringside and Coach and J.R. run down the events that have transpired already here tonight, including the shocking Shawn Michaels defeat, the Women’s championship changing hands, the win for Christian over Ric Flair, Y2J defeating Edge as well as the Dudley Boyz and Muhammad Hassan retaining their titles with Mark Jindrak also slaying the giant. We then hear the oh so familiar……

‘Time to play the Game’

The music of Triple H hits and out comes the Cerebral Assassin to resounding heat as he looks to try and win back the World title here tonight

Jim Ross: Well we heard just moments ago from this man, Triple H and there is no doubting Coach that tonight is as big as they come for the Game. He has described this as war between himself and Dave Batista, tonight we see once and for all just who the winner of this whole thing truly is.

The Coach: There’s only gonna be one winner J.R and you’re lookin’ at him. The TEN, count ‘em, TEN timw World champion is gonna be leavin’ this building with number eleven. Batista doesn’t know what he’s in for tonight, Triple H will prove what I’ve thought all along, Wrestlemania was a fluke and tonight the king goes back on his throne.

‘I Walk Alone’

The music of the World champion hits to a massive ovation as out charges Batista, roaring to the crowd as they gear themselves up for this huge contest

Jim Ross: Batista has been a fighting champion ever since Wrestlemania, taking on all comers, taking HUGE pride in being the World champion and tonight, lord knows Batista ain’t gonna back down from Triple H. This has been about as personal as they come for Batista and he wants to put Triple H’s championship quest firmly to an end here tonight. These two men were one time friends, partners, Triple H was a mentor to Batista but now? Now they despise one another, Batista hates the guts of Triple H. Look at the emotion on the face of Dave Batista, Coach.

We see a shot of Batista heading up the steps looking fiercely at Trips inside the ring.

The Coach: The hatred is mutual though J.R. Every ounce of hate inside Batista, Triple H feels the damn same way and you can tell that this one’s gonna be real ugly. The World Heavyweight title is ALL Triple H wants in life, it’s all Batista wants, somebody’s leavin’ here tonight without getting what they want and if I were a betting man J.R, which I am, I’d bet it’s Batista.

World Heavyweight Championship:

Batista© vs. Triple H
There’s electricity in the air as the fans are hyped for this big showdown as Tista and Trips circle the ring slowly following the bell and Trips stretches his arms, tilting his head getting into the zone as Batista jogs slowly on the spot and the looks on both men’s faces tell a story with the fire in their eyes clear to see. A ‘Batista’ chant starts up as the two continue locking eyes before both finally make a move and the two men lock up in the middle of the ring. Both men show their strength as they take turns to force the other back before the hold is broken and it’s the number one contender who begins to get into the ascendancy, delivering some strong right hands to the champion. Trips puts Tista on the back foot but the Animal fights back with some rights of his own which now send the Game aback.

Batista is now in control and delivers an Irish whip to his long time rival, Trips comes back at him and Batista knocks him down with a strong shoulder block as the crowd cheer and Batista brings the ten time champion back to his feet. Tista throws a right hand before whipping Trips into the turnbuckle and Trips rebounds hard as Batista comes flying into him with a strong clothesline! Trips has the wind knocked out of him as Batista begins to stomp away at his opponent in the corner as he holds a strong advantage here early on. Tista puts Trips more upright now before delivering some huge shoulders into the gut of Trips who is really feeling the effects in the early going here from the champion, using all his size and power to perfection here.

Batista takes a second though as the referee speaks calmly to him, clearly unhappy with something and that split second throws Batista off guard as Trips nails a kick to the mid section before a right hand and Hunter turns the tables, throwing Batista now into the corner as the Game begins to unload with right hands, before some stomps of his own as this contest is so far, very evenly poised. Trips sends Batista across the ring with an Irish whip, Batista smashes hard against the turnbuckle as he’s met with an oncoming Trips but Batista uses Trips momentum and back body drops the Game over the ropes and onto the outside, taking a heavy landing!!

Triple H looks to be in some discomfort here as he holds his right knee, landing sickeningly as some fans seem quite concerned this could be a legit injury. Trips writhes in pain as Batista takes a moment inside the ring before steadying himself and heading to the outside also. Tista brings Hunter to his feet as Trips looks to be struggling for balance with that knee injury and Batista lines his rival up before laying him out with a thunderous clothesline, almost taking Triple H’s head off!! The fans give a loud roar as Batista yells ‘C’mon’ before immediately bringing the Game back up again, looking to inflict as much as pain as possible on his former mentor.

Tista nails Trips with a knee to the gut before looking to whip him across and into the ringpost but Triple H counters it and reverses Batista into the post!! The Animal goes face first into the steel as he crashes to the floor with Trips falling also, clearly rattled still but that landing and the referee’s count reaches 6 and a half. Triple H, knowing he can’t win the title via countout, scurries over to Batista, bringing the big man to his feet before tossing him back inside the ring as he follows suit at the count of 8. Trips looks to go for a cover surprisingly..



Shoulder up by the champion at two, much to the relief of the fans as Trips looks to mouth ‘Damn it’ before continuing to hobble slowly round the ring. Batista gets back to his knees before Trips wanders over towards him and he’s met with an elbow to the mid section as Tista tries to find some momentum. Batista, back to his feet, swings for the Game, ducks it, grabs Batista from the side and applies a side headlock on the champion as Trips uses all his experience here, looking to grind down the Animal. Batista grasps out for the ropes but Trips locks the hold in firmly, not wanting his stronger opponent to have any room to manoeuvre.

The fans looks to rally the champion and it slowly works as Tista manages to find some of his strength and power out of it, forcing Trips away, pushing him out and into the ropes. Trips rebounds and Batista goes for a clothesline attempt but Trips ducks it, spins Batista around, kick to the mid section, PEDIGREE TIME!! NO!! Batista delivers a huge back body drop to counter!! The Animal catches his breath for a second before picking the Game up and hoisting him onto his shoulders as the fans get on their feet. Tista signals for the crowd to rise as the champion takes a step back before delivering a HUGE RUNNING POWERSLAM!! Into the cover..




NO!! Trips just gets the shoulder up much to Batista’s dismay as he looks at the referee in a suggestive manner. Batista now appears to be the one frustrated as he sets himself in the corner, before locking eyes on his rival who is to his knees. Batista begins to jog on the spot as Trips slowly gets to his feet, still holding that right knee. Trips turns around, SPEAR!! SPEAR FROM BATISTA BUT NO!! TRIPLE H SEES IT COMING AND KICKS BATISTA IN THE GUT, DDT FROM THE GAME!! Slowly but surely Trips crawls towards Batista and rolls him over into the cover, is this the end?




Batista this time survives by the skin of his teeth as Triple H gets a near fall and the crowd cheer with both men now down and Batista seemingly out with Hunter struggling also. Trips is on his knees now, crawling around the ring, reaching out at the ropes to bring him back upright. Batista begins to stir and tries to sit up but struggles as Triple H is now up and sets his sights on the Animal again. Kick to the head of Batista, sending him straight down again as the Game begins to stomp away furthermore at the head of the champion before the referee gets involved and prevents Trips from continuing the attack.

Trips instead brings Batista to his feet and nails him with a right hand before whipping the Animal into the ropes, Batista though hangs on and holds himself up in the ropes as Trips comes charging at him and sends both he and Batista over the top rope and onto the outside!! Both men are down and out again as Trips once more clutches his right knee, still seeming to struggle with it while Batista holds the back of his neck after taking a hard landing there. Trips staggers getting up and Tista isn’t far behind him and the two trade right hands immediately and it’s the champion who gets the upper hand as his power serves him well and he forces Trips back before ramming the Game with his shoulders up against the ring as Trips lets out a cry in pain.

The Animal continues ramming Trips up against the ring before grabbing the left arm of the Game and bringing him away from the ring before whipping him shoulder first into the outside barricade!! Trips lands hard again as Batista’s punishment really seems to be taking its toll here and he roars to the crowd who get right behind the fan favourite. With the count now up to 8 though, Batista drags Trips up and tosses him inside the ring, getting under the bottom rope also at the count of 9. Batista rolls Trips over into the cover, thinking he’s done enough..



Kick out from the Game as Batista again looks frustrated. The Animal picks Trips up and delivers a firm right hand, followed by another before an Irish whip, Trips comes back, Batista goes for a back body drop but Trips stops himself and delivers a face buster to the Animal!! Tista’s face crashes off the knee of the Game who quickly turns the champion over into a cover..



3.. NO!!

Batista just finds enough to kick out as this contest takes another turn and it’s the number one contender who comes within a whisker from taking home the gold. Trips runs his hair through his hands as he gets to his feet, still clutching at that knee and as he goes sharply after Batista he crumbles again, holding that knee before wisely heading after Tista much slower this time. Trips brings him up before delivering a knee to the mid section, followed by another before using all his strength and hoisting the champion u before dropping him with a big time suplex!! The Animal lands hard as Trips opts not to go for a cover, instead continuing to look at picking apart his rival here.

Trips drops down and on top of Batista before grabbing the back of his neck, holding his head up before delivering some devastating right hands to Batista, yelling ‘I ALWAYS WIN THE WAR DAVE’. Trips then delivers a kick to the face as the fans pour heat on the ten time champion. Trips brings the Animal to his feet again, nailing a right hand before a kick to the gut as Trips looks to finish this off, PEDIGREE TIME!! Trips goes for it but Batista scoops him up and over his shoulder, dropping the number one contender!! Tista falls onto the ropes, clearly not 100% right here as he takes a second and Trips resurfaces. Batista though explodes with a HUGE clothesline, knocking the Game back down as the champion builds some steam here!

Batista waits for Trips to get back up before turning him round, kick to the mid section, BATISTABOMB TIME!! Batista hoists him up high in the sky but Trips strikes with some right hands, fighting desperately to avoid the finishing move and he manages it as he escapes and slides down the back of Batista, spins his rival round, kick to the gut, PEDIGREE!! PEDIGREE CONNECTS!! Trips crawls frantically over to Batista. Cover!!




HE GOT HIM!! NO!!! BATISTA KICKS OUT AT THE VERY LAST SECOND TO A HUGE POP!! Trips looks devastated as he sits up and stares a hole through the referee before holding his hand out with three fingers as if to say that was three. The referee says two before Trips shakes his head once again. Coach is going berserk on commentary, believing that we should have a new champion as J.R. plays up the heart and the guts of Batista to stay in this thing. Trips draws himself up, realising that he’s gotta go again here and find another way of finishing off the Animal.

Trips brings Batista up, before nailing him again with a right hand as he yells at Tista to stay down next time. But out of nowhere Batista responds with a right hand of his own! Batista looks completely dazed but he somehow finds some fight within him here but it’s short lived as Trips sends him down with a knee to the gut before a big clothesline. Trips then shouts something to the crowd who immediately boo him as the Game heads to the top rope?? J.R. sounds stunned on commentary as Trips resorts to desperate measures here to try and finish off Batista.

The Animal staggers to his feet and slowly turns around into the Game who soars off the top but he’s caught by Batista in mid air in a bear hug esque grip!! And Batista SLAMS Trips down with a HUGE spine buster!! The crowd comes alive as Trips high risk move fails to come off and Batista delivers a devastating spine buster as he crawls towards the lifeless Triple H. Rolls him over, into the cover…




The crowd lets out a shocked response as Triple H somehow survives and Batista looks up to the sky, clearly wondering what will put away his heated rival here tonight. Batista sits up and shakes his head before he puts his thumbs up to the crowd who begin to cheer, recognising what’s coming as Batista begins to shake the ropes before putting his thumbs down! Trips is to his knees, gets slowly, very slowly to his feet as he holds his knee still. Trips turns around, kick to the mid section, NO! Trips blocks it, he kicks Tista in the gut, Pedigree time again!! No!! Batista powers out of it!! Trips manages to stay on his feet, falls off the ropes right into Batista’s path. Kick to the mid section, BATISTA BOMB!! CONNECTS!! THIS TIME THE ANIMAL HITS IT!! Into the cover…





Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Batista(21:37)

The crowd goes absolutely wild as Batista defeats Triple H yet again here in Vegas!!

Jim Ross: Batista has done it!! Batista is STILL the World champion and Batista has indeed WON THE WAR!!

The Coach: This is not right J.R!! Triple H, he, h..he doesn’t lose a war, it..it..just doesn’t happen!! Batista got lucky AGAIN!

Jim Ross: Not once Coach but twice, TWICE Batista has defeated the Game!! Batista has proved that he is one HELL OF A WORLD CHAMPION AND BATISTA HAS PROVED THAT HE IS INDEED NO FLUKE!! GOODNIGHT EVERYBODY!!

We see a closing shot of the Animal roaring to the crowd holding the World Heavyweight title aloft as the crowd rises to their feet and the screen fades to black.

An overwhelming set of predictions i must say lol. Thanks to imac for his, appreciate it. Any reviews would be great and returned as always. Just a couple of quick things to add, thanks to Starbuck for the Summerslam poster. And also, i was kinda annoyed Kane came back in real life as my plan has always been for him to return here, obviously he's not masked in this but it might look as though i just went for him because he came back lol, which isn't true at all. Anyways, hope you enjoy and any bit of feedback would be brilliant. Cheers.

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