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Re: Official Indy DVD Thread

Evolve 8: Style Battle

AR Fox vs. Rich Swann

A little slower than there last match with just as many cool spots. Still not structure or anything like the last one they had but it was entertaining enough. I really hope these guys can get to the next level where they get past just doing all these cool moves and can implement a story into their matches.

Tony Nese vs. Jon Davis

Well Jon Davis clearly had his 5 biggest fans in attendance, a few people just went crazy for him. The match itself was decent. A hard hitting heavyweight war but there were times when this felt like a much longer match than it really was. This was also lacking a flow to it.

Sami Callihan vs. Brodie Lee

Sami pissed off Lee right from the start by ripping his shirt off. Very happy to see them do that because it created some heat that the other 2 matches were lacking. In fact everything that the last 2 matches didn't have this one had. A real control segment, roles for both guys in the match, and a story. Both guys were the perfect opponents for each other really. This is one of the matches that really shows why I love indy wrestling. They did all this cool shit that you can't see on TV but still told an egaging story in the ring. Very impressive.

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Fish

I was honestly expecting a lot more from these two. The match started out great with some technical exchanges and I thought we were on the way to seeing something really awesome. Fish worked the leg early but unfortunately abandoned the leg work and from there things went down hill. The match never really kicked it into the next gear and without some type of limb work or control segment makes it really hard to get into. As the match came closer to the end it got a lot better as we saw Fish show his mean streak more than he had earlier in the match. I thought it was good but if I was told Fish and Aries would wrestle for over 15 minutes I would have expected more.

Jon Davis vs. AR Fox

For being a tournament that's all about having guys with different styles wrestle each other this tournament really didn't have that many clashes of styles. This was certainly one and I was impressed with both guys. Davis hadn't impressed me that much and Fox has only seemed capable of putting on spot fests. Well they used their differences in size and style to put on a good match where Fox impressed me with how well he could play an underdog. Davis' offense looked good and he sold perfectly for Fox. Fox didn't even botch anything either. Good match.

Sami Callihan vs. Bobby Fish

I would have booked this as the finals but I'm just happy we got to see it. They beat the shit out of each other, no other way to say it really. It didn't last long at all but the few minutes they fought was really intense. I was hoping for something a little longer but considering both guys had already wrestled tonight and Sami had a 3rd to work I can understand it. Great short match.

The New Havana Pitbulls vs. The SAT

Better than I expected considering I don't have the highest opinions of any of the guys in this match. However, we had a clear cut face and heel team and they actually didn't just do spots the whole time. Solid enough match.

Don't Call it a Scramble:

Scott Reed vs. Cheech vs. Brian XL vs. Blain Rage vs. Kory Chavis vs. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Derek Ryze vs. Ahtu

What an odd assortment of wrestlers. Pinkie Sanchez made this match by just being a crazy bastard. By the end of the match it was awesome how the crowd was behind him. As he was one of the last two in the match he was the most over guy on the show when he was trying to beat Ahtu, who looks like a total monster but doesn't seem like that great of a worker. I loved the ending of the match and after seeing it it's obvious why Pinkie is being used on Dragon Gate USA now. Really fun match actually, also much better than I was expecting. Bonus points for Brian XL being in a match in 2011 and almost killing himself.

Style Battle Finals:
Sami Callihan vs. AR Fox

Another good match and again I was impressed by Fox. He got his ass kicked most of the match but showed some resilience and took everything Sami dished out. My favorite part would have to be Fox saying, "I thought you were supposed to hit hard!" after Sami stiffed the hell out of him. Sami was pretty pissed at hearing this and proceeded to hit Fox even harder. The ending really surprised me as well. Nothing too amazing but a good match to end the tournament with.

So again we Evolve give is a lot of good but nothing great. It's the kind of stuff you can expect from Evolve as there were a lot of entertaining matches and none of them dragged too much. The show was around 2 hours and 15 minutes too so it's an easy watch. The biggest problem is that I feel like I watched a full show minus a main event. Everything I've heard has told me that Evolve 9 delivers with some great matches but this show makes 3 in a row where Evolve has failed to deliver a great match.

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