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Re: Have grammar, punctuation, and spelling been cut from schools since I went?

Actually this has been a hot topic of mine for a while.
I think its more of a problem when some kid id trying to type on a pc who hasn't really learned yet why the keyboard is set up the way it is. But other than that I can give you several reasons why you need to ask your question.
Today we are living in a society of instant gratification, requiring little or no effort on anyones part to actually research information. Laziness. No problem solving skills.
Why try to figure something out when all you have to do is type a word into a computer and thousands of answers pop up.
When I went to school, we were penalized for having a calculator in class, now its mandatory. ( now you gotta realize that handheld calculators were new to the market back then, and they weren't credit card size either.)
We actually had to look up answers for history, geography, social studies and everything else in an encyclopedia, which in most cases were already outdated.
Now with the "no student left behind" rules, its even worse. Because there is no longer that one on one, or slower learning process.

I made sure that my son ( who is now 12 ) learned very early how to solve problems without the computer, and he's now ahead of his class in every area. He rarely uses the computer to find anything out, only for additional information.

Instant gratification, super speedy information highway, and general all around laziness, plain and simple.

Now, I have to go back and re read what I just typed so I have no spelling errors.

Oh and by the way, you made a slight error it's , L E A R N E D, not learnt.
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