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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Official Vengeance Preview

Date: 26th June 2005
Location: Thomas & Mack Center; Las Vegas; Nevada

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista© vs. Triple H

A feud that has been ongoing ever since Batista won the Royal Rumble back in January may very well come to an end this Sunday in Las Vegas as the Animal and the Game do battle one more time for the World Heavyweight title. Batista captured the gold on the bigget stage of them all at Wrestlemania, defeating his former mentor, his former leader, his former friend Triple H and at Vengeance the Cerebral Assassin will get his one on one rematch with Hunter firmly believing that the championship will return ‘home’.

Batista’s reign thus far has seen him defeat both Triple H and Chris Jericho at Backlash in a controversial triple threat match. Despite that victory Triple H has still yet to be convinced that the Animal has what it takes to be ‘the man’ on Monday Night Raw, labelling Batista’s victory at Wrestlemania and his championship reign as a ‘fluke’. Batista however is intent on laying rest to those claims and has vowed to take on any and all challenges, including this rematch at Vengeance which has been dubbed by both men as an all out ‘war’.

Triple H held his hands up and admitted that Batista won the battle at Wrestlemania but declared that it was exactly that, just one battle. When it comes down to ‘war, Trips has always come out on top in his eyes, fending off such greats as Mick Foley, The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin but this time Batista believes things are going to very different. The Animal gave a heartfelt speech declaring that Triple H does indeed usually win the war but he usually wins it with a little bit of help on the side. Batista stated that over the years he’s had help ranging from Shawn Michaels, Chyna, the New Age Outlaws, Ric Flair, Randy Orton and even Batista himself. This time Triple H doesn’t have that back up and Batista believes it will show come Vengeance.

Triple H on the other hand feels that this Sunday he will prove once again exactly why he is that damn good and will walk out of Las Vegas an eleven time World champion. The Game has stated repeatedly that he always, ALWAYS finds a way to win the war and that when Batista enters the war zone for the first time, he’s gonna be in for a shock. Will Triple H once again win the war this Sunday and take home the World Heavyweight title? Or will Batista prove he’s a whole lot more than a fluke champion and defeat his former mentor yet again for the richest prize in the game? It promises to be a hellacious battle this Sunday from the Thomas & Mack Center

Shawn Michaels vs. ?
(If Shawn Michaels wins, he receives a World title shot; If Shawn Michaels loses he becomes the property of Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff)

A match of real intrigue here as Shawn Michaels heads into Vengeance not knowing just who his opponent will be. Since Wrestlemania the Heartbreak Kid has endured a torrid time in trying to earn a rematch with Kurt Angle falling short at every hurdle. The first of which was the draft lottery where unfortunately for the Showstopper, he and Angle were kept separated. Michaels then pleaded with Eric Bischoff to trade him to Smackdown but Bischoff refused, citing that a Michaels/Angle rematch would mean big money and it was a match that had to happen on his show, not Smackdown.

The final opportunity for Michaels came as it was revealed that Kurt Angle’s contract on Smackdown was running down and it was at that point in which Eric Bischoff made a last ditch plea to persuade Kurt Angle to sign a contract with Raw. Kurt however refused and opted to stay on Friday nights, much to the GM’s disappointment along with HBK. With every possibility now out of the window, Michaels realised it was indeed time to switch his attention elsewhere and that attention was diverted to the World Heavyweight title. The Showstopper deemed that Eric Bischoff, after failing to get Kurt Angle over to Monday nights, owed him a favour. That favour being a championship opportunity. Eric Bischoff wasn’t having any of it though and told the Heartbreak Kid he wouldn’t back down for anybody and that he was the boss around here, not Shawn Michaels. Michaels would proceed to deliver a does of Sweet Chin Music to Easy E, much to the delight of the Raw fans.

After weeks of tormenting the General Manager, Michaels would eventually get the chance he was after as Eric Bischoff gave into HBK’s request and gave him an opportunity for this Sunday at Vengeance. Bischoff told Michaels that he would receive an opportunity at the World title if he could defeat a superstar of Bischoff’s choosing at Vengeance, HOWEVER, if Michaels was defeated he would become the property of the Raw GM. Michaels realised the sticky situation he’d been placed in but accepted Bischoff’s challenge and vowed to achieve his goal this Sunday. Who will be handpicked by the Raw GM to take down Shawn Michaels? Will it be a blast from Michaels’ past, a returning superstar or perhaps even the chance for somebody to debut? Will luck be on the Showstopper’s side as we head to the city of sin? Or will Eric Bischoff stop him in his tracks once again and ensure the Heartbreak Kid must join forces with him?

Edge vs. Chris Jericho
A match that has been building intensely over on Raw since Wrestlemania when Edge captured the Money in the Bank briefcase. Edge earned himself a World title opportunity anytime in the next twelve months by climbing a ladder and taking home the briefcase but one man that didn’t sit well with was Y2J. Jericho believed the briefcase should have been his and told Edge that he would never amount to anything, that he was simply a Chris Jericho wannabe. The Rated R Superstar was less than impressed by Jericho’s claims and told Jericho that he was simply stuck in the past, too reliant on his former accmomplishments and that he was the future of this company, not Jericho.

The feud really kicked into gear at Backlash when Jericho competed for the World title against Batista and Triple H. Jericho looked to be on the verge of capturing his second World title, only for Edge to come down and thwart that by looking but failing to cash in his title shot midway through the match. Jericho was taken out of the picture as Batista retained, whilst Edge’s own attempts at the title were thwarted too. Jericho wouldn’t forget Edge’s interference and vowed to take revenge but two week later, Jericho met Triple H one on one with the winner earning a shot at the World title. Jericho came within an inch of winning the contest but it would be Edge again who stuck his nose in and smashed Jericho across the skull with his Money in the Bank briefcase!

Jericho however would gain payback the following week when Edge looked to cash in once more only for Chris Jericho cost him this time around, coming down to the ring and taking down Mr.MITB. That night though Jericho too would have a title shot, the Intercontinental title when he faced Muhammad Hassam. Jericho looked as though he was all set to capture the gold only for, you guessed it, Edge to yet again cost Jericho. With the rivalry building, Eric Bischoff announced the two would square off at Vengeance with Jericho getting his chance at retribution in Las Vegas whilst Edge would get the chance to further his claim that it is he who will be the future of Monday Night Raw, not the Ayatollah of Rock ‘N Rolla. Who will get their wish this Sunday? Will Jericho get his Vengeance? Or will Edge prove his point and stake his claim to be the figurehead of the future here in the WWE

Christian w/Tomko vs. Ric Flair

This rivalry has really become heated in the past couple of weeks and this Sunday the fire will no doubt be lit inside of both superstars as they do battle. At Backlash Ric Flair returned as a guest on Christian’s talk show ‘The Peep Show’. Flair was all set for a big announcement, which was believed to be retirement however the loudmouth that is Captain Charisma refused to let it happen. Christian stated that Flair needed to pass the torch before he walked away and proclaimed that Flair hadn’t done it all until he’d faced and beaten him. Flair though refused to back down and was all set to finish his career there and then only for Christian and Problem Solver, Tomko to attack the Nature Boy and lay him out.

In the coming weeks Christian would taunt Flair, claiming that he was afraid of facing Captain Charisma and that he could not beat him. Christian begged for Flair to return and to give him the match he desperately desired. Christian told the world that it was Flair’s duty to pass the torch before he retired and that there was nobody better to take the torch and start a new era than him. Christian even proclaimed that he was the new Nature Boy, the new Ric Flair. Flair would eventually return to Raw and would listen to Christian’s plea. Flair however refused Christian’s challenge and stated that he was done for good. Christian though then changed his tune and instead of being his usual smug, arrogant self, Christian gave a heartfelt speech to Flair, telling him that he needed this match to kickstart his career and to take him to the next level. Flair began to see Christian’s side of things and accepted the challenge, declaring that everybody needed this kind of opportunity at one point in their career. Christian then offered his hand to Flair who accepted and the match was set only for Christian to once AGAIN sneak attack Flair and lay out the Nature Boy.

It’d again be a few weeks before we saw Naitch again and when he returned he teamed with Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho to face Tomko, Edge and Christian. Flair looked to have the fire back inside of him, seemingly not missing a beat as he took it to the three young superstars. The end of the match however would see a horrific twist in things as Flair was beaten down by the three men and taken apart ruthlessly with a brutal con-chair-to from both Edge and Christian. Flair was completely taken out cold as Christian showed a real evil look in his eyes, a look not seen before as he continued to make his mark on Naitch. Six nights before the big showdown though, Flair spoke live via satellite to J.R. and told the world that Christian had done him a favour, before thanking Christian for allowing him to find himself once again and for allowing the fire inside of him to be lit once more as Flair vowed to tear Christian apart this Sunday.

Will the torch be passed Sunday night? Can Captain Charisma finish what he’s started and defeat Ric Flair? Or will the Nature Boy prove exactly why he’s still the man to beat in the WWE today and that the torch is still very much his to hold? It is sure to be an intense, personal battle this Sunday in Vegas

WWE Intercontinental Championship: 2 on 1 Handicap Match
(Charlie Haas is banned from ringside; Shelton Benjamin can pin EITHER man to win the title)
Muhammad Hassan© and The Great Khali vs. Shelton Benjamin

At Backlash Muhammad Hassan captured the Intercontinetal title, defeating Shelton Benjamin thanks to the help of Daivari and two unknown men. Those two men would later turn out to be Sonjay Dutt and The Great Khali as Muhammad Hassan formed a group now known as ‘The Arabian Entity’. The Entity proved far too much to handle for Shelton Benjamin as the numbers game really caught up with him and his quest for Intercontinetal gold looked to be fading. However the draft came around and over to Raw came Shelton’s former tag team partner Charlie Haas and his arrival couldn’t have been more timely as the duo reunited together as the World’s Greatest Tag Team and have since set out to help Shelton recapture the Intercontinetal title.

This Sunday though it will be a monstrous challenge for Benjamin. Having crossed paths with General Manager Eric Bischoff in recent weeks, Bischoff decided to punish Benjamin by banning Charlie Haas from ringside and forcing him to take on not just the Intercontinental champion but also his 7’3 inch giant, The Great Khali. Benjamin and Haas have built some momentum in recent weeks, scoring tag team victories over the Entity, however with Benjamin going it alone this Sunday it is sure to be a whole different story.

Will Benjamin be able to pull off one of the biggest upsets in recent memory? Or will Muhammad Hassan and his behemoth enforcer leave Vegas with the Intercontinental championship still in their grasp

WWE Women’s Championship: No Disqualification Match
Trish Stratus© vs. Victoria

A rivalry that has boiled over will end this Sunday in a No Disqualification environment as Trish Stratus puts her gold up for grabs against the crazed, pyschotic, Victoria. Victoria came up short at Backlash in taking the gold but has been hell bent since then on not only winning the Women’s title but in the process punishing Trish Stratus. One moment of note took place a few weeks back as we went backstage to find that Trish Stratus had been taken out by a mystery attacker, however that mystery was soon to be answered as Victoria refused to take the blame, sarcastically vowing to hunt down Trish’s attacker. Of course it was infact Victoria who did the damage and ever since then Trish has had the upper hand on the number one contender.

Trish has clearly been riled by what happened and has hunted down Victoria week after week but has failed to get her hands on her rival. This Sunday she will get that opportunity as Victoria has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide as the No Disqualification element comes into play. We all know just how dangerous Victoria can be but with the fire in the eys of the champion, Trish is bound to be just as dangerous this Sunday night. Will Victoria show her devilish side and leave holding the title? Or will Trish fight fire with fire and take out her bitter rival once and for all? One thing’s for sure, you won’t wanna miss it

World Tag Team Championships: Triple Threat Match

The Dudley Boyz© vs. Sonjay Dutt and Daivari vs. The Basham Brothers

Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley are no strangers to three team rivalries following their historic battles in the past with Edge & Christian along with the Hardy Boyz. This Sunday, they step back into that environment as two new teams threaten their championship reign, Arabian Entity members Sonjay Dutt and Daivari along with Smackdown draftees, Doug and Danny Basham. Both teams have made the World Tag team titles their main goal since arriving on Raw and the Dudley Boyz know they’re in for a tough night this Sunday at Vengeance.

In recent weeks we’ve seen two triple threat singles match as the teams took turns to give each other a taster of what Vengeance will be like and on both occasions it went the way of the challengers. D-Von, Danny Basham and Daivari met a few weeks back with Danny Basham picking up the victory from under the nose of D-Von, infuriating both he and his partner Bubba. The following week would see Bubba, Sonjay Dutt and Doug Basham meet and again the Dudleyz would feel aggrieved as Sonjay Dutt this time picked up a huge victory.

With both challenging teams building momentum ahead of this Sunday’s clash, will we see new champions walking out of Las Vegas? Or will the Dudley Boyz experience in this situation lead them to victory in what is a major night for all three teams? Many people believe that the days of the Dudleyz reigning supreme on Raw are over, this Sunday we are sure to find out whether or not those suspicions are coming true

Mark Jindrak w/William Regal vs. Big Show

The emergence of Mark Jindrak in the last month or so has taken the WWE by storm as he, along with his mentor William Regal have set the biggest superstar on the Raw roster in their sights, The Big Show. After Big Show proclaimed his need for a challenge and for motivation, the giant was interrupted by the Englishman who appeared on stage as Big Show looked somewhat confused. Regal told Big Show that he had the perfect challenge to bring back Big Show’s spark back. Regal then sprung a huge shock on not only Big Show but the world as Show was turned around and beaten down by the youngster Jindrak. Jindrak and Regal proceeded to beat down Big Show in a vicious ambush which really put a marker down for the man now known as ‘The Protégé’.

Jindrak has been on a major roll in recent weeks to follow that, defeating Chris Jericho this past Monday on Raw whilst also pushing Batista to the limit before taking the Animal out with a steel chair. Jindrak has looked fierce and unphased by all the challenges he’s faced but this Sunday he will face his biggest one to date. Big Show has certainly found his spark again recent weeks and has been relentless in getting his hands on both Jindrak and Regal, successfully achieving the latter a few weeks back on Raw. Show hunted down Regal backstage before brutally assaulting the Brit, tossing him head first into a wall backstage, leaving Regal to sport a neck brace the following week.

Regal vowed revenge for that and he certainly got it as the duo agreed a deal with Triple H. Jindrak and Regal would soften Batista up during the ‘Protégé’s match with the champion before Triple H would take out Big Show backstage, leaving the Giant a bloody mess. Show is in no mood for the duo’s antics come this Sunday and you can be sure that he’ll be fully focused on teaching Jindrak a lesson in Las Vegas. Will Jindrak be able to slay the giant once and for all, proving just how dangerous he is? And what role will William Regal play in this contest? Or will we see Big Show prove exactly why he is one of the most feared superstars still to this day in the entire WWE

Prediction Template:

World Heavyweight Championship:
Batista© vs. Triple H

Shawn Michaels vs. ?
(If Shawn Michaels wins, he will get a World title shot; If Shawn Michaels loses he will become the property of Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff)

Edge vs. Chris Jericho

Christian vs. Ric Flair

WWE Intercontinental Championship: 2 on 1 Handicap Match:
(Charlie Haas is banned from ringside; Shelton Benjamin can pin EITHER man to win the title)
Muhammad Hassan© and The Great Khali vs. Shelton Benjamin

WWE Women’s Championship: No Disqualifications Match:
Trish Stratus© vs. Victoria

World Tag Team Championships: Triple Threat Match:
The Dudley Boyz© vs. Sonjay Dutt and Daivari vs. The Basham Brothers

Mark Jindrak vs. Big Show

Bonus Points

Predict the match order:

Which match will be longest?

Which match will be the shortest?

How many championships will change hands?

Which team will take the fall in the Tag title match?

Who will Eric Bischoff choose to face Shawn Michaels

Would love some predictions from everybody and the winner will get something, not sure what, but something lol. Any feedback for Smackdown would still be appreciated. Expect Vengeance some time next week.

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