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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by JBL_Wrestling_God View Post
I got drunk with my smoking buddy Lawrence. I'm not a drinker and I don't enjoy it because of the effects of hangover and all that garbage that it puts my body through. We were watching some dvds that I brought over and were having a good time and he was begging me to drink with him so I just told myself it would be a one time thing and just because all the other stuff we were doing was my personal choice I thought it would be cool to return the favor. I drunk a beer and than wasn't really feeling it much and than he gave me another one and I started feeling it. While we were watching tv in his room I threwup all over his floor. He didn't really have a reasonable place for me to throwup because his place is a fucking mess. He got a little pissed off but I cleaned up everything so we both settled down a little bit. Even after I threwup I couldn't get out of his fucking bed and was laying there dead and worthless not being able to respond to almost anything at all. I got up and tried to go to his bathroom and I had to take a dump. I was sitting on his toilet basically half a sleep not being able to move for a good 20 minutes before I eventually crapped. After I crapped I threwup again on my crap. A few of his worthless friends that I'm not a fan of came over and I was just laying on his bed the whole time with a god awful feeling. I got high before all of this to and it totally ruined my high and again reminded me why I smoke and don't drink.
you threw up after 2 beers? you fucking pussy.
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