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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

All the news posted by the informer seems pretty spot on. Elix Skipper joining coaching is a smart way to use another experienced wrestler, and Galloway is a good signing, imo. Glad to see you mentioned there wouldnít be anymore call ups for awhile though, as they have been coming pretty frequently since basically the beginning of the thread.

Mysterio being out injured REALLY makes Helms looks like a beast. Simply smart booking.

LOVED the Noble interview because Iím a big fan of the guy, plus it was written pretty well to. You put over his intensity nicely, and continue to develop something with Aero Star. My one issue was at one stage you had Noble say ďfella.Ē It doesnít strike me as something Noble would say, after all heís not Sheamus.

Another nice interview from The Mercenaries, with everything flowing well. Itís funny because these two guys are weak on the mic, but youíve put them in a situation where it isnít hard for them to talk. I thought the whole civil/savage thing came across pretty well. One thing I dislike is Burchill calling Albright his mentor. Itís more a taste thing, but I prefer both members of the tag team to come across as even. The 2 out of 3 falls match for Tag Halloween against The Hooliganz sounds VERY tasty though.

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