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Re: X-Men Mafia, AKA RAWLINS DEBUT: The Thread Where You Play

Day 6

Town could not seem to find any way to help WORDSWORDS, the man who had been badly burned from his attack from the previous night, but they were unable to save him.

Spoiler for WORDSWORDSWORDS was:

what up bitch, you're Cable, X-Men Aligned.. you time travel and shit and you carry a big gun, and you're really ugly. that's all that needs to be said about that situation, and i really don't need to say too much more, considering you're just a VANILLA TOWNIE. you don't do shit except try and help your team win. so go and do that and quit crying. you win when all threats to town have been eliminated.

Town had chosen their suspect after a long period of debates, and they finally agreed STEAMED HAMS would be the best choice. What they couldn't have expected was that HAMS had a special radioactive bomb hidden under his gear. He set it off just as one of the town members was putting the noose around his head. This townie was SHEPARD.

Spoiler for STEAMED HAMS was:

what up bitch? you're a sentinel, Brotherhood of Mutants Aligned. you a machine, and you're like the first line of offense in this X-men war. you get to be the SUICIDE BOMBER. you can exchange your life for killing someone else. you'll basically blow up, shit goes everywhere, and you'll blow up your target as well. the suicide bomber's powers are not restricted by anything someone might try to do to you. so enjoy playing, and enjoy dying, unless you wanna be a girl and not lose your power. you win when mafia outnumbers town.

Spoiler for SHEPARD was:

what up bitch, you're Storm, X-Men Aligned.. i don't really give a shit about Storm, so you get to be the PR BITCH. every single sentence you type has to have some reference to weather, and must be typed in all caps, because Storm might have the most over-dramatic voice ever in the 90's animated cartoon, which is what i'm basing your character off of. SO GO CHANGE THE WINDS AND RAIN AND FIRE AND ICE AND HAVE FUN POSTING LIKE THIS ALL GAME. you win when all threats to town have been eliminated.

Town was saddened by the loss of two members, but received a sign of hope from the death of scum.

The write-up won't suggest it, but steamed hams got his kill before the official majority was reached. That's why he was able to ge the suicide kill. I just wrote it the way I did cuz it was snazzy.

alright, night roles everyone.

cool and smooth, that's how i play.

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