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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Again, many gratitudes for all the feedback, gents. King Melvis, your random musings seem to seem a great deal more like legitimate feedback to me, your higness . Also Melvis, or anyone else a tad not up to date on a few things, there's an 'AOW Originals' section in the opening post that would clarify any match types (i.e. Yin v. Yang) anyone is unfamiliar with. And this is what I enjoy most about feedback. A few liked the closing segment and a few did not. It gives me a great deal of insight into what I might need to do and gives a great deal to think about. So thanks again on that, fellas. On that note, my apologies to anyone I didn't quite get around to for feedback, with this being a college student's worst time of year and all.

That said, I'll just post a good bit of news and more internet stuffs, seeing as how I can't guarantee a show until after exams are done.

Originally Posted by The Informer
~There is currently some concern surrounding the future of AOW and its Wednesday Night Oblivion programming. Within the first week of the company’s existence, FX announced that it had indeed inked a deal that would keep the program running until the end of February. Despite numerous attempts, FX and executives have yet to extend a longer programming slot, seeing it thus far as a ‘seasonal program’. While many are confident AOW will get the year-round schedule of a mainstream wrestling promotion, there has been toying with the theory of a wrestling company with an ‘off-season’ of sorts. While the idea is nothing official and quite untested, it should be worth noting that should an extension deal not become apparent after World Ablaze, AOW might want to ‘kick the tires’, so to speak, on a notion such as this.

~As previously noted, Lance Storm is next to be written off the program, but will not be doing so until following World Ablaze, it seems. It should also be noted that joining Storm in coaching developmental will be Elix Skipper, who has already made his way to OVW.

~With the increase in World Ablaze hype in the last week, which should definitely continue, ticket sales are still disappointing, while PPV buyrates are slowly trickling in, but are not expected to be in great numbers either.

~In other development news, AOW has signed another OVW prospect, Drew Galloway, to an exclusive talent contract. Also due to the mass call-up of six men (Smith, Wilson, Nameth, Hagar, Siaki, Manu) in such a short period of time, there doesn't look to be another call-up for a good while.
Aohdubya.com Exclusives

Originally Posted by aohdubya.com


Following the vicious assault at the hands of Gregory Helms last Wednesday, Rey Mysterio will need 3-6 months of medical rehabilitation to heal his injured knee. Mysterio had notably been battling knee problems ever since coming to AOW, finally accumulating in Gregory Helms targeting it and taking Mysterio out for an extended period.

AOW would like to wish Mr. Mysterio a very speedy and thorough recovery.


While Jamie Noble has not been very successful in his endeavors thus far in AOW, Noble er…graciously took backstage interviewer Mike Mizanin aside and let loose on what’s on the Virginia native’s mind.

Spoiler for Watch Noble's interview:
We’re brought to the AOW Green Zone interview set, where The Miz doesn’t look too thrilled to be in this spot at the moment…

The Miz:
I’m Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and here with me is AOW cruiserweight, Jamie Noble.

Jaime Noble:
AOW cruiserweight? That’s all I am? I don’t get any more respect than that?

The Miz:
Well, to be fair, Jamie, the reality check here is that you haven’t really done much since being here.

Jamie Noble:
Oh, you think yer funny, Miz? Lemme ask you somethin’ – how much have you been respected since you’ve been here?

The Miz:
~Miz is struck completely silent, encounters with the Sons of the Dungeon, Bobby Lashley, and CM Punk all replaying in his mind

Jamie Noble:
That’s what I thought. See Miz, guys like you an’ me don’t get no kinda respect here.
~Noble snatches the microphone out of Miz’s hands and turns the camera so that its only him in the frame

The Miz:

Jamie Noble:
See, I’ve wrestled all over the world an’ I’ve paid my dues. I’ve taken my bumps, my bruises, an’ more than my fair share of broken bones in my career.
~Noble stares intensely in the camera

Jamie Noble:
But evidently, none o’that even seems t’matter ‘round here. Nobody has any kinda respect for anyone. Especially that sumbitch Aero Star.
~Noble reaches down and picks up something he had beside him. As he brings it up, we see that it is an Aero Star mask

Jamie Noble:
I had never even heard ‘f this feller before, ain’t never seen him before, ain’t never faced him before, an’ so who’s the perfect guy to face him in his debut? Oh, we can throw Jamie Noble in there. Because we have such little respect for him, we don’t really expect much from’im.
~Noble is talking to Star’s mask as though it’s some kind of puppet

Jamie Noble:
An’ as fer ‘Aero Star’ himself? He has to wear a mask an’ not even look me in the eye like the coward he is!
~Noble slams the mask onto the ground and stomps on it furiously

Jamie Noble:
I want a rematch, Star! You hear me? Imma tear you apart somethin’ fierce, ‘cause let me tell you somethin’ – once a pitbull gets a taste o' flesh, he ain’t never lettin’ go. An’ when I’m done tearin’ you apart, you WILL respect me!
~Noble’s intensity is unmatched here

Jamie Noble:
Aero Star, you have not earned respect and you do not deserve respect. I deserve respect. An’ I’m gonna show you just how much respect I can beat into you the next chance I get. I’m Jamie Noble. An’ I’m nobody’s steppin’ stone!
~We see Noble drop the microphone from his lips, only to seemingly force it into the hands of The Miz off-screen who takes a tumble. Noble walks away, the camera following him for a moment before it cuts to the floor and see Miz, gasping for breath



Last week, we saw the team of Paul Burchill and Brent Albright, known collectively as The Mercenaries, orchestrate a vicious assault on not only Low Jack, but the Hoolgianz as well. With Tag Team Halloween only a few days away, The Mercenaries explain their reasonings with a challenge to the men they personally beat down in Paul London and Brian Kendrick, all while sending a very distinct message to the men they face at World Ablaze – the AOW Tag Team Champion World’s Greatest Tag Team in the second of this week's aohdubya.com exclusives.

Spoiler for The Mercenaries issue a challenge:
We’re brought to an area that seems to have very little lighting in it, with Paul Burchill and Brent Albright standing alongside one another, both of them in very classy looking all-black outfits with what looks to be silver ties. They don’t have their tattered coats, but they do have their by now signature darkened eyes. Burchill’s hair is still as messy as can be.

My name is Paul Burchill.

And I’m Brent Albright.

And together, we’re The Mercenaries. We do anything and everything it takes…so long as the price - and the prize - is right.

We are civil first…
~Albright and Burchill, in unison, fix their ties and their collars

…and savages second.
~Both men’s expressions go from being classy to being downright intimidating

And we’ve perfectly exemplified that lately. See, we tried to be civil. We did things in a very constructive manner. We persuaded Paul Heyman to give us a Tag Team title opportunity by showing our work then explaining our case. But when our very livelihood was threatened by Mick Foley’s terrible decision making, we could not sit still and be ‘civil’ any longer.

That’s right. And even more than that, those fellas who call themselves the ‘World’s Greatest Tag Team’ refuse to acknowledge us as #1 contenders. Because they say we haven’t shown…what was it, Burchill?
~Albright turns to Burchill

Respect. They said we didn’t show respect to our opponents. And yet they’re showing immense disrespect towards us by saying we never earned our shot.

So with all that, we couldn’t afford to be quite so gentlemanly anymore.

You're learning quite well, my apprentice. So last week, we showed our...‘displeasure’…is a nice word for it – by showing our savage side by personally taking down the very men who pushed Benjamin and Haas to their limits to win those titles.

But since we need to show ‘respect’, we came up with something that will more than give us the rights to take those titles away from you, Benjamin and Haas.

Aye. See, we know you and London and Kendrick competed in three matches. You defeated them in two of them to win those titles. To say you earned those titles. So we’re going to do the same, blokes. At Tag Team Halloween, we’re going to challenge The Hooliganz to a 2 out of 3 Falls match to prove to them – and to you – that we’ve done more than enough to face you and defeat you for that gold we rightfully deserve.

So come World Ablaze, gents, don’t be surprised if you see a side of us that forces you past everything you’ve ever known.

But you shouldn’t be surprised at if you walk out of World Ablaze without those titles. They belong around the waists of men who have truly earned them. Come Tag Team Halloween, the price will be right…but come World Ablaze the prize will be in the right place.
~The camera slowly gets a close up on both Burchill and Albright’s faces, both men meaning every word they’ve said, intensity all over them.
Hope this holds off all until then


AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair
It's Baaaaack...
.:Oblivion Edition 39/40 Recap NOW POSTED!!

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