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Re: I hate my Life

Originally Posted by William2k2DJ
I hate My life just incase you didn't see the title or you are a noob who clicks things unawarely(sp?). I hate the way I look. I hate the way I act. I can't change the way I am since I don't know how. I have no friends or acquaintances and spend almost all my days and nights on WEForums. It's sad isn't it? We'll I started this thread for a few reasons. If you are like me and have no life and spend all your day at these forums and have almost no contact with the outside world, reply. If you think I am a noob who wants attention, reply. If you think I suck, reply. Just reply to tell me what you think.

Okay, you said "I don't know how". I shall go in specifics, and hopefully this will help you.

First off, being "popular" is a huge responsiblity. You worry, stress out, and there's way too much drama involved for the human mind to consume. Point is, you don't have to be "Big Man on Campus" to be happy. I myself like to live simple; I have 2 wonderful friends, decent family, in search of a girlfriend, and one goal in mind, and that's to have an incredible wife, and a nice home. These things matter to me. I'm happy, and would never want to be "The Man".

Bad Body: You seem have to have the weight to be "buff", so, look for a local health club. It doesn't have to be a nice fancy one with a huge annual fee. Spend an hour a day pushing yourself on whatever machines you desire. Keep doing this, and within a few months, you'll be glad you did. TRUST ME. You're only 13, so you'll have a great headstart.

Height problem: I'm going to say this in plain english... MILK... MILK! MILK! MILK! MILK! (Calcium) If I wasn't stupid and drank lots of milk at your age, I would be 3 or 4 inches taller. Drink 2-3 full glasses of milk a day --It will help you with your workout routine so much too!!!!

Way you act: THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!!!!! Imagine the NEXT quote (or action) you're about to say is in supreme court, and the supreme court justices will judge whether these quotes will be the correct things to say to the persons you're talking too. If it is say it, if not, shut up! Overtime, you won't have to think about it, and you'll do it naturally. This is probably the hardest thing to fix, but it's possible.

Have no friends: It's real hard to find a good friend in this world, but you need to socialize more, this way it won't be too hard. Don't take things too seriously, don't expect people to be "pure angles", friends will hurt you once in awhile (from experience) but just know, you're not perfect either.

SCREW THE NEGATIVITY: I'm still trying to convince myself of this, but don't give a shit what other people think. Worrying about what they think of you won't do nothing for you, except make you depressed. FU$# what they say about you, they'll win when you throw in the towel. People always talk about other people, it's almost human nature. Whether you're a high school jock, or nerd, you'll always be talked about. I use to be just like you, I played the negativity of my day over and over again in my head until I surely was depressed. And then, I said, **** IT! **** THEM! WHY THE **** AM I LETTING THEM GET THE BEST OF ME! They can all kiss my ass, I could care less!

The Truth: You're only 13 years old, and things will get better when you have a job and a life. PM me if you got questions or need some advice. Take care.

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