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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

I'm also still on the fence about which side in the war I'm going to join. Leaning towards the Stormcloaks for similar reasons to Caesar (Imperial Legion tried to hack my head off). Stormcloaks are hardcore xenophobic, though, and I'm a Redguard.

Finished the College of Winterhold stuff last night. Those arch-mage robes you get are pretty boss, although I might just end up selling them (even though money is no longer an issue) because I barely ever use magic, so the perks are basically useless to me.

Daedric quests continue to rule. Did the one with the talking dog last night. I figured the statue was going to ask me to kill the dog in order to keep the axe, and sure enough...Fuck his axe, though. I'm not killing a dog. A dog whelping tears my soul. Fuck that noise. Already improved an Ebony sword to (EPIC) level and stuck a drain stamina enchantment on it anyway, so I didn't need an axe that wasn't nearly as strong damage-wise with only slightly stronger stamina draining. Plus an axe would fuck with my symmetry since I'm rocking the twin Ebony blades with stamina/health draining enchantments (one enchantment on each...not skilled enough to stick two enchantments on the same thing yet). Still got the guy's mask, though, which has a great speechcraft/haggling enchantment. I equipped that, my Necklace of Major Haggling and Cicero's Clothes and almost sold a few dragon bones for full price to that stingy asshole in Whiterun.

Actually, that raises another question: where is the best place to sell shit? I usually just go to Belathor's General Store in Whiterun since it's around the corner from my house and easy to find, but he only has 750 gold, and other than a few potions and soul gems, he has nothing that I want to buy in order to bolster his purse.
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