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Have grammar, punctuation, and spelling been cut from schools since I went?

I know it's not that big of a deal, but the amount of spelling/grammar errors Iíve noticed here are starting to bug me. I don't really care about not capitalizing sometimes or using a lowercase for "i", as Iím guilty of that myself sometimes. However, it gets annoying when you read a post with not one capital or full stop (I think it is called "period" in America). I'm talking about stuff like putting an apostrophe in want (seriously, someone actually typed "wan't"), spelling "torch" as "tourch", and gross misuse of the word "there" and "their". Some stuff I really couldn't care less, but sometimes I really wonder how some of these people managed to sleep through their classes as a child. Some posts, it's practically impossible to tell what the person is saying due to the amount of errors in their typing.

I understand that not everyone on this forum learnt English as their first language, so if I have insulted you I apologize. I guess this rant makes me look like someone who nitpicks and is pedantic, but small things get me angry sometimes. It's just who I am. I really can't help it either, every time I see one, that vein in my forehead gets a pump of blood through it. Involuntary anger flows through me like fire through my veins, and it sucks :/

I'd like to offer a solution to anyone who feels their typing/spelling is poor: open word, and copy paste your comments or new threads into there before posting. After doing that, run spell check. It will help some people take you seriously, and in some cases, actually allow other people to understand what you have written.

Anyone else find this annoying/frustrating?

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