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Re: X-Men Mafia, AKA RAWLINS DEBUT: The Thread Where You Play

Night 5

STUFF was hanging his head in shame, being the fault of a bad lynch earlier in the day. He didn't even put of much of a fight when an attacker walked up to him and put some violent moves on him. he muttered something about how he expected this, and he probably even deserved this, and died like a really dignified gentleman, going out in peace.

Spoiler for STUFF was:

what up bitch? you're psylocke, X-Men Aligned. not a lot of people give you enough love, unless they played marvel vs. capcom, and even then, they just give you love cuz you was in a sexy suit and had purple flame things shooting out of your hands. but yeah, you got dat mad telekinetic swag. that means you get to be the INVESTIGATOR. every night, choose a target to investigate, and i'll let you know what alignment they are. that's pretty much it. enjoy your role.

WORDSWORDSWORDSSOMANYWORDS was mad chilling, looking all badass with badass faces and badass poses. Too bad he wasn't paying much attention to the guy behind him, lighting him on SUPER-POWERED FIRE, the kind that just don't go out easily. WORDSWORDSWORDSFUCKINGWORDS frantically ran around, screaming for help from a member of town. Can someone save him? Only time will tell.

sooooooo yeah. WORDS is on fire, STUFF is dead. have fun with that town. 17 alive by my count, which means 9 to lynch. GOGOGOGOGOGO. get fucking active today or ill replace you so fast.

cool and smooth, that's how i play.

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