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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 24/6/05- Boise; Idaho

We begin the show with a video package of last week’s Night of Champions special and it’s main event in which John Cena defended the WWE championship against Randy Orton. We see the ending of the match where both Kurt Angle and JBL ruined the outcome by attacking both Cena and Orton before Angle takes out JBL also as the Wrestling Machine makes his intentions clear for all to see.

We then get the usual opening video and pyro before heading ringside

Michael Cole: Seven nights ago we witnessed a controversial Night of Champions. Tonight Smackdown comes to you from Boise, Idaho and Tazz there is sure to be a major fallout from what went down last week in San Diego.

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. John Cena and Randy Orton were puttin’ on a heck of a show last week until we saw the arrival of Kurt Angle and JBL. Ya gotta believe that both Cena and Orton are gonna be lookin’ for payback here tonight.

Michael Cole: Indeed ya gotta believe that JBL too will be seeking revenge after having disposed of Cena and Orton, Angle decided enough was enough and took out JBL also!! Can anybody stop Kurt Angle right now Tazz?

Tazz: I don’t think so man, Angle is as intense, as aggressive, as fired up as I’ve ever seen Cole.

‘Burn in my Light’

The music of the Legend Killer hits to heat as ever, however a few cheers are in also after the way he stood up to JBL and Kurt Angle last week. Orton is dressed to compete but with a t-shirt on as he looks in no mood for fun and games tonight.

Michael Cole: Well here is one of those men who has every right to feel aggrieved with what went down last week here on Smackdown. Randy Orton was perhaps on the verge of capturing the WWE title, only for the interference of Kurt Angle and JBL to scupper any and all chance of that.

Tazz: In my eyes Cole, Orton was gonna win the WWE title there and then. If I were Randy Orton right now, I wouldn’t be out here, I’d be back there huntin’ down Angle and huntin’ down JBL.

Orton has a mic in hand and has a stern look on his face before he starts to speak.

Randy Orton: Tonight was supposed to be a night of celebration. It was supposed to be a night where you people sat there and you celebrated the fact that there was a new WWE champion, celebrated the fact that I was the new WWE champion.

Heat for the Legend Killer.

Randy Orton: But instead that didn’t happen because last week on Smackdown, I was ROBBED of becoming the new champion. I was robbed by Kurt Angle, by JBL, I was robbed by John Cena.

Heat again but a pop for the mention of the champion as Orton grits his teeth saying his name.

Randy Orton: Now that may surprise a few of you to see me mention John Cena in all of this but Cena knew DAMN WELL what he was doing last week. Since I became the number one contender, he has done everything in his power to get under the skin of Kurt Angle and to get under the skin of JBL. And now? Now we know why.

Orton shakes his head before continuing.

Randy Orton: We know that it’s because he wanted a get out of jail card last week. He knew that he could NOT beat me and that’s why he wormed his way outta last week with the attacks from Angle and from Bradshaw. Cena knew that they were gonna run down to this ring and they were gonna beat..him..down. He knew that, but instead of doing something, anything about it, he simply let it happen.

Heat for Orton once more.

Randy Orton: He let it happen because he knew that was all he needed to walk out of last week still with the WWE championship. Now, do I put the blame solely on John Cena for last week? No, I DO blame Kurt Angle and I DO blame JBL also. I blame them because they shoulda been smarter, they shoulda known better now shouldn’t they?

Orton takes a breather.

Randy Orton: They should’ve known that I am an honourable man and that I would defend the WWE championship anytime, any place against anybody. John Cena will NOT do that, believe me.

Boos for Orton’s statement there.

Randy Orton: So Kurt, Bradshaw you both made huge mistakes last week. I am still the next man in line for a shot at the WWE championship and until I get what is rightfully mine, until I get the WWE championship around my waist, you two are gonna have to sit tight and do nothing except watch it happen.

A few pops there but some heat mixed in.

Randy Orton: Now there’s one other man that I place the blame on what went down last week and that man is perhaps the most important of all, that man is Teddy Long.

Small pop for the mention of the GM.

Randy Orton: Teddy Long is supposed to be in charge around here and last week we all saw exactly how chaotic Smackdown was. The signs were there from start to finish that the WWE title match was in jeopardy last week.

Orton scratches his head.

Randy Orton: You had Kurt Angle talking about his problems with Cena. You had JBL talking about his problems with Cena. You had Orlando Jordan assaulting Matt Hardy. You had Dupree and Suzuki jumping that freak Lashley. Before the main event begun, Teddy Long even had the nerve to make a statement. A statement in which he pleaded with myself and John Cena to go out there and show everybody what Smackdown was all about and hey Teddy, I guess our interpretations of Smackdown are a little different aren’t they? Because what I saw all night long was chaos and what happened in the main event? Chaos is what happened.

Pop for the mention of chaos.

Randy Orton: So Teddy you should’ve seen it coming, you should’ve known what was going to happen and you should’ve DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

Heat for TLK.

Randy Orton: So Teddy I’m not asking. I am DEMANDING that you come out here and you apologise to me RIGHT THIS SECOND for what you let happen last week.

Orton waits for a moment but nothing happens before…


The music of Kurt Angle hits to a mixed response as the Wrestling Machine strolls down the ramp, intense as ever.

Michael Cole: Well, to steal a line from our broadcast colleague over on Raw, business just picked up Tazz.

Tazz: Oh baby!! Angle don’t look a happy man right about now Cole, same applies for Randy Orton. We could be about to witness an explosion inside that ring.

Angle takes a mic with Orton looking less than impressed.

Kurt Angle: Randy I know I’m not who you were expecting, not who you were hoping to see but I got something I need to say to you right this very second. Randy, you are absolutely…right.

Heat for Angle as the crowd seemed to hope he’d go at it with Orton.

Kurt Angle: Last week you were wrong place, wrong time. It could’ve been anybody up against Cena and I’d have done the same damn thing. The facts are, everything you’ve said about John Cena and everything you’ve said about Teddy Long is true and it makes me SICK.

Boos ring round again.

Kurt Angle: See you may’ve been robbed last week Randy but you didn’t even deserve to be in that match in the first place, that was MY match last week. John Cena robbed ME of being the number one contender and Teddy Long knows it. So I’ve come out here to join you in demanding that Teddy Long come down and apologise to the both of us inside this ring, RIGHT NOW!

Randy Orton: Whoa Kurt, I don’t deserve it? What’s that sup..


The music of the Wrestling God now hits and in his usual limousine out steps JBL to heat as ever., interrupting the Legend Killer.

Michael Cole: Well things are most certainly continuing in the theme of chaos here on Friday Night Smackdown. Both Randy Orton and Kurt Angle demanding apologies from Teddy Long here tonight but NOW we get yet another superstar making their way out here in John Bradshaw Layfield.

Tazz: And Cole it’s another superstar who feels robbed man. JBL still feels he was screwed a few weeks back when John Cena took him out whilst he was special referee in that number one contender’s match. I’m pretty sure JBL is out here for the same reasons as Angle and Orton.

JBL already has a microphone and begins to grin.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Boys if ya don’t mind I’d like to join your little rant here real quick cos I got a few things o’ my own I wanna get off my chest here tonight.

‘You Suck’ chants immediately for Layfield.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Now last week I made my mark in that championship match and I made it in a big way. Randy I took your damn head off kid so don’t you even think about tryin’ anything stupid here tonight or the same thing’s gonna happen.

A few ooohs as Orton looks to mouth ‘Really?’

John Bradshaw Layfield: Kurt you best be on your toes too son, cos after your litle stunt last week in attacking me, you are now firmly on my radar. But onto more important things and the most important thing here tonight I think we can all agree on is getting that moron of a General Manager Teddy Long to come out here and to take FULL responsibility for all of this.


John Bradshaw Layfield: Like Kurt, like Randy I too have a valid argument against Teddy Long and if he doesn’t come out here and make an apology I will have absolutely NO HESITATION in heading straight to the Board of Directors, to the chairman himself, Mr.McMahon and I will lobby for Teddy Long’s firing.

Big heat for that as Angle and Orton grin.

Randy Orton: As much as I wanna get my own back on the both of you here tonight, there are bigger things to be taken care of and I think the three of us can all agree that Teddy Long is that bigger issue. So Teddy we’re done talking, you come out here RIGHT NOW and you give us what we want.

The trio wait patiently before..


Finally the GM makes his way out as Teddy Long steps on stage to a decent pop.

Michael Cole: Well Teddy Long has taken a lot of criticism here tonight and over the past week or so for in a lot of people’s eyes, losing control of his show.

Tazz: All three men inside that ring do have a point though Cole. I gotta agree with ‘em. As much as I like Teddy Long, he may’ve screwed up last week, in a big way too.

Long dusts himself down before speaking.

Teddy Long: Playas I understand that you all gotcha ‘selves problems following on from Night of Champions last week but in my eyes I don’t believe I am at fault for ANY of them.


Teddy Long: JBL, you provoked John Cena in that number one contender’s match a few weeks back. Kurt, you never heard the bell ring, you never heard you were victorious, you letcha guard down and it cost you. Randy, you are the only one who has any arguments but you CANNOT put the blame on me dawg.

Pop again for the GM.

Kurt Angle: Teddy, Teddy, we are and we will continue to put the blame on your shoulders because it is all.. your.. fault. If you’d have done the right thing and given me the WWE title shot I deserved, I wouldn’t have got involved last week.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And Teddy if you’d have taken action against John Cena for what he did to me, I wouldn’t have gotten involved either. This is your fault and YOUR FAULT ONLY!!

Heat for a worked up Layfield.

Randy Orton: And if you’d have taken proper action last week. If you’d have done everything in your power to make sure my title match went smoothly, you’d have no complaints from me. But instead here we are Teddy and you got three of your biggest, infact, you have got THE three biggest superstars on this show all more than willing to see you get FIRED!!

Big heat for TLK.

Teddy Long: Randy, I suggest ya pipe down playa and listen to what I’m goin’ to suggest we do here tonight in Boise.

Cheap pop.

Teddy Long: Now John Cena isn’t in the building yet but he is on his way and tonight inside that very ring, we are goin’ to see a REMATCH from last week between the WWE champion, John Cena and Randy Orton!!

BIG pop as Orton nods his head, looking more happy now.

Teddy Long: However, it will NOT be for the WWE title.

Orton yells ‘WHAT?!’ as the fans boo.

Teddy Long: However, Randy if you can defeat John Cena here tonight, then you WILL get a title opportunity at The Great American Bash. Oh and Kurt, Bradshaw, if either of you two wanna get involved in that match, you will NEVER again receive a WWE championship opportunity.

HUGE pop there.

Kurt Angle: Teddy this is an absolute FREAKIN’ JOKE!! You can’t do that. YOU CANNOT DO THAT!! Where do I fit into all o’ this huh? I am your BIGGEST commodity here on Smackdown and you’re hangin’ me out to dry like this?

Teddy Long: Kurt look yo…

John Bradshaw Layfield: Teddy, Kurt Angle is the least of your concerns. WHERE do I fit into things? You give me a DAMN answer this second or else I am walkin’ outta this arena and I am NOT COMING BACK TEDDY!!

Pop for that as both Layfield and Angle look furious.

Teddy Long: John, Kurt after what you did last week, the both of ya are just gonna have to wait ya turn playas. You gotta prove to me that you deserve a championship opportunity. Tonight Randy you get your chance. Kurt, John, you just gonna have to wait in line. Enjoy the show playas, holla holla!!

The GM’s music hits and we see a dejected duo of Angle and Layfield who can’t quite believe what Teddy Long has just announced.

Michael Cole: A BLOCKBUSTER main event announced here tonight on Smackdown folks! A huge rematch from last week, John Cena will meet Randy Orton. If the Legend Killer can come out victorious he will earn himself a WWE championship match at The Great American Bash! What a night this promises to be!!

Tazz: Cole I think Teddy Long just made amends for last week man. What a match up here tonight only on Friday Night Smackdown!!


‘Do what I want’

The United States champion, Orlando Jordan makes his way out to strong heat as he gets set for action.

Michael Cole: Orlando Jordan stooped to an all time low last week folks. Jordan was scheduled to defend the United States title against Matt Hardy but as Hardy made his way down to the ring, Jordan savagely attacked his rival, injuring Hardy in the process, leaving him in no shape to compete. The referee STILL allowed the match to go ahead and within seconds it was over. I was shocked at Orlando Jordan’s actions last week Tazz.

Tazz: Hey I’m all for doin’ whatever it takes to keep a hold of your title but last week was a step too far from Orlando Jordan, I gotta admit.

Michael Cole: But it may backfire in a big way partner as Teddy Long told us last week, Matt Hardy WILL get a United States title opportunity when he recovers from the injuries he sustained last week. Time will tell just when Matt returns. Moving on to tonight though and it could be a whole different story for Orlando Jordan as he faces his ‘punishment’, having to take on the undefeated Bobby Lashley.

‘Hell Will be Callin your Name’

Speak of the devil and out steps the Real Deal, Bobby Lashley to a nice pop.

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley knows a thing or two about sneak attacks. Last week Lashley was the victim of a backstage ambush by the team of Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki who after being beaten in singles competition by Lashley decided the only way to stop this man was by doing so together.

Tazz: And it worked. Dupree and Suzuki done a number on Lashley last week and yeah it took ‘em both to do it but they did it. I gotta admit if I’m Dupree and Suzuki though, I’m worried about what Bobby Lashley’s got in store for me cos he ain’t gonna take it lightly.

Match One: Singles Match

Orlando Jordan vs. Bobby Lashley

OJ tries to avoid the powerhouse early on, opting to circle the ring as Lashley looks to strike. With the ‘Real Deal’ on the front foot, Jordan continuously stepped through the ropes, not allowing Lashley anywhere near him. Eventually the big man does get his hands on the United States champion but Jordan again puts his upper body through the ropes, as the referee forces Lashley to take a step back. In doing so it allows Jordan to strike, taking advantage of Lashley being on the back foot for once as Jordan delivers several right hands before taking the big man down with a clothesline.

Jordan then gives his usual attitude to the fans by proclaiming ‘I’m the United States Champion, he ain’t nothing’ whilst pointing at Lashley who is getting back to his feet. Jordan delivers a strong knee to the gut of Lashley, knocking the wind right out of him before hoisting the big man up in the air and dropping him back down with a hard looking suplex. OJ goes for the cover..



Shoulder up from the ‘Real Deal’ much to the Boise crowd’s delight. Jordan demands a faster count but steps off for a second, allowing Lashley to slowly rise again. As Lashley is almost up, Jordan delivers a stiff kick to the mid section before running the ropes and looking to take down the big man but an explosive Lashley senses what’s coming and turns the tables, scooping OJ up in the air and delivering a big back body drop met with a nice pop as Lashley now looks to build some momentum. Lashley now runs the ropes as Jordan gets to his feet and the big man delivers a massive running shoulder block, sending the U.S. champ back down to the mat. Lashley goes for a surprise cover..



Kick out from Jordan and Lashley wastes little time in continuing to mount pressure on his opponent. The powerhouse brings Jordan up to his feet before firing away with some quick right hands, almost jabs to the stomach of Jordan who winces in discomfort as Lashley opts to whip Jordan across the ring and into the turnbuckle. Jordan bounces hard against the ropes as Lashley sprints right at the champion, looking like a moving train as Lashley connects with a HUGE running clothesline!! Jordan’s head is almost taken off as Lashley then grabs the back of Jordan’s neck and takes him down with a nasty snap suplex!! The fans pop big time as Lashley is really picking up some steam here.

The Dominator poses for the fans who pop big time for it as they hope to continue seeing Jordan suffer here tonight. Lashley sets himself up and waits, poised to strike, looking like he’s got something big lined up for Jordan who rolls around the mat, back to his knees now before slowly getting to his feet. Jordan turns around right into a charging Lashley, SPEAR!! NO!! Jordan sees it coming and doges the bullet, tossing Lashley shoulder first through the ropes and into the ringpost! The fans oooh as the impact is heard right round the arena as Lashley’s shoulder eats steel. Jordan takes a breather as Lashley falls back into the ring and to the mat. Jordan crawls towards Lashley and drags himself up, using the ropes to assist him. Jordan digs his foot right into the throat of Lashley, again using the ropes to help him out for balance as the referee begins the count of 5. At the count of 3 Jordan eventually lets go, getting a ticking off from the referee to which Jordan holds his hands up for.

The U.S. champion then takes up what looks to be a boxing stance, holding his guard up, jogging on the spot, waiting for Lashley to get back up to his feet. The big man does eventually and is spun around right into some left jabs from Jordan who is looking ultra cocky now. Jordan delivers one big left hand before posing to the crowd and taunting Lashley and it’s a big mistake as Lashley flies from out of nowhere and takes down Jordan with a mammoth clothesline again, using all his speed and power. Lashley, now looking increasingly angry takes up that spear like position. Jordan is up once again but he doesn’t wanna turn around! Jordan slowly spins round and is CUT IN HALF BY A THUNDEROUS SPEAR!!

Lashley now signals to the fans that this one’s about to be done with and motions that it’s time for the Dominator. Jordan is struggling to get to his feet as the crowd rise in anticipation but suddenly Lashley is taken down from behind by RENE DUPREE AND KENZO SUZUKI!! The tag team have had their issues with Lashley of late and begin to double team the Real Deal to heat from the crowd as the referee calls for the bell to signal this is over with.

Winner via Disqualification: Bobby Lashley(7:41)

Michael Cole: Dupree and Suzuki take out Bobby Lashley AGAIN here tonight!! As dominant as Lashley’s been, how is he supposed to compete against two men?!

Tazz: I don’t know man but he’s puttin’ up a heck of an effort! Look at this Cole!

We see Lashley fighting back against the duo as Orlando Jordan hovers but sees Lashley’s resurgence and decides to get out while he can, sneaking under the bottom rope and to the back. Meanwhile Lashley throws a right hand to Suzuki as Dupree clubs him over the head from behind but the big man doesn’t fall down. Instead he turns round and delivers a shot of his own, Dupree and Lashley trade rights before Suzuki tries to get involved but Lashley shoves him off before a kick to the gut of Dupree. Lashley then tosses Dupree into Suzuki as the Frenchman almost spears his partner out of the ring and follows him in the process!! The crowd give a big pop as Suzuki holds his gut and backs up the ramp whilst Dupree trots back up holding his shoulder. The duo wanting NOTHING to do with the big man.

Michael Cole: Unbelievable resilience shown here tonight from Bobby Lashley!! The ‘Real Deal’ has dished out a dose of payback here tonight on the team of Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki and he’s delivered it in a big way!!

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. This dude Lashley is a monster and I don’t know what Dupree and Suzuki can do to get on top o’ this guy. I really don’t.

We see Lashley clenching his fists and glaring at the duo before we head backstage and we see the arrival of the WWE champion John Cena!! Cena’s image is met with a big pop from the crowd as he carries his bag towards the locker room, looking in an intense mood here tonight as we see Josh Matthews appear into shot.

Josh Matthews: John, John. Just wanted to get your thoughts on Teddy Long’s announcement here tonight?

John Cena: Josh I only just got here man, so you’re gonna have to fill me in. What announcement?

Josh Matthews: Well uh earlier on tonight Randy Orton, Kurt Angle and JBL all demanded apologies from Teddy Long. He in turn announced that tonight you will face Randy Orton in a rematch from last week and if Randy Orton beats you he will get another WWE title shot at The Great American Bash.

John Cena: Wow. That’s uh, that’s pretty huge right there Josh. My thoughts on that are..

Cena pauses.

John Cena: Bring it on.

Nice pop for that.

John Cena: In my eyes I would have beaten Randy Orton last week. BUT, at the same time I gotta admit that Randy deserves a rematch after what Kurt Angle and what JBL did last week. Those two guys, they aren’t gonna stop until they get their shot. So Josh, like I said about Randy Orton, I’m gonna say it about those two as well. If Kurt Angle and JBL want some, they can come.. get.. some.

Cheers for the champion.

John Cena: I’m getting pretty tired Josh of Kurt Angle comin’ out and sayin’ that I don’t want anything to do with him. Saying that I don’t wanna face him, that I ‘know’ I can’t beat him. Well in my mind the real reason I and Kurt Angle haven’t gone toe to toe yet is because Kurt Angle doesn’t wanna face me.

A few ooohs amidst cheers for that.

John Cena: I don’t back down from a challenge, everybody knows that and Kurt Angle should know that too. As far as JBL goes, he’s tryin’ any and everything possible to get himself another shot at the WWE title. I beat him for this not once but twice. If he really believes he deserves another shot, then he’s got a long way to go towards provin’ it.

Cena tips his cap before continuing.

Josh Matthews: And John what are your thoughts on General Manager Teddy Long? A lot of superstars felt that last week he lost control of the show and that he should’ve done more to protect them, your views on that?

Cena sighs before looking directly into the camera.

John Cena: Teddy Long I hope you’re watching this right now. My message to you Teddy is simple. I respect you and I think you’re doin’ a hell of a job as our General Manager. So for those who seem to think Teddy is losing control around here, I disagree completely. The guys in the back need to start lookin’ out for themselves, need to start watchin’ their own backs. That ain’t Teddy Long’s job Josh.

Cena pats his title belt before carrying on.

John Cena: Smackdown ain’t about backstage brawls, it ain’t about guys sneak attackin’ each other. Smackdown is about doin’ your business inside the ring and puttin’ on a show for these fans.


John Cena: So tonight I’m gonna go out there, Randy Orton’s gonna go out there and we’re gonna prove to everybody what Smackdown really is all about.

Nice pop again as the champ walks off.



We return to the music of the coolest superstar on Friday nights as Carlito makes his way out to good heat as usual.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito is scheduled for action here tonight against one of his two rivals, Rhyno. Last week Rhyno went one on one with Carlito’s other rival Booker T with the winner getting themselves a No Disqualification match with the Apple Spitter here tonight in Boise. The match didn’t exactly pan out the way we expected with Carlito playing a major role in the outcome, costing Booker T the match.

Tazz: Carlito’s a smart guy Cole. He’s causing MAJOR tension between Booker T and Rhyno, he’s lookin’ to exploit their friendship and it’s workin’. I wouldn’t say he’s picked the easy option here tonight though, whoever Carlito had to face here tonight was gonna be a huge test and it just so happens it’s gonna be the Man Beast.

‘Man Beast’

Michael Cole: Speaking of the Man Beast, Rhyno has become involved in this Booker T-Carlito rivalry since Judgment Day when he gave Booker T a pep talk backstage only to be attacked later on that night by Carlito. Booker and Carlito went one on one that night, only for Rhyno to reappear and attempt a gore on the Puerto Rican but instead ended up costing his friend Booker T. Since then both he and Booker have been intent on getting payback on Carlito and Rhyno gets his chance here tonight.

Tazz: Big opportunity for Rhyno here tonight Cole. Carlito’s been on a roll recently and it’s gonna have to be one heck of a performance from Rhyno to knock Carlito off here tonight. But if there’s anybody who suit’s a No Disqualification match it’s the ECW original Rhyno.

Match Two: No Disqualification Match

Carlito vs. Rhyno

Rhyno looks to storm right at Lito from the get go but Carlito wants nothing to do with the Man Beast, heading outside the ring and pacing round slowly, waiting for the right time to get back inside the squared circle. The right time however doesn’t take place as Rhyno doesn’t wanna wait any longer and heads to the outside also. Carlito doesn’t see it comin’ as he’s arguing with some fans at ringside but he’s soon made aware as Rhyno bashes him over the head from behind!! A nice pop greets that as Rhyno then begins to stomp away at the fallen Lito.

Rhyno yells ‘C’mon’ to Lito as the Man Beast is relentless in his assault. The ECW original now begins a flurry of right hands whilst sitting on top of his opponent before getting back up and taking a back step, allowing Carlito room to breathe for the first time in this match it seems. Carlito gets back up to his knees but is met with Rhyno right back on him. Rhyno brings the Apple Spitter to his feet fully before delivering a strong kick to the mid section before whipping Lito shoulder first into the barricade!! Another strong pop greets that move as Carlito rolls in agony, clutching onto his shoulder.

Rhyno heads right after Carlito once again, clearly wanting to inflict as much punishment as possible on his rival since Judgment Day. Rhyno brings Lito to his feet before delivering an elbow to the head and a big uppercut bbut Carlito responds with a hard shot of his own, showing some fighting spirit within him still. Rhyno looks to deliver another right but is met with a tiff kick to the gut from Lito who now delivers two uppercuts, one after the other before taking down Rhyno with a clothesline as the Man Beast’s head bounces off the mat on the outside and Carlito moves away to try and get a breather here.

Carlito rolls into the ring and lays on the mat for a few seconds before rising as he waits for Rhyno to return into this contest. It’s not too long a wait as Rhyno is gingerly back up and shows no hesitation in stepping inside the ring but is met by a waiting Carlito who immediately begins to stomp on Rhyno as he rolls back into the ring. Lito uses all his intelligence to not allow Rhyno back into this as the Caribbean superstar brings Rhyno, the expert in these type of matches up to his feet and strikes with a beautiful drop kick, almost knocking Rhyno out cold. Cover from Carlito..



Shoulder up from Rhyno to a decent pop. Carlito immediately gets back up and runs the ropes before dropping a hard elbow right into the chest of his opponent. Carlito then gestures to the crowd who instantly boo him. Lito then begins to take it to Rhyno, delivering some hard right and left stomps to the chest of Rhyno who is helpless right now in the match. Lito though brings the veteran up to his feet before delivering a big left uppercut, sending Rhyno back. Irish whip from Carlito but Rhyno reverses it and whips Lito toward the turnbuckle but Carlito hops onto the second rops, Rhyno charges but Lito connects with a springboard back elbow, sending Rhyno tumbling. Cover from Lito..



Shoulder up from the Man Beast as Carlito looks infuriated. The Coolest superstar on Friday nights decides it’s time to change things up a bit here and heads to the top rope, not always something the former U.S. champion looks to do. Carlito wobbles somewhat at first, looking a bit hesitant as Rhyno heads back to his feet, turns around, Carlito goes for a cross body off the top but nobody’s home!! Rhyno ducks out of the way as Carlito rolls through. Lito straight back to his feet and turns around right into the waiting Rhyno who delivers a kick to the gut before dropping Carly with a vicious DDT! Cover from the Man Beast..



Shoulder up from Carlito as Rhyno pounds the mat in frustration. The Man Beast has seen enough and heads to the outside and grabs a steel chair much to the fans delight. Rhyno heads back inside the ring and lines up the chair, ready to take Carlito’s head off, swings it, misses!! Carlito ducks it and spins Rhyno round, thumb to the eye from Lito before a snap mare take down and a vicious dropkick to the back of Rhyno’s head!! The impact sounded brutal as Carlito now applies sleeper hold, looking to drain his rival here.

The crowd egg Rhyno on, looking to find him some momentum to break the hold here. Rhyno does seem to find some strength, some resolve and fights his way back to a vertical base before delivering an elbow to the side of Lito’s head followed by another as he manages to break the hold before delivering a kick to the mid section. Irish whip from Rhyno, Carlito bounces back from the ropes right into a high knee from the Man Beast. Rhyno now points towards the chair! The master of the Gore picks up the chair and immediately begins hammering away at the back of Carlito, strong shot after another as the sound of steel on flesh is there for all to hear as Carlito grimaces in pain. Rhyno eventually lets off before roaring to the crowd who pop big time for that attack.

Rhyno now drops the chair and heads over to the corner of the ring before motioning for Lito to get up to his feet. The fans seem to know what time it is and rise to their feet, hoping, waiting for Rhyno to deliver a deadly Gore. Carlito slowly gets to his knees, holding his back in clear discomfort from the chair shots moments ago. Carly is up, turns around, GORE!! GORE CONNECTS!! BUT CARLITO ROLLS UNDER THE ROPES AND OUT OF THE RING!! A strong pop greets the gore but boos immediately follow as Carlito wisely rolls out of the ring as Rhyno looks on in frustration before heading to the outside.

The Man Beast brings Carlito up to his feet, looking to continue the assault. Rhyno strikes with a right hand before grabbing the back of Carly’s head and SMASHES it against the ringpost as Lito looks completely dazed. Rhyno now walks with Carlito towards the ramp as he grabs the left arm of Lito and whips him SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE STEEL STEPS!! Lito’s shoulder makes a big impact on the steps as he yells out in pain with Rhyno looking absolutely relentless here. Carlito pleads with Rhyno not to do any more damage but as Rhyno looks on with no remorse, staring Carlito dead in the eye before looking to pounce once again but Carlito, using all his intelligence again, sees Rhyno coming and takes him down with a drop toe hold as Rhyno goes face first into the steel steps!!

Carlito gets slowly to his feet before looking to get Rhyno up also. Carly tosses the Man Beast inside the ring and follows suit. Lito delivers two stiff kicks, flat out into the ribs of Rhyno who squeals almost before delivering one more kick to the ribs and heading across towards that dangerous steel chair. Carlito smashes the chair against the mat, clearly building towards what he’s about to do to Rhyno. Some of the crowd are on their feet, clearly worried by what they’re about to see, BUT WAIT!! BOOKER T!! The crowd begin to cheer as Booker T comes charging down the ramp, clearly not wanting to see his friend get hurt here tonight!! Booker charges into the ring and both he and Carlito trade blows immediately!! The crowd are right behind Booker here who gets the upper hand, knocking Carlito back into the turnbuckle before delivering a flurry of rights to which Carly has no response to. Booker then picks up the steel chair as the crowd rise again, wanting to see Booker take out the Apple Spitter. Booker looks set to smash Carlito’s skull in but the chair is pulled back by Rhyno?!? There’s some confusion as the two look at each other and Rhyno yells at Booker ‘THIS IS MY MATCH, I’M DOIN’ THIS ALONE’. Booker looks at Rhyno before saying ‘I was only tryna’ help you dawg’. Rhyno shakes his head before Booker is smashed from behind by Carlito! Booker is taken down and Rhyno takes a second to realise what’s happened before LOW BLOW!! BLANTANT LOW BLOW, A BOOT RIGHT WHERE IT HURTS FROM CARLITO TO RHYNO!! Carlito then spins Rhyno round right into a BACKSTABBER!! Cover from Lito..




It’s Over!!

Winner: Carlito(10:37)

Michael Cole: Damn it!! Carlito weasels his way to yet another victory!! Booker T was tryin’ to stop Carlito from takin’ Rhyno’s head off, only for it to backfire in a BIG way.

Tazz: Look at that smile on Carlito’s face Cole. He knows that his plan is workin’ to a tee and this tension between Booker T and Rhyno just keeps on building here man.

Booker looks on up the ramp at a back tracking Carlito who takes a bite of his apple and soaks in the heat he’s receiving. Booker then holds his hands out, looking dejected as Carlito laughs. Booker then turns around and BAM!! Rhyno smashes the steel chair across the skull of Booker T much to the horror of the Boise fans!


Tazz: I told ya Cole!! The tension has been building’ and Rhyno has just SNAPPED!!

Rhyno then gets in Booker T’s face whispering words we can’t quite make out as we see Carlito looking on with a joyous, yet shocked look on his face as his plan seems to have firmly gone through here tonight before Rhyno exit’s the ring to big heat also.

Michael Cole: Booker T was only out here to help his friend out. He was lookin’ out for Rhyno as he has done since this whole thing began Tazz. I thought that Rhyno had the same intentions, to look out for Booker T but clearly Rhyno is only looking out for himself.

Tazz: I don’t blame him Cole. Booker T’s cost him before and he’s cost him again here tonight. Rhyno goin’ out and looking after his own back now could be the best damn move of his career.


We return and head backstage to see Carlito walking down the hall, when he’s approached by Josh Matthews.

Josh Matthews: Carlito, we uh, we failed to get the chance to speak to Rhyno after what just transpired. Can we get your thoughts on this whole situation and where you go from here with both Booker T and Rhyno?

Carlito: Ha ha. Josh what do ju take Carlito for huh?

Matthews looks puzzled.

Carlito: Ju wanted to talk to Rhyno instead of Carlito? Dat, dat’s not cool. Ju should ALWAYS wanna talk to Carlito because Carlito will tell ju exactly how it is, believe me on dat one. What just happened was what Carlito has expected to happen ever since Judgment Day.

Carlito brushes his ‘fro before continuing.

Carlito: See Carlito knew, Carlito knew that those two idiots couldn’t get along and finish what they tried to start. Ju should all understand dat Carlito never wanted to embarrass Booker T. No. Dis whole thing comes from Carlito trying to help Booker T. Carlito challenged Booker T for Judgment Day in the hope, in the chance dat Carlito could bring the real Booker T back, the old Booker T, the Booker T who could actually stand a chance inside dat ring wit’ a guy like Carlito.

Heat for the Apple Spitter.

Carlito: But. But, but, but Josh, dat didn’t happen and ju know why dat didn’t happen right? Because Rhyno didn’t let it happen. Carlito told Rhyno to stay away, Carlito beat him down backstage, Carlito holds his hands up on dat one but Carlito did dat for Booker T’s own good Josh . Carlito’s issues wit’ Rhyno began from dat and Carlito’s issues wit’ Booker T began from dat.

Carlito pauses.

Carlito: Carlito never had a problem wit’ Booker T. UNTIL Booker T started takin’ Rhyno’s side. He started to look out for his ‘friend’. Well Booker, ju just saw out there dat in the WWE, there are no friends. Das why Carlito ONLY looks out for Carlito and das why ju find jurself hitting rock bottom Booker. Carlito has got NO sympathy for ju.

Heat for Lito again.

Carlito: Where does Carlito go from here wit’ those two ju ask Josh? Well it’s real simple, Carlito does to both of dem exactly what he’s been doing since Judgent Day and dat is embarrassing them time and time again. Maybe then they will both realise that issues wit’ Carlito are issues dat they cannot resolve. And dat? Josh, das cool.

Carlito leaves tossing his apple and having a wry smile on his face as we head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Well I’m not buyin’ that Carlito’s been ‘looking out’ for Booker T. I’m not buyin’ it at all. Carlito has been wanting Rhyno and Booker T to come to blows ever since Judgment Day and tonight he got his wish.

Tazz: We gotta take his word for it Cole. All we do know for sure is that Booker T and Rhyno ain’t just got Carlito in mind anymore, they got each other too.


The music of Chris Masters hits and out comes the Masterpiece to small heat, looking in a foul mood.

Michael Cole: Well here’s a man who has had a rough few weeks recently partner. Masters suffered his first defeat since being drafted to Smackdown at the hands of Psicosis, one of the debuting Mexicools. The following week, the troublesome trio captured Masters backstage and held him in their posession before the week after ha.ha, they hung Masters up in the sky and beat him like a pinata!!

Tazz: Those Mexicools are some crazy dudes Cole but ya had to feel sorry for Chris Masters. There was nothing he could do!!

Michael Cole: Well we learned during the week that the Mexicools did finally allow Chris Masters free but ONLY at the request of Teddy Long. The Smackdown General Manager then granted Chris Masters a match here tonight against the craziest of the Mexican trio, that man of course being Super Crazy! Should be a real challenge for both men here tonight in Boise.

‘Muy Loco’

The Mexicools do then make their way out on their Juan Deere’s to a decent pop as they shout out all sorts of nonsense with Juvi leading the pack.

Michael Cole: They promised that they’d come to Smackdown and make Friday nights fun again. Well Tazz, I think the Mexicools have succeeded in doing just that so far.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. These three men, as well as being three highly entertainin’, fun lovin’ guys, they can go inside that ring. Make no mistake about it, Chris Masters found that out when he took on Psicosis and he’s gonna find that out again tonight wit’ Super Crazy.

Match Three: Singles Match

Super Crazy vs. Chris Masters

Masters looks to physically dominate his smaller opponent from the get go but Crazy uses all his speed and agility to dodge his way around the Masterpiece. The opening minute or two are fairly cat and mouse like as Masters continues to be on the offensive but Crazy continues to duck and dive before eventually getting the upper hand on the big man, taking him down with a massive dropkick. The dropkick is met with a resounding cheer from the fans as Crazy goes for an early pinfall..


Kick out by Masters. The high flying Mexican was straight on Masters’ back following that early near fall, looking to use his speed and agility to stop his more powerful opponent. As Masters got back to his feet he was met with a series of kicks to the chest, followed by right hands before whipping Masters across the ring, the Masterpiece flies back off the ropes and is met with a beautiful spinning wheel kick from Crazy!! The fans go wild as Juvi and Psicosis squeal on the outside in delight at their fellow Mexicools performance here.

A turning point in the match though comes as Crazy decides to head up to the top rope. The fans get on the edge of their seats as they await to see what the Insane Luchador can pull off. Masters gets up gingerly to his feet and turns around, Crazy goes for a flying cross body but Masters catches him!! Masters begins to crack a smile for the first time in some time and slams Crazy down hard on the mat before taking a second to catch his breath. The Masterpiece then showing real aggression, almost charges at Crazy before bringing him to his feet and whipping the Mexicool member across the ring and into the turnbuckle as Masters sprints right after him and delivers a thunderous clothesline.

Crazy holds his chest before Masters delivers two strong kicks to the mid section before placing Crazy on the top rope. Michael Cole and Tazz wonder just what the Masterpiece has in store for Crazy here as he looks to seize his advantage. Masters has Crazy sat on the top rope as he climbs to the second rope, Masters puts his arm round the neck of Crazy, he’s not gonna do it is he? Masters goes one higher on the ropes, superplex time from the top rope!! But NO!! Juventud Guerrera grabs Masters attention whilst Psicosis diverts the referee’s attention on the other side of the ring! Masters lets go of the hold to have words with the Mexicool’s leader before Juvi slaps Masters!! The fans go wild as Masters stares intently at Juvi, looking real pissed off here. The big man looks to go after him but Crazy pushes Piece off the top rope!! Masters rolls over and back up to his feet, only to be met with a HUGE Missile Dropkick!! Crazy goes for the cover!!




He got him!!

Winner: Super Crazy(5:33)

Michael Cole: THEY DID IT AGAIN!! The Mexicools put one over on Chris Masters for the second time here tonight on Smackdown!! What can Chris Masters do to put an end to all this?!

Tazz: Ha ha. Cole these dudes are just too damn smart for Masters. It’s three on one baby and the Masterpiece don’t know which way to turn!

Masters slams his fists against the mat as the trio celebrate, juping on their Juan Deere’s and riding off up the ramp with Piece scowling inside the ring, looking lost and confused after being defeated again by one of the Mexicools.

We then head backstage where we see a crowd of superstars and officials surrounding the floor in a circle. The camera then zooms closer and gets through in the circle where we see a seemingly unconscious RANDY ORTON. Orton is stone cold out of it as trainer’s shout his name but Orton doesn’t respond as they begin to call for more help. We then see a speedy Teddy Long enter the fray


Trainer: It’s Randy, he’s unconscious Teddy. We don’t know what happened, we just found him lying here.

Teddy Long: Who told you he was here? Who brought ya to him?

Trainer: A bunch of the guys here told us, we got here as soon as we found out.

The camera then turns and shows several superstars, all of no real relevance as we see Snitsky, Nunzio, Hardcore Holly and Sylvain Grenier.

Teddy Long: You see anything? Y’all didn’t see Kurt Angle or JBL around here at all?

The trainers, superstars and officials all say no as Teddy shakes his head, looking extremely worried about what to do after what’s happened to Randy Orton.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton is uh, he’s out cold folks. There is absolutely no chance now that Randy Orton will be able to face John Cena here tonight and earn his WWE title shot. What is Teddy Long gonna do?! Who will face John Cena now here tonight on Smackdown?!


We return and see a replay of what we saw before the commercials before we head backstage and we head into Teddy Long’s office. Long has a stern look on his face before the camera pans and we see both Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield. The sight of the duo is met with heat as ever.

Teddy Long: John, Kurt, I called ya in here due to the situation we got wit’ Randy Orton.

John Bradshaw Layfield: What situation Teddy?

Teddy Long: Don’t act like you don’t know playa.

Kurt Angle: Teddy we don’t know anything. Could you fill us in here? What’s the ‘situation‘?

Teddy Long: Randy’s been attacked backstage, he’s completely out of it. He ain’t gonna be able to compete here tonight a’ight. Which brings me to the both of you.

JBL takes his hat off, looking concerned.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I..Is the kid alright? I mean I wouldn’t want anything bad happenin’ to him, he’s got a great future ahead of him.

Teddy Long: Don’t patronise me John. Now I wanna know where and what the both of you were doin’ when this took place.

Kurt Angle: Woah woah woah. Teddy are you seriously trying to accuse one of us here? If you’re trying to accuse me Teddy then you couldn’t have got this any more wrong. I may want John Cena and the WWE championship but I would NEVER do something like that to a fellow superstar.

John Bradshaw Layfield: And I likewise Teddy. Whether you wanna believe it or not. I, Kurt, we had nothing to do with what happened to Randy Orton here tonight. I give you my word on that Teddy. If that ain’t enough then well.. I don’t know what is.

JBL has a sarcastic prick look on his face as the two look like children being given a dressing down by their teacher.

Teddy Long: Look I ain’t gonna say I believe you but while there’s no proof I don’t really have a choice. Now as for tonight’s main event I gue…

John Bradshaw Layfield: Teddy I think it’s time we move on to that next port of call you mention and that regards our main event tonight. Now if I recall, earlier on tonight you told both myself and Kurt here that we would have to wait in line for a shot at the WWE championship. Well correct me if I’m wrong, that line just got cut down.

Heat for the Wrestling God who slyly smiles.

Kurt Angle: Teddy, we told you earlier on here tonight that you were losing control and what’s happened with Randy Orton just furthers our point. You have lost control in a BIG way. I think it’s time you put your trust in us to put some pride back into this show.

Long grits his teeth, clearly unhappy about all of this as the fans boo.

Teddy Long: I don’t wanna do this but I ain’t got much choice. You got your wish a’ight. Tonight, our main event will now be John Cena versus Kurt Angle versus John Bradshaw Layfield and if either of you is victorious, you will earn yaself a titl opportunity at the Great American Bash.

Big heat for that announcement as both Angle and Layfield smile.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Teddy, I am SO glad we could see eye to eye eventually here tonight.

Layfield puts his hat back on before leaving with a huge grin on his face.

Kurt Angle: Teddy, you’ll send my well wishes to Randy Orton won’t ya now?

Angle also leaves smiling as Teddy Long shakes his head as we head back ringside.

Michael Cole: Well I think we found out just who attacked Randy Orton. Disgusting actions by both JBL and Kurt Angle here tonight. Forcing Randy Orton out of tonight’s main event whilst getting themselves inserted in and ya gotta feel for Teddy Long. He was left with pretty much no other choice here tonight.

Tazz: Innocent until proven guilty Cole. As much as I wanna believe that they did it, nobody’s got the proof. Ya gotta feel for Randy Orton man, missin’ out on a WWE title opportunity. BUT, major chance now tonight for both JBL and Kurt Angle.


The music of Rey Mysterio hits to a nice ovation and down comes the ultimate underdog, accompanied by his tag team partner Rob Van Dam all set for action.

Michael Cole: Last week was yet again a rough night for the duo of Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam as their pursuit of the Tag Team championships fell short with MNM yet again stealing a victory thanks to the antics of Melina. After the match last week Van Dam and Mysterio pleaded with Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro to give them the fair rematch they deserve and leave Melina out of things. Van Dam and Mysterio said that if they could defeat them without Melina, they would move to the back of the line as far as tag team title shots go. What do ya think to that offer Tazz?

Tazz: I’m torn Cole. If I’m MNM I would hear those words about the back of the line and be real tempted but at the same time Melina is the ace up their sleeve and they ain’t gonna wanna leave her in the back. Not a chance in my mind.

Mysterio’s opponent is already in the ring and is then introduced to the crowd. His opponent being none other than the Japanese Buzzsaw, Tajiri.

Match Four: Singles Match

Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri

The two veteran Cruiserweights go toe to toe from the get go and it’s Mysterio who takes the early advantage as both men come out using their feet more than their hands in the opening stages. Mysterio eventually gains control, forcing Tajiri back with a series of hard kicks to the chest before a hard shot to the knee of the Japanese Buzzsaw sends him down to his knees as Rey Rey runs the ropes and looks to take Tajiri’s head off but he ducks it and instead rolls Rey up from behind into the cover!!


Kick out by Rey as Tajiri’s smart strategy to catch him off guard fails this time. Mysterio is up to his feet soon enough and is met by an oncoming Tajiri who runs the ropes before attempting a springboard cross body, CONNECTS! Mysterio though rolls through into the cover!! Clever from Rey Rey!!



Shoulder up from Tajiri this time as Mysterio now delivers some more kicks to the mid section of the former Cruiserweight champion. Mysterio brings Tajiri up before an irish whip to Tajiri, reversal, Mysterio bounces off the ropes, Tajiri ducks, looking for a back body drop but Rey sees it coming and manages to stop in his tracks before delivering a big kick to the face of Tajiri who is taken aback by it. Mysterio now looks to be in control and again whips Tajiri into the ropes, Tajiri comes right back at Rey who swings for the Japanese Buzzsaw but he ducks it, Tajiri runs through and rebounds off the opposite side, Mysterio looks to grab him but Tajiri delivers a beautiful hurricanrana taking Rey down!! Cover from Tajiri..



Kick out by Rey as RVD breathes a small sigh of relief before shouting ‘Come on Rey’ and the crowd begin to will Mysterio on. Tajiri senses an opportunity here and heads to the top rope as Mysterio slowly but surely makes his way to his feet. Tajiri sees Rey rising and goes flying from the top, looking for a Missile Dropkick but Rey sees it coming and gets out of dodge as Tajiri falls flat on his back. Mysterio now capitalises and grabs Tajiri by the back of the neck, falls backwards alongside his opponent to the ropes, using them as a spring and Mysterio sends Tajiri down with a big bulldog!!

The fans give a nice pop for this before Mysterio salutes them, drawing another nice pop. Tajiri slowly rises and Rey again charges right at him, looking for a right hand but Tajiri counters with a right of his own. The two trade blows before Tajiri swings and Rey ducks it, Rey runs the ropes, Tajiri the opposite side. Tajiri comes charging at Rey who steps aside and drops Tajiri with a drop toe hold! Tajiri falls face first into the ropes, primed for Mysterio to finish this off now!! The fans come alive as Mysterio CONNECTS WITH A BIG IMPACT 619!! Tajiri rolls into the centre of the ring before rising as Rey heads up top before DROPPIN DA DIME!! Cover by Rey…




It’s Over!

Winner: Rey Mysterio(5:05)

Michael Cole: A BIG victory here tonight for Rey Mysterio!! The Ultimate Underdog showing all his usual determination, guts, never say d..


With Van Dam and Mysterio celebrating in the ring together we hear the music of MNM cutting Michael Cole off, but all we see appear through the curtain is Melina who heads onto the stage, mic in hand.

Melina: Rey, Rey, up here esse’, ha ha. Guys I heard your little request last week and myself, Joey and Johnny we discussed it at length and we came to a conclusion.

Van Dam mouths ‘Well what’s that then?’ Wait and see Rob.

Melina: We came to the conclusion that we accept your proposal for The Great American Bash.

Nice pop for that as Van Dam and Rey look thrilled to hear it.

Melina: Just remember these are your terms boys, not ours. I will not be at ringside for that match up. HOWEVER, if you lose then that is IT. You are done with MNM and you are done with the WWE Tag Team championships.

Heat for that mention but Mysterio nods.

Melina: Rob, Rey, the Great American Bash though is a month away so until then, boys, you’re gonna be seeing a whole lot more of me.

Heat for the evil Melina as she smiles slyly.

Melina: And you’re gonna be seeing a whole lot more… of them.

The fans are abuzz as Van Dam and Mysterio turn around right into Mercury and Nitro!! The tag champs take down the high flying duo with right hands before Nitro noists Mysterio up and delivers a sickening corkscrew neck breaker, looking to severly hurt Rey. Mercury then hoists Van Dam up and Nitro heads over and joins him as we then get a vicious snapshot to Van Dam from the champions!! The two then exit the ring to strong heat as Melina simply smiles on top of the stage, waiting for her boys to join her, looking on at the damage done here tonight

Micahel Cole: MNM have one upped Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam here tonight, make no mistake about it. But Tazz the match is now on!! At The Great American Bash, MNM will defend the WWE Tag Team championships against Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam. Melina will be banned from ringside, but if MNM can come out victorious, Mysterio and Van Dam will NOT get another shot at the gold.

Tazz: Huge stipulation Cole and one that I’ll admit, I didn’t expect MNM to agree to but we got ourselves a heck of a match up now, come The Great American Bash.

We cut backstage and see The Hurricane, who is greeted with a nice pop as he seems to be doing some exercise and stretches in his locker room. The Superhero soon stops however as the camera pans and we see Chavo Guerrero appear into shot, greeted with heat from the crowd.

Chavo Guerrero: I really, really hate to say I told ya so Greg. But uh, I told ya so.

Chavo smiles right in Hurricane’s face before continuing.

Chavo Guerrero: Last week I’ll admit, you gave a great performance out there man. You pushed Paul London ALL the way. But, you didn’t walk outta San Diego with the Cruiserweight title and I know, I know deep down, that’s gotta hurt you hasn’t it?

Hurricane puts his head down.

Chavo Guerrero: But hey, you could use this as a positive Greg, you really could. I mean, you’ve got the opportunity now to realise exactly what I’ve been telling you for the past month or so. This( pointing at Hurricane), this whole superhero thing, this little sham, it’s not you. It doesn’t work man, you don’t have any special powers, if ya did you’d be walkin’ round here with the Cruiserweight title right now wouldn’t you? You are Gregory Helms, I don’t know how many times I gotta tell you this man. You are one of the very best Cruiserweights in this business and you deserve to hold some gold around here. Paul London could NOT deal with Gregory Helms. No no no, that is a fact. He could just about deal w..wi..with..this.

Chavo has a disgusted look whilst pointing at Hurricane.

Chavo Guerrero: When Gregory? Tell me when you are finally gonna take my advice. Let me help you. Let me help rediscover who you really are, who you and I both know you really are. Let me help get you the Cruiserweight championship.

Hurricane has a puzzled look on his face and wait’s a moment as Chavo looks on, waiting. But Hurricane just walks out?? Chavo looks surprised but his surprised reaction soon turns into a small little smile before he rubs his hands together and we fade out into..


We return ringside as…


The sound of the former WWE champion’s music, JBL. The Wrestling God makes his way out in his limo, set for a big opportunity here tonight.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown folks and the man in your picture, along with Kurt Angle appeared to be set for a rough night here tonight. However, circumstances changed and I feel pretty safe in saying that those circumstances changed because of JBL and Kurt Angle. Randy Orton was scheduled to face John Cena here tonight, if Orton were to have been victorious he’d have earned a WWE title opportunity at The Great American Bash. Randy Orton was assaulted backstage, laid out cold, with him unable to compete, JBL and Kurt Angle now have the same opportunity that Randy Orton had here tonight.

Tazz: There’s no proof Cole. Kurt Angle, JBL, they are next in line for a WWE title opportunity and with Randy Orton outta the picture, Teddy Long did the right thing by givin’ these two their opportunity tonight.


The next participant in the triple threat match steps out to strong heat as the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle storms down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle has had his problems with John Cena for quite some time now, with Angle believing Cena is avoiding him, believing that Cena is afraid of him. Well here tonight we will see exactly how afraid John Cena really is.

Tazz: Well Cena has steered clear of Angle since he won the title and Cena did cost Angle a shot at his gold. I ain’t sayin’ Cena’s scared of Angle but it would appear that John Cena does know just how big a threat Kurt Angle is to that WWE title Cole.

‘My Time is Now’

The WWE champion then heads out to a strong ovation as he looks in no mood for eith JBL or Kurt Angle after what they ‘supposedly’ did here tonight to Randy Orton.

Michael Cole: Well say what you will but I don’t believe for one second that John Cena is afraid of anybody. John Cena never backs down from a challenge and ya gotta believe that John Cena will be out to exact some payback on these two men for what they did to him last week and for what they did to Randy Orton here tonight.

Tazz: Cena’s got guts, ain’t no doubt about it but tonight’s gonna be a heck of a challenge for the WWE champ man. JBL, the longest reigning WWE champion in Smackdown history and Kurt Angle, one of the greatest performers inside that ring. It’s gonna take a superhuman effort for John Cena to stop one of these two earnin’ a title shot here in Boise baby.

Match Five: Triple threat Match
(If JBL or Kurt Angle is victorious, they will earn a WWE title shot at The Great American Bash)

John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

Cena knows he’s right up against it here tonight now with both Angle and JBL gunning for him here. Cena is perhaps a bit hesitant at first, not sure if or when to make his move and he sits patiently as Angle and JBL look at one another, waiting to make their move also in this chess like beginning. Eventually the pair nod at one another and head over to Cena, double teaming the champion with firm right hands as Cena seems to have no response. The crowd begin an early ‘Cena’ chant and the champion begins to show all his usual gusto and fight as he responds with some right hands of his own, knocking JBL back slightly but can’t control Kurt Angle who’s been waiting to get his hands on Cena for a while. Angle delivers some stomps to the mid section of Cena who is tied up beside the turnbuckle now with Angle in control.

JBL returns and heads right on Cena, showing more aggression now following Cena’s fight back on him moments ago. Layfield hammers away at Cena, shoving Angle out of the way in the process before beginning to stomp away at the leader of the Chain Gang. Angle though then pushes Layfield outta the way and he begins to stomp at the champion, with real aggression being displayed here. JBL though has seen enough and pulls Angle away but this time Angle gets in his face. The two start exchanging words with one another as tension builds. There isn’t a chance however for the two to come to blows as Cena somehow finds an explosion from nowhere and launches himself taking down both men with a big double clothesline!! Cena’s pumped up now and brings JBL to his feet before whipping his long time rival across the ring, Layfield rebounds off the ropes and Cena delivers a nice big back body drop but Cena is rolled up from behind by Angle!!



Shoulder up from Cena as Angle almost pulls off a quick victory. Angle then brings Cena to his feet before delivering an uppercut to the champ but Cena responds and the two exchange blows with Cena getting on top. Cena now whips Angle into the ropes, Angle though hangs on, Cena charges at Angle but Angle pulls the ropes down and Cena goes flying to the outside, landing hard onto the floor! Angle goes out to follow him but is drawn back in by JBL who pokes Angle in the eye before he tries a roll up now!!



Kick out from Angle who clutches his face as JBL and Angle’s brief alliance is clearly over here and Layfield begins to stomp away at Angle before dropping an elbow on the Wrestling Machine. JBL then slowly, methodically walks and bounces himself off the ropes before connecting right onto the chest, almost throat of Kurt Angle with a massive leg drop!! Angle continues clutching his face before holding his neck, clearly in discomfort here as the Wrestling God takes control here. JBL brings Angle to his feet and delivers a hard uppercut to angle before whipping him into the turnbuckle and heading right after him, JBL unloads on Angle with some more right hands before pulling Angle into him and using that momentum to connect with a clothesline. Angle in a world of trouble right now but so too may be JBL as we see John Cena hop onto the apron!!

Cena doesn’t get the chance to get in the ring as JBL switches his attention to him and looks to strike but Cena blocks it and delivers a right of his own before managing to get through the ropes and back into the ring. JBL is back up and charges at Cena but he ducks it, JBL spins round again, Cena hoists him up, FU!! NO!! JBL elbows Cena in the back of the head, breaking his grip as he wriggles away from the champion. Cena turns around right into a BIG BOOT FROM JBL!! Layfield goes for the cover!!



Angle breaks it up!! Angle back to his feet and brings JBL up too, clearly enraged by Layfield’s attack minutes ago. Angle starts unleashing right hands on the Wrestling God before a kick to the gut and Angle connects with a big snap suplex before roaring to the crowd who give a decent pop too. Angle goes across for the cover but Cena is up and kicks Angle in the back of the neck as Cena brings his recent rival to his feet. Cena with a knee to the midsection before looking for a running bulldog but Angle pushes Cena off of him into the ropes, Angle charges at him and takes Cena over the top with a clothesline but takes himself over too!! Both men hit the outside and hold their heads in pain here as the match takes a big twist here with all three men down right now.

JBL is first up of the three men after a couple of minutes of slowly bringing themselves to their feet. Layfield inside the ring, realises Angle and Cena are nowhere to be seen and heads to the outside with both other competitors up to their knees. Layfield goes after Cena first, delivering a knee to the gut before launching Cena face first into the ringpost!! Cena’s skull rebounds off the post quite sickeningly as Layfield lets out a wry smile. The Wrestling God then turns his attention to Angle and again delivers a kick to the gut before trying to launch Angle into the opposite ringpost but Angle blocks it and instead smashes JBL’s head off of it!! Angle’s actions are met with a strong pop as JBL writhes in pain on the floor as Angle relentlessly stomps away at the fallen JBL.

Angle then sees the announce table and anticipation begins to build as Angle heads over towards it and takes off the lid before clearing the table of its monitors and whatever else lie on there. Angle then heads over to JBL and brings him to his feet before tossing him onto the announce table and delivering some elbows to the temple of Layfield, looking to make sure he can’t go anywhere. Angle sets JBL up right how he wants before Angle heads back into the ring! Michael Cole begins to worry about what Angle has in mind here but the crowd couldn’t care less and begin to get on their feet as Angle heads to the top rope! Angle makes his way up the ropes and gets to the top but he’s met by John Cena!! Cena is up on the apron now and pushes Angle off the top and down into the barricade with Angle landing hard on his shoulder as the champ gets a decent pop, however a few are disappointed they didn’t see Angle go flying.

Cena walks down the steps and heads after Angle, bringing him to his feet before looking to whip him back into the barricade but Angle reverses it and sends Cena crashing into it!! Cena gets a taste of exactly what Angle just felt as the No Disqualification element of a Triple threat match comes into play big time here. Angle heads over to Cena and drops down to the floor before beginning to hammer away with right hands on Cena, yelling at the champion that ‘You’ve been tryin’ to avoid this for too long’. Angle then brings Cena up to his feet and spins around before tossing the champion into the ring, Angle goes to follow him but is spun round again as JBL is back up!! JBL spins Angle around and delivers some right hands before a head butt takes Angle down!! Layfield has a stern look on his face and looks behind him where he sees the TV monitor and he grabs it, evil intentions clearly in mind here for the Wrestling God.

JBL toys with Angle, kicking him gently as he wriggles round the floor before picking Angle up to his feet and lining the Olympic Gold Medalist up before SMASHING him across the skull with the TV monitor to strong heat. JBL looks focused and intense here as he tells Angle to stay down before tossing the monitor and heading inside the ring to try and finish off Cena who is beginning to stir. Cena is to his knees as JBL clubs him across the neck with a right hand before bringing him up. JBL with a kick to the gut before hoisting Cena up and delivering a vicious suplex to the champion! JBL goes for a cover..



Shoulder up by Cena much to the fans delight. JBL looks disgruntled and tells the referee something we can’t quite pick up. JBL brings Cena up once again but Cena draws a new lease of life from somewhere, striking JBL with right hand after right hand. Cena then whips JBL against the ropes before delivering a big back body drop to Layfield! JBL gets straight back up though and Cena scoops him up before delivering a big sidewalk slam as JBL charges at him. Cena building real momentum here before running the ropes and taunts JBL with the ‘You Can’t see Me’ sign before Cena drops JBL with a big fist!! The crowd are now on their feet as they await Cena finishing this off!! JBL slowly gets up but we see Kurt Angle appearing on the apron, clearly still dazed from the monitor shot and Angle is also busted open! Angle steps through the ropes and charges at Cena but Cena hoists Angle up now!! Angle’s about to go for an FU but JBL RE-EMERGES AND TAKES CENA’S HEAD OFF WITH A BIG BOOT!! JBL goes for a cover but from behind Kurt Angle LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK!!

JBL has nowhere to go, nowhere to turn as Angle locks in the deadly submmission. JBL’s hand is about to hit the mat with John Cena slowly rolling around the mat, not gonna be able to make it in time. JBL’s hand is coming down as the fans go wild!! BUT IT’S NOT FOR ANGLE!! IT’S FOR RANDY ORTON!! ORTON ENTERS THE RING AND SMASHES ANGLE FROM BEHIND!! RANDY ORTON UNLOADING ON ANGLE HERE!!


Tazz: You gotta be kiddin’ me!?! Orton was taken out COLD Cole!!

Orton begins to stomp away at Angle but the Wrestling Machine uses all his smarts and rolls out of the ring with the Legend Killer looking furious here. We then see JBL getting back to his knees and Orton goes berserk, delivering a massive kick to the ribs of Layfield, followed by another as Orton drops down and begins delivering right hands but JBL too rolls out of the ring as Orton lets out all his anger with a strong yell to the crowd who actually give the Legend Killer a nice pop.

Winner: No contest(13:09)


The Smackdown GM steps out on stage as Orton still irate looks on as John Cena is now up to his feet and stands inches away from Orton before we see a fleeing Kurt Angle and JBL who back up the ramp.

Teddy Long: Hold on just a second there playas. Now I am sick of everything that’s been goin’ on between the four o’ you in recent weeks. Tonight has pushed me to da absolute limit. Randy Orton didn’t get his opportunity, Kurt Angle, JBL ya didn’t get yours. And John Cena, I can guarantee that you wanna get your own shot at payback on all three o’ these men.

Cena nods, saying ‘Oh yeah’.

Teddy Long: So what I propose is this. The Great American Bash, July 24th we will see John Cena defend the WWE championship in a FATAL 4-WAY MATCH against Randy Orton, John Bradshaw Layfield and Kurt Angle!!

HUGE pop for that as Cena looks pleased, as does Orton. JBL and Angle less so but both now in the knowledge that they get their shot at The Great American Bash.

Michael Cole: A HUGE announcement from Teddy Long here tonight! John Cena will defend the WWE title at The Great American Bash against not one, not two but THREE opponets in a Fatal-4-way match against Randy Orton, JBL and Kurt Angle!

Tazz: Blockbuster Cole. Absolutely blockbuster.

Michael Cole: Buffalo, New York, get ready. One month from tonight, John Cena will walk in as the WWE champion but who will walk out with the championship around their waist?! What a match up, Fatal 4 way!! We’ll see you next week everybody!! Goodnight!

We close the show with all four men staring a hole through one another.

Current Great American Bash Card: 24th July 2005: Buffalo; New York

WWE Championship: Fatal 4 Way match
John Cena(c) vs Kurt Angle vs John Bradshaw Layfield vs Randy Orton

WWE Tag Team Championships
(Melina is banned from ringside; If Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam lose they will not receive another title opportunity whilst MNM are champions

MNM(c) vs Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam

All feedback will as ever be greatly appreciated and returned. Credit to Jamjam22 for the Smackdown banner and also Enigma Crazed for The Great American Bash poster. There will be an official Vengeance preview coming soon hopefully before the PPV follows itself, but in the meantime, hope you enjoy Smackdown.
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