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Re: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Discussion Thread

The Daedric quests are the fucking best. And not just because you get some awesome piece of hardware at the end of each. Although the Mace of Molag Bal (I have no idea if that's its correct name) is fucking awesome and so is that staff where you can summon a Dremora. That bastard has gotten me out of plenty of nasty situations. Got gang raped by a camp of giants and mammoths, summoned the Dremora, WOLFED UP and slaughtered them all. Think it's about time I did the same to an entire city's guard.

The Dark Brotherhood line started out pretty great. Hoping it continues to be. The fact you can summon that dude who was the Dark Brotherhood leader in Oblivion is pretty cool. Got that ability and 6000 pieces of gold for dropping a statue on some soon-to-be-wed's head.

Fucking around with smithing and enchanting more often now. Both skills are still below 50, but I'm good enough to make some pretty good shit. Found a suit of Ebony armour (during a Daedric quest, which is why they're the fucking best) and an Ebony bow. Upgraded the armour to 'superior,' destroyed my old Dwarven Armour of the Knight to learn its enchantment (increases Heavy Armour by 15) and applied it to the new Ebony armour. Weighs less (which comes in handy when you're like me and you're always right on the edge of carrying limit) and is something like 20 points better. Stuck a fire enchantment on the bow. Wish I remembered to upgrade that before enchanting it, though, since I'm not good enough to upgrade enchanted items yet.
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