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Re: X-Men Mafia, AKA RAWLINS DEBUT: The Thread Where You Play

Night 3

UDK was perched on a rooftop, looking down over the city. He was watching for trouble, waiting for something to break out so that he could go make another fantastic save and continue being the super cool hero he was. He kept watching the ground below him, not noticing the shadow approaching him from behind. It entered his vision at the last second and he shifted out of the way, and his attacker missed. But UDK didn't transport himself far enough away, and he shifted back in, his attacker had already pounced in that direction and knocked him over. UDK used his tail to try and swipe at the eyes, but the thing on top of him took the tail and jerked it lifeless. There was a slash at UDK's throat and blood was spilled, and he was soon dead.

Spoiler for UDK was:

what up bitch? you're nightcrawler, X-Men Aligned. you can teleport all over the damn place, and you have a pretty cool tail. the tail is besides the point though, and in this game you are the BUSDRIVER. you can teleport to one bitch, grab him, teleport to the next bitch, switch them, and teleport your way right out of there. enjoy this, and enjoy the game. you win when all threats to town have been eliminated.

sXe_Maverick was hanging out by lamppost, looking super moody and brooding while the light reflected off of his deep and thoughtful face. He looked like he was doing some thinking. When he heard a sound across the street, he copied himself, making another one of him, and sent that version of him to check out the noise. When his other body didn't return, he sent another copy of himself, and the same thing happened. He decided to go check out the noise by himself, making sure to be extra cautious. When he got to the corner he saw a long black gate on the left hand side, and two of his heads were stuck on the top. The instant he turned around something jammed into his chest, something sharp and cool, and he had a look of disbelief before he died, as he recognized the face of his killer, but more importantly, his powers.

Spoiler for sXe_Maverick was:

what up bitch? you're jamie madrox, X-Men Aligned. not a lot of people know how cool and smooth you are, much like the host of this mafia game. you can make MAD copies of yourself. know what that means? you get to be the HAMMER man. it's a one shot role, but it's pretty simple. if there's a lynch you're dead set on happening, no matter how many votes are against that person, as long as you want to hammer him you can. just choose your target and PM the quote of your post where you voted for him. any votes after will not count, so even if another person is hammered before night, it's your vote that counts. it's a one shot, but quite deadly. good luck with it, and enjoy the game.

Another rough night for town, bringing them no luck and two more deaths of their own squad.

Day 4 starts. If I'm correct, there should be 22 alive, which makes it 12 for majority. get to it.

cool and smooth, that's how i play.


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