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Chikara High Noon was not a good show,*spoilers*

Really it wasnt.

I hate mainstream wrestling as much as anybody, Chikara is probably the best in the west with its cleverness creativity and uniquness THOUGH YOU CERTAINLY WOULDNT KNOW FROM THIS SHOW, 75 percent of competitors had no masks or characters, you know the thing that Chikara thrives on

quick rundown;

Preshow match, short and pointless, El Generico gave us a nice series with Steen in ROH but went nowhere since then, has nothing left to offer us

Opening match, no complaints, except that The Bucks lost, seriously dude after all the butchering they went through in TNA the only way these dudes are gonna salvage anything in their careers at this point was a win here, besides The Colony have held every other belt so they should go on to be singles wrestlers and try to win the Grand title, really cool and sadly ironic that Marty Janetty accompanied the Bucks

Next match, SARA DESERVES BETTER THAN THIS, should have been Jigsaw vs Sara

Green Ant vs Tursas, no compalints, the Flex Express thing is nice and nostalgiac

Colt Cabana vs Peck;Comedy match, love it love it, this Peck character is the only decent graduate Chikara have had in the past year

Icarus vs Iron, why did this match exist and why did it go on so long?

Feature tag match, i like how everyone in this match had something on the line but that was about it. Very anticlimatic after as Mantis put it "YOU BURNED DOWN MY NEO SOLAR TEMPLE!" No Delerious, oh and WHY WERE THE TAG TITLES AND YOUNG LIONS CUP NOT ON THIS SHOW?!


Good:love the buildup, the mention for the audiance possibly watching this show from the afterlife, Tommy dreamer being there was a nice touch.

But......:most innovative wrestler since AJ Styles? Then whats with the heelish "storytelling"? Those vignettes were deciving, I wish this match were a 3 way with Jon Rivera or a Double Jeopardy with Claudio and Hero, just to put this show over the edge

Sad to hear about Amasis, this sport needs more skilled negros...........TELL ME I'M WRONG!

All those hilarious and awe inspiring clips on Youtube....i feel sorry for those using this ippv as a jumping on point

Chikara is capable of much more

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