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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Preview- 24/6/05- Boise; Idaho

The road to The Great American Bash really begins tonight following on from a controversial Smackdown: Night of Champions special last week. Tonight Smackdown comes to you from Boise, Idaho and we are all wondering just what the WWE title picture looks like following the main event last week which saw John Cena defend his title against Randy Orton.

The match was an exciting encounter with both men coming close to picking up the victory but the match ended with the duo of Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield interfering and taking out both Cena and Orton, causing the referee to call for the bell and resulting in a No Contest. Angle and Layfield both believe that they deserve championship opportunities, feeling aggrieved that in theirs and a lot of people’s eyes John Cena cost them a championship match. It was of course a few weeks back when Angle, Orton and JBL met with Cena as special guest referee, the winner would earn a title shot at Night of Champions. Kurt Angle made Randy Orton tap out, only for Cena to miss the action, instead attacking JBL following the ‘Wrestling God’s provocation. With Cena missing the action, this allowed Orton to hit an RKO on Angle and pick up the victory.

Since then Angle and JBL have been infuriated and believe Cena is avoiding facing them. Will either man get their wish tonight from Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long? Or will Randy Orton get his deserved rematch? We certainly hope to find out tonight.

Also last week we saw a shocking United States title match which lasted all of twelve seconds. Matt Hardy was scheduled to receive his title shot against champion Orlando Jordan but as Hardy made his way down ringside, Jordan ambushed him from behind, taking out Hardy and launching a vicious attack on his challenger. Hardy was left completely defenceless but yet the match still went ahead and Jordan finished things off immediately. We know that Matt Hardy will not be in Boise tonight but what we do know is that when he returns he WILL be granted a fair rematch, much to Orlando Jordan’s disgust. Will we see a new challenger emerge meantime or will Orlando be looking over his shoulder until Hardy returns?

Last week again saw Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam fall short in capturing the WWE Tag Team championships with Melina playing a huge role in helping her boys Mercury and Nitro come out victorious. Following the match, Van Dam and Mysterio pleaded with Mercury and Nitro to give them a fair rematch at The Great American Bash, asking that Melina not be ringside, telling Mercury and Nitro to do the right thing and earn their respect. The high flying duo even made an offer, that if MNM beat them without Melina they will go to the back of the line and not receive another title opportunity. Will we get a response tonight from MNM or will Van Dam and Mysterio have to continue pleading with the champs?

The Cruiserweight championship was defended last week also in a breathtaking contest between champion Paul London and The Hurricane with London coming out on top to retain his title. Hurricane however put up a strong showing and fell just short of capturing gold. We know that Chavo Guerrero has stuck his nose into all this lately, proclaiming that Hurricane should listen to his advice and ditch the superhero schtick and return to who he really is, Gregory Helms. Hurricane refused, stating he doesn’t know who Gregory Helms is but Chavo told him that whilst he’s The Hurricane he will always fall short of winning the top prize. Will Hurricane listen anymore to what Chavo’s saying following last week’s loss? Or will Chavo continue falling short in his bid to revive Hurricane’s fortunes?

It wasn’t all about championships last week however as friends Booker T and Rhyno went one on one with the winner getting a match with Carlito here tonight in a No Disqualifications match. The match was a back and forth contest but was ruined when Carlito showed his face and ended up costing Booker T, allowing Rhyno to come out victorious. Many will question why Carlito got involved as he has issues with both men but you have to assume he wants to further get inside the head of the former WCW champion. Booker and Rhyno have had a little tension in their friendship as of late and you can only believe that will continue whilst they both chase Carlito. What will happen tonight when the Man Beast and the Apple Spitter go head to head?

And finally, following last week’s controversy in the main event, along with vicious attacks from Orlando Jordan on Matt Hardy and also Rene Dupree and Kenzo Suzuki on Bobby Lashley as well as the continued ‘hostage’ almost of Chris Masters by the Mexicools, pressure has been placed on General Manager Teddy Long this week. Many are calling for either an apology or perhaps even resignation from Long, with some questioning why he has yet to do anything about all the chaos in recent weeks, particularly last week. Will we hear anything from Long here tonight or will the General Manager allow chaos to reign supreme once more?

Confirmed for Smackdown:

No Disqualification Match
Carlito vs. Rhyno
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