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Re: Presenting AOW: Art of War Wrestling - The Greatest Affair

Random Musings V2.0

Christian opening is the right choice. The thing with him wearing the same clothes as before is a little touch, but I like it, really helps the idea of 'just how disturbed is he?' I agree with Stoj that referencing the crowd is unnecessary, because the essence of his new character, as far as I can grab it, is how he's so demented that all he cares about is his own welfare, and his standing in the company. Likewise, the self-centred thing continued with how he demanded more time in the ring with the "I'M NOT FINISHED" line. His emotive language - "frightening", "sickening", "disgusting" - was really nicely used, too, it all helps solidify his character even more. I'm glad you stuck with the 'man on the moon' metaphor too, just to keep him on that track, as well as the "bigger picture" angle which has some real fire behind it. From a booking standpoint, having Heyman interrupt just before the big revelation is sensible; likewise, the booking behind the Lashley attack and the subsequent announcement (which is huge) is very smart too. The I Quit match is a big addition to World Ablaze; two big name competitors, a great match type, plus the gigantic inclusion that one of them is going to leave afterwards. Great opening segment, I really felt it.

JBL reminds me of my Cole, just... you know, bearable. You've got a great dynamic with your commentary team, it's something that I've noticed throughout. Good stuff.

I'm not too sure on the Yin vs. Yang match (as in, I don't understand it, I haven't followed this properly), but the bout itself was certainly well written. You have a really good flow to your writing style, so much so that it's very easy to read and follow. With the push you've been giving Helms, it was sensible to give him the win, as well as the fact that Rey's scalp is another to add to Helms' list, which can only help him. Also shows Helms' in-ring intelligence that he targeted the previously-injured knee, so smart stuff all round. Would have been a cracking match on TV, too.

First, your Manu description made him sound badass. I agree with previous suggestions that the team name isn't particularly imaginative, and for me, Siaki shouldn't be so relaxed to the point that he doesn't care if they lose, seeing as they seem like a team who should be all intensity; American Made or the Hooliganz seem more like the teams who should be rolling with the relaxed styles. Other than that, there's obviously the 'heritage' train of thought you kicked off with the shots at the Sons, and the future looks good for your tag division with these guys amongst the pack. Makes me hyped for Tag Team Halloween.

Feels a bit strange that the show returns and all six guys are just standing in Foley's office; I know you specified they were in the middle of an argument, but it all seemed a little too staged - "what exactly is your problem?" was a line that felt forced to start. Small thing. Burchill's "art of wrestling" line is fairly smart given who he was talking to, though I felt Haas added very little. The dissension between Heyman and Foley was really well done, including how you managed to make a couple of big matches for TTH at the same time. RVD/Jericho vs WGTT should be terrific, and I assume RVD will take the fall after Jericho leaves him - or something more innovative, you're a wise fella. You also teased the Mercenaries/Heyman alliance subtly, which is nice. Probably not a good thing that I couldn't remember who Burchill's partner was at certain points, though; er, my fault though, not yours. Definitely some intrigue with the Mercs and Doane/Masters, though I hope you do something with the latter to make me care about them a little more, seeing as I don't right now.

Ah, you jumped right in with that. Certainly a hectic tag team situation you've got now; lots of possibilities, so next week should be terrific. Mercs continue to come across like an evil, self-preserving (or duo-preserving) pair, so good development here.

You've got a good Hassan/Punk angle going on - it's almost obvious, of course, by Hassan saying he won't give Punk a shot, that that's exactly what's going to happen. I hope you try to swerve us a little so it's not so clear cut, but Hassan's 5 minute challenge certainly mixes things up; I think it's a smart idea. I'm surprised Storm didn't just get on with it, rather than talk about Punk, who surely shouldn't be his concern? Regardless of 'respect for Punk' I'm still not sure. As for the match, Hassan's character is terrific; the constant Punk references work well to highlight how much he's on Hassan's mind, though I would say Storm got too much offence in for my liking. Hassan, as someone offering a 5 minute challenge, needs to be confident enough that he can, not dominate, but at least not be tied in knots by Lance Storm and then win with a roll up - that's sort of the win you'd expect from Santino Marella, tbh. Regardless, the storyline elements of the match were done brilliantly, though as a reader at the point I'm at, you'd have to clarify for me where Punk is, 'cause I would have thought he'd have made himself known somehow. I genuinely don't know, it's me not being familiar with the story enough.

The Sons of Dungeon interview was great; the symbolism of physically removing an all-talk-no-action guy like The Miz and just having the all-action-no-talk guys of Smith and Wilson is fantastic. It just presents a great image for both guys, the whole 'no gimmicks needed' schtick, and it fits them perfectly, especially coming from such a great wrestling background and also not being the greatest talkers themselves. I think you did this really well - next week's show should be absolutely great, the division is alive and well.

Good sell job of the 90 minute Tag Team Halloween and World Ablaze; the PPV feels like it's taken a back seat to the TTH next week, so hopefully once that's out of the way you can really start selling it to the extreme. Side note: you mentioned Joe and Finlay, but not when they'd be back, which might have been nice to know. Otherwise, good stuff; also, you've got JBL and Joey Styles down to a tee.

I see what you were going for with the classic Winnipeg line at the beginning of the final segment, and believe me, I usually find it funnier than most, but it was misplaced here. I just think it was out of place amongst the bed of accusations and serious insults that followed from Jericho. My two worries about the whole segment would be: 1) especially in the first half, it felt like Jericho's issues with Heyman/Foley overshadowed the World Title issues. Admittedly, you covered this somewhat when RVD got involved, but it felt like he had to, and it stuck out that Jericho wasn't talking about the World Title, he was talking about how the company was run. The second thing, 2) is that Jericho was almost reminiscent of Christian - almost too much, I fear. Felt like they were just two tapes on the same reel, or whatever the correct metaphor is. But literally, those were my only complaints. On the other hand, the rest of the promo was excellent, I felt it progressed the World Title feud nicely, as well as rolling the Foley/Jericho stuff along too by having Foley trick Jericho in RVD's selection of the match stipulation. Not only does that make for a sure-fire classic match at World Ablaze, but the HBK addition makes for an explosive situation; the thing I like the most is the possibilities for a Foley/Jericho feud in the aftermath of the PPV should Jericho lose the belt, or a one-on-one Jericho/HBK feud if he retains. Oh, and while I'm here, the RVD analogy about himself and his ties with AOW - terrific, it was dead on. There were a couple of things I wasn't a fan of, but apart from that, a strong ending segment which sets things up for next week efficiently.

Overall, thought it was a good show, very enjoyable; here and there I found some things which weren't to my taste, but there was nothing consistent which you have to improve on, no fatal flaws, if you will. Bit short on matches, maybe, but it's not like we'll be short on those next week. I'd say your best feuds atm are undoubtedly anything involving Christian, as well as the Hussan/Punk build. The Jericho/Foley build is also a terrific piece of underlying storytelling. Tag Team Halloween should be amazing if done right, plus you have 90 minutes to work with and a whole host of talent. Can't wait for RVD's match choice, too. In your words, the King approves. Oh, and something about Kirby.
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