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Re: X-Men Mafia, AKA RAWLINS DEBUT: The Thread Where You Play

Night 1

DH was mad parlaying at a local bar, enjoying some fine Samuel Adams and a pack of Newports. However, he had the sense that something might go down. When he heard the front door swing open in such a violent fashion, he knew shit was down. Still, he was barely able to avoid a dangerous swipe at his head. He leapt over the bar but was quickly followed by his target. He avoided some other attempts to take off his head, and tripped his target to the ground. He swept a hand across the bar, knocking all the glasses, pretzels, and anything else laying there on top of his attacker, and ran out of that place faster than you could say "wow, that was really fast." His attacker got up, wiping himself clean of beer carnage, and sighed loudly. His attempt had failed, and DH remained alive.

RUSH was walking the streets, humming along a happy tune. He caught a look of himself in a store window and decided he looked mad good. He spent an extra second too long and didn't notice the large shadow behind him. He got pounded into the window, and handled like one man handles another man. It didn't take too long before RUSH was dead.

Spoiler for RUSH was:

what up bitch? you're Colossus, X-Men Aligned. you're made of a really cool kind of organic steel, and you one tough badass. that makes you DA BODYGUARD. choose someone every night to protect, and no harm will come to them. have fun with this role, and try to keep your team members from dying. you win when all threats to town have been eliminated.

BKB HULK was hanging out at a local karaoke spot, singing some Justin Bieber. He had his mad swag going on tonight, and was hitting all dem lyrics in the perfect note. Just as he got to the verse of the almighty Ludacris, a large flash blinded him and the top went off of the roof. His attacker came down to the stage, but realized HULK had already gone. Disappeared into the night. His attempted killer swore under their breath and went back out into the night.

Town only lost one, but mafia remains with their numbers. With 30 alive, it will take 16 to lynch. Can town draw some blood?

cool and smooth, that's how i play.

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