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X-Men Mafia, AKA RAWLINS DEBUT: The Thread Where You Play


There are mutants fighting everywhere. A battle has broken out in New York City, and it's mutants as far as the eye can see. It appears some sort of war is upon us, but it's hard to tell exactly how this started or why. All that can be said for sure is that the X-Men are out there, fighting for the protection of the humans and the Earth that they share with one another. We may not know who started this, but we're sure to find out how this ends. Mutant blood will be spilt across New York, and only the strong will survive.

Quote your role PM and not only will you die, I'll find where you live and shit on your porch.

Don't talk with anyone else outside of this thread unless you have been indicated that you can do so. Or die.

No screenshots or any of that shit.

Bold those votes son.

Do your best to be active. If you know there's gonna be a day or two where you might not be able to post much, you best let me know. and even then, i can't promise anything. X-Men Mafia is all about DAT ACTIVITY.

Not all of you could get amazing roles, so get over it quickly and don't be a bitch. The game is about scumhunting anyway, not using snazzy roles. really can't stress this rule enough.

chances are i might fuck up, as this is my first game. let's all just laugh about it and move on, and y'all can troll me AFTER the game.

any other rules? no? good.

1, Leeroy! - HE DEAD. Lynched Day 1
2, Kiz - HE DEAD. Killed Night 4
3, IMPULSE - HE DEAD. Killed Day 4
4, Hulk - HE DEAD. Killed Night 8
5, Alcoholic - HE DEAD. Killed Night 7
6, Roy Rigor-Shepard - HE DEAD. Killed Day 6
7, Hohenheim of Light - HE DEAD. Killed Night 2
8, Lawls - HE DEAD. Lynched Day 4
9, MarsfromMartin-CM Dealer - HE DEAD. Killed Day 5
10, Josh - HE DEAD. Killed Night 9
11. theladdermatch-UDK - HE DEAD. Killed Night 8
12. scrilla - HE DEAD. Killed Night 6
13. Emarosa
14. UndefeatedKing - HE DEAD. Killed Night 3
15. Evolution - HE DEAD. Killed Night 4
17.Caboose-RUSH - HE DEAD. Killed Day 8
18. Beer. - HE DEAD. Modkilled Day 8
19. sXe_Maverick - HE DEAD. Killed Night 3
20. Jupes
21. Haystacks - HE DEAD. Killed Night 6
22. RUSH - HE DEAD. Killed Night 1
23. Hiplop - HE DEAD. Killed Night 2
24. King Kenny - HE DEAD. Lynched Day 7
25. DH - HE DEAD. Lynched Day 3
26. SexyLiite - HE DEAD. Killed Night 2
27. WordsWordsWords - HE DEAD. Burned Day 6
28. Steamed Hams - HE DEAD. Suicide Bomb Day 6.
29. Shepard - HE DEAD. Killed Day 3
30, STUFF - HE DEAD. Killed Night 5
31. Postage-Vic - HE DEAD. Lynched Day 9
32. McQueen - HE DEAD. Lynched Day 2

Replacement List

Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3 Activity
Night 3
Day 4 Activity
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6
Day 7
Night 7
Day 8 Modkill
Day 8
Night 8
Day 9 & Night 9

cool and smooth, that's how i play.


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