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Re: Getting high

Originally Posted by JBL_Wrestling_God View Post
I was high as shit yesterday after the long 6 day layoff and it's something I would take over smoking everyday constantly quite easilly. Smoking everyday is fun while it lasts but there was no better feeling than the one I got yesterday because my body took it completely differently than usual. We were sharing the bong so both of us were coughing like fucking crazy. My buddy Lawrence was coughing nonstop for 3 minutes straight despite being a huge pothead that smokes everyday so you could only imagine how I was feeling. Ever have that high where you just can't stop fucking coughing any you are desperate for water? It's how I felt for a temporary time and how he felt for even longer. We watched Smackdown after we were done smoking and everything that was going on with the show felt hilarious as shit. The segment with Mark Henry and Theordore Long just had me rolling while I was high for some reason. Something about a 350 pound black guy with crunches whining to another black guy was just boggling my fucking mind. Booker T and Michael Cole were awesome as usual while high as well. There's something about watching Smackdown that gets me while I'm high. It's not just Wrestling in general either because Smackdown feels more like a stoner product than Raw for me personally because of all the ranting that goes on with Cole\Booker on commentary and also the taped environment comes off as hilarious while stoned. After we were done watching Wrestling we went to a buddys house and ended up playing Texes Holdem Poker for a few hours and than by the end of the night I passed the fuck out hours before I normally do. Sweet night.
Yeah, I've almost greened out, I had smoked like 5 joints, and than I just started feeling dizzy and sat down but someone told me to drink some water and keep walking, If I sit down it's just going to get worse, I drank some water and in a few minutes I started feeling better, than an hour or so after, wait for it haters (in Rants)...... I smoked another joint.

SD! is fucking awesome just like anything else on TV while you're high but man Booka is fucking gold, his constant screaming and everything is money, I love when Cole sometimes shows him up and he suddenly has nothing to say and shuts up, or he just says something stupid, like one time Booker was like I try my best to stay away from MITB matches or something and how he always avoided them in his career, Cole than says didn't you compete in one, Booker just shuts up and says well I tried my best to get out of it you know, hilarious shit.

I was pretty ripped the other day and turned on the TV and they were playing Blow, man the ending is so depressing, how he tells his baby girl that he (Depp) is never going to leave her again and how she's apart of his heart and he couldn't leave his heart now could he, he ends up not showing up and his daughter keeps waiting, oh man I gotta give the movie another watch.

John Cena is turning heel soon

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