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Re: I hate my Life

William, please ignore all the people who have said bad things to you. If you learn how to ignore nasty comments now your life will be a lot easier.

When i read that you were 13 in your mini description on the left (below avatar), i thought it was a joke. I didn't think there was any way a 13 year old was writing the posts ive seen you contribute, but it seems that you are actually 13. I know things are looking bad in your life right now, but i'd like to accentuate some positives for you. You are obviously very smart and mature for your age, and these tools will be your assets that allow you to rise above the jackasses and succeed in life. Trust me, being smart is a great tool - and a horrible burden. Anyone can work out and become fit, strong, attractive watever. Not everyone can be smart. In fact, i think the reason you are so sad is because you are smart. Usually from what i have seen, the most depressed people are also the smartest.

A lot of people have told you that you are only 13, and that you have your whole life ahead of you - and this is true. I'm sure it doesn't make you feel any better about yourself though does it? Of course not. Once your mind gets overwhelmed with all the issues you may or may not have, it gets incredibly hard to come out of that slump. I know exactly how you feel, and i have felt exactly the same way before. In fact, until a few days ago, i was in one of the worst times in my life.

After i finished high school with medicore results (i didn't try for various reasons i'm not going into here), i enrolled in a Certifigate course in my local uni which would last for a year. About 6 months in i lost interest and decided to not show up or try. That was about 1 year ago. From about that point, I would do nothing but sit around all day playing games, smoking dope occasionly, eating food, going on the internet and get fatter. I was under the impression that, i was a nobody, had no life, had no future, and had no chance. I couldnt find a job. I couldnt get my licence. My marks were too garbage to go back to the uni i had just ditched. So, i just did nothing. It is hard to describe how much despair I had, and how much i felt that my situation was really hopeless, of course it wasn't, but i was too blind to see it. Recently i have woken up and decided to move so i can go to uni, and hopefully the rest of my life will get on track from there. My point is, until a few days ago, i was under the impression that my life was pretty much a failure. Now, i have hope for the future and plans. All i did, was get so fed up with myself, that i forced myself to change. If you really really hate the way you are now, then i suggest you take some action. It's not easy, in fact, i've yet to lose any weight, or get a girlfriend, but there is always time for that.

Don't let girlfriends get you down though. I've never had a girlfriend, but ive had sex with two different chicks. In my opinion, i skipped the race and got the trophy It will happen for you, eventually. Everyone feels akward and stupid and ugly in puberty, but when you get a bit older you might gain a new perspective on things.

I was really picked on as a kid. I was overweight(still am but im over it), i had terrible acne, glasses, i thought i was ugly, people used to give me a lot of crap. No girls dated me, ever. I had no friends at some points, and at others i did have friends. All i have to say though, is that friends, girlfriends, looks, and all that are overrated. People place way too much importance on them, and some come with time. I think time is really the key factor here. You just have to wait for some things, and work on others. Your weight, for example, will not just dissapear. As for friends, well, it doesnt sound like you are going to meet any in school, so i think you will have to go randomly approach people and talk to them. This can be the hardest thing in the world when you have a low self esteem, but there really isn't any other way to make it happen. Apart from internet friends.

Basically, if you want anything bad enough, you can have it. I know things seem like they will never get better and your life is doomed, but things will get better. All you have to do is endure, and you will come out stronger because of it. If you only take one thing away from this post, take this: stop putting yourself down. It really doesn't help in any way, in fact it just lowers your self esteem more and more, until you have none left. Thinking positive is probably the most important thing. I don't know if any of this made sense but i tried to express myself, so i hope it helped in some way.

Good luck, let me know how things go for you.
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