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Re: Resident Evil Mafia: Game Thread

King Kenny was endgamed:

Spoiler for Kenny:

Congratulations! You are Ingrid Hunnigan, the Sensor. You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.
As Ingrid Hunnigan you were Leon Kennedys contact during the Las Plagas outbreak. Due to your great knowledge you are able to look at a lynch 2 times during the game and I will PM you the number of non town members that participated in it.
Good Luck

Postage was the last man standing and victorious


Congratulations! You are Ada Wong, Mercenary Godfather and Recruiter. You win when all threats to your team have been eliminated.
As one of the most self centred and individual characters in Resident Evil, Ada Wong focuses only on herself and how she can profit from a situation. Because of this you have organised a team of mercenaries similar to yourself to take over this town. Each night you may choose someone from your team to perform a kill. However the one person you do not want to see come into any harm is Leon Kennedy, so you may also send me a name each night in your QT and if that person is Leon you can try and persuade him to join your troop. Because of your associations with Leon you also will appear innocent when investigated and you are also immune to dying at night.

Good Luck

Scum talked here.
And Mercs here.

Postage is the obvious MVP for winning, but IMP and Kenny both played good games for the town too.

Any feedback/thoughts are welcomed as always. I had a fun time modding again, but I'll probably wait a while for my next game

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